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A Bailey is fine, too.
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File: 1600493134307-0.png (113.79 KB, 515x313, 515:313, anon is lazy.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1600493134307-1.png (448.66 KB, 600x836, 150:209, she's gonna hurt somebody.png) ImgOps iqdb

c34cc No.1659[Last 50 Posts]

New General. Anon is Lazy Edition. Alternatively, Jenny is absolutely going to put the taser onto that navi walking stick and hurt somebody Edition.

6fe22 No.1660

Aww she’s gonna pretend she’s Rey, the best Star Wars character ever.

Also anyone notice she didn’t say anything about RBG but is already liking tweets from her liberal friends.

I love the irony how how many of her left wing friends and fans dont realize Jenny doesn’t give a fuck about people’s politics long as their donations are green.

b42fe No.1661

File: 1600494853846.png (1.4 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1597122795363.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Anon is Lazy Edition
love you, thanks for the new
When do we hear Jenny's hot take on Ruth dying?

c34cc No.1662

Have to wonder who Jenny would rope into training her electrostaff on.
>okay griff, fine
>i'll see you
>but on one condition..

d9c2e No.1663

Did anyone catch Lindsey's stream last night? How many people did he let jerk him off for donations while sitting on Jenny's gamer chair?

6e8b7 No.1664

Ha! Good luck dealing with that mess.

>Rey, the best Star Wars character ever
I liked the parts where she beat all the male characters (Kylo, Luke, Palpatine) without effort and took everything (Millennium Falcon, BB-8, Luke's legacy, the Force, etc, etc) from everyone. That's how you know she was the best, most in-depth character in those films.

Fucking gross.

Let's see a show of hands if you've ever masturbated on a siblings property.

d9c2e No.1665

File: 1600496454787.gif (6 MB, 600x450, 4:3, jennyhappy - Copy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> show of hands if you've ever masturbated on a siblings property

b42fe No.1666

God damn that shit is firm. I always I think I've seen it all from Jenny then I get hit with something I haven't seen before. Bailey, take notes.

c34cc No.1669

Firm and tight, satan. Firm and tight.

c14c4 No.1670

kind of stresses me out this gif - people tell stories about taking a pill at a party that's stronger than can handle and freaking out when it starts hitting. i think i know what that feels like now
I didn't know she was so lithe and springy. I mean this must have been years ago but i prefer to think of her as just sitting still plump on her bed like a flopsy bunny.
I don't like that saucy expression. She shouldn't have that in her repertoire. this isn't humble whispering sewing jenny this is s…sl..slu nonono never mind

ecc24 No.1671

>Let's see a show of hands if you've ever masturbated on a siblings property
Fucked a girl in my sisters bed and didnt change the sheets does that count?

0f613 No.1672

File: 1600533632468.png (53.49 KB, 340x443, 340:443, fugg.png) ImgOps iqdb

Wow, you can really see a lot in this one, huh? Everything is so… tight…
God damn

324de No.1673

That’s a rare pic, don’t think I’ve seen it before.>>1664

She’s still limber from her horse riding days and college so 7-10 years ago. weird she never mentions yoga she’d be great at it.

324de No.1674

Jenny hasn’t tweeted or liked anything for 18 hours…did the earthquake get her or is she on another road trip to buy something stupid again?

6e8b7 No.1675

Yeah, that's pretty gross too.

Maybe Griffin got her. Jenny's probably at a casino in the trunk of his car.

b9010 No.1676

File: 1600540905766.jpg (37.13 KB, 588x168, 7:2, griff12.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

that reminds me
when Jenny was talking about someone using us to find out if she has a BF she said "an old friend is stalking me" during griffingate she said she has dinner with "an old friend"
beyond that, the whole idea of infuriating breadtube just to get near Jenny is far beyond anything even we would do. I think griffin is seriously mentally ill, I think Jenny believes he's stalking her, and im concerned he's going to hurt Jenny

b42fe No.1677

Can you blame him for being upset? All those years they were "together" and she never gave up the pussy for him. No wonder he lost his mind.

0f613 No.1678

File: 1600546609613.jpg (101.87 KB, 1023x588, 341:196, spiders.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

This is fucked up, is there any confirmation that this really happened?

c2bff No.1679


Yup, Griffin tweeted about her after, though I think what Jenny wasn't being honest with smears, I think Griffin said true stuff about Jenny that were mean but he was doing it to get back at her. It was a whole thing for a few weeks a few years ago. She got real sad and talked about crying in the shower.

2bf2a No.1680

File: 1600549940991.jpg (28.98 KB, 588x132, 49:11, griff18.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

a couple tweets are still up, remnants of the blowup. the rest were deleted

c14c4 No.1681

so that's all you need to get a jennygf? a serious mentality (ill) and a sedan car? waa

5d76f No.1682

File: 1600551791419.jpg (437.97 KB, 810x1698, 135:283, RBG = Demon.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Bailey, we all know where demons return to when they die… she'll be back in another form corrupting man in no time.

Griff is a pussy, I wouldn't worry about him doing anything.

Any kinda girlfriend, really.

c34cc No.1683

>bailey admits jews don't believe in a heaven
But would she admit that Jews believe they're merely sleeping in their graves until the day the Messiah comes, revives them, and enslaves the world for Jewish hegemony?

0f613 No.1684

Jesus, the more i learn the more i want to forget

b42fe No.1685

>Bailey – Jenny's flying monkey
quality bantz
jesus Bailey no one cares, be more pretty and maybe we'll pay attention

c14c4 No.1687

File: 1600563413640.jpg (152.88 KB, 608x898, 304:449, dismal.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i'm gonna stop reading B*ley feed its too sad
>jenny tweet blows up 500k RTs
>b*ly 80RTs
>uh loel look i went viral, heh
>and omg ok so what i wrote was wrong? but like? people should have accounted for that? because i get drunk? and do drugs? and you're like "this is wrong?" like ok? like nitpick much? at my viral tweet?
>viral btw

ecc24 No.1688

its cute that she is concerned about every person because she has a big heart is lovely.
i'm not saying jenny isn't but remember when she called boyega the n word and then just couldn't be bothered doing what bailey is doing now and just closed her twitter accoaunt and went to a soft play area or something probably?
bailey is down to earth grassroots, what an insult.
>culture and ethnicity
>born brooklyn new york city usa
why not just say religion though. what are people saying about her to upset bailey?
<saying a prayer hope you are in heaven
kind of sucks if you get upset about this and can't just ignore people grieving themselves
<rbg is a jew and will burn in hell because of it
i would understand her being mad about this but more mad than she is in the tweet so.
i think its unusual when a young person is actively religiously instead of just culturally jewish; talking about her actual soul or whatever.

b42fe No.1689

File: 1600576818080.jpg (45.2 KB, 928x385, 928:385, 83783736353.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>posting totally randumb quips
what's his endgame

b42fe No.1691

File: 1600577912707.jpg (56.49 KB, 919x412, 919:412, 76733636363.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Sorry autism anon, it was just a random example I liked. Here's something a little more recent to illustrate my point. Hope it's ok.

c14c4 No.1692

many people use twitter as a comedic outlet/platform. I think it's hard to complain about that compared to the other uses

0f613 No.1693

Jenny didn't give him any cookies it seems, and now he is trying to get them through alternative means.

c14c4 No.1695

sorry for sperging but on the occasion in years that they're in the same city and his ominous behaviour toward her the second most interesting thing in her life, i come here and see a tweet from him my eyes are gonna light up and oh.. it's some fucking nothing because anon is lonely

b42fe No.1696

I was going to make fun of you but now I just feel bad

0f613 No.1697

File: 1600578469630.jpg (16.42 KB, 345x427, 345:427, 1474322906810.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Take it easy, man

c34cc No.1698

[murders laptop]

5d76f No.1699

File: 1600579494396.jpg (184.26 KB, 1242x1411, 1242:1411, EHSzCupUEAI5sTP-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I feel like we're getting off to a bad start by being too mean to Bailey, let's try to say at least one positive thing about her. I'll start.

I'm glad she gave Jenny some bad habits (drinking, weed, etc), otherwise she would be so cute I might actually die.

c34cc No.1700

She's cute. She can be funny. When she's not trying to hard to virtue signal or remind people what a sensitive little Jewess she is, she's just fine. If she would get off the depression pills, who knows, maybe it'd help her more than anything.

b42fe No.1701

File: 1600580131997.jpg (55.66 KB, 655x436, 655:436, 8387367363563.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Prepare to have a reason to live again, your eyes about to be lit up.

c34cc No.1702

File: 1600580368214.jpg (59.98 KB, 726x726, 1:1, EJ4Vm9HVUAA2yTS.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

<griff's face when he wakes up in an abandoned lot, tied to a chair, and bailey "the shark" meyers looking down at him with an aluminum baseball bat

4019c No.1703

why did you 'like' that tweet you ghoul

0f613 No.1704

>jenny will never tase and kidnap you so she can use you as her personal cum cow
Fuck this gay reality

bd191 No.1705

Jenny's finally tweeted again. Todd kept her out late tonight.

7b223 No.1706

File: 1600588318912.jpg (500.3 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, jennyholms - Copy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

called it

7b223 No.1707

File: 1600588897794.jpg (358.44 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, toddjenny - Copy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny with her arm around Todd on their first date.

7b223 No.1708

File: 1600590438600.jpg (81.15 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, jennyhat - Copy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

b42fe No.1709

I hope that's not the beginnings of a little gut hanging over that belt :(

6e8b7 No.1710

Weddings are a good place to nab a desperate chick quickly approaching her expiration date, but I'm going to need more evidence before I believe.
I like my chances if that lifelong bullying victim is good enough for her.

>even wears her jammy bottoms up under her boobs

7b223 No.1711

Jenny taking a subtle jab at her sister by tweeting pictures of herself wearing Harry Potter pants.

96bf2 No.1712

no masks.. they're not even pretending to care anymore
I think the asshole with a hammer is channel awesome too but I could be wrong
chubby jenny is cute though

96bf2 No.1713

jennys going out of her way on twitter to imply the "progmerjenny" account is her only account, when shes been playing on spiderjewel atleast once a week since 2008

also shes retarded because she's playing the mobile version on her PC and doesn't realize this is why she cant submit scores

toggle to the classic version Jenny

a7b45 No.1714

This is interesting now. Well we know now that the other two weren’t strangers, they’re clearly friends with someone we just don’t know if it’s Lindsay, Jenny or Todd..

And the return of this lingering worry about Todd, maybe he’s just a big escape room guy. In both pictures he’s standing as far away as possible from Jenny, is this deliberate? Are they hiding something? Or does it just reflect the distant nature of their friendship?

Wasn’t Todd one of those guys who never showed his face in public, has he changed recently? Or is Jenny just worth it?

Who’s the other guy? Does anyone now what Lindsays boyfriend looks like?

I’m enjoying Jenny posting pictures from out in public again. It gives us something to do that isn’t just shitting on Bailey cos we can’t come to terms with how attractive we find her.

a7b45 No.1715

Did anyone watch the skylarky stream from this morning? Did she mention it?

96bf2 No.1716

to be honest I think the sister has more to do with Jenny's bad habits
the way Jen portrays their childhood it was always "my brother introduced me to this creepypasta" or, "my brother played this game while I watched"
the only thing Jen did independently was her pony obsession

0f613 No.1717

Too much wall, too much clothing, too little milky skin, too little thigh exposure 0/10

9e05a No.1718

Tbf that’s just life when you have an older sibling that you are close with. Most of my interests I was introduced to by my brother.

6e8b7 No.1719

>they're not even pretending to care anymore
It's Jenny, she never actually cared. Nobody who cares about the health and safety of others would go to an adult playground to handle community toys during a pandemic. I also like that Jenny was complaining about blocking people who don't like her "Fuck you, I already had it" attitude in her mentions. She's every bit as indignant as those anti-maskers but doesn't realize it.

I have to agree with this assessment. Jenny should've kept the same posture with her head, but been topless covering her boobs with her free arm while sitting on a chair, cross-legged wearing pantyhose, skirt and heels (or perhaps even a cute heel boot).

0f613 No.1720

File: 1600627445941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.07 KB, 1200x1127, 1200:1127, look on my works ye might ….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Fucking A, i'm glad to be around like-minded people

d9c2e No.1721

Earlier this morning Jenny made a tweet saying that theme park twitter is mad at her for the tweet she made a few days ago about people going to Disneyland and they were giving her shit for going to escape rooms. She tried to defend it by saying these are people she knows and they all work from home, as if that fucking makes a difference. She deleted it but people are still going after her for it. Shes been blocking anyone who is in any way critical of her choosing to go to escape rooms while everyone else is still quarantining . Her follow up tweet claims people were saying "the rudest things they can think of", but I saw them, it was just 1 guy saying it was a stupid thing to do. She truly is a hypocritical thin skinned bitch.

d9c2e No.1722

>ever showed his face in public
I dont think hes changed this at all. It seems deliberate to allow his face to be shown with Jenny. Its unusual for him for sure.

>Who’s the other guy? Does anyone now what Lindsays boyfriend looks like?

I do think that is Lindsey's boyfriend. Hes making a goofy face here but 90% sure its him (https://www.twitch.tv/skylarky/clip/BoredSpunkyDeerDoritosChip?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time)

cc5f3 No.1723

I didn't know it had blown up. not saying jenny deserves to feel bad but she had this coming.
>She truly is a hypocritical thin skinned bitch.
she's a politician, she both discredits the people calling her out and condemns the people who might agree with them. im surprised she didn't say "racists are saying the rudest things they can think of"

0f613 No.1724

Don't worry, the army of idiots are already coming to rescue her by agreeing with whatever the fuck she is saying no matter if right or wrong. Who cares if there is a hoax virus going around she needs to play the fucking scape roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom

d9c2e No.1725

Yeah exactly. I got excited for a second this morning when I saw a bunch of people responding to her now deleted tweet by basically say " uh actually jenny maybe that's not the best thing to do doing right now" and thinking maybe she will finally get put in her place just a little, but naw she just blocked those people, played the victim, and sat back while hundreds of tweets come in telling her how great she is. She will never lose at anything in life.

0aa4d No.1726

File: 1600635685958.jpg (20.81 KB, 258x646, 129:323, bf.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Nice grab on the boyfriend, definitely looks like it could be him. I found another picture of him from his facebook.

Also interestingly, I found Todd's facebook and the name he uses there is Ken Munson. No Jenny clues though.

5d76f No.1727

Sir, you forgot the artisan scarecrow hat.

>these are people she knows and they all work from home
Christ… I'm sure Jenny isn't stupid enough to believe that's how these things work (at least I hope she isn't ). I can see why she deleted that tweet now. It made her look retarded and callous.

You gotta remember to stay cute, Jen. People may no longer enjoy your pop culture takes if you keep showing us how unintelligent you are!

d9c2e No.1728

oh yeah she also pointed out they all had masks on and you can see two of them holding masks in the picture, but they just took them off to take the picture. Like doesn't taking the masks off while standing that close to people defeat the whole purpose of wearing them at all? Also she didn't delete it because she realized it made her look retarded, she deleted it because the internet is so mean to her even though shes totally always right about everything.

ecc24 No.1729

people touch them and move masks or they aren't on properly all the time, many with valves or not at all which is poor but if it reduces transmission at all then its a benefit. realistically if they hang out together all the time anyway which of course they do then its pretty pointless if its just them. being a small group of people in a closed room isn't really comparable to going to disneyland and all standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers to watch a parade but like it or not she's seen as a public figure and if not setting a good example will be attacked for it. it's a little harsh to hold her to account for whatever objects and surfaces will get a minimum wage wipe down between groups.
she clearly does things like this regularly without saying anything, nobody would have known about alita experience or scooting for example, she must be pretty keen to show off something in these pictures that make it worth the obvious backlash they would attract hmm i wonder what it could be.
i get people are jealous of jennys new bf but do we need to dox him for it.

9e9ce No.1730

Why are we even here if not for doxing? Also I prefer the term investigating.

c34cc No.1731

File: 1600639297454.png (22.59 KB, 598x203, 598:203, Screenshot_2020-09-20 Home….png) ImgOps iqdb


ecc24 No.1732

cute leg/feet pics
anon let me explain something to you, when a jewish man and a jewish woman get very drunk at a jewish new years party in september 9 months later is when geminis are born

c34cc No.1733

Gee, thanks Bailey!

ecc24 No.1734

or maybe something far more sinister going on…

5d76f No.1735

>she deleted it because the internet is so mean to her
Poor Jenny… she only wants to share covid-19 with others. With around 100 people dying per day in California, what's a few more if she's having fun?

9e9ce No.1736

It’s so annoying, because none of Twitter’s whining and sanctimoniousness is gonna make Jenny stop doing things. All it means is she won’t post pictures.

Ultimately we’re the losers in this situation.

cc5f3 No.1737

File: 1600642102541.jpg (50.27 KB, 590x306, 295:153, griffinstalkingjenny.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>keen to show off something in these pictures that make it worth the obvious backlash they would attract
She's been doing alot of shitty things lately, again I think it was the sisters doing, jennys very easily influenced and her sister is very brazen.

also, griffin update, he's liking the tweets of bread tubers Jenny hangs out with. I think this is whats known as "escalation" (pic related)

0aa4d No.1738

I'm sorry, no matter what way you spin it, going to an escape room is not a "shitty thing".

d9c2e No.1739

In fact it could actually turn out to be a good thing. Like for example if Lindsey and Todd both ending up catching the Covid because they keep doing stupid shit like this and they die.

4019c No.1740

it's like, leave the kiwi on the farm, you know

c34cc No.1741

>and they die
lol geeze dude

5d76f No.1742

>Ultimately we’re the losers in this situation
Eh, everyone should be used to her taking things away out of spite by now. That's just how she is.

Would they even admit one of them caught the coof? You know Jenny doesn't want to hear "I told you so!".

d9c2e No.1743

If its true that Lindsey still lives up in San Ramon, it seems like her boyfriend is in town visiting them, maybe that's why Jenny hasn't been as active on twitter these last few days, as feels like she needs to be in host mode for the guest.

9e9ce No.1744

Yeah but I’m not like them. I don’t do it maliciously, I do it because I’m curious and it’s fun. Im not gonna find out there address and post it all over the internet.

I’m more interested in finding out if they have a secret boyfriend. I’m just interested in how these people live their lives.

4019c No.1745

i think that was anons point though - blasting out info vs finding out, you did, because you posted someone's name and someone's pic

9e9ce No.1746

Well firstly, we’re a team here. Sharing what we find with each other is all part of it. There’s no point finding stuff and not sharing it here.

Secondly it’s his profile picture on Facebook, it’s clearly something he’s happy to share publicly. I’ve not done anything clandestine or illicit. If I accidentally stumbled on actually sensitive information I don’t think I’d go screaming to high heaven about it.

9e9ce No.1747

And as for Todd’s “name”. I don’t even know if that is his real name. Anyway as far I’m concerned Todd is fair game. The other two girls I’ve not named them here, even though I could, because they aren’t in the game.

Funny thing is it’s Jenny that tagged them in that first picture on twitter anyway. Wouldn’t have any of this without Jenny giving us that first clue.

d9c2e No.1748

Speaking of them Jenny finally followed both of them on twitter last night, so for those wondering it takes 2 hangouts with Jenny before she considers you twitter follow worthy.

d9c2e No.1749

ecc24 No.1750

Yeah we all know the farm logic
Did jenny tag them I dont see it now. Are you sure it wasnt some 'feature' she didnt disable or something? Jenny giving a name is not the same as him being happy about it.
Just remember jenny mantra: 'be cool'

e4ca4 No.1751

File: 1600649882980.jpg (34.64 KB, 351x339, 117:113, whosbehindthispost.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

yeah I guess youre right anon.. wait a minute, youre not anon!

5d76f No.1752

File: 1600652328848.jpg (359.07 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, EiZo1F4U4AEQpNJ-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Look at her looking happy. Also: "broken nose", Bailey? I hear broken noses are common for young Jewish girls, they're so clumsy!

b42fe No.1753

There's no way I'll accept that that photo has not been fucked with in some way. She looks like a completely different person from

c38e8 No.1754

Reported for antisemitism.

0aa4d No.1755

It's literally just lighting and make-up.

0f613 No.1756

Anon, I…

c38e8 No.1757

She should stop using make-up, I like seeing her freckles.

b42fe No.1758

File: 1600654782660.jpg (372.42 KB, 1353x761, 1353:761, Pissbreak.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>tfw Bailey is taking a piss right NOW

5d76f No.1759

I wonder what Jenny and the COVID Bunch are up to tonight? Visiting some nursing homes to spit on the elderly, bar hopping, going grocery store to grocery store touching the merchandise or what?

She just found a great angle. A really great angle.

I hope you weren't having any lewd thoughts, Anon!

4019c No.1760

i just realized we have like a whole site, let alone board. so not only could bailey be a separate thread, but even a separate board on badcars. i just don't care about her and i don't want the power over her that she gives me, to make her miserable, by reading my reflex negative responses to seeing updates on her.
>She should stop using make-up, I like seeing her freckles.
anon… did you.. really miss that day?

b42fe No.1761

File: 1600660428944.jpg (21.76 KB, 608x260, 152:65, 738383736354242.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Lad, just letting you know Bailey has finished her stream, in case you were interested

5d76f No.1762

There's not enough of us to cover Bailey as a separate topic. She's only a bit player in the Jenny Extended Universe these days.

It was nice to hear that she and Jenny were planning a stream together, maybe she can pitch that dream Pokémon battle idea to Jen. Hopefully Lindsay is gone by then and we get a nice chill Jenny x Bailey stream.

b42fe No.1763

File: 1600661149054.jpg (145.37 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, jd8d733hjdhyye.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Is Lindsay like 7 foot tall or something?

5d76f No.1764

Jenny shrinks depending on her fertility.

0f613 No.1766

File: 1600664022300.jpg (129.12 KB, 810x814, 405:407, im okay.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

7fcac No.1767

Haha, who’s been calling Jenny a “dumb bitch”?

7fcac No.1769


Exactly, why was Jenny giving everyone so much shit when she’s in an enclosed space with several people who do t live with her other than Lindsey and Todd.

I wonder if he has hours long convos with Jenny about Disney songs before and after he fucks her

7fcac No.1770

> Jenny truly is a hypocritical thin skinned bitch.

Oh, are you a brand new Jenny fan or did you just never read her tweets or watch her videos before?

5d76f No.1771

>live with her other than Lindsey and Todd
Hey! Cut that out.

4019c No.1772

File: 1600670190372.jpg (127.65 KB, 852x1136, 3:4, Cf1_enzW4AMeycL.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

what would you guys feel about jenny if it was revealed that she were hypothetically (hyper-pathetically?) actually shacked up with/partner of/in love with, a frog face dark-type (low-status back home) asian chodemale, weeaboo-girl style?
I think i would say something to the effect of 'dropped'

d9c2e No.1773

> if

c86e1 No.1774

So Jenny knows those two girls? >>1706

I still think they're either Todds friends or Lindseys.

Gotta be honest fellas, this is looking like Lindsay and her bf, two bff girls and Jenny and her new male interest.

It is weird how they keep being as far apart as possible.

I'm calling it, Todd whined to Ellis that he was cool with her fucking and marrying a new man and how hard life is for him as a person or color who makes a living talking about songs on youtube so she owed it to him a rich white girl who's tight in all the right places.

I salute you, you lucky ugly fuck.

Worse case they're together for a while before Jenny realizes he's taken advantage of her like Kat did or he leaves her because he gets tired of fucking a theme park encyclopedia.

Best case, they get married then divorce and he takes half her shit because he's a brown feminist in California who makes a living talking about songs on youtube.

c86e1 No.1775

> Jenny just started following the two girls from the escape rooms

That's what makes me think they're Todd or Skys friends.

Also who the fuck is Vegard and why have Jenny and him started to follow each other on twitter just now…British Youtuber…exclusively makes Harry Potter videos…oh nevermind.

c86e1 No.1776

Jenny tagged them all in the first escape room pic a week ago.

c86e1 No.1777


> Hi oldman

< Yes young lady?

> Open your mouth so I can spit in it and watch you die

0aa4d No.1778

Yeah Todd and Jenny are both in the redheads recently added friends on facebook, so that definitely makes it look like they are Lindsay's friends.

b42fe No.1779

File: 1600682786098.jpg (42.01 KB, 771x804, 257:268, 1600507882010.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Daily reminder for our favourite girls

c38e8 No.1780

I find it a lot more realistic that she'd be with Kat.

cc5f3 No.1781

I'm calling it, Todd whined to Ellis
i think this is true, i dont think jenny fell for it, I think shes waiting for a chad
shes on a platform here but yes, shes well over 6 feet
> Visiting some nursing homes to spit on the elderly
realtalk. there is at least 10 serial killers doing this as we speak. there has to be, probably more.
and if any of you are artfags.. can you drum up a picture of Jenny as coronachan? I think its relevant to recent events

0f613 No.1782

File: 1600701772800.png (239.68 KB, 540x321, 180:107, porg life.png) ImgOps iqdb

>jenny is already at 10% egg capacity
No, this can't be happening

e6542 No.1783

He has 370K subscribers, 2.7K patreons and has information about him online for everyone to look up, he's not some dude with a private social media account someone conned into handing over his social security number

0f613 No.1784

File: 1600715682089.png (219.07 KB, 338x430, 169:215, brony.png) ImgOps iqdb

It is so awkward to watch Jenny in the bronycon-thing video, it seems like she has improved a lot with her social skills.

96bf2 No.1785

supposedly the girls nemesis Vito likes the cuties movie?

b2a6c No.1786

He's almost definitely not seen it. Man is a straight up drama queen, he's just putting forward controversial opinions to get attention.

He'll probably start a dramatic one on one twitter spat with the most popular person to call him out.

7fcac No.1787

…has she? Seems she’s just gotten more sarcastic and defensive.

Speaking of which, Jenny randomly tweeting about The Rock, very obvious what Jenny’s doing these days to grow her following on Twitter. See something about a popular figure and make a random joke about it to loop in fans if the Rock but also people who don’t like him.

Why doesn’t Bailey do that? It’s not a secret sauce Bailey, talk less about your Jewishness and depression and more about whatever’s trending like your vapid best friend who’s just now waking up next to Todd.

96bf2 No.1788

ive mentioned this before but her eyes used to be slanty.. did she have surgery too?

ecc24 No.1789

>pulled my gate off
implying he did it by hand what a liar.
oh and retarded

c38e8 No.1790

File: 1600729739233.jpg (117.3 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 2fdee8c4985a2596d033fa5934….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

It's generally known that she dabbles in black magic. Beauty potions do wonders.

4019c No.1791

nah this used to confuse me too. What it is in in this era she did her makeup a way that doesn't suit her eyes configuration. Her eyes are a little bit less far apart than you might like, and a little down tilted going toward the outer side. The way she did her eyebrows here also only emphasised that.
So you'll notice now her eyebrows don't go flat then down (as you move from inside to out) the go uuup. And what she does with here eye makeup is put everything black going uuup at the sides and the real magic trick which is not putting any black stuff toward the inner half of her eye at all and even in fact drawing white stuff on the top of the bottom lid of her eye, toward the inside which makes the unconscious impression that there's more 'eyeball' there. So the overall outline of her eye seems to be larger, further out and tilted up rather than down

cc5f3 No.1792

thank you, you know alot about makeup

the website I use to download youtube videos tells me if the video has copyright material on it. I ran Jenny's library through and found only 4 of her videos do, three of them were her first few videos.
Point is, I think she's lying when she says all her videos get copyright struck right off the back, I think she says that to make people think she isn't earning alot of money

or did she say they get demonetized.

c38e8 No.1793

File: 1600732049001.jpg (522.19 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, Eid7IdcUYAAE11_.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

4019c No.1794

File: 1600732652048.jpg (14.69 KB, 285x255, 19:17, oof.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

b2a6c No.1795

I thought she looked good on stream today.

109ae No.1796

One of the mystery girls from the escape room group tweeted a random 30 rock meme and tagged jenny, todd, lindsey, other mystery girl, and also lindsey ellis. Ellis also replied to the picture of the group with a shortcake emoji. The mystery girls might be friends of ellis, although she doesnt follow them. Or its possible ellis was there and just had the good sense to not be in the picture because she foresaw the backlash Jenny got.

b2a6c No.1797

Can you link the tweet I can't find it.

109ae No.1798

b2a6c No.1799

Yeah, interesting. Lindsay Ellis being there would explain Todd being there I guess. Still weird to me that Lindsay Ellis didn't pop up in either photo.

b2a6c No.1800

I think she's deleted the tweet but I'm pretty sure she referred to there being 6 people who all worked at home being there when people were attacking her on twitter for doing it during a pandemic.

It's a bit nothing but 6 people means Ellis wasn't there, and I still just can't shake the feeling that if she was there she would be in the photo.

And she wouldn't have to post the happy birthday emoji if she said it in person.

109ae No.1801

But then why did mystery girl tag ellis in her tweet? That meme tweet to me seems like an inside joke they had from that evening, it makes no sense for her to tag ellis if she wasnt there for it? Also I saw the deleted tweet and cant recall her specifically mentioning 6 people, but i could be wrong about that.

b2a6c No.1802

I can only think they did something before or after the escape room, i.e. a restaurant or something and Lindsay was there for that but not the escape room.

Are restaurants open in California?

109ae No.1803

I just realized, with sister Lindsey being so obsessed with the noscrit stuff, maybe she mentioned hanging out with the nostalgia chick on one of her last few streams? If she hung out with her there's a good chance she mentioned it, but I personally dont have the stomach to look at/listen to that vile creature unless jenny is there to counter balance her grotesqueness. If anyone wanted to scan through the last stream it might give us a clue what was going on.

b2a6c No.1804

Yeah I feel like the answer could definitely be in the skylark stream. She literally streamed after getting back from this but it's 4 hours long and I just can't sit through the whole thing.

7fcac No.1805

Oh shit, I guess these escape rooms are Jenny celebrating her birthday, totally forgot about that…super fucking weird these are the people she’d do that with than her actual usual friends and Bailey.

7fcac No.1807


Looks like Cheesecake Factory is open and Ellis is a whore for them. Maybe they met up there?

But why do we care if Ellis joined them? I’m just curious if Jenny let’s Todd finish inside her or her tits.

109ae No.1808

So Jenny is at a drive in movie tonight. Maybe tonight is the night she confirms her and Todd are actually together. If we get any evidence he is there its official, doesn't really seem likes shes even trying to hid it at this point. Im scared.

e28cf No.1809

last time jenny was in a car with someone else "talking" she was "talking" so deeply that they didn't notice some other car coming up that hit them and so when she had her concussion she was very reticent to talking about the embarrassing circumstances of having been in the middle of "talking" in the car when they got hit and probably when she fell about stuff dripped that was stickyyy and it gets everywhere uuueww

0f613 No.1810

File: 1600748431752.jpg (110.24 KB, 1146x660, 191:110, 1549255247365.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

6e8b7 No.1811

Jenny's into SEA chicks, relax and take some deep breaths.

a7269 No.1812

SEA chicks

South East Asian girls, ehh, Jenny is surrounded by enough fucking weirdos I fully believe her to be bisexual.

She’ll take Todd’s dick as good as Kats puss.

Aww, he responded to her fanfic tweet and she liked it. Guys, they’re fucking. We’re all gonna be fine, just breath and know Jenny’s probably not gonna last in any relationship because she’s got the interests of a 14 year old.

Having said that, Griffins gonna lose his mind so I hope Jenny can get away by the time hes done with Todd.

c3bcf No.1813

File: 1600755212564.png (64.06 KB, 610x438, 305:219, sadtimes.png) ImgOps iqdb

Todd is dating Jenny 100% confirmed. Real fucking sad right now. I knew she would be with someone eventually, I just hoped it would be with someone likable, not this fucking dork.

6e8b7 No.1814

File: 1600756194480.png (986.87 KB, 677x1108, 677:1108, DEOwDSNVoAUDd8d-crop.png) ImgOps iqdb

Stop trying to angry up the blood… it's working.

c3bcf No.1815

not trying to. Hoping anyone has a reason for me to believe they aren't together. But that just feels naïve at this point.

e28cf No.1816

it actually makes perfect sense. the two women that i know that went mwaf were good looking but so anxious, particularly about men/sex that they were completely inexperienced into their late 20s. weren't Christian but started out in more or less christian families and were not weeaboos. this is like a thing

c3bcf No.1817

Its gonna be so cringe and uncomfortable when they start posting pictures all snuggled up together.

b42fe No.1818

Jenny's about to hit the wall anyway, anons got lucky they had a gf simulator for her best years. Nothing can last forever.

e28cf No.1819

File: 1600763567486.jpg (6.42 KB, 162x211, 162:211, ohggod.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>"hapa" children

b42fe No.1820

Please don't be upset lads, maybe Jenny isn't really dating Todd at all.

6e8b7 No.1821

So… I've been scrolling through this dude's twitter posts for a little bit and he's such a colossal faggot I find it hard to believe that any woman would be into him (women are fucking stupid though, so I'm probably way off here). The dog posting is like 90% gay (he keeps himself out of the pics though making it slightly less gay) and he talks about music like a guy that makes you want never talk about music around him. His views on the pandemic are the same as Jenny's though. With the whole "fuck it, do whatever" attitude despite retweeting posts about people not obeying lockdown rules. Typical liberal basically (rules for thee, but not for me).

That and season 3 & 4 of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (which I grabbed on Jenny's recommendation a while back) is how I've spent the last few hours. The show is more miss than hit and I now really dislike a guy I've never heard of before last week.

Thanks for reading my blog post!

e28cf No.1823

you're saying the guy on the far right here? i looked at the channel and of course the guy's obscured but he didn't seem to have obese cheeks like this dude

b2a6c No.1824

Well shit, there it is. I'm gutted, personally.

Jenny doesn't even really seem into music…

Fucking Ken Munson…

e28cf No.1825

should we kill ourselves?

6e8b7 No.1826

I'm good, but make sure to try and lay a guilt trip on Jenny before you do.

b2a6c No.1827

Definitely feels like we should. Unless Bailey and Mike break up again pretty soon I might have to.

What is the point in living anymore?

e28cf No.1828

Of course, it has to be another youtuber. because how could anyone else understand That Life? …the mercurial wrath of the algorithm… the travails of avoiding demonetization… the dilemma of being very visible and exposed and in the attention of an enormous headcount of people, a given percentage of whom are crazy and dangerous, but not really earning the celeb-tier money to afford security commensurate with that

a00f4 No.1829

What are Todd’s numbers like on YouTube/Patreon? Is he raking it in like Jenny?

I guess he must be doing quite well if he’s been able to move to LA.

Does raise the question the though, how long have him Jenny been at it long distance? I guess this does now explain why it has appeared for so long that Jenny doesn’t have a bf to do things with.

0f613 No.1830

File: 1600788688317.jpg (24.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, grifin ching chong ching c….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>there is only one hope left

6e8b7 No.1831

How will Griff save the day, keep Jenny as dry as a desert?

ba845 No.1832

I was more thinking he kills Todd in a jealous drunken rage.

0154a No.1833

With them doing the escape room on Sunday then the movie on Monday, doesn't really seem like first date kinda stuff. Im thnking they have had a long distance thing for a while, and he moved to LA just to be close to her. Makes it seem like they are pretty serious.

96bf2 No.1834

I don't want to believe it but I always assumed Jenny would marry from within the tribe
the problem with these people is they can't get attention from the opposite sex based on how they behave and what their priorities are. (even I have healthier relationships then these "people")
marrying within the tribe solves this problem as they're dating someone who has the same flaws as them.
he was doxed a long time ago I've seen his photo before a few times. definitely him
reminder she dated a musicfag before

0f613 No.1835

File: 1600803144367.webm (3.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, DO IT.webm) ImgOps iqdb

he did everything he could to make her happy, he even went to those fucking retarded pony conventions for her, he deserves better

ecc24 No.1836

>do it, you promised
wow. anyway good luck todd, we'll be here for you when you need us.

7c797 No.1837

I know Jenny's progressive but I never thought she'd go that ugly. I guess that's the tragic fate of an aging 7 in LA.

If she's going to date an asian, why not a Japanese to translate when Super Nintendo World finally opens?

Actually, in saying that I've come up with a theory. Jenny has said she wants to make videos about SNW and other theme parks abroad but doesn't want to pay someone to come along to film, and feels bad asking her friends to do it for free. But maybe she wouldn't feel so guilty if it were her subservient dog (and fellow youtuber) boyfriend. I guess Defunctland didn't go for it. So this is my new headcanon, Jenny's just playing the long game to net herself an unpaid cameraman when COVID ends and she can make up for lost Disneyland hours with a huge international theme park spree.

c34cc No.1838

Yeah, no, I'm rooting for the new guy. Sorry Griff but fuck you.

4e44b No.1839

> Doesn't seem like first date stuff

Their only encounter I've never seen off twitter is at Ellis wedding in NYC, pretty funny if that's how her ex gets a new fuck buddy.

They probably kept in touch and maybe with Ellis nudging them together.

Now he moved to LA and Jenny went out with Sky coming along for safety and see what she thought of him. Sky approved then they did it again as a double date with those girls who may be friends or a couple themselves.

Unless Sky says she also say the movie, the drive in was their first real date together and probably where he may have kissed her depending on how fake serious Jenny is taking social distancing, not very if she's in a car with him for 2 hours.

Maybe Jennys just excited for a new friend who hasn't heard her all her theme park jokes but…she's almost 30, she can't only break Griffin and Max's hurt.

Funny that Lindsay Ellis who started out with a documentary about getting an abortion (was it Todds?) and Jenny who started with a Twilight musical and My Little Pony videos will be POGO sisters.

4e44b No.1842


someone should use a throwaway account and reply to this tweet and ask if he saw it with Jenny, or just straight up ask if they're dating.


Anyway, this is all best of both worlds for Jenny, Todd's interest in micro analyzing songs fits with her obsession on theme parks, being a hard left wing feminist he'll fully support her her in spending fortunes on theme park vacations (especially now that she has a man to protect her during + so many free vacas for Todd) and he will 100% be ok with keeping the relationship a secret since Ellis said she's hidden her husband because it was a bad experience having hers with Todd be public.

So Jenny will keep pretending to be a cute 19 year old looking girl making videos in her big empty stuffed animal bed that she's creampied in by Todd at 5am before bed. On vacations Todd will likely not be in any of the videos and at best he'll be a random shoulder or foot.

None of us were ever going to fuck Jenny so guys just relax, this is normal and happens every day for tons smarter, kinder and more beautiful woman you just don't know about. It's gonna be ok we're all gonna get used to it over time. It'll be interesting to see if her Patreon numbers drop if people realize she's not single.

I just feel bad for the patreons, youtubers and Jennys Trump loving dad who think she's single. Wonder if daddy or Jorn will like him.

6e8b7 No.1843

>I never thought she'd go that ugly
I guess the silver lining in all this is that you don't have to be a Chad to win her over. Dude looks like the nerds I used to harass in school for no other reason than I happened to be palling around with even worse kids that day.

I wonder if he can protec Jenny should she need it?

>POGO sisters

4e44b No.1844

Meanwhile, Jenny is complaining to a 170k who her Alienware laptop is having tech issues instead of just calling, DMing or emailing them…what a diva.

Also it's cute how she tries to act humble by saying it's the most expensive laptop she's ever had for editing…2nd to her gaming pc. Bitch you don't game, just use the PC to edit.

e28cf No.1845

>interest in micro analyzing songs
didn't max landis do this shit? is this guy's bit the same - pretending pop songs are deep works that merit muh textual analysis hehe stuff from muh english major but its pop culture shit?

e28cf No.1846

asian guys (maybe because asian culture doesn't have concept of individuals?) seem much more fine with their gf being some other guys sex object. sometimes they even seem to more enjoy that way, having this tendency to make videos for their peers

4e44b No.1847

> Protect Jenny

I mean, crazy stalkers probably have retard strength so probably not but for Jenny's sake let's pretend yes.

Especially if Jenny goes overseas, we don't want Jenny to get kidnapped and stuck in a whorehouse for rich old Japanese men by the yakuza.

Poor Griffin, helped Jenny get into Youtube and encouraged her voice acting and writing and Jenny didn't even have the decency to upgrade to a guy like Max but to a youtuber who's got half as many subs and followers but has been doing this twice as long.

ecc24 No.1848

>but my laptop renders twice as fast as my gaming pc
maybe dont buy a pos pc then?
no idea who the fuck she's kidding thinking she could post a problem about her laptop and not expect a million guys to mansplain her, it happens enough when she does it normally, but about computers?
it has to be some sort of kink of hers, she's a no good troll don't fall for it.

4e44b No.1849

Fuckman, how much did Jenny spend on a laptop that's twice as fast a an alienware gaming PC.

It is my entire monthly salary or more?

ecc24 No.1850

her laptop is alienware idk what her desktop is but >>1844 if this is true then fuck. no idea any of the specs i thought someone said the laptop had gpu accel rendering capability, again no idea if its true of if her desktop is set up for it either.

4e44b No.1851

Oh and looks like Todd/Ken is a now a recent friend on facebook of the redhead in the escape room so I think it's pretty much official those two girls are Skys friends.

b9010 No.1852

I wonder how he saw their relationship after they broke up, maybe he fantisized about making it big and getting her back, or maybe he always assumed she would come back to him when she settled down.
>I wonder if he can protec Jenny should she need it?
hes a literal cuck, living with Ellis as she banged other guys, the assumption I had was Ellis wanted him there and he was too weak to say no or move.
I thought you meant Todd is friends with Ken Nicholson

e28cf No.1853

its not really the time but people were talking about jenny eggs and the thought of jenny sitting on a big egg is got to me and i feel the world is missing this

0f613 No.1854

>jenny sitting on big things
There is not enough of this, not nearly enough, in the world

5ca0d No.1855

Were going to have to see pregnant Jenny making videos soon. That's going to be rough.

e28cf No.1856

eh, only for a couple of weeks until she notices

6e8b7 No.1857

Alright, you've officially lost it… pregnant Jenny would be so juicy, good lord. I don't know if I could handle that.

5ca0d No.1858

Meanwhile Jenny is a week and a half away from having gone 2 months without posting a new video. Getting paid how many thousands a month, doing nothing but fucking Todd's brains out and going to escape rooms. How often does she even stream now, once a month? Getting paid to not even make content anymore. Every thing about her life makes me so sad these days.

558cc No.1859

>Every thing about her life makes me so sad
>[about my own life]
you mean? jenny's flying high with 50k/month for nothing, a new bf, no concern about getting pregnant since what skylark did to her insides back in the day, and yet not even any hard feelings between her and her wow! now, sister!

5ca0d No.1860

if jenny couldn't get pregnant she would have whined about it for twitter clout by now.

6e8b7 No.1861

>2 months without posting a new video
She's got 12 days. What the hell was her next video going to be about anyways? I know next month she plans to let everyone down again by refusing to make another Halloween costume try-on video.

0f613 No.1862

The graphic doesn't lie. 10% and going dooown

7c797 No.1863

I think it was going to be a book/fanfic reading. I hope she does some good spooky month content at least, her bad creepy pasta videos are my favorites. Spider reviews last year was disappointing.

ecc24 No.1864

>we will never get another costume try on

d09af No.1865

File: 1600826228937.gif (5.58 MB, 640x480, 4:3, jen4 - Copy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>We will never get to see Jenny taking her costume off for us

7c797 No.1866

She models the purple monster costume for Todd, sans leggings

558cc No.1867

how do you get these fukin vids man

0f613 No.1868

very juicy

6e8b7 No.1869

>I hope she does some good spooky month content at least
Second, but despite this being her favorite time of the year, Jenny is close to being creatively bankrupt. She's so adamant about not giving men anything that it's really narrowed what she's willing to produce. Which is understandable, you only have to read this very thread to see why she might be hesitant about vlog content (say; filming an afternoon at a pumpkin patch) or the costume try-on video (because god forbid men see her in a sexual light).

Mmm, love me some chubby Jen!

0f613 No.1870

File: 1600828591586.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bb8.webm) ImgOps iqdb

JUMBO BB8! ⁱᵗᵗʸ⁻ᵇⁱᵗᵗʸ ᵇᵇ⁸

849e0 No.1871

Nah, Jenny would cover her stomach with some ugly sweater or jacket.

A. Because the way her brain works even when everyone knows something she likes to pretend there's a separation between her and her fans.

B. Because I think deep inside, Jenny knows he'd lose male Patreons if she acknowledged someone was fucking her and Jenny does not accept that. She blocks guys no the other way around gosh darn it!!!

849e0 No.1872

> Jenny chest

4 years later, still can't tell if Jennys stacked or she's so skinny a push up bra makes her look like she's got Ds.

d09af No.1873

jenny's back at the movies seeing tenet tonight. Jesus her and Todd are starting out hot and heavy.

c34cc No.1874

>you ready to have your world rocked, kid?

52a96 No.1876

Sunday- Escape Room
Monday - Horror movie
Tuesday - Action movie

Yeah, if this is with Todd then 10,000% they're dating, nobody hangs out with Jenny 3 days in a row unless she's giving up that ass. I wonder if Todd will be dumb enough to say he saw Tenet or if Bailey has already warned them we know and told Todd to STFU.

b42fe No.1877

>Jenny knows he'd lose male Patreons if she acknowledged someone was fucking her and Jenny does not accept that
Of course she knows that. Bailey is absolutely unfuckable and even she's smart enough to refer to her bf as a "quarantine buddy". Jenny cant hide this forever though. When her subs plummet due to simp rage I'm going to laugh and laugh.

558cc No.1878

i guess that's why she picked this guy whose whole thing is hiding in the shadows

6e8b7 No.1879

>if Bailey has already warned them we know and told Todd to STFU
I would pay money to hear what Jenny thought of the theatrics here when/if Bailey told her about the topic we've been discussing (or if they even gossip about our gossiping - we all go way back after all).

>refer to her bf as a "quarantine buddy"
I'm all for Bailey getting some dick, she's a goddamned mess… she's also not waifu material like Jenny (sorry Bailey!) so there's nothing really "scandalous" about it.

b42fe No.1880

I'd say at this point Bailey has a vagina like an old catchers mitt, she's never traded on the pure virgin image that Jenny has. Or had.

885ec No.1881

See I just don't get where this level of bitterness towards Bailey comes from at all.

What has she done to piss you off so much. It's coming across as though she has you positively rattled.

6e8b7 No.1882

File: 1600856589386.jpg (384.53 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, Eij8vjbVgAEpD6p-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Bailey has a vagina like an old catchers mitt
a broken-in glove feels really good to play ball with though, like an extension of your hand

>she's never traded on the pure virgin image that Jenny has

Yeah, I don't think she could if she tried. Jenny's intoxicating brand of cute is extremely rare amongst women.

6e8b7 No.1884

Why do you insist Jenny's behavior comes from a traumatic place? There's literally zero evidence for this outside of your own mind. And I know; "evidence schmevidence", but if there's no evidence anywhere to prove anything (though you speak like there is), what is there to actually look for? Like seriously, what are you expecting people to do? Where does one begin this "investigation" into an implied dark past involving a family member who may or may not have had much involvement in their lives?

Shit, maybe your ideas about Jenny come from an uncle raping you, I don't know.

6e8b7 No.1885

Oh, and I'm not deleting my post. I've wanted an explanation for your bullshit for a while now.

e70c4 No.1886

People here do say some stupid shit sometimes. I think they just want to try be dramatic or outrageous or whatever. But it is annoying.

558cc No.1888

i'm just memeing jeez.

ecc24 No.1889

>. but i showed you
regular threads that go nowhere with no evidence gets really quite boring very quickly

b9010 No.1891

what happened

c34cc No.1892

In reference to what?

b9010 No.1893

all the deleted posts and the little argument

c34cc No.1894

Some anon was making accusations of Jenny growing up in an abusive family. Some other anon called him out on having no proof. I assumed he deleted his own posts.

b9010 No.1895

I see
someone two or three years ago said something similar to this, was that you back then too?

ccb81 No.1896

I think twitter is mad about Todd and Jenny as well. When I try to look at his tweets I'm being told that his account has been temporarily restricted.

92d99 No.1897

I dont see that, do you see it still? he might have done it to delete a few tweets

ccb81 No.1898

nah it's back to normal now.

ccb81 No.1899

By the looks of it, it was done by twitter not him. It said for unusual activity.

Maybe he logged in on Jenny's computer and twitter thought it was weird he'd logged in from an unusual device.

cc5f3 No.1900

or maybe jealous jenny logged on to his twitter to make sure he's not DMing cuties

3cccc No.1901

Aww, our girls all grown up. Fucking dudes and making sure they’re not creating more pogo sisters for her.

With Jenny’s need for adoration and immediate reprisals against any criticism of her, I guess it’d make sense she’d be with a guy like Todd.

cc5f3 No.1902

File: 1600895542734.jpg (46.78 KB, 1131x288, 377:96, Nword.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

""Thanks for leaping on me under the kind of crazy presumption that nobody in my family is adopted and as if I didn’t literally once watch my least favorite uncle explain to a family friend that I wasn’t one of “the real grandkids”"

what I gather, is that anon latched onto the idea of not being blood related and fantasized some creepy scenario around it?

also she used literally out of context

also I found this in the archives while looking for "uncle" I guess Jenny's always been a stinker.

0f613 No.1903

wow, thanks for the fucking tenet spoiler jenny i wasnt planning on watching it anyway

0f613 No.1904

jesus fucking christ i can't understand anything in your post man

92d99 No.1905

Jenny on tumblr:
>Thanks for leaping on me under the kind of crazy presumption that nobody in my family is adopted and as if I didn’t literally once watch my least favorite uncle explain to a family friend that I wasn’t one of “the real grandkids”
what I gather, is that anon latched onto the idea of not being blood related and fantasized some creepy scenario around it?
also I found pic related in the tumblr archives while looking for "uncle" I guess Jenny's always been a stinker.

b401b No.1906


>im glad she gave Jenny some bad habits (drinking, weed, etc), otherwise she would be

are we sure she smokes weed? proof???

92d99 No.1907

If I remember there is no proof, everyone around jenny does it so its assumed she does too.

ecc24 No.1908

>are we sure she smokes weed? proof???
She lives in california what proof do you need.
Just you and me anon, aware you really going to watch it? Really?
Lmao at jenny complaining the guy behind his flashing his brights at her, jenny are you quite sure just because your headlights are off you arent annoying him with running or position lights? Maybe he just excited trying to flag you down for an autograph. Maybe its ellis in a cheesecake induced stupor mad at you stealing her man. whomever made a cheesecake comment earlier I owe you a beer buddy

0f613 No.1909

>Just you and me anon, aware you really going to watch it? Really?
I will, i like Nolan

ccb81 No.1910

Tbh it is a bit shit. I didn't really enjoy it.

It's like all the little niggly bits that are annoying and don't make sense if you actually think about from Inception dialled up to 1000.

But the action scenes aren't good enough to make up for it.

And of all the actors RPatz is the only one who actually seems like they want to be there.

Between the plot issues and the sound issues it's a film that is big on Nolan's flaws but there isn't enough of what Nolan does well to make up for.

You'll enjoy it if you're massive Nolan fan, but it's probably his worst film since he really broke out.

3cccc No.1911

Todd tweeted about his account troubles. In this is what he said to someone who told him to reach out to twitter support instead of randos.

> I have always gotten better advice from crowdsourcing than tech support on any major social media platform

Guess he’s the one who told Jenny to tweet out her laptop issues.

e6165 No.1912

A long time ago Bailey's sister Faith made a tumble post where she said she asked Jenny if she was a Reylo and Jenny said not while she was high. If I remember the implication was basically that since she said it while high it was more believable. Thats about as much proof as there has been.

e6165 No.1913

*said no

3cccc No.1914

Guys, this is kind of a big moment for us.

From everything I’ve seen and verified over the years, other than a short high school thing with Griffin that likely didn’t go past first base, ourgirl is dating and probably fucking. I knew the big 3-0 would scare her to jumpstart the romantic aspect of her life.

Now, we just wait for the inevitable break up, social media silence and eventual “friendship” between them.

My guess, if it’s not Jenny breaking up with someone she’ll cut them outta her life and social space. She still might either way, might be hard to be friends with a guy who knows what she looks like naked on all fours with a dick in her mouth.

558cc No.1915

>said no while she was high
it still doesn't make sense man

f9851 No.1916

Usually when Jenny gets home from a night out she comes home and starts tweeting about whatever is on her mind. Since she didn't do that last night I'm legit wondering if she spent the night at Todd's and they fucked for the first time. If the first escape room was their first date, then the last 3 nights were date 2,3,4 respectively. Date 4 seems like what Jenny would think is the appropriate number of dates to wait to fuck.

>it still doesn't make sense man
just telling you what Faith said.

d70c3 No.1917

jenny said "no" but was high at the time, I think?

ccb81 No.1918

What doesn't make sense? Why wouldn't she get high?

f9851 No.1919

Yes thats what Faith was saying, that Jenny was high when Faith asked her. I think it was in response to someone asking her if Jenny was a Reylo.

558cc No.1920

can't you just try to write it again with commas and things so it is clear who said what? because
>Jenny said no while she was high
is as clear to me as "a time bomb the color of expired baby food that should have gone off sooner than it did"

3cccc No.1921

Ehh, unless we’ve been totally wrong about Jenny I don’t think she’d fuck a guy after about 4 dates in 8 days including 2-3 in groups.

If they fucked last night Jenny is letting loose or they’ve been a long distance couple for a while while Todd was in NY or whenever he lived.

3cccc No.1922

And she’s quiet again so far tonight…another date night? Girl needs to slow it down.

0f613 No.1923

>todd is probably fucking jenny's tight pristine innie pussy with his big asian cock right now

c34cc No.1924

Impossible, she's saving herself for marriage.

b7461 No.1925

aww Todd liked Jenny's halloween music playlist, shes probably playing it for him while he plows her.

5d76f No.1926

Ramble topic; Spooky Boning (not the skeleton kind)

989d1 No.1927

Still no tweet since 2pm, ourgirl is fuuuuuucking.

If any of you are sad, don’t be, Jennys orgasms sound like her impression video on the Rise of the resistance ride. Also that nerd doesn’t make any girl finish unless he used a vibrator…or he just…borrowed Lindsey’s.

b7461 No.1928

>Jennys orgasms sound like her impression video on the Rise of the resistance ride
>implying thats a bad thing

she also might just be working on her next video. Not that any of her fans will say shit if she legit goes 2 months without posting a single new video.

989d1 No.1929

Maybe Goosebumps or too early?

5d76f No.1930

>Still no tweet since 2pm
Sex doesn't take that long if you're doing it right.

Yeah, Jenny gets quiet during an editing crunch. Maybe she's aware of how long is been since her last release and his trying to finish it up before the weekend (when she likes to go out).

b42fe No.1931

File: 1600932669596.jpg (53.17 KB, 615x401, 615:401, 12425436363533.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Get a job, Bailey

5d76f No.1932

File: 1600937314429.png (245.3 KB, 1080x760, 27:19, Meow!.png) ImgOps iqdb

I like when Jenny gets catty on Twitter. Also; Jenny shouldn't be throwing stones about home decor. Her cheap ass is still using the same couch she's always had and can only pile up toys on shelving and furniture. Literal wall-of-Funko-Pops-tier.

She's an internet panhandler, that's a choice career these days.

ecc24 No.1933

i don't mind cat lady posting cat pictures but i feel uncomfortable looking at a his exposed gubbins
this jenny, replying to a joke tweet about man apartment furniture, criticising imaginary men in the comment section for crimes she herself has fabricated and is seething over. this is the jenny you all believe is going on a date with a man. i simply don't believe it. jenny love horse not boy.
come on friend you are so almost nearly there
Faith: (reminiscing in a tumblr post) "I asked jenny if she was reylo"
Jenny: (in response to the question at the time, not on tumblr) "No"
Faith: (thinking deeply about the situation) "She was high when she said it so it must be her true feeling"
thats what anon was saying in my interpretation.

989d1 No.1934


The guy deleted his tweets cause Jenny’s fans were piling on him.

Also is Jenny trolling us or saying something to Todd about his new apartment? First she tweeted the Rey and Kylo Ren tweet about his bachelor pad from July now she’s tweeting about guys not having enough furniture.

ecc24 No.1935

take a girl out to a drive in movie then back to your lavishly furnished comfy palace, ask her if she wants to come in for a coffee, "any gfuel?". so why don't we take this to the bedroom "wow you only have 16 pillows and one weighted blanket, no thanks MAN learn to furnish. then she goes home to blast you on twitter. truth is that girl was never interested in letting you ejaculate inside of her, she was using you to buy her an extra large popcorn without anyone commenting on the juxtaposition of her bottomless pit food hole and excessively petite tight frame.
tale as old as time.

b42fe No.1936

Will Jenny get rid of her weighted blanket now that she has Todd? He can weigh her down with his asian man warmth.

5d76f No.1937

>ywn watch Jenny pig out on popcorn then give you a dry, salty kiss after getting her a refill before giving you a buttery handy j during the "boring" action scenes
It's officially getting harder to live without a Jenny gf

cc5f3 No.1938

File: 1600942815989.jpg (159.86 KB, 574x792, 287:396, CP9G9boUYAAG1u1.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

c34cc No.1939


5d76f No.1940

This is great. It even has her touching a public fixture.

ecc24 No.1941

bb8? nah fam cv19

5d76f No.1942

File: 1600956990562.png (758.87 KB, 1080x903, 360:301, Jenny in the Shadows.png) ImgOps iqdb

Curiouser and curiouser…

f95e2 No.1943

Hmmm Jenny is suddenly big into talking about pop music….

64e2a No.1944

HAHA, this is brilliant. For a second I was like…is this new!?

64e2a No.1945

Todd just confirmed he saw both drive in movies, guess Bailey hasn’t told him yet. It’s possible he sat in the back with Jenny and Sky in the front but doubt it.

f95e2 No.1946

Ah Christ, I don't know if I can handle this. It's like I already know, but still every confirmation is like another dagger through my heart.

f95e2 No.1947

File: 1600970849601.jpg (133.12 KB, 691x686, 691:686, 119630099_1010063776577438….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

He's not even particularly attractive. Surely she could do better? Is it just a case of anyone who can play a keyboard.

b278b No.1948

its only upsetting to me because he was always considered a loser even in the hayday of channel awesome. even Linkara was cooler than cuckintheshadows

59337 No.1949

It could just be that Jenny has a very alpha personality. She might need a bit of a loser bf she can boss around a bit.

64e2a No.1950

Yeah, I always assumed Jenny would get an alpha who can put his foot down like Max but when he said no because she’s not a taller platinum blonde she decided to go with a “yes dear” guy who’ll follow her around the theme park all day.

I mean if that’s what she wants in a man and he gets to fuck her then I guess that’s a win win relationship no matter how unhealthy it ultimately will turn out to be.

If this isn’t just a fuck fest and actually last a while it’s pretty funny to me imagining Jenny’s reaction when she realizes that face is what she wasted months or years of her looks on, maybe even VCard if anyone thinks Jenny is as innocent as she pretended to be.

b9010 No.1951

hmm. Griffin escalates his "plans" right before jenny gets a "boyfriend" is Todd a fake bf just to turn off Griffin?

0f613 No.1952

File: 1600982840199.jpg (23.95 KB, 745x531, 745:531, michael.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>is he funny or something?

ecc24 No.1953

>less handsome or funny or successful than any one on here or any of her reply guys on twitter
yeah i don't get it either.

64e2a No.1954

Bet her dad was hoping for a successful executive or bro engineer.

Sometimes a girl just gets with a nice guy one of her girlfriends (Ellis) recommends. And he can talk about music and YouTube and how much he also hates his patrons but likes their money.

0f613 No.1955

File: 1600985332645.png (13.17 KB, 587x141, 587:141, fug.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fuck this dude, fuck jenny and fuck this gay earth i quit

c34cc No.1956

Are people actually upset that Jenny may have a boyfriend? This was an inevitability you know. She's nearly 30. That she hasn't settled down already years ago is an oddity.

64e2a No.1957

No I get it, I felt that way about Jenny a few years ago before I detached and viewed her as she falsely hints she wants everyone to, as just a content creator with no parasocial connection even though she shares ALMOST every aspect of her life to strangers everyday.

I think the guys here will handle it a lot better than her Patrons, I really do wish she had the balls to make it public so I could see if any guys would actually stop donating to her.

b9010 No.1958

File: 1600990332257.jpg (86.99 KB, 1360x448, 85:28, worst case scenario.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

no, he tries but no. he is however good at articulating his ideas
we joked/speculated for years, ever since Jenny met Lindsay, that Lindsay would set Jenny up with someone in her gross youtuber clique. it was funny because it was both likely to happen, and skin crawling

this is basically a worst case scenario we predicted years ago

558cc No.1959

Does anyone remember if Jenny has ever mentioned listening to Linkin Park?

61531 No.1960

I know its dumb, I know I never had a chance, I know I doesn't really change anything in the real world for me. But it still makes me sad.

f95e2 No.1961

This is exactly how I feel. It's like I always knew it was happening, and let's not kid ourselves Todd isn't the first.

But it's still a little bit heartbreaking to actually know for sure.

61531 No.1963

on the one hand fuck this guy. On the other hand id be singing it from a mountain top if I was with jenny too so I get it.

558cc No.1964

its obviously a flex but
>looks up the lyrics
>We had a fight on the promenade out in the rain
>She couldn't scream while I held her close
>sometimes sung as "she couldn't scream while I held her throat", or "she kicked and screamed while I held her throat", >There ain't no motive for this crime
>/Jenny was a friend of mine
and the other songs he mentions are about being a cuck in the corner

61531 No.1965

jenny's always been curious about choking as a sex act.

6e8b7 No.1966

Not upset, just shocked it was a fucking cuck/Lindsay's sloppy seconds and not a rich, connected Chad like Max. I mean, women with unchecked egos like Jenny don't settle for dudes like him… it's all very strange.

c34cc No.1967

File: 1601005616507.jpg (359.88 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, EiuOj-nUMAMkl1H.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

cc5f3 No.1968

File: 1601005973557.jpg (73.21 KB, 688x410, 344:205, greyson.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

its not about attraction, its about power, like the Romans. they used sex to cement political bonds, a practice that survives today in certain circles

3b732 No.1969

…I think I wrote that first message.

0f613 No.1970

So that's on you, huh?

3b732 No.1971

> Todd isn’t the first

See, if Jenny’s dated anyone in the last 5 years I feel like we would’ve known pretty quick. And we’ve looked at old stuff so less Jenny cleared old photos before going viral we’d have seen something even on her old nukes tumblr it’s empty.

Weird she was so sloppy with this one unless she really has been single the whole time.

3b732 No.1973

> Might get more than a date

That Part is the only one I can’t remember but 99% I think I wrote the exact other two parts about Lindsay and Bailey. I think I even asked if Jenny would convert for whatever Jewish dude Bailey would set her up with.

I remember being annoyed how hard Jenny was begging for the Star Wars land badge and in the end, she just had to get a $500 hotel room like the rich girl she’s always been.

5d76f No.1974

File: 1601010672684.jpg (174.9 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, EQyskmmUEAIvimT-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

So Ellis proves herself to be the villain yet again. Clearly she must be vanquished, but who's powerful enough to destroy pure evil?

020d6 No.1975

You say that but she hasn't been that sloppy. We're basing this on two group photos and then cross referencing her twitter account against his.

If he wasn't an internet personality we wouldn't have a clue. I can remember older group photos with random guys we couldn't account for.

And the thing is we have no idea how long this has been going on for either.

b42fe No.1976

File: 1601021802062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.32 KB, 1200x1602, 200:267, BaileyLookingCute.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I feel zero affection for this woman, in fact I fucking detest her and all the people she hangs around. She's a thousand percent a sexy little fuck chipmunk, obviously, but aside from that I can't think of anything nice to say about her. It pisses me off that she seduced thousands of men with her flirty, exposed shoulder bedroom antics and then just dumped them all for some milquetoast asian shittuber. She was supposed to be the eternal virgin gf simulator. I feel much more affection for the anons who had their heart broken than I ever could for her.
Check out Baileys cute new selfie

96bf2 No.1977

thats good memory

I regret not saving the posts from /tv/ too. probably lost a lot of history

thats mean. you know people give him shit for going crazy with the surgery, but it was plastic surgery that originally made him a sex symbol, he used to have a fat bill cosby nose.. he really seems to want to look like a woman though

6ddfc No.1978

You know Michael Jackson is dead right. You’re using a lot of present tense there.

4506e No.1979

Cuckino, is that you?

>Michael Jackson
Dude's living on Mars with Elvis.

0f613 No.1980

All my life needed was a sense of someplace to go. I don't believe that one should devote his life to morbid adoration. I believe that someone should have a girlfriend, like other people.

797ac No.1981

Just to throw a spanner/small spark of hope into the works. Lindsay just said on stream that she went to see Tenet at the drive in earlier this week.

09abe No.1982

First I’m hearing about Jenny being adopted; any info on this?

4506e No.1983

Old conjecture coming from Jenny saying something about having issues with her uncle.

ecc24 No.1984

if you draw out a family tree you will realise that an uncle or grandparent relationship doesn't necessarily mean that the kid is adopted, it can happen further up the tree.
did you catch at the start where sky was talking about walking in on todd in their bathroom and how huge his dick was?

797ac No.1985

There was an old tumblr post where she talked about being at a big family thing and people looking down on her as not really being part of the family because she's not biological.

But it's definitely not her that's adopted, she's far too similar to her sister. She also looks a lot like her mum and aunts.

My guess is her Dad was adopted.

0f613 No.1986

She adopted her dad?

6e0ce No.1987

Yes. Jenny adopted her dad.

6e8b7 No.1988

File: 1601052831433.jpg (188.52 KB, 1280x930, 128:93, tumblr_mse5hkqPuA1qm6odzo3….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

<That one, mommy.
<The rich one.

6e8b7 No.1989

File: 1601059236118.webm (793.65 KB, 748x576, 187:144, tfw_no_gf.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Good lord… they even start tweeting at the same time.

b42fe No.1990

File: 1601059657670.jpg (96.29 KB, 640x480, 4:3, HsKGwpJ.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

fuck she looks like Chris Chan in this photo

4506e No.1991

inb4 they start making videos together

>a child looks like a manchild who never matured past the age of nine
Weird observation, Null.

b9010 No.1992

>You know Michael Jackson is dead right.
what if the sister is using jenny to get close to TGWTG
Jenny is a bridge to todd, whos a bridge to brad jones, whos a bridge to doug walker.
baby jenny looks like an olson twin… wait.. nich olson

b9010 No.1993

wait what the fuck???
jenny got mad chin game here, is this really her??

6e8b7 No.1994

File: 1601066463696.jpg (46.2 KB, 735x499, 735:499, tumblr_n5zzkhYdZz1qm6odzo6….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>inb4 they start making videos together
<Jenny does a random late night stream
<clearly tipsy with wild sex hair
<covered in hickeys

>is this really her??
Of course it's her, silly!

4506e No.1995

<side of the bed in view with occasional shifting under a blanket
Nice of you to be sharing family photos, Sky.

b9010 No.1996

im not one of those people who thinks she has no chin but ill admit its very weak, did her features change as she aged or…>>1788

4506e No.1997

File: 1601075270419.png (95.17 KB, 801x1830, 267:610, new ramble.png) ImgOps iqdb

New ramble vote is up.

b42fe No.1998

>trapped in a dark ride with Jenny Nicholson
potential for lewd

7c797 No.1999

If she ever streams again would it be too stupid and mean to ask about Todd? Not to get an answer only to get the patrons' noggins joggin, if they haven't caught on already.

b5fbf No.2000

Pulling that off successfully would require levels of subtlety that no one here is capable of.

d860c No.2001

I might be misremembering but I swear Todd has been in her chat in some past streams.

e98c0 No.2002

what does that mean? the topic

ecc24 No.2003

><toddintheshadows> i wasn't in kickassia!
you are remembering good
he's been in a few at the start of the year, less so recently
><toddintheshadows> one time i drank an open can of orange soda and there was a bee in it

7c797 No.2004

I was thinking donating and saying "So happy for you and Todd! youtuber power couple" or something dumb like that.
Would get banned for sure but chat would see and she might get flustered

I think "Jenny designs a dark ride" used to be one so probably just that phrased "cleverly". Or maybe it's another where they want her to write a fanfiction

558cc No.2005

>i'm thinking about surprising her with this trick question blah blah
why do you all persist as if any shit here won't get right back to her

b42fe No.2006

I wonder if Jenny even thinks about this place at all. I feel like she's moved past any kind of chan involvement in her life.

6e8b7 No.2007

Jenny probably knows we exist thanks to Bailey's freakout a bit ago, but she would never visit the board herself. There's nothing for her here. She blocks literally everyone not kissing her ass on her socials, so she's not going to want to read unfiltered opinions about her, her private life and the business of Jenny Nicholson (especially ones she has no control over).

I don't think anyone is sending her "reports" either because that would be stupid.

b42fe No.2008

*compiles daily report for Jenny*

383d4 No.2009

has she even put up the preview for her next video yet? she's legit going to go a full 2 months without videos and her simps will not even bat an eye about paying her shit loads of money to do nothing.

6e8b7 No.2010

Can you please make a note that despite her seeing Todd, I would still very much like to cum inside of her. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

101 days is the record so far (but she can blame that one on the 'rona) and there was that time she skipped a few months on Patreon too. Honestly, the two videos a month (one Patreon and one YouTube) that she does is way more work than she needs to be doing. She can easily get away with much less (quarterly videos?).

36af5 No.2011

True. Still remember that really tall dude with Jenny and a friend when they were at Star Wars land.

b42fe No.2012

>I would still very much like to cum inside of her
oh, she WILL be hearing about this, believe you me

36af5 No.2013

> I saw Tenet

Are you fucking Todd in the Shadow!?

Yeah, I think your right about the subtlety issue.

6e8b7 No.2014

Thank you! I don't want Jenny to think things had gotten weird between us.

36af5 No.2015


> reports to Jenny

If we get a little too into her real life business I think silent brownie point fellas email her with screenshots. I remember someone doing that back on 8chan and freaking her out over what was just talk. Nobody here sounds violent or unstable.

I’d be worried of the years long middle aged Patrons and how many of them will lose their shit if they ever find out she’s not single.

Theyll realize what a load of bull her Patreon line about “the more money I make the more I can work on my videos” and she’s doing the exact same videos 1-2 months at a time regardless of her huge upswing in donations, now at $15k a month.

b42fe No.2016

I feel like we're wandering into "will someone shoot Jenny" territory here. I fucking doubt it purely because it's so unlikely. What are the odds? Not high. Very few celebrities get knocked off by fans, even those that don't have Tom Cruise tier security.

36af5 No.2017

Oh no, not that at all.

I meant a bunch of dudes will call her a lazy bitch and unsub to her when they see she’s not single. Right now she’s still in the innocent princess phase with everyone but us and people who think she hates Black people on twitter.

b42fe No.2018

>meant a bunch of dudes will call her a lazy bitch and unsub to her when they see she’s not single.
lol ok I guess I escalated that just a teensy bit

ecc24 No.2019

>casting the biopic
ok /jenny/ cast yourselves.

96bf2 No.2020

>I meant a bunch of dudes will call her a lazy bitch and unsub to her when they see she’s not single
that happens every time a celebrity gets married, they immediately lose like 10% of their twitter/facebook followers

96bf2 No.2021

File: 1601120257256.jpg (60.22 KB, 1280x528, 80:33, maxres.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


twilight wolf is me
you like what you see jenny?

ecc24 No.2022

guess what you are a pedo. next.

b42fe No.2023

Has Jenny ever adressed the Jacob/Renesmee love arc?

ecc24 No.2024

They didnt finish TTM and I didnt finish reading the script. Did jenny do a youtube about twilight? I doubt she would talk about something so common.

b42fe No.2025

>I doubt she would talk about something so common.
Gotta get those clicks! I don't think she has, I would love to see a twilight hot take. She can't be doing things for the fans though, must think of Jenny before everyone and anything else, it's very important.

5d76f No.2026

Meh. Here comes another 15min on-topic ramble before telling us how much "great content" she has lined up in the slowly approaching, but just near enough that you don't stop giving her money, future.

It all depends on how the Jenny Nicholson story ends.

07cfe No.2027

That's the one thing I just don't get about Jenny, she's clearly got all these ideas for videos but she just doesn't make them.

She must waste so much time and effort on videos that she just never gets around to finishing.

She's be better off trying to make shorter videos so she doesn't get bored of them before she finishes making them.

5d76f No.2028

I think she would do better with a bit more prep work. Just sitting down, hitting record and making it all make sense in editing is clearly too clumsy and time consuming for her. I've always been in favor of vlog content because it fits her lackadaisical style. There's very little editing required and she doesn't have to be all that creative. She can just shit out a nonsense video of her doing something cutely and call it a month.

36af5 No.2031

Jenny does not appear to be someone who likes change, took her four years, 15k a month and a spare twitch gaming room before she stopped recording herself on her bed like a broke college kid.

07cfe No.2032

I think she'll go back to the bed once the pandemic is over, at least for some videos.

She said in one ramble that she's only filming in the office because Lindsay is set up in her bedroom.

Jenny knows the bedroom is part of her brand. Same reason she starts every video with the word so.

36af5 No.2033

> Lindsey set up in her bedroom

That’s weird, is Lindsey sleeping in Jenny’s bed? I thought she moved into Kats room since Jenny’s condo is a 3 bedroom. One room for her, one for Kat and a game room, maybe Kat didn’t move out.

cc5f3 No.2034

wasn't there a photo of Lindsays room and the bed was weird and fancy? were those old?

07cfe No.2035

Dunno, she just vaguely mentioned she was filming in the office more because of the sleeping arrangements.

558cc No.2036

anyone look at laibey and nejjy and just feel glad you're not going to have any kids? like if you have a daughter it can only go two ways, 1 like an ex that never stops thinking about you and does everything to piss you off, or 2 like a fucking… i forgot what term we used in the schoolyard but we used to yell some name at kids to shoo them off doing this- you ever have a kid start copying all your shit? because they think you're cool, ok, but they're just outright cloning you and it's really blatant but they don't even seem to know so they think they thought of it themselves. like they'll show up in your shoes and your hat and talking about your hobby. your words come out of their mouth. it's doesn't just cramp your style its feels invasive. i wish i could remember this word so i could crown these dorks labiey and nejyny their right title

07cfe No.2037

no one has ever thought that you're cool.

e1ddf No.2038

1. are you thinking of the word "poser"
2. wtf are you talking about

cc5f3 No.2039

lindsay and jenny?

558cc No.2040

is it really hard to unscramble laiBey
what can i say i don't feel like i should write the names of strangers as if I know them. especially when they're not even famous


no that's not it it's not. they're not posing. I didn't get it across.
Think about a little kid then, your or your friend's little brother. you can see them always looking back from the tv to see your reaction to see if they should laugh. when they go further and unconsciously model themselves on you. and because they don't think explicitly about how they're doing it, it doesn't occur to them that you can see it and find it annoying.

5d76f No.2041

>no that's not it

558cc No.2042

maybe.. i'm sure there was something more withering but anyway. that's what you get if you get a daughter. a cringey shadow

b42fe No.2043

File: 1601175833683.jpg (54.13 KB, 614x414, 307:207, 923263653534343.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>tfw no laiBey gf

5d76f No.2044

Poor, poverty-stricken Bailey. Time to find a man who can afford you and all the bathroom decor you desire.

You know, I was going to say it's probably cheaper to move out of West Hollywood and back to her home town, but San Ramon looks to be expensive as fuck. Jesus Christ, quit pretending to be poor Bailey, you clearly come from money.

f0a70 No.2045

Naw Jenny's kids gonna be adorable and cute like her >>1994

558cc No.2046

yes all kids are cute. maybe i'm being memed but it seems i still can't get across the simple thing i'm saying? they're not copying you when they are a little kid. they are copying you like a little kid would, but when they're an adult. i.e. being into geek culture or 'the games industry' because you were.
Holding up a mirror of your own strivings and aspriations, rendered cringe

i'm not going to post about this any more

b42fe No.2047

She was saying on stream the other night that she went on a holiday to China with her best friend at the time when she was a kid. Apparently the friends father was an artist living over there with his gf. Poor kids definitely don't take trips to China, and they don't have friends whose fathers are artists.
what about Todd's hapa admixture though. Are we looking at a future Elliot Rodger?

f0a70 No.2048

Well if we've learned anything its that jenny always wins, so no matter who the baby daddy is her kids will end up adorable. She would be so sad if they were ugly.

6e8b7 No.2049

So all Jenny had for us today was a thought about a movie bullying a girl with small tits?

That's some weak material, Jen.

0bdb5 No.2050

just bringing attention to the fact that there's girls with small boobs.

6e8b7 No.2051

Uhhh… well thanks, I guess.

d70c3 No.2052

I don't get why people who make over 80.000 from home don't move to states like Pennsylvania or nevada, where houses cost 40,000
>She would be so sad if they were ugly.
I'd like to think this isnt true, but…

ecc24 No.2053

this. jenny just doesn't want to show she changed porg for todd. sky has said its not her business to say who is all staying with jenny before or during covid, take that how you like; that she doesn't want to reveal jennys bf or that she lives alone as easy prey.
living with a family is in a foreign land isn't expensive, cheap flights can be had too it's not impossible.

da98e No.2054

Yeah I think maybe just never post here again.

There's a reason house prices are so low in those places, it's because no one wants to live there. Jobs aren't the only reason that determine where people want to live.

ecc24 No.2055

girls have daddy issues we get it

d70c3 No.2056

>ky has said its not her business to say who is all staying with jenny before or during covid
is there context to this

b42fe No.2058

>living in fly over states
Perish the thought. That's where dumb working class white people live

f8a76 No.2059

File: 1601237411282.png (263.07 KB, 590x709, 590:709, toddvader - Copy.png) ImgOps iqdb

I remember being curious about this tweet exchange between them last year, but then they didn't really have any other interactions other then him randomly being in her twitch chat a few times, so i kind of forgot about it. I dunno, I still think they have been long distant dating for a while. Maybe they went on a date at one point and he kissed her. I really believe he only moved to Cali to be with her.

5d76f No.2060

They would imply Jenny has emotions like a normal girl. She doesn't.

96bf2 No.2061

on one hand, todd having jenny is sad because hes so ugly
on the other hand, its funny because she's going to hurt and abuse him

36af5 No.2062

Just went and looked at her twitter to see it, she only got 300 RTs so she tweeted another joke about it hoping it’d pick up steam but even fewer RTs.

Sometimes you can see Jenny’s desperation and arrogance when she thinks a joke should get more laughs (in RTs and likes) than it does. For someone pretending she’s just doing her thing without a care in the world she craves confirmation and approval from strangers.

da98e No.2063

Jenny has just started streaming.

36af5 No.2064


Hmm, while I agree >>2060 I’d actually say if anything a post like this for a girl as retarded with intimacy as Jenny is means way more than a slight joke or flirt, this tweet is 3rd base for Jenny.

Obviously we don’t have confirmation but I think they are a couple or as much as they can be with a girl like Jenny.

Now is she on the pill and letting him finish in her, who knows.


If Jenny fucks Todd as badly as she has Griffin id hope for juicy gossip but with him being in the left tube circle and Ellis being his ex who probably set them together, he’ll keep his mouth shut.

> Jenny will win again.

So this is what happens to positive karma of those homeless people I see sleeping on benches, they go to rich pretty girls on the Internet.

Keep your chip up Bailey, yours is probably just delayed at Customs.

5d76f No.2065

>no Lindsay

36af5 No.2066

I don’t want to waste 5 hours on a Sunday but she’s playing with Sky but with friends…could be a fun depth into her inner circle. Also it’s not at 2 am. I’ll watch a bit but someone else watch the whole thing for Todd hints.

36af5 No.2067

Without sky*

36af5 No.2068

So Casey and BZ are college friends. Don’t know the other two, can someone record the stream they’re already talking about college stuff and Jenny’s ignoring the 850 people watching.

0bdb5 No.2069

>can't stand listening to her when she's talking with other people
i remember this when i last had a gf decades ago.
>talking to me: mmm.
>talking to anyone else: what an insufferable bitch. why does anyone like her

c1664 No.2070

whats going on in the stream?

36af5 No.2071

Alright, I’m out.

Casey, Mike, Shelby and Lando. Only know who Caey is and surprised Jenny basically bosses around her old friends.

a5c3b No.2072

She's talking about how we need a 4th Reich.

36af5 No.2073

Jenny and college friends are playing Among Us. It’s one of the better streams if you want to see unfiltered Jenny with her friends. Kinda why I’m hoping someone will record it.

c1664 No.2074

couldn't get audacity to record the sound, sorry
anyway, im out too, got angry after 9 minutes

a5c3b No.2075

File: 1601250558895.png (22.34 KB, 300x300, 1:1, spooked spooy bear.png) ImgOps iqdb

>when you ignore your station's oxygen levels

a5c3b No.2076

>let's defer to chat
That's not how you play the game, Jen.

36af5 No.2077

Just checked and they’re still playing. Kinda surprised she’s getting everyone to play this same game for over an hour

a5c3b No.2078

Yeah, still watching. Wish they had more people.

4127f No.2079

are they focused on the game or telling old stories of jenny's college "conquests"

a5c3b No.2080

Pretty much entirely focusing on the game.

b42fe No.2081

Jenny's a sneaky bitch, I was convinced she was a virgin but now I'm really not so sure. I bet she's been getting hot loads pumped into her by different soys for years now.

da98e No.2082

Jenny is taking the piss out of Bailey now. Drama, Drama, Drama.

b42fe No.2083

I missed that what did she say?

a5c3b No.2084

Not sure if I missed something, but she just muttered something about Bailey streaming Portal I couldn't fully make out.

bcacf No.2085

No she was only joking. She asked Bailey to join but Bailey said she’s gonna stream on her own channel instead and Jenny did like a pretentious voice for Bailey.

36af5 No.2086

> Jenny’s a cum dumpster

This was always a possibility for a nerdy cute girl trying to make it in LA then she became a single, attractive, wealthy girl with no job in a city filled with good looking guys.

But why would she downgrade from Chads to Todd.

Only think I found out in the 10-15 mins I watched was Casey and Jenny I think threw a branch into Shelby or the other girls open dorm window. There’s a YouTube channel that records and posts Jenny’s streams, maybe they’ll post it and I can listen while I watch or game.

b42fe No.2087

>Jenny's the killer
funny how she seems to have such a convincing talent for lying

bcacf No.2088

It is scary actually.

4127f No.2089

could have been good exposure
like Carrie fisher, nobody knew until just before she died.
>maybe they’ll post it and I can listen while I watch or game.
ditto, I was kind of sad audacity wouldn't work for me. I want to make a Jenny sound board

a5c3b No.2090

>years from now
>jenny's rich husband is found dead at home
>she sobs her way out of it
<but we'll know the truth

36af5 No.2091

Is she still basically ignoring chat?

smart for Jenny, she doesn’t like taking to chat and gaming so she just plays an interactive game with her old close friends and monetized it.

I’m sure in a week or two she’ll complain about these guys “ parasocial” relationship with her even though she’s inviting a 1000 strangers to her personal college reunion.

36af5 No.2092

I noticed that, she’s very good at manipulating her friends…goes to show Griffin was right about her.

a5c3b No.2093

>actually streaming for a few dozen people instead of joining your pal for a couple of rounds of murder in space

Well, playing a game like Among Us makes talking to chat basically like a cheater's move.

da98e No.2094

Bailey is just about to start, it'll be interesting if her viewer numbers are well down today.

Has she ever had to compete against Jenny before.

a5c3b No.2095

File: 1601254538265.png (237.66 KB, 1040x540, 52:27, come on bro.png) ImgOps iqdb

>open bailey's twitch
>first comment i see is somebody talking about jenny's game

36af5 No.2096

> Jenny mimicking Bailey voice

Did she sound like a depressed grandmother?

a5c3b No.2097

File: 1601254695463.png (283.42 KB, 1040x644, 260:161, come on bro 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Bailey's joining Jenny's game after all
Fuck yeah peer pressure.

da98e No.2098

Bailey caved, she's gonna join Jenny's game.

36af5 No.2099

> Jenny sound board

Ohhhh - so - sad beep - like - theme park - spiders

a5c3b No.2100

>jenny at 804 viewers
>bailey climbing to 43

a5c3b No.2101

File: 1601254969470.png (215.19 KB, 348x530, 174:265, 36d7f805f3dabebb7965634226….png) ImgOps iqdb

>sometimes people lurk and they're weird
What's the suppose to mean, Bailey?

da98e No.2102

They funny thing is she says she trusts the chat, she has no idea. We're everywhere.

b42fe No.2103

>Jenny/Bailey crossover episode
dick a thousand percent hard

a5c3b No.2104

File: 1601255190582.png (830.96 KB, 690x520, 69:52, 123254250676778574568.png) ImgOps iqdb

We are inescapable.

c1664 No.2105

yes. it would be cute
you want to join Jenny's game?

a5c3b No.2106

>bailey imposter first game
>immediately kills somebody
>gets caught out by jen real quick
>bailey tries to throw it onto jen
>gets offed
<there's still one other traitor
<bailey figures out she can still sabotage

>you want to join Jenny's game?
Yes. Obviously. But I'd have to buy and install the game. And, you know, actually get into the game, which has a 0% chance of happening.

36af5 No.2107

I actually was surprisingly touched how hard Bailey is trying to entertain and engage with her chat. Jenny is like an oil Barron, she knows she’s the only game in town for those guys.

da98e No.2108

Oh yeah, bailey is basically a twitch pro at this point.

a5c3b No.2109

>tries to get involved in the emergency meeting chat anyway
smh bailes

Bailey is our dark horse.

36af5 No.2110

Weird they don’t kill Jenny first in any rounds I’ve seen. I think Jenny’s friends are afraid to piss her off.

b42fe No.2111

>Bailey says the f word on Jenny's stream
girl has no boundaries

c1664 No.2112

I thought thats what the password would let you do
it'd be kind of fun to do that type of mean trolling
not saying Jenny would do this but alot of streamers 'fix' their pvp videos.

a5c3b No.2113

>that cackle when jenny gets killed

Trying to get dem browny points.

a5c3b No.2114

>I thought thats what the password would let you do
But they're both hiding the password, right?

da98e No.2115

Can you link to that youtube channel?

a5c3b No.2116

da98e No.2117

Nice one, it's not got the most recent one so it might have stopped.

36af5 No.2118

Discouraging that it’s not posted anything since May. Fuck, does Jenny really need to lock watching the old videos for subs only.

Also, who the duck is Orlando, I’ve never heard of that friend.

c1664 No.2119

orlando sounds familiar
do you think jenny contacted them and asked them to stop?

36af5 No.2120

Wouldn’t put it past her even though they only just a few views.

Ohh, Jenny’s buying digital shit in a free game. Of course she’s that person.

b42fe No.2121

It's like she never stops eating

36af5 No.2122

Jenny? Yeah girl likes to snack.

Also watching again through baileys stream, nice they finally voted against Jenny right away.

5d76f No.2123

I thought about uploading all of mine, but they're up over 150GB in total.

>Jenny's $3 spider


c1664 No.2124

>150GB in total.
on my computer that would be an 80 hour upload

a5c3b No.2125

File: 1601257562356.jpeg (376.38 KB, 640x1058, 320:529, a1c491cc0413c92d6e2b84990….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>i'm afraid of jenny because what else is new
>jenny wtf i'm suppose to be your best friend ;-;

36af5 No.2126

Holy fuck, Jenny gaslights her friends really well, can only imagine what she’s doing to her fans.

9fd0c No.2127

and boyfriend..

a5c3b No.2128

For anybody not watching: Jenny's working on a new video about Mystery Lodge that should be out soonish. She's also officially sponsored by G-Fuel.

b42fe No.2129

>She's getting her fridge
She always wins. always

1f632 No.2130

Normally I cant be bothered listening to bailey try to comfort her miserable complaining chat (no wonder she is so miserable so would anyone be talking to those guys every day) but watching her play this with her friends is pretty chill. Damn look how happy she is its really warming my heart. What a difference watching the two friends play on stream. Did she wear a NASA shirt by accident or change specifically for the space game?

b42fe No.2131

What would Jenny's g-fuel flavour be, lads?

a5c3b No.2132

>she's going to get a flavor named after her

A happy Bailey is a happy stream.

What do spiders taste like?

da98e No.2133

False hope

9fd0c No.2134

actually, shes into weird sodas, so it could be anything

5d76f No.2135

I hate that I can't hit more than 6MB/seconds on Mega, it takes literally forever to upload anything. If you or anyone else want a specific stream uploaded though, just ask.

You got to give it to her, she went out and made that happen. Her love for Sonic made her highly motivated to get that mini fridge. So I hope you guys are ready to buy stupid amounts of G-Fuel!

<it won't taste like her

0b62d No.2136

Wow, what a wholesome, fun, good time that was! She never condescended to the chat and never made fun of anyone for their interests. That's the Jenny we all fell in love with, complete night and day from when her skank "sister" is there. Just proves how much of a bad influence Lindsey is on Jenny, but I look forward to when she is gone for good and jenny solo streams are the norm. Also no Todd sighting tonight.

b42fe No.2137

What would you do if Jenny was streaming and Todd wandered in through the door and said "You want something from In-N-Out, babe?"

0b62d No.2138

I mean im already as sad as can be about that, but if that happened maybe some of her subs and patrons would leave her so maybe it would be some small victory.

5d76f No.2139

She can be terribly cute, can't she? All she needs now is a solid schedule so she has something to build on.

I'd be a little shocked tbh.

f8c2a No.2140

Did she give out her gfuel link? Are her boys about to buy $5,000 worth of the stuff so they can tweet her pics showing their loyalty?

f8c2a No.2141

> She always wins. always

At this point, I think Jenny could get away with murder.

a5c3b No.2142

Bailey almost seemed to short out with the Portal 2 ending. Odd.

I think she said she was waiting for all the details to wrap up.

f8c2a No.2143

Is she getting a Jenny flavor, cause the fans will buy 2x much if the package says Jenny on it but someone said her contract was short term trial.

f8c2a No.2144

If there was any justice in this world, gfuel would have run out of sonic fridge (movie came out 7 months ago) and sends her Rise of Skywalker instead but Im sure with how specific Jenny is with her contract demands she'll get it.

b42fe No.2145

That portal game was actually pretty good. I've heard it memed forever but I've never played it. She seemed in a really good mood tonight. I'm guessing she's not lurking here atm
Yeah, that's what she said. Apparently you don't make a lot of money from it but it gives you clout with G-fuel, whatever the fuck that means.

0b62d No.2146

>clout with G-fuel
no no, I think she means it just gives her general gamer clout. The way she is taking about it, she doesn't care at all about the financial aspect of this sponsorship, she just wants to be able to have a cup she designed and her own flavor. Basically if she sells enough with her code during the first 3 months, they might offer her the chance to get a flavor.

Its that weird grey area with Jenny and Lindsey where one cant tell if they actually like something or if its ironic. Like for jenny the joke started out that she is complete trash at games and doesn't really play that much, so isn't it funny she calls herself a pro gamer and tries to get things like a gamer chair and a gfuel sponsorship? Its almost like her devotion to the bit becomes so deep that she actually craves these things, and making good on the original ridiculous premise makes her actually happy.

f8c2a No.2147

> Jenny was nice and wholesome…with her friends

What makes you think that's not fake Jenny and she's the real her with her sister of 7 and brother of 22 years.

> Todd asking Jenny what she wants from In-N-Out

Then he's a terrible boyfriend, if Jenny's letting him make creampies in her then he should know she's always up for In-N-Out and she'll have what she always has, a grilled cheese with fries.

I noticed today she streams just often enough to for her simps re-sub to her every month, she'll stream like she makes youtube videos with Sky, just often for guys to remember there's another way to give her money. Months sub payout to stream 2-3 times a month at 3-10 hours total, work smarter not harder Jenny.

f8c2a No.2148

Why does Jenny care about gamer clout, she doesn't even like gaming and clearly thinks professional gamers are a joke since she's doing twitch as an sarcastic money grab while on lockdown.

What do you mean she gets to design a cup, like the art for a Jenny gamer sippy cup?

0b62d No.2149

>Jenny gamer sippy cup
yeah thats what she was saying before. Im not clear on if she get to do that with her current contract or if that is also something she needs to sell a certain amount of before doing. She said she doesn't like the way other streamers just put their normal logo on the cup, and she already had an idea for a cool design.

>terrible boyfriend
Jenny was mentioning that for the video she is working on she would like be go to Nott's Berry Farm to record some footage, but its just the food sections that are open, so she might just send someone to film some stuff for her. Maybe she has friends that live close to there, otherwise she'll probably test how good of a bf/theme park camera man Todd is by making him go and do it for her.

b42fe No.2150

>Knotts Berry Farm
non-american here, I thought that place was all about the rides, and the food was essentially something you could sell at a jacked up price to a captive market. Is their food really good enough to be worth a day out there for that alone?

f8c2a No.2151

>making good on the original ridiculous premise makes her actually happy.

Jenny is a ironic Michael Jordan, her need to dominate and "win" shit she doesn't even care about outweighs all. Gotta be hard to be her friend in bad times, Bailey had one thing over Jenny and that was Twitch and overnight Jenny gets a better system, gaming room, 10x the fans, 50x the subs and she did it as a joke.

Corna is the only reason she started streaming again after last years failed solo attempt, though it seems like Jenny's figure it out now without needing Sky.

f8c2a No.2152

>she already had an idea for a cool design.

Spider holding 8 cups of GFuel for Jenny.

f8c2a No.2153

> bf/theme park camera man Todd is by making him go and do it for her.

If Todd tweets about going to Notts Berry Farm, that's hard confirmation he's eating Jenny's berry.

5d76f No.2154

Sega would've just made another one for her. Jenny. Can't. Lose.

>Why does Jenny care about gamer clout
Remember in an old ramble she talked about using phrases like "hella" or something and then having it become just a normal part of her speech? Same thing here; she seen her Twitch peers with sponsorships, G-Fuel shakers/flavors and then completely forgot she only pretended to want those things. They've now become real desires because she stuck with the joke for so long.

This is the real way into Jenny's heart. Get her to ironically think of you as her boyfriend/husband, then sit back and wait.

b42fe No.2155

I wonder if Bailey ever secretly prays for the day that Jenny's world comes crashing down. Like she gets publicly outed as having gonorrhea or something. It must be a constant thorn in the side to know that Jenny succeeds at everything that Bailey dreams of.

f8c2a No.2156

>Get her to ironically think of you as her boyfriend/husband, then sit back and wait.

Holy fuck that's how Todd did it.

> Hi Jenny, wouldn't it be so silly if we like dated and went to escape rooms and I put my dick in you.

5d76f No.2157

Could Jenny exist without her anti-Jenny?

b42fe No.2158

Jenny definitely needs a crew to be alpha queen of. There's a reason you never see her photographed with a woman that's prettier than her.

a5c3b No.2159

Maybe Bailey just wants to be liked without worrying about feeling as though she's unable to fulfill expectations that may be unfair.

f8c2a No.2160

And if that stream is anything to go by, Jenny runs her friend groups which is shocking since she looked like she was just happy to be there in those old college photos.

36af5 No.2161

Aww, Jenny posted clips of her playing among us, looks like she really liked it and will probably stream it again soon but very cute of her muting the part where clearly said Oh Shit.


a5c3b No.2162

File: 1601276533470-0.mp4 (9.38 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, nobody suspects the jenny.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1601276533470-1.mp4 (8.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, expert killer.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

1f632 No.2163

How long was bailey streaming when she did Jenny's car game and jenny was like idk I never watched her stream and now the opportunity to be mean to her killing and lying basically suddenly Jenny's all over it lol.
I didnt see the whole thing but bailey a cute hopping around doing her chores, was she the killer I'll have to watch that back. Felt bad when she was like oh sorry guys for having fun, back to portal like I promised you I would like she is their slave or something. She is too kind and caring for twitch.

feac6 No.2164

File: 1601320657948.jpg (432.22 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, EjBiwk2U8AAbu8g.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Bailey was in a bit of a predicament because her patrons vote for the game on Sundays. Bailey is always a bit self conscious about her lack of perks for patrons.

8902f No.2165

didnt we just make a new board? how did we get (almost) 500 posts already
she has beautiful skin

4efa0 No.2166

>a new board
Since day one there's only the two boards. and the secret one

055b1 No.2167

File: 1601338015091.jpg (262.34 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DgRkg_CVAAAZojv.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


will Jenny support boogie shooting at a man? she's afraid of this happening to her after all

36af5 No.2168

Nah, Jenny would drop his fat ass in a heartbeat, he’s one of her by extension YouTube colleagues at best.

1f632 No.2169

Oh fuck I always thought frank hassle was cringe but turns out he is utterly based. You guys know who this is right? Sam hydes new best friend. I think even his 'fans' would see the funny side if he got shot lol.

6e8b7 No.2170

Jenny thinks she's prepared to fight a man who's been tazed or maced by her, so shooting somebody wouldn't be that big of a step up.

8c0bc No.2171

first time hearing about him
it was pretty dumb to shoot at an established personality, its like shooting at triumph the insult dog; nobody is going to think you were in danger
I kind of want jenny to fire a shot at me, for some reason that seems really sexy

6e8b7 No.2172

>Jenny will never rape you at gunpoint

0bdb5 No.2173

>*nasaly gaymo voice* 'fine i have to kill him i gass'
>oh its actually jenny not sklark in the among us clips

b42fe No.2174

She should be more self conscious about her lack of cuteness

36af5 No.2175

Jenny sure was quiet today.

b42fe No.2176

sleeping off a cum hangover

6e8b7 No.2177

Todd looks like he's fucking his dog tonight, so she's probably crunching on her video.

4b709 No.2178

todd has red carpet, jenny has beige/light brown. so not the same house?

feac6 No.2179

No, that ugly green sofa is Todd's.

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