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A Bailey is fine, too.
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final cosmic tier theory-jennys cupsize

6b985 No.2721

how is this doxing
who do you suppose it is then? boyfriend after griffin? theres about 4 photos of him with jenny

d8de7 No.2722

he kinda looks like one of the guys from twlight the musical, the guy whos always lifting weights.

d8de7 No.2723

also im pretty sure Lindsey had already started transitioning when jenny started at Disneyland right?

6b985 No.2724

youre right, my memory wasnt working well

79b3c No.2725

I think she'll manage to release one by the 30th/31st, there's no way on earth she gets two done though… unless she delays/cancels her Patreon ramble. You'd think with all the freedom Patreon affords her (financially and schedule-wise) she would've gotten more creative, increased the production value of her videos and had them releasing on a regular schedule, but her output has only gotten worse on all fronts. Her job at Disneyland appears to have been the only thing that kept her focused.

Lindsay's a dirtbag you can easily dislike/hate for any number of reasons without going for low-hanging fruit like that.

ec342 No.2727

File: 1602637800825.png (136.99 KB, 598x1190, 299:595, fragile jenny.png) ImgOps iqdb

Imagine caring this much about what people think about you playing a Sonic game. really love how sites go out of their way to make screencaps annoying to do

79b3c No.2728

>ywn be able give Jenny a nice warm hug and reassure her that none of this shit matters or is even worth thinking about

2a152 No.2729

pretty sure this was one of her brony friends? there were a couple? of guys jenny and bailey met with and took on a tour of disneyland. but i don't know why she would be in her costume then.
lindsay is like a foot taller than that horse easily. kind of weird to be obsessed with lindsay this much when you could probably just dm her for a hookup. probably don't open with the 'what did you look like as a dude' stuff though.
interested in perspectives of this issue; is lindsay a net contribution or detraction for jenny content? we absolutely wouldn't have got streaming jenny but arguably her regular output has suffered.

d8de7 No.2730

its true without her we woudlnt have streams, but lindsey's also given us a shittier, meaner version of jenny. compare how chill and fun jenny was on her solo stream to the version she is when her bitch sister is around. I mean i guess if i had to choose between no jenny content or jenny/w sister id tolerate lindsey, but very much hope there is a day soon when lindsey goes back home and we have solo jenny.

speaking of which, when they were listing the pets they have, they mentioned anime lives at their parents house. but i was pretty sure anime lives with lindsey, so is that confirmation that lindsey still lives with the parents? maybe lindsey just pet sits some times or maybe anime is just staying there while lindsey is out of town.

2a152 No.2731


what do vods have to do with her not deleting a clip then posting it on her own twitter then reading replies from retards and then giving them any value whatsoever? i don't think you can blame us (4chan, not us actually, but..) for this jenny?

<a 30 year old professional internet personality pwns a 13 year old nobody
take that MEN lol.

48bd7 No.2732

Sometimes i get stressed and frustrated over every little small thing like she is doing right now, usually goes away after i masturbate.

6faed No.2733

File: 1602641627314.jpg (105.28 KB, 821x553, 821:553, bron.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>pretty sure this was one of her brony friends?
its this guy ok wow
did they date? no. shut up with fucking bringing up well logged dudes that she met in the course of her activities and giving me heart attacks that there's some one we missed out on, ok?
fuckin brand new guy needs to lurk more

d57b2 No.2734

what does it matter who she might have fucked 5 years ago when we already know who is fucking her as we speak. The reality of Todd is far more depressing then any theoretical past hook ups. But also, knowing what we know about griffin, he would never agree to do panel like this with jenny and a guy she was fucking. this is almost certainly just a random broney friend.

14b97 No.2735

Jesus, I wonder what it's like to live in a world where you want to prove to people that you're a "real gamer". The amount of hours I've pumped into Eve online, diablo, wow, total war etc fills me with shame. These hot nerd girls just inhabit a different universe to us, they will never win gamerboi's over because they just don't get it.

4ed47 No.2736

File: 1602659979200.png (556.38 KB, 1122x720, 187:120, ttrdjdytdjty.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lindsay could have a fluid living situation, 4 months with the boyfriend, 4 months with the family, an odd stay with jenny.
why is he reading with them, who is he

79b3c No.2737

File: 1602663012801.png (3.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CvsEfkspUYWRP4AMVOV3efKUjZ….png) ImgOps iqdb

I have to apologize for calling that Anon a liar, Jenny is now streaming.

6faed No.2738

i thought i was joking about "there's still 3 hours before we find out"

6faed No.2739

hint for the tranny, women don't say 'yah', 'yaaah'. they just say 'yeah', normally. you're still doing the gay man persona

79b3c No.2740

File: 1602664910411-0.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CvsEfkspUYWRP4AMVOV3efKUjZ….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602664910411-1.png (3.46 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CvsEfkspUYWRP4AMVOV3efKUjZ….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602664910411-2.png (3.51 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, CvsEfkspUYWRP4AMVOV3efKUjZ….png) ImgOps iqdb

I know what webms I'll be making after the stream ends. Mmm.

1de34 No.2741

He might be @scotty_joker on twitter.

2a152 No.2742

where is willsun please ban this guy!?

lmao at jenny banning spamming raiders and calling them idiots.
if you just want to play sonic without people spamming your chat during raids and people telling you to gitgud then you don't have to stream it jenny, you can just play it offline.

6faed No.2743

Based caps. Great size. Look thick. Tight.

79b3c No.2744

File: 1602677362896.webm (14.38 MB, 900x600, 3:2, Jenny Prower.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, Jenny looks delicious.

2c4d3 No.2745


ec342 No.2746

Jenny's body has primed her for childbirth. Why haven't you impregnated her yet?

4ed47 No.2747

File: 1602684159831.jpg (32.08 KB, 452x400, 113:100, jennybutt.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i never thought to ask if she would let me

48bd7 No.2748

File: 1602684547892.jpg (143.2 KB, 1135x683, 1135:683, nnnggghhh.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The waist-hip ratio in unreal

ec342 No.2749

File: 1602685856706.jpg (352.22 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, EkP-QsAU0AAesaN.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



f5f7d No.2750

baileys arm candy, shes made to escort around town making you look classy
Jennys a sex pillow, made for lust and release

its a different appeal. a fashion model verses a porn star, both exist at the apex of attraction, just different kinds of attraction.

48bd7 No.2751

This, but the other way around. Jenny is like the prude high school gf with the steaming hot body that she insists on denying you, what only makes you want it even more.
Bailey is like the 5 dollar whore you get because Jenny gave you blue balls and you needed to relieve yourself.

79b3c No.2752

>Why haven't you impregnated her yet?
Good question. What's the deal, Jenny… what are we waiting for?

It was great to see all those carbs she eats and drinks finding the best spots to settle.

ec342 No.2753

File: 1602690081121.mp4 (2.41 MB, 854x480, 427:240, jenny brothel.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>5 dollar whore
Rude! Bailey is just as much of a high-end lady of the night as Jenny is.

48bd7 No.2754

This is the effect hanging around Jenny has on you, you end up saying stupid shit like that in front of your fat, not-so-good-looking wife because your brain goes choo choo and your number one priority becomes "THIGHS".
Now show me footage of that happening because of Bailey.

aba71 No.2755

>It was great to see all those carbs she eats and drinks finding the best spots to settle.

yeah, I wonder if she exercises specifically to obtain that body, alot of core work to keep the waist trim as the other parts expand
thats dishonest, tons of game journos sexually harassed bailey when she ran a booth at aksys. shes like a love magnet

48bd7 No.2756

>shes like a love magnet
Yeah, same polarity as the guys.

31329 No.2757

File: 1602700676961.jpg (127.31 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_1011.JPG) ImgOps Exif iqdb

As if you wouldn't. You wouldn't even get a chance to turn her down.

Bailey is very much a different sort of attractive to Jenny, she's more traditionally attractive and it's easier to imagine her as being more "glamourous" than Jenny, as you say she's a kind of girl you want to be seen being around.

48bd7 No.2758

>As if you wouldn't. You wouldn't even get a chance to turn her down.
I know, but that's not the point.

31329 No.2759

Then what is the point? Just shitting on a girl who is attractive beyond your wildest dreams to make yourself feel better?

6faed No.2760

i like this bit bro i picture you standing in an alcove in some desert bazaar hawking to passing men 'the finest whoore', 'the most beautiful bitch' but gesturing next to you where there's just a deflated beach ball

48bd7 No.2761

I'm sorry i hurt your feelings, Bailey. Don't you have any cats to feed or something?

48bd7 No.2762

I'm sorry, i didn't mean to be this rude. I apologize to all.

ec342 No.2763

>on the internet

48bd7 No.2764

We are clearly among gentlemen on badcars4.life.

6faed No.2765

so did anything fuckin happen on the stream or what? i watched the start and she seemed in a good mood (so which is real, her butt-pumped tweets or her chilled on the stream?) and i turned it off because it was as exciting as watching an some 6 year old kids amusing themselves with ipad games

ec342 No.2766

If only Jenny and Bailey would say the same ;-;

e4d7e No.2767

naw, just Jenny being inconceivably bad at Sonic. Like on the one hand its dumb the sonic fans piled on so much over how she plays the game, but on the other hand she literally has 0 video game literacy and its maddening trying to watch her play. Also, someone raided her channel and as is twitch tradition had the raiders spam a hello message from the raiding steamer. Lindsay in all her cuntiness kept calling them stupid and Jenny even joined in on calling them dumb. A true reminder of what a god awful piece of shit Lindsay is.

2a152 No.2768

>Lindsay in all her cuntiness kept calling them stupid and Jenny even joined in on calling them dumb
lindsay is well known for hating emote spam and braindead chat but jenny complained first, it was lindsay that joined in.

e4d7e No.2769

sure but Jenny also has no idea what she is doing on twitch and doesn't understand basic twitch conventions. Lindsay's been doing it forever and should have explained that getting raid spammed like that is a sort of term-of-endearment type situation among streamers. And Lindsay mocking the other steamer for only bringing in 30 viewers, what a bitch.

9612a No.2770

poor girl, she should stick to point and click adventures. arent there some modern games she actually plays though? i recall old photos of her with beer in front of a tv with a game on

79b3c No.2771

>so did anything fuckin happen on the stream or what?
Outside of Jenny casually reminding us she's a fucking dime? No.

Why would they? Bailey gets treated like one of the boys around here (which she obviously hates) and Jenny, being the alpha she sees herself as, will never even acknowledge us (let alone stop in and say hi).

6faed No.2772

the stupidest thing is you don't have to play games on twitch but jenny is too fake to notice. she forgot that her 'let's watch' content does fine and is insisting on playing games because she's unconsciously zoned into the "gamer" brand because i expect she read some article about what type of content creators make the most money

dd3a4 No.2773

it was funny when at the end of the stream Lindsay wanted Jenny to go to bed so she could stream on her own channel and Jenny told her no because she wanted to work on her video. Its nice seeing Lindsay being reminded that she doesn't own shit and is at the whim of her sister/parents at any given time depending on who she is leeching off of at the moment. Lindsay is a true beta bitch.

9612a No.2774

jenny should play YIIK. is jack saint still fawning after her? it was his one big video, his YIIK playthrough, got like 500 times as many views as his average playthroughs

the only reason Lindsay gets 300$ a month from onlyfans is Jenny
still gets me that shes willing to vibrate a dildo up her ass in a public twitch video, but not upload anything dirty on onlyfans

dd3a4 No.2775

>dildo up her ass
a part of me wants to believe that even Lindsay isn't that depraved, and that in reality she just hooked the thing up to her foot so she could feel when it vibrates and react appropriately. But the more I see of her the more I think she actually is that vile of a person. Jenny is generally sex positive and not too off put by the dirty talk Lindsay brings to the chat (like discussing if Shadow the Hedgehog is a top) but I have to think if Lindsay really was using the dildo up her ass right on Jenny's gamer chair, that she would be pretty disgusted and pissed. It would be the absolute best if someone tweeted a clip of it happening to Jenny to see if she'd react to it. The problem is there were not any real moments that made it super obvious what was happening aside from the sex toy logo on screen, so there isn't like one moment that would really capture the grossness of what was going on.

9612a No.2776

File: 1602724774720.jpg (53.02 KB, 360x680, 9:17, lindsays dildo.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

are these toys Jenny's?

dd3a4 No.2777

lmao where is that from?

48bd7 No.2778

File: 1602725245461.gif (543.54 KB, 220x187, 20:17, what.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>I have to think if Lindsay really was using the dildo up her ass right on Jenny's gamer chair

9612a No.2779


3041a No.2780

>she literally has 0 video game literacy
Sorry, I watch for the hyper-cute reactions not for advanced gameplay strats. Watching her last night not quite get how that boss worked for Tails' campaign and watching her tool around as Big was 100x more enjoyable than watching an autistically dull Shroud stream with high-level gameplay/teamwork.

It better not be!

5171e No.2781

>are these toys Jenny's?
Jenny doesn't play Minecraft and probably doesn't know what a creeper is so im guessing no.

6faed No.2782

of course the guy that writes the first part of this post write the second part

de042 No.2783

The video isn't on twitch anymore because twitch automatically deletes VODs after two months. Unless somebody has a mirror of the whole video, it's not going to work.

14b97 No.2784

File: 1602744187192.jpg (2.01 MB, 3840x2560, 3:2, 73736353535423.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Mummy, what is wrong with that mans face?
Why is every single one of Jenny's friends fat

6faed No.2785

these are not 'every one of' her friends - nobody she went to school with is fat. these are her disney staff friends and their overweightness is a pretty well established thing. you're like asking how come the friends she made in a stint in a chinese village all have black hair

14b97 No.2786

Ok, why do disney girls seems to have every neuroses except bulimia? That's something they could really use.

930d5 No.2787

File: 1602754168797-0.png (253.67 KB, 545x722, 545:722, Sonic3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602754168797-1.png (149.84 KB, 553x364, 79:52, Sonic2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1602754168797-2.png (178.27 KB, 545x566, 545:566, Sonic1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Holy shit, my url link stopped working on my phone and I thought this entire board got deleted. Good to see you all here.

DAMN Jenny did not take Sonic fandom making fun of her well, like shit, she brought it up at least 3 different times 3 different times even though less and less people liked or RTed each time she talked about it.


Holy Fuck, Jenny got thicc. Stay at home all day and eat nothing but junk food and Jenny still wins.


Somehow I doubt Jenny has ever worked out more than going for a run or dance.

930d5 No.2788

> Also I have a gfuel sonic fridge and none of you idiots do so who is the real sonic gamer

So Jenny's gone from ironically being a gamer to actually thinking she is now?

930d5 No.2790

You know she'd say you guys are being pervs and sexualizing her even thought she was streaming at 2 am and looking like she was going to a harry potter orgy.

6faed No.2791

>thinking anything jenny does will go five minutes without being l o g g e d
right now she is on her bed but not changed into jammies yet. she is 'doom scrolling'

930d5 No.2792


Almost 3 am and Jenny is tweeting pics of her $1000 spider and a knitted pumpkin…if she wasn't so fuckable we'd all think this super sad right?

6faed No.2793

File: 1602756914334.jpg (44.65 KB, 722x331, 722:331, spy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

room setup somewhat visible

3041a No.2794

I'm glad Jenny won't see this post (assuming it doesn't wind up in a daily report) because it would only make her that much more paranoid. She already expressed worry about ordering Sonic merch online and one of her newfound haters learning her address.

400d6 No.2795

all photos depicting her house are fairly empty
where the fuck is her massive toy collection stored
lindsay must have brought her own toys from home then, that family is pretty freakin weird

0fae5 No.2796

This whole Sonic fiasco really is the dumbest shit. I really, really hope she's just being ultra ironic about everything.

79e48 No.2797

Jenny turned into Vito?
what a downgrade

bfa5a No.2798

What is that Shadowy figure in the reflection?

6faed No.2799

the big lump is just the knitted pumpkin

bfa5a No.2800

no no im seeing…i dont know, its looks human? what shadowy figure could be hanging around jenny's room???

0fae5 No.2801

Clearly it's evidence of a paranormal encounter. Jenny is being haunted by spectral beings.

bfa5a No.2802

File: 1602803499779.mp4 (3.06 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jencrop1 - Copy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

how were you able to crop that video and still have such good quality? would you be able to do that with any of these clips?

cdf81 No.2803

File: 1602803573255.mp4 (7.73 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jencrop2 - Copy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

cdf81 No.2804

File: 1602803652795.mp4 (1.07 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jencrop3 - Copy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

cdf81 No.2805

File: 1602803722238.mp4 (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jenlean2.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

0fae5 No.2806

>dem thighs
Oh lawd.

85e50 No.2807

i want to be jennys human chair

6faed No.2808

hes trying to cuck you bro suggesting there's a todd frog in jennys room. the problem is the meme cycle is too fast now. i already forgot about that guy what feels like 6 mths ago

c45c8 No.2809


Jenny has such a killer body, why does she hide it?

6faed No.2810

have you seen the way shy teen girls hunch their shoulders to hide their chest. they're startled by how their body changed and became a sexual object.. 'wh-what does that even mean?' jenny really likes attention but that's in the way a kid does momommmom looklooklookatme jump. jenny wants adoration (which is why she shouted at the guy who was too overt about it and said 'adorable' she felt exposed) but she's scared of adult men and being a little girl in an adult body is confusing and a bit traumatic and yeah

4802a No.2811

jenny's had too many tweets about guys apartments and bathrooms not being up to her standards. She is way more sexually mature then she lets on. her not showing off her body is strictly a branding thing.

6faed No.2812

File: 1602811051745.jpg (75.56 KB, 848x474, 424:237, noe.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

but.. if it was other youtubers youd hear about drama and. if it was.. someone who's not a youtuber?? ugh what

6c1ab No.2813

lucky griffin, imagine jenny making that face as she tries to give you a bj for the first time

6faed No.2814

they didn't even kiss

79b3c No.2815

Easiest way is a 4x upscale (doubling the the cropped res on both axis), changing the rate to 30fps (or 50% speed) and encoding to a 15MB target.

And good lord Jenny looks good in those clips… gimme some time stamps and air dates and I can get on those (I have all her streams downloaded).

I liked that guys explanation, but don't you think it's kinda weird that Jenny never uses her body like a normal woman would? Her response so far to any sexualizaton of her in her mainline videos (the shoulders thing for example) has been to cover up .

0fae5 No.2816

As I've been saying for years, Jenny is saving herself for marriage to a good Christian man.

b0207 No.2817

>in her mainline videos
Again I think thats a branding thing. Add to the Jenny conspiracy glacier Max's tweet to her about friends with benefits or whatever that one anon claims to have seen.

79b3c No.2818

She often talks like her faith is behind her though, or was the programming already set in before (I'm assuming) Bailey led her astray?

>Again I think thats a branding thing
She definitely takes all the shit very seriously so you're probably right, but I still think it's strange she doesn't use that scrumptious body of hers to it's full advantage.

b0207 No.2819

you dont really believe that do you? next your going to tell me you dont think she ever sucked Max's dick or is getting cream pied by Todd on the reg. Wake up people, Jenny is a freak!

0fae5 No.2820

Jenny is a good girl of upright morals, how dare you!

34a67 No.2821

max probably did trick her with some kind of "wouldn't it be so random if " thing but that just shows how chaste she is

d9fbf No.2822

he seems to do q-a on his channel, could, "did you have sex with jenny" be a question?

3041a No.2823

I thought someone already asked?

62ac7 No.2824

Does Jenny have bigger boobs and butt than Bailey?

14b97 No.2825

She looks like melted cheese stuffed into a potato sack. She probably just jams it all in there and shapes it with her clothes.

62ac7 No.2826

> hoping Jenny is being ultra ironic about everything

I don't think so, she likes attention and adoration because even in college she thought she was as funny and clever as Youtube and Twitter now tells her she is every day.

I wonder what Jenny would've done if Suicide Squad hadn't gone viral on reddit, what would 29 year old Jenny just fired from Disneyland making $500 a month off youtube think of her life and choices?


Oh damn, I'd never have believed it a year ago but Jennys got a fat ass.


>Why does Jenny hide her body

Jenny doesn't hide her body, she rarely wears anything baggy, it's always super tight or short skirt, top with straps falling off or a button up shirt that's unbuttered at the bottom and just twisted up to show off her (previously?) flat stomach.


> Jenny fucks around

I don't think she does but wouldn't be surprised.


> I have all her streams downloaded

Good man.

34a67 No.2827

i just watched a video that's not that different a genre to what jenny does, but the guy put a lot more effort and humor into the edit. i was thinking about how the hundreds of hours it must have taken and i realized - imagine how much fucking longer it would take if you were a girl. like capering and mugging for a camera is one thing but video editing, as zoomery as it is, is almost technical - i mean you can do things that are technical or you can just move the segments around and then it's more or less 'organization' which women can sometimes be ok at. but like you know what a 'workflow' is? like if someone needs to 'pull a clip' you open the source movie, locate, blah paste somewhere, blah blah etc.
I just remember this girl getting a DEGREE in graphic design, whose process for tracing delete the line and scratch it out again until it just happened to be right. i was like 'why don't you just move it with the handles'. her fuckin mouth goes on the floor because she never noticed you could pick parts of the line up and move them with the mouse. because she wasn't a guy so she hadn't spend her whole childhood trying to make halflife maps and textures and shit.
and i just wonder if jenny's process for video editing is girl-monged and part of the reason it takes so long

b71a0 No.2828

I dont have the dates or time stamps for any of those unfortunately, but how about doing it for the clip 55 minutes into the stream she did 6 days ago (not the most recent stream but the one before that) where she stands up…she actually shows some stomach in that one.

>Jenny have bigger boobs
In everything I have ever seen jenny seems to have much bigger boobs. hard to say about ass because i feel neither of them have any good butt shots out there.

>the reason it takes so long
She used to reliably put out a video every 2 weeks though. its just she doesn't have the financial incentive to work hard now that she has seen patreon will continue to grow every month regardless of her output.

34a67 No.2829

are you guys fucking schizo look at the two flat pancakes vs jenny's tsunamic honker shelf. how the fuck is this even a question

b71a0 No.2830

I think i just remembered that the clip of her in the jar jar hat is from the may the 4th stream, dont know the time stamp.

34a67 No.2831

>There's about as much caffeine in G FUEL as you would find in a large cup of coffee (140 to 150 mg per serving)
does she actually drink this at 2 am?
>wHy cAnT i SlEep

3041a No.2832

I got the sense from her rambles that Jenny likes to work in short bursts. The real reason things take so long is her insistence on shooting everything in one long rambly take and sifting through that. I'd love to watch an editing stream from her and see how quickly she can find clip of herself saying the thing she needs.

>I dont have the dates or time stamps for any of those unfortunately
No prob, I'll try and find them all when I get home.

4d662 No.2833

that was "do you still talk to jenny"
how much faster would jenny be if she didn't show her face on screen?

4d662 No.2834

meant for

631c7 No.2835

not trying to be crude but when you use one of these on your anus, i imagine it leaves a lingering shit smell, especially when removed.
do you suppose it was rinsed off in Jenny's sink? the same sink she brushes her teeth in?

4f350 No.2836

Doug Walker isn't that good, anon.

4f350 No.2837

File: 1602857977568.jpg (421.5 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, EkaW3I7U0AUTsAX.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

48bd7 No.2838

Stupid face.

5dc1d No.2839

Need a nap, Griff?

38f7b No.2840

Dude, you can’t just come out like that and admit you’ve never had any female friends. Like, we all know, but at least pretend to have had any kind of relationship with a woman you weren’t related to.

14b97 No.2841

File: 1602872435710.webm (2.9 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 3y33t39292272.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Jenny's arse is ridiculously shapely. Frankly the idea of a large arse as being attractive belongs to a certain ethnic demographic and I question your taste if you share that
Thank God I haven't eaten breakfast yet, because it would be coming straight back up after seeing that photo

14b97 No.2842

also lol at having to use a step to mount. Fake horse girl right here.

151de No.2843

ffs shes underage here take this down.

4f350 No.2844

Not nice! Bailey a cute!

What cuck of a country do you live in where that's "underaged"? She's clearly of age. Besides, her dad had no issue filming her like that. You saying something about Jenny's papa, jerk?

ae95e No.2845

It's bad for the horse's back to hoist yourself up like a cowboy everyone uses a mounting block YOU'RE a fake horse girl

79b3c No.2846

File: 1602882372803.webm (13.23 MB, 900x600, 3:2, Jenny Tummy.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You're really channeling some strong Jenny energy with this post, Anon.

b92c8 No.2847

my man thanks

79b3c No.2848

File: 1602884254974.webm (12.08 MB, 564x720, 47:60, Jenny Gives Us a Peek!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

4f350 No.2849


4802a No.2850

File: 1602885053034.mp4 (5.67 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, shakeshake - Copy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

amazing. wish i had a date/time stamp for this one

79b3c No.2851

File: 1602886634184.webm (14.56 MB, 532x548, 133:137, Jenny Shake Shake Shake.webm) ImgOps iqdb

11336 No.2852

you legend!

4d662 No.2853

> Frankly the idea of a large arse as being attractive
jenny got mad thicc donkadonk butt
so close to showing cleavage

92331 No.2854

How often do you guys think Jenny drinks? I had the feeling that she's generally a social drinker, but since Lindsay has been visiting I think it might be daily. Wonder if she's joining in getting high with her sister every day as well. Could contribute to how lazy she's become.

79b3c No.2855

Jenny's definitely the modern female version of an alcoholic. She's probably buzzed ~75% of the time she's awake in any given week.

14b97 No.2856

I dunno let's ask her
How often do you drink jenny?

79b3c No.2857

As I was rewatching this tonight I came to the conclusion that even if she wanted to, she wouldn't be able to replicate the charm and innocence in this video as her character (the person she is when she's "on") is far too cynical and mean-spirited now. It wouldn't just be another cute show and tell about silly costumes, she'd probably add some sort of undercurrent of "men bad" to it (because this is the reason she won't make another one currently) or pick costumes to take some jabs at one of the many Twitter enemies (think JK Rowling) she and her ilk can't seem to ignore these days instead of grabbing legit bargain bin costumes.

34a67 No.2858

yep and in the end, getting her cancelled, lose all patrons, etc, wouldn't even help because it wouldn't turn back her age. she's a bitter wine aunt now

34a67 No.2859

oh wait you distinguish between her character and her yeah good point - is she just unawaredly caught up in twitter's 'discourse'? where everyone that starts posting there falls immediately into that strident and smug posture
it was pretty weird when she put a black title card weeping about 'i've had a hard few weeks on twitter' like it was something from fucking real life
if she got blocked from twitter would she turn back cute?

79b3c No.2860

>she's a bitter wine aunt now
I don't think she'll hit that low until she's no longer a public figure. When there's no attention, no money pouring in, no man, no kids, then she'll start taking after Ellis much more. For now she's a Wine Aunt in training, working on the daily drinking aspect of the profession.

>if she got blocked from twitter would she turn back cute?
You can often see the cuter, kinder Jenny during her Twitch streams. Twitter on the other hand is all about the one-liners; gotta get that zinger in there for the likes while acting like some paragon of virtue. It just brings out the absolute worst in people.

9c588 No.2861

alot, alcohol consumption is something shes never hid, and she seems to do alot of it around friends
i forgot how cute her videos used to be
is there anything WE can do to save her?

ec342 No.2863

File: 1602950261954.jpg (256.93 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, Ekfce3kUcAETzX-.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>good morning, anon

14b97 No.2864

>she's a Wine Aunt in training
very perceptive, well said

ec342 No.2865

It's called a cat.

34a67 No.2866

>good morning mommy. i love you!
she will never hear this. oof

2a152 No.2867

It's called a woman anon, dont be scared they are pretty comfy.

3041a No.2868

>is there anything WE can do to save her?
Nope. What Jenny needs is a job. When she worked at Disneyland she was creative and energetic, now it takes her at least 60 days to create a single video. The girl needs focus.

(((White))) pussy.

9c91d No.2869

I do love Bailey, and this is an awful thirst trap to post. Having said that I don't like that gray Hey Arnold tank top she wore. I find infantilising clothes an instant boner killer.

14b97 No.2871

I might have a wank to a Bailey selfie, just for something different. Do I have the stomach for such an ordeal? I feel like it will be character building.

34a67 No.2872

..can we keep things professional around here please

786a6 No.2873

Wow your life sounds so challenging

72f94 No.2874

I agree with this. Come on guys, we can be better.

So anyways, Lindsay's been streaming all day today, she must be home alone. Imagine how bad Jenny's pussy must smell right now after she's been railed by Todd all day.

3041a No.2875

Yeah, some of us are at work. My boss (me) only tolerates coomer-talk about Jenny.

$10 she's downstairs (not on Todd's dick) trying to marathon an episode of that show she's trying to make a video of.

eed8c No.2876

good morning sweetheart

>$10 she's downstairs (not on Todd's dick) trying to marathon an episode of that show she's trying to make a video of.

she owns a pool right? how much of her spare time is spent swimming. wait, can jenny swim?

72f94 No.2877

she cant swim and doesn't like going in pools. She posted a picture of her and Kat hanging out at a pool when they first moved in but i had the sense it was like a community pool in their condo complex.

3041a No.2878

File: 1602979304753.jpg (703.99 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D8bDGSsU8AACdEw-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I would love to teach Jenny how to swim… mostly just to see what kind of swimsuit she chooses. Cute one-piece, a sexy string bikini or birthday suit?

14b97 No.2879

>trying to marathon an episode of that show
What is going on with this woman and her complete lack of attention span when it comes to television series. She's fine reading tens of thousands of pages and of garbage fan fiction, but The Haunting of Bly Manor she can't do? Do we have any solid theories here?
>she cant swim
Really? She's such a strange little girl.

72f94 No.2880

>cant swim
well those are her words…i think she can swim but badly. when she went on the youtuber trip to dinseyworld she went to the pool with Lindsay Ellis and Lindsay's co-writer and Jenny cut her leg on the slide. She so can be peer pressured into it but its not her favorite activity.

34a67 No.2881

if something about water scares her that would explain her grooming. it adds up

14b97 No.2882

File: 1602980875278.jpg (74.36 KB, 744x537, 248:179, 93873635354343.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

> She so can be peer pressured into it but its not her favorite activity
This sentence could be applied to her relationship with Todd. On another note, Bailey confirmed for being too poor for Netflix. Not yet confirmed, bailey's dad is aware of us and regularly browses the site.

786a6 No.2883

A lot of people share Netflix accounts. We don’t have to be fucking stupid about everything here

3041a No.2884

Was thinking the same thing. I bet she gets panicky with her head underwater or there's too much stimulation or something.

ec342 No.2886

File: 1602981404560.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1921, 1080:1921, 1602972763230.png) ImgOps iqdb

72f94 No.2887

aww sounds like Todd took Jenny on a little shopping trip. Wonder if he holds her purse for her while she tries out all the interactable Halloween displays.

8e548 No.2888

i "use" my parents account too, like once a year. who watches netflix enough to subscribe to it
poor girl, she needs to learn to swim, what if she slips by the poolside, falls in the water and cant get out

3041a No.2889

>making Jenny drag a table all by herself
Gee, great choice in men, Jenny… do you undo his belt when he sits down to pee?

>what if she slips by the poolside, falls in the water and cant get out
Todd's terrified high-pitched screams should draw enough attention.

72f94 No.2890

Wait Lindsay just said on stream that Jenny is just waking up and they are going to get food? Maybe the table buying thing happened yesterday? Jenny still pure???

14b97 No.2891

who the hell uses any streaming service in the age of digital piracy

34a67 No.2892

i know there's posters here who never met a woman but surely you at least read about them. they don't pirate as much that's why all the shows and movies are for them now

34a67 No.2893

what should i be noticing here

ec342 No.2894

a funny meme

3041a No.2895

That the only thing of note so far on her stream?

>Fubo TV ($70.98/mo.)
>Disney+ ($75.15/yr.)
>HBO Max ($11.99/mo.)
I do. I spend too much time out of the house not to.

04bb5 No.2896

does jenny know what horsegirl means? she usually hates it when the jokes on her
watch youtube dude

72f94 No.2897

ive only watched like the last hour or so but yeah its mostly just her being a huge piece of shit like always. really suffering a lot having to watch this for any jenny tidbits, hope you all appreciate my sacrifice here.

ec342 No.2898

>what horsegirl means?
A girl who's into horses. Get your mind out of the gutter, sir.

34a67 No.2899

i dunno what you guys think it means but i don't think anyone cares if it means something gross to darkweb denizens since to normal people it means a girl that was into horses and is a really commonly used so … like Jenny is sometimes abreast of surprisingly disgusting internet shit like pony jar but her nobody in her audience is going to be

14b97 No.2900

>Fubo TV ($70.98/mo.)
Did I read that right? Seventy dollars a month for a streaming service? Do the actors perform the show in your living room?

3041a No.2901

>hope you all appreciate my sacrifice here
Thank you for your service!

It's live TV (like cable) and now that there's been more broadcasts in 4K this year, I don't mind the recent price hike (much).

72f94 No.2902

stream over. she mentioned she isnt going to be streaming for about 6 days, but didnt say why.

3041a No.2903

Hmm, crunch time for Jenny or are they traveling?

4890e No.2904

could be either of those or lindsay might be house sitting for her boyfriends parents, which she does often, including at least once since quarantine started. maybe jenny will be home alone and we'll get some more wholesome fun Jenny solo streams.

62fdf No.2905

i mean it usually implies a Tina Belcher type person, the female equivalent of a neckbeard.

3041a No.2906

> we'll get some more wholesome fun Jenny solo streams
That'd be fantastic… but when do we get what we want?

48bd7 No.2907

I dont get it

3041a No.2908

What don't you get?

4890e No.2909

Jenny just followed a musician on twitter that makes music for hbomberguy and contrapoints…is ourgirl commissioning a theme song?

53edb No.2910

File: 1603010296812.jpg (56.97 KB, 675x406, 675:406, ayo.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

its getting worse even. her diction is changing, i can't read these tweets in anything but the voice of a black man
>happy fo u mang

9c91d No.2911

Do you ever think that maybe it's a you problem not a Jenny problem.

Maybe you've just got some kind of complex or something.

2a152 No.2912

>nobody in her audience is going to be

62fdf No.2913

thats weird, yeah she talks like LowTierGod
travel i assume. i refuse to believe jennys business relies 100% on rendering, editing, and an internet connection, yet she would own only one functioning computer.

01df3 No.2914

what if jenny hires people to tweet for her
normal famous people do, some other big youtubers do, its not too far out there.

9c91d No.2915

I can't see it, she's too protective of "her voice". I think she'd pay someone to edit her videos before she paid someone to write her tweets and she's never gonna pay someone to edit her videos.

79b3c No.2916

>Fund Freyja
I need to start a fundraiser to "transition" from single to a guy with a Jenny gf. Sure, I'm not mutilating myself, but a girlfriend is still very detrimental to my overall mental health. Jenny should be down to give me some exposure there, right?

eb278 No.2917


Yeah, Jenny does seem have have changed, I don't know if it's the money and fans that have changed her or if she's showing more and more of her real self instead of the "cute, awkward nerdy girl" persona.

14b97 No.2918

Jenny's never been anything but an opinionated little miss with a healthy dose of sperg. She's just getting older, getting tired of playing the game. Her playfulness is fading with her looks.

eb278 No.2919

File: 1603048458936.png (324.23 KB, 548x477, 548:477, JennyStrong.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


> Jenny tweeting "lmao"

Ok, so she's become what she used to mock but she got over 6,000 retweets off this even though the guy whos tweet she quoted only got 1k RTs.

> Jenny traveling

Yeah, about time for Jenny to travel during the 3rd wave while attacking others for not taking corona seriously. Then crying to Patrons about people throwing her words and actions back at her, she's such a fucking hypocrite.

eb278 No.2920

File: 1603048538296.png (18.33 KB, 554x138, 277:69, Jenny Lost!.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Wait…Jenny flew to New York with Ellis for a weekend to see a bunch of Broadway shows and one didn't go perfect?!

81b29 No.2921

Alright boys, time to cancel culture Broadway.

53edb No.2922

wait a minute was she ever cute and sweet? all her interactions with people have been like
>mHm ok DUDE
>oh for sure man *smug smile*
like her character was supposed to be that for Falcon but then when she was out of character like for Steelewars bar discussion she was just as rude
where did i even get the idea she isn't a big c u n t irl

81b29 No.2923

Calm down, Griff.

59e8f No.2924

yeah you're right. its just so weird.
if i was the type to get unreasonably angry at things women say, this would do it
she was right wholesome on her pony forums/deviantart. I think since then she slowly dropped in quality, losing her old self in pieces.
fame does that to some people

3041a No.2925

File: 1603059591943.png (1.95 MB, 1917x1080, 71:40, Screenshot_20201018-171147….png) ImgOps iqdb

Just noticed Bailey has a picture of Jenny's man on her wall.

30c7f No.2926

>newest friend spyman
a little on the nose anon

48bd7 No.2927

Why do i come here?

3041a No.2928

Man, I bailed on the stream pretty early. Her sister is every bit as bad as Jenny's sister. Wholly unlikable personality.

Naturally I would assume it's because you like Jenny, but the mood around here has been pretty melancholy lately. I think the idea of her having sex with Todd (which is gross btw) coupled with her not putting out a video in months has got everyone down.

53edb No.2929

yeah that's not what you call it ok? if he did something to her… someone like jenny cannot consent. so its not 'sex'. and just because she has bigtime 'noncon' fantasies, fantasy is strictly where that belongs

14b97 No.2930

I'm just looking forward to the break up and the inevitable accusations of abuse

14b97 No.2931

Is this Faith chick on voice comms her sister? She sounds like she's on heroin.

49cdf No.2932

She’s a lesbian so she’s trying to sound masculine like Jenny’s trans sister tries to sound feminine.

I’m not mad Jenny’s fucking Todd, if anything its funny a solid 7 (outside of LA, Miami and NYC) who’s making 15k+ a month for nothing is hooking up with her friends sloppy seconds and the guys way less attractive, successful and isn’t even interested in the same retarded stuff Jenny likes.

I personally just hate what a giant spoiled, egotistical and thin skinned brat Jenny turned out being.

And for people who think streaming Jenny is the real Jenny, a few days ago she tweeted how careful she is about what she says on streams so people don’t edit it and show it out of context.

All Jenny we see is fake Jenny.

53edb No.2933

>turned out
yes not turned into. bullying that old lady was
10 years ago, that's some of the oldest footage of her not in a character - though one guy here has his sources for those webms of her busting out her very springy body on a bouncy castle and in some dressup - if that dude ever shared those we would probably be able to see, with the new light, that she was bullying in those too

14b97 No.2934

Does anyone here have the old lady footage, and could they post it please?

53edb No.2935

8196c No.2936

Griffin was such a chad no wonder jenny couldn't resist him.

14b97 No.2937

File: 1603083353514.png (683.26 KB, 710x960, 71:96, 1595811434634.png) ImgOps iqdb

thank you

14b97 No.2938

>bullying an old lady
jesus christ lads, Jenny was nothing but pleasant with her. Come on now, how could anyone pull bullying out of that.

a79b8 No.2939

File: 1603083899184.jpg (96.16 KB, 960x540, 16:9, truther.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The truth is out there

48bd7 No.2940

She was clearly very condescending and mean. She didnt say anything to the old lady but you can see how much disdain she had for her after she started talking to her friend.

48bd7 No.2941

I see this is one of the pics from the time before she learned the makeup tricks the other anon was talking about in the other thread

a79b8 No.2942

i agree, griff was being a sarcastic dick but jenny was polite enough here, old lady was pretty dense to not pick up the social cues that a bunch of teenagers didnt want to hear her drone on about native americans or whatever. And I swear there was more footage of this i've seen where the old lady first approaches them and unsolicited started giving them acting advice. I guess the actual act of including her in the blooper footage just to make people laugh at her was bullying, but im pretty sure griff edited all these things, i think they originally came from his tumblr.

53edb No.2943

>inappropriate dress style
lol this is just like what the big-headphones wearing full autistic girl was wearing who bo stank out the aisle at my grocery. a jarring mix of a child's clothes and too-adult

>the truth is out there

what did he mean by this

14b97 No.2944

>the truth is out there
add it to the jennyberg

0d5a8 No.2945

I think that’s the thing with this place, we’re all so desperate for something to talk about that people get really melodramatic and overreact to everything.

A lot of the time the people here come across like a bunch of old women clutching their purses and bemoaning the youth of today.

f988f No.2946

File: 1603092371577.gif (9.61 MB, 640x480, 4:3, lapdance - Copy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>in some dressup
I think you mean performing a lap dance for her college Asian bf.

14b97 No.2947

honestly, there is nothing in that video that says bullying. They were all very polite. Yeah, Griffin made a few mildly snarky little bitch comments, but that was it. And let's not forget they were all very young here, at peak hoodlum years so to speak. I'm all for Jenny bashing when she does something wrong, but this is just ridiculous.

0d5a8 No.2948

It’s one of the things that really bugs me about this place. Considering we’re a site for and by stalkers, the sole point of which is to share photos and salacious gossip, a lot of people here really come at it from a point of absolute moral high ground looking to condemn Jenny for any perceived sins and vices.

The lack of self awareness of what we are is shocking.

53edb No.2949

this gif made me regret being a neet shutin volcel for the first time in like a decade.

14b97 No.2950

that gif made me regret my entire existence

53edb No.2951

literally 'no u'. cos it's not moralist grandstanding it's just trying to drum up hate for her since that's what you do in the schoolyard regarding someone that you *want* which is different to someone you like. If you actually liked (cared for) someone you wouldn't do that and wouldn't stalk them because you'd care that they don't want that

53edb No.2952

i read this post as the source vid of >>2946
is out there so i started scouring youtube of vids pertaining to her college but then i realized - gif. it's a fuckign gif so it's from tumblr, her old tumblr, which only you have i.e. not out there !

79b3c No.2953

Jenny's proportions are weirding me out here. She looks so petite and she's up on toes but still looks shorter than her 5'6" claim.

I've literally stared at her in this picture for five minutes and I'm still lost.

>Jenny's "moves"

53edb No.2955

>posts pic with filename 'truther'
>in it is some weird little child-sized person with a middle-aged woman's face who looks like a standin? body-double? for jenny…

03dd6 No.2956

I still think it’s possible to drum up hate for someone without coming across as an absolute Puritan.

I get the playground bullying stuff because as you’d expect we’re all emotionally undeveloped and incapable of forming human relationships, but it’s just the angle of attack that irks me.

03dd6 No.2957

Aren’t volcels just incels in denial?

2a152 No.2958

>approached by an elderly lady
>criticised jennys acting
>we decided to film her
read between the lines anon
they filmed this for exactly the same reason they filmed the old guy retarded guy who was excited to talk to the youth about star wars; so they could laugh at them later.

also its just a meme guys because of what griffin said about them bullying people

2a152 No.2959

what a great question but no absolutely not
sweating profusely

312e4 No.2960

suggesting shes been blacked?
its her fault im here
i have to agree, jenny has a little imp in her who makes her do bad things.

08ac3 No.2961

I think you mean ducked.

08ac3 No.2962

File: 1603113318279-0.png (12.41 KB, 598x91, 46:7, be nice to bailey.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1603113318279-1.png (426.76 KB, 598x408, 299:204, lularoe sluts btfo.png) ImgOps iqdb

BE NICE. Also, what did Jenny mean by this?

c7d2e No.2963

oh was that the joke?
is that the old room mate? perry the platypus dude?

79b3c No.2964

Will Bailey be nice to me?

49cdf No.2965

Damn, look at those short shorts, like pants Jenny doesn’t wear shorts either anymore.

49cdf No.2967


I stand by my comments here >>2932

Jenny’s made over $30,000 since her last YouTube video.

c7d2e No.2968

i think this illustrates what she meant by "skirts are more comfortable" imagine having a monster pair of neck-breaking python thighs. shorts would probably cut her circulation off. no wonder.

2a152 No.2969

I'm unfamiliar with ladies fashion of course bu lularoe is cheap mail order trendy facsimile knock offs for old and fat people? They all look fat on the website but ,maybe that's a normal size in usa? In my country people as fat as the website couldn't buy clothes in a brick and mortar store.

08ac3 No.2970

>cheap mail order trendy facsimile knock offs for old and fat people?
Pretty much. Also something akin to a pyramid scheme from what I've heard.
>maybe that's a normal size in usa?
Freedom has no limits you god damn commie.

de9e9 No.2971

File: 1603131026897.jpg (115.99 KB, 578x492, 289:246, robes.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

didnt jenny try to rile up support against Disneys child protection rules in a similar
manner? isnt that just as petty?

08ac3 No.2972

File: 1603132258618.png (68.45 KB, 808x1170, 404:585, new poll.png) ImgOps iqdb

6a5b1 No.2973

File: 1603134721411.jpg (317.15 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Ektp26yVcAAL0sv.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Alright guys I'm gonna go there. I'm starting to think that Bailey has lost too much weight.

There's barely anything left of her.

08ac3 No.2974

You look great, Bailey. Love your legs.

53edb No.2975

man her subjects are really exhausted. time to think of a new patreon reward. maybe jenny play's wii dance game

c163f No.2976

baileys beautiful, I want her to kiss my forehead while Jenny tries to break my neck between her thighs.

2a152 No.2977

>jenny sings a song of her choice
i listen to her singing good little witch at least two or three times a week. but also its a great song on its own merit.
what are the numbers here, how many sock puppet accounts do i have to make to 1) get a new song 2) troll all the other patreons with a 3 minute video.
there used to be something about you could make a patreon, download all the porn or whatever and then close your account for a refund wasn't there? is it possible to stack the vote just before it closes then bail for a refund?

39ec4 No.2978

Fuck, didn't notice the numbers were cut out. Welp, looking at it now, there's 357 votes for the most boring subject and only 66 votes for her to sing.

2a152 No.2979

i'm on board with halloween if she shows us some of her clever, funny and cute outfits costumes.

6a5b1 No.2980

Yeah anything that could involve her including old photos really.

Link to Jenny singing good little witch?

b4422 No.2981

These are starting to look pathetic.

> Here’s $25, what’s your favorite Halloween memories?

So I pulled up Jenny’s account on Twitch Tracker, he’s the 4,300 highest ranked twitch account in the world and has streamed 25 times in 2020. The girl shits gold.

39ec4 No.2982

I dunno, can she top the last time? Maybe a nice little Snow White or maid costume.

It's a good thing we're a highbrow place or else I'd expect a fecal joke to go along with that.

2a152 No.2983

>Link to Jenny singing good little witch?
oh absolutely
will link you (eventually) to the video:

79b3c No.2984

File: 1603153153949.png (4.87 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 20201019_184705.png) ImgOps iqdb

Man, these Gfuel tubs are fucking tiny… I was expecting those Kool-Aid sized ones at a minimum. Can't wait to try some later.
Now that I have my own sippy-cup I also have a new sense of Jenny's scale; she's also fucking tiny!

The "Mean Tweets" one would've been great considering her current troubles on the platform (I'd love for Jenny to point what she thinks is mean) and the "Memorable Halloweens of Years Past" would've been better if it was just her getting ready for the current Halloween (shopping/setting up decorations, etc) instead of just reminiscing.

>4,300 highest ranked twitch account in the world and has streamed 25 times in 2020
"Ironic" OF account when!?

4acb1 No.2985

Would be cool if Jenny ever made another video but hey editing a movie trailer to get a couple hundred likes on twitter is way more pressing of an issue. Who cares if it’s been 2.5 months since a video came out.

b4422 No.2986

Remember when Jenny made that YouTube apology/Game Of Theones video in like 36 hours?

b4422 No.2987

Jenny added to her twitter profile, “sonic fans don’t interact”…so is the profile serious or sarcastic cause she also says she’s a video maker and pro gamer.

bfe5b No.2988

>Man, these Gfuel tubs are fucking tiny
i assume its for kids

this is going to sound random, but sometimes I wonder why Jenny buys consumer shit when she can afford something more substantial, like instead of 3000 dollars in bb8 toys she might be able to buy a "bb8 headcap that was used in scene 4 of the film"
or instead of 5000 a year going to disneyland she could buy 3 old genuine Disneyland props for 5000

and I'm thinking about it now because I just realized thats what RLM does, every so often in their show they'll pull out a genuine prop from gremlins or star trek or whatever and it just seems so much more adult to have a room of props in glass displays, instead of a room of 5000 children's toys.
and I think this means something, but I cant figure out what. it means something that she chooses to spend her money on thousands of small little things.

4acb1 No.2989

Why did Todd delete his tweet about frozen did Jenny say something or maybe he just got scared of posting a take she would disagree with.

79b3c No.2990

What'd it say?

4acb1 No.2991

Can’t remember exactly something dumb about a fart joke in the movie like she couldn’t tell if she had gas or was feeling an emotion. Don’t remember his take exactly just that it was there and then deleted

53edb No.2992

File: 1603168590981.jpg (99.5 KB, 608x622, 304:311, hahafat.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

haha middle-aged adorablecel male btfo
its cool its whatever
just not when you do it haha

79b3c No.2993

Well, as long as it wasn't about Jenny farting during the movie it's probably safe to ignore.

>Jenny's perfectly fine if a girl uses the word adorable to describe her
Why so sexist, Jenny? That's not very progressive of you.

2a152 No.2994

>"bb8 headcap that was used in scene 4 of the film"
how would she cuddle it?

b4422 No.2995

> lest I forget that the one time I tried taking mucinex it made me vom everywhere

I’ve noticed Jenny often shortens words unnecessarily, is this to sound young even though she’s almost 30? I’ve never heard anyone saw vom before.

53edb No.2996

ok now i see how annoying some of my posts about her diction might be

4acb1 No.2997

Max said he is making a youtube video about YouTube film critics. Wonder if he will mention Jenny, or if the whole thing will be a veiled insult directed at her.

14b97 No.2998

Well, that's bulimia for you. I imagine all the vanilla scented candles in the world couldn't mask the lingering smell of vomit at Baileys house. All that sticking her fingers down her mouth can't be helping those old lady lines around her mouth.

de25c No.2999

We get it, Griffin.

2a152 No.3000

why didn't you watch bailey playing rct?

53edb No.3001

what's the point of going to work and even founding some empire if you won't ever, no matter if you've got a million or a billion dollars, have the power to take jenny for your personal dancing girl? like what kind of society is this where you could be the president and personally own a militia but .. if you requested jenny to play the wii dancing game in your palace and she said nah.. you just have to accept that?

53edb No.3002

you know because of laws and shit

b1ee2 No.3003

i tried to google it as google caches tweets automatically
I couldn't find it, instead I found like 1000 other fart shit tweets from him. this dude has a fetish

9c588 No.3004

File: 1603192550872.jpg (213.45 KB, 605x1448, 605:1448, jenstillhated.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

it seems that the most recent/popular tweets abut jenny are still controvertial
when, if ever, will she live it down

79b3c No.3005

Have you tried asking Jenny if she wants to dance for you at least once before giving up? Girls like to dance.

Someday Jenny will stop hating black people… someday.

16469 No.3006

File: 1603202994346.mp4 (805.86 KB, 358x640, 179:320, cute couple.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

It's like totes ironic and cutesy and stuff, like omg.

inb4 Max makes a Jenny video with Griff as a guest.

>you will never dance with jenny like in vid

9c588 No.3007

>inb4 Max makes a Jenny video with Griff as a guest.

and they both compare "ratings"

his father john landis actually released a popular book recently

b4422 No.3008

You guys ever vom so hard shit comes out?

16469 No.3009

File: 1603218228828.jpg (6.01 KB, 250x224, 125:112, 1600732652048.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

6a5b1 No.3010

Twitter is a cesspool. Just look at that guy at the bottom. It's like people are just incapable of understanding that not all tweets are targeting specifically at him.

Social media really does infect a certain amount of megalomania in some ultimately insignificant people. That bottom person has 174 followers. I've got around that number and I haven't tweeted in years.

53edb No.3011

File: 1603224881616.jpg (57.41 KB, 678x332, 339:166, fuc.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>eating hot meal at 5 am
when you live like this you're fucked up. but you don't believe it. because you try to fix it without fixing the cause and it feels worse so you think you're just a 'night owl' lol.
I could be wrong but I think jenny spends the daylight stressing too hard about her obligations and being frozen by spaz. At night "welp, oh well, too late for anything to get done today" means things loosen up enough for her to actually work.
People calling attention to her being up at 4 enrages her because it threatens her perception of night as a time with nobody actively waiting on her

2a152 No.3012

business idea: start a restraunt in LA with cashback on the menu as a driver tip.
who's in?

9c588 No.3013

>threatens her perception of night as a time with nobody actively waiting on her
thats insightful anon, very good.

you might have coronavirus

16469 No.3014

>living in la
>starting a business in la
I'd rather not die/lose all my money, thanks.

f988f No.3015

I like your line of thinking but this isn't from tumblr, its a video that was later made into a gif, and that video is still out there right now. Though google wont help you. Follow your bill!

53edb No.3016

File: 1603238237766.jpg (57.24 KB, 611x336, 611:336, uwuw.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>uwu im just a widdw giwl scawe of the big noise

53edb No.3017

i guess getting a job will have to wait

2a152 No.3018

Who the fuck is testing a fire alarm for ten minutes? Even a pair of cheap ear defenders are invaluable just to have handy, I get that, alarms in the city when you are trying to sleep are intolerable

53edb No.3019

i mean i'm not 'her audience' but wouldn't this piss woke people off? like i'm so rich i buy some $400 thing because of something that annoys me for 10 minutes a month?

b4422 No.3020

Jenny doesn’t have a job, she has 6,000 thirsty guys who pay her and tell her she doesn’t have to make videos if she doesn’t want to.

In fact, I’d wager any one of you if she announced she was no longer doing rambles, she’d end still 2020 with at least 5,000 donors.

Seriously think about it, even Instagram thots have to pick out outfits, makeup, pose for photos several times a week. Jenny makes bi-monthly videos and 1 am biweekly streams and expects to be respected and praised.

I used to think Jenny could easily transition to a marketing job if she dropped off on YouTube but I really doubt she could do anything else that’ll ever be as lucrative and easy as what she does now.

e4d36 No.3021

>sounds like she's on heroin.
she's the one that alleges she got high with jenny so it wouldn't surprise me if she's a dirty junkie.

f8e50 No.3022

If it makes you feel any better, Youtube's only going to be around for so much longer. Streaming, internet, it can't go on forever. She's going to come to terms one way or another.

53edb No.3023

this is what i think and then i remember lindstay ellis

b4422 No.3024


Dont tease him, if you want the video I think I have it somewhere.

Autism confirmed…I’m not even kidding

b4422 No.3025

Nah, Patreon makes her way more money than YouTube and those guys are in it for the long haul.

f8e50 No.3026

What I'm saying is that the internet is not eternal and neither are these sites which people profit off of. I very heavily doubt that these things are going to be around in like twenty years. Society can not be maintained as it is, and that includes all these easy pass services.

53edb No.3027

is this what they call the 'cope'? what do you think is going to happen? oh no she lost her income (which she wont) she has to just live in the house she bought and off the interest of her investments. rekkt!

53edb No.3028

>Autism confirmed
that's what she wants you to think. you can't take anything in such a 'weird flex' tweet at face value. she is guilt-ridden because of her various neuroses and dissonances so she can't sleep. you see how you like annoying sounds when you sleep for half your usual time

b7100 No.3029

>Dont tease him
Just having fun with these new jennyfags. Honestly that source is not hard to find, and I'm surprised anyone that comes here hasn't found it through just casual digging around. I miss the old old place where everyone was a master investigator and lots of different anons would contribute rare jennys. now these new people just want to get the benefits of our years of "research" without trying to find anything fresh themselves. Its good to make them go through the process of finding this stuff on their own so they can figure how its done. Plus its fun to be the riddler, and when anon finds it he will feel accomplished for finding that treasure trove of rare jennys.

79b3c No.3030

"Night Owl" is just a fancy name for "Loser with no Obligations" (but also meth-heads and drunks these days) so you're pretty close here.

Not everyone has Facebook accounts though (where her dorm dancing videos and some older pics were found).

f26ca No.3031


LOL so it looks like Kat was one of, if not the leader of the moderators for AOC's twitch stream tonight, and Nathan has a story up immediately that talks about how AOC put together an expert moderation team, never disclosing that his girlfriend is one of the mods. Did you learn nothing for the Zoe Quinn shit Nathan? Imagine if this set off gamergate 2.0 involving Kat and AOC. Jenny would never shut up defending them.

b4422 No.3033

Kat just working her way up more successful woman like a slutty assistant at a corporate office.

All her “research” is completely tainted by her personal conflicts of being friends(Contrapoints), employees(Ellis) and fucking roommate (Jenny) with the “victims” of online harassment studies.

> Master Investigator

I used to call myself that on the 8chan page too! Good times, I’m surprised the source of those pics and video hasn’t blocked or removed them by now even though Bailey knows about us.

f8e50 No.3034

lol what are you on about? I'm making an observation based on society collapsing. Sounds to me like you hope to be miserable off of her good luck. That's kinda weird, bro.

14b97 No.3035

>What I'm saying is that the internet is not eternal
Ok, so nothing is permanent in this life, I think we can all agree on that. But what catastrophe is going to take down the internet, and what will replace it if anything? Sounds like you have insider knowledge.

f8e50 No.3036

>insider knowledge.
All I know is that shit is bad and there are no indications of anything getting better. I earnestly believe that within the next few decades, things are going to fall apart worse than they already are.

53edb No.3037

File: 1603263570494.jpg (12.62 KB, 200x150, 4:3, lode.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

wweww thank you based hint-anons.
yes it is rewarding to find through effort.
hey, i do my independent investigation. unfortunately resulting in…that the thing on the bottom of the jennyberg

f8e50 No.3038

File: 1603263898811.mp4 (15.98 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Just Dance - The Charlesto….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

f8e50 No.3039

File: 1603263932660.mp4 (11.93 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Just Dance - Wake Me Up Be….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

f8e50 No.3040

File: 1603264027352.mp4 (12.53 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Just Dance - Ika Ika!.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>these are too large to post together
sorry if this counts as spam

f8e50 No.3041

File: 1603264068262.mp4 (15.66 MB, 384x288, 4:3, Just Dance - Hot Stuff.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

14b97 No.3042

Griffin and Jenny really were King and Queen of the drama spergs weren't they?

f8e50 No.3043

File: 1603264139812.mp4 (10.96 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Just Dance - Firework.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>last one
>flood detected

53edb No.3044

>hope to be miserable off of her good luck
no? i don't resent her success. it doesn't affect me. i want her to fail because the idea of her struggling emotionally is like 'when the show gets interesting' but i'm not going to stomp around my room when it doesn't happen.
this IS cope though. it's the sour-grapes psychological defence for people who haven't figured out how to succeed in current society. "y-yeah but if… no, when the shit hits the fan, the successful people? fucked. they're deluded that they can get by with marketable skills and assets. i'm optimizing for actual future *reality*: piss bottles".

f8e50 No.3045

Whatever you say, mr. projector.

8f057 No.3046

good to know theyre still a thing
is she still the same woman? would she still be so happy just to dance?

110cb No.3047

>would she still be so happy just to dance?
Gotta get her alone.

b7100 No.3048

I couldn't hear any male voices in the video jenny posted of her doing that drive though Halloween thing, and Todd also made a post making it seem like he worked all night on his new video. Maybe jenny is already done with him. do we have any evidence of them being together since the 3 dates in a row? Someone said Todd made a reference in one of his podcast about watching rocky horror with a date, but i dont think we have any definitive proof they have seen each other since then. then again maybe bailey just tipped them off and now they are keeping it on the dl.

53b52 No.3049

>maybe bailey just tipped them off and now they are keeping it on the dl.
jenny's little patreon video breakdown was instigated by people criticizing her and todd for being out and about
i doubt she would continue to publicize her outings

53edb No.3050

>been so long since jenny made a video or anything that, outside of here, anything you go to say about her just makes you feel like some out of touch boomer
>who? who was that again?

ccca0 No.3051

Well done, you’re one of us now.

Sounded like it was just Jenny and Lindsey, man literally everything entertains Jenny a good scare or a bad scare.

Also she’s getting big traction (3,500 RTs) hopping on the Chris Pratt cancel attempt, why does Jenny keep pretending to be surprised when she gets hate in twitter when she’s implying to 180,000 that someone is homophobic?

2a152 No.3052

Is she retarded?
>two straight guys…zero self reflection
Jenny what do you want them to say?

>Gina attacking trans in her bio

She was trolling twitter trans people insisting to her about pronouns, noticeable by its absence: pronouns in Jenny's bio. WHAT AN ALLY. Lol shit memes are an equivalent crime?

79b3c No.3053

All that heat, all her "sadness" over getting dragged on Twitter about her behavior during the pandemic still doesn't stop her from going out, huh? Is it that hard to stay home if you don't have to go out, Jen?

>Jenny threatening to not watch a show she wasn't watching anyway because Gina fought back against online bullies

ccca0 No.3054

All that BS crying session for her Patreon‘s about bullying on Twitter and how hard it is on her then she turns around and implies an actor is homophobic and says she won’t watch Mandalorian until Gina is fired and killed off.

Griffin was right, Jenny’s a bully. She justifies it by saying she’s punching up but then why does she care about randos with 500 follower criticizing her?

53edb No.3055

i think it's great. i read an article with an example of just how easy it is - one slip which need not even be ideological, could even be a typo - for a white woman to be cancelled. A white woman that is, who plays this game and aspires to please these people.
You know in like breaking bad they did this bit twice where a mob boss has one henchman who shows just a bit too much ambition which eventually triggers the boss into blood bath?
So the more jenny perks up in the scene..

33623 No.3056

jenny likely sees everyone who follows her off of these tweets as people who like her
in reality, they're people who like takedowns and drama

sadly the end result of a large blow-back won't be jenny losing followers or patrons, it will likely be her parents getting swatted or something else sickening that she can't handle or gain control of.

why cant she just be a good girl again

ccca0 No.3057

Yeah, Jenny always gets a nice little boost of twitter followers when one of her attack tweets pops off. That can lead to thousands of new Youtube views, Twitch subs and Patreon donors. It’s all about the mo yeah and praise but Jenny is no Ellis, and I think she is fake as fuck and it’ll come back to bite her.

14b97 No.3058

File: 1603349897019.jpg (112.32 KB, 748x820, 187:205, vampire diaries.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Work mode engaged, all that caffeinated sugar water must be boosting her mood

75af3 No.3059

so she's changed video topics again. will she even get 1 video out this month?

84837 No.3060

I think that’s gonna be a hard no. She’ll pivot to making 60% of this vampire diaries video before getting bored and picking a new topic for another video she will never release.

321fb No.3061

getting all of her meals delivered from restaurants (like a complete degenerate piece of shit tbh) has bit her in the ass now because she doesn't have experience how much it sucks to forget to preheat an oven. A smart jenny would start the baby cooking now and prepare the pop culture commentary videos while it bakes instead of finding at the end of the 30 year window that she's missing a man and only then realizing it takes time to form the relationship before the baby should go in

3041a No.3062

File: 1603353840664.jpg (2.1 MB, 2880x1280, 9:4, tumblr_vampireacademyregal….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

That dragon fruit gfuel flavor she likes is actually pretty tasty.

>Vampire Diaries

This wasn't the other Halloween video was it? Pretty lame if so.

>it takes time to form the relationship before the baby should go in
That would ruin my plan of knocking her up and forcing a shotgun wedding. Jenny is going to have to be scammed into that first kid.

14b97 No.3063

how does it feel to know your tasting something that Jenny has tasted?

321fb No.3064

>formerly small butt

3041a No.3065

File: 1603356131573.jpg (225.67 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, DNxATC_VAAA8lHc.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I didn't spike mine with vodka, but it would probably taste better with her bathwater. I don't get an essence of Jenny at all.

>always cute butt

14b97 No.3066

middle age spread inbound. Once that weight starts piling on a woman it's hard to shift.

3041a No.3067

Jenny has 10 days to complete and upload two or three videos (two Halloween-themed and the ramble ideally)… can she do it?

Personally, I think she'll only get out the ramble around the 1st or 2nd and that'll be 15-20min tops.

Jenny's a vegetarian, she's not going to get too big.

98ec7 No.3068

Dunno, vegetarians eat a lot of carbs. Jenny loves cheese as well. If you look at her mum and aunt it’s in her genetics, Her Dad is a big boy as well.

a1570 No.3069

dont forget all that gfuel she drinks
whats the calorie count on gfuel

2a152 No.3070

Not quite zero but pretty insignificant in the grand scheme

a4003 No.3071

File: 1603404410708-0.jpg (258.1 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, Ek3_0UeVcAAtofH.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603404410708-1.jpg (225.8 KB, 1538x2048, 769:1024, Ek3_0UqUcAAsEst.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

a4003 No.3072

File: 1603404553784.png (907.86 KB, 600x1040, 15:26, jenny hates racemixing.png) ImgOps iqdb

>secret nazi, confirmed

321fb No.3073

>you buy. you buy zees. make estew. *cough* good buy, eeat.

a4003 No.3074

ccca0 No.3075

Ugh, has she even seen the show?

Huh, wonder where you bought this, I’ve only found the first one before.

Even if there’s low calories that shit can’t be good for you.

Also, I love how instantly Jenny’s become defensive of people saying game streamers should pay a license to broadcast the game they stream…I think she forgot she’s sarcastically pretending to be a gamer.

75af3 No.3076

Remember how Jenny used to go to Disneyland the day one of her new videos would come out as a sort of celebration? I wonder if she'll give Todd a fancy celebration night for completing his new video. I wonder if she dresses up for him?

321fb No.3077

File: 1603425623345.jpg (8.26 KB, 539x71, 539:71, yikesjenny.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>the ratio

2a152 No.3078

>Jenny’s become defensive of people saying game streamers should pay
I think you got that confused anon?

3041a No.3079

File: 1603428736300.jpg (205.92 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_n114elFxLD1qf0drro1….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Says the girl that goes out partying with her friends during a pandemic. Don't act like you care, Jenny…

>I’ve only found the first one before
Here's that fourth one from that set.

75af3 No.3080

uh oh todd on twitter admitting he watches rick and morty, he has some older tweets about watching it as well so it seems like hes not being ironic. how will jenny feel knowing her boyfriend is the type of dude she makes fun of for having shit taste on her twitch stream all the time.

14b97 No.3081

>tfw no crazy bulimic catlady ashkenazi gf
every time
It's probably boring starfish sex. Jenny was pressured into dating Todd by the cabal, I can't imagine she puts any effort into their sex. In fact, I imagine it's an entirely sexless relationship. Todd has that kind of vibe.

d8278 No.3082

Jenny said she watched Rick and Morty on her old Tumblr, back before season 3. But not surprised she makes fun of guys who watch and enjoy the show because of course she would being the hack fraud that she is.

d8278 No.3083

> Sexless relationship

Nah man, if he moved to LA and it's a skinny cute girl like Jenny who's mentioned more than a few sexual references including choking, 100% Todds nutting in Jenny.


Very nice, I'm kinda shocked I never found these myself, was pretty good investigator back in the day.

4340a No.3084

We get it, Griffin

3041a No.3085

File: 1603441478778.jpg (267.33 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D-RO-nnUYAAS1Ys-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>100% Todds nutting in Jenny
Jenny does (apparently) have a latex allergy though…

321fb No.3086

how many sicknesses can fit on one genome

14b97 No.3087

>those hairy caveman thumbs

3041a No.3088

Just another reason to protect her!

You're gonna miss her if you ever need to dig a hole with you're bare hands.

321fb No.3089

File: 1603452660922.jpg (32.21 KB, 650x151, 650:151, maiwaif.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

haha she thought someone from here found her

80ee1 No.3090

>Todd has that kind of vibe.
being used as lindsay ellis's human dildo for two years has made the idea of sex sickening to him. poor guy. 50$ says he cries during his time with jenny
chad move, i got to remember that

1a2d6 No.3091


Jenny voiced Addison Cain again in the video Lindsay Ellis made about being sued by her.

2a152 No.3092

>PLEASE don't bully this litigious author so i can make another hour long video about the inevitable lawsuit that results

81b29 No.3093

Will Jenny testify on Ellis' behalf?

321fb No.3094

File: 1603485044923.jpeg (248.66 KB, 1667x2048, 1667:2048, ElCeBhhU0AAaWvk.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

starting to look like a mom

81b29 No.3095

File: 1603485962955-0.jpg (302.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Ek-a0BZVkAAKpVp.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603485962955-1.jpg (237.91 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Ek-a0BYUUAApB6V.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603485962955-2.jpg (280.4 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ElCkkREVgAAbo-m.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603485962955-3.jpg (275.76 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Ek-BD4xU8AA23Fv.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

A mom who needs a bun in the oven. Meanwhile, at the wine aunt's..

79b3c No.3096

Jenny feeling cute enough to share a pic today. That's nice!

48bd7 No.3097


0f729 No.3098

I like the new thing she’s doing with her photos

75af3 No.3099

guess that answers the question about playing dress up for todd. i cant tell if she has some weird makeup on around her eyes or if shes been crying or something.

81b29 No.3100

I found it funny how she recently bitch about twitter focusing on her tits but right there in the first and third pic she's featuring them off.

0f729 No.3101

Twitter was cropping photos weird, lots of people have complained about that

81b29 No.3102

Doesn't make it any less funny for me. Maybe "bitch" wasn't the right word for it. Knee-jerk use of the word. I'm sorry, Bailey.

75af3 No.3103

todd liked the tweet jenny a hoe confirmed.

f6066 No.3104

Bailey is looking sexy as fuck lately.

7feec No.3105

this guy gets it
cute girl. and it was nice of the jenny to get her a shirt

321fb No.3106

are you by any chance sir from a developing country?

321fb No.3107

>some weird makeup on around her eyes
looks like she got love-bopped

75af3 No.3108

Todd does seem to have a temper.

ea201 No.3109

How much voice acting did she do in this?

I don’t think she was in the last video too long. Was that the one where she did a British accent?

ea201 No.3110

So…are all her fans just gonna pretend Jenny is eccentric and not admit an almost 30 year old dressing like that is weird. Like does Jenny think this is cute as if she’s still 19 and headed to comic con?

b2abd No.3111

It is cute you fuckin dork stop acting like turning 30 is some magical line where you have to stop having fun and enjoying things.

321fb No.3112

>perpetually adolescent californian detected

696c4 No.3113

Are you dating Todd or not? Why won't you be honest with your fans?

b2abd No.3114

yes. how do i get him to stop punching me though?

ea201 No.3115

30 is well past dressing like a frog cause it’s a Friday. If you’re childless, this shit stops after college less you’re at some work party or convention.

Go buy more Gfuel with her promo code you autist.

321fb No.3116

File: 1603509785212-0.jpg (145.76 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ElDQhVjXIAAFTAold.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603509785212-1.jpg (143.93 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ElDQhVjXIAAFTAmine.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

mines better right? isn't it ? its more 'jenny' isn' it? oor am i sperging the fuckout

ea201 No.3117

That is more accurate though Jenny’s cheeks are fat squirrel levels yet.

b2abd No.3118

did anyone else see jenny's tweet about star wars celebration and the recording everyone made that were put into galaxy's edge? wonder why she deleted it so quickly.

0b200 No.3119

File: 1603512687210.png (43.65 KB, 250x243, 250:243, anime jenny.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's quality. Good job,

ea201 No.3120


bb44e No.3121

It was just a tweet that said she was thinking about how at celebration there was a booth where people could record messages that would be put into a “hologram” that would be displayed somewhere in galaxys edge. If you look at her liked tweets and her @s you can see some people responded to a now deleted tweet from her. It didn’t seem controversial or anything so it’s just weird she deleted it so quickly.

bb44e No.3122

Todd hittin it froggie style tonight, lucky bastard.

696c4 No.3123

Meanwhile Bailey is cuddling with her cat and talking to it like it's a child. Sad life for a 46 year old woman.

bb44e No.3124

She’s 46? She looks terrible for her age.

696c4 No.3125

yeah, you'd swear she was in her mid fifties.

bb44e No.3126

Been thinking about this all day…my best guess is she put on some gothic makeup for her vampire dairies video and just didn’t take off all the eye shadow stuff yet.

f6066 No.3127

Of course Bailey is the one we actually know for sure has a boyfriend, and has for years.

696c4 No.3128

Honestly, I think what Bailey has is an emotional abuser. He just pumps and dumps and gets on with his life. Why would she be a crazy bulimic cat lady otherwise? I think she gets off on emotional abuse, they way Jenny gets off on physical abuse.

321fb No.3129

>bonked up head
hmm, who's someone with physical strength, that has clear issues/trauma/dissociation, etc. is "n-not a bad person… just comes from a bad place" and just happens to be *living with jenny*

deaf4 No.3130

Where did the bulimia thing come from? It’s so weird

6ad53 No.3131

That happened to Doug Walker, he did a review with some of his Melvin makeup (seriously) still on

f6066 No.3132

I accidentally said that I think Bailey has lost too much wait, and Griffin decided to create a bulimia narrative out of it.

79b3c No.3133

>Go buy more Gfuel with her promo code you autist
Hey! I'm not even involved in this argument.

Ruined. Needs to be cuter.

Also where are you guys getting Jenny wearing heavy makeup/shiners from? Those are just pronounced dark circles under her eyes (probably caught the butthole eyes from Todd… or just from lack of sleep - get a sleep mask Jenny, yeesh) and some green eye shadow (keeping with the frog theme).

06043 No.3134

People on here tend to see or believe whatever they want to believe.

81b29 No.3135

Less maliciously, it could just be shitposting.

7feec No.3136

i think she might have been trying out a makeup style like her sister who does the ironic 2004 emo thing.
the first doesn't look like jenny, the second looks like Lindsay

7feec No.3137


it looks like maybe she said something stupid like "it says they were stored, can we still get them"
when the message was a joke maybe?


7feec No.3138

File: 1603546717958.jpg (47.53 KB, 560x348, 140:87, embarrassedjenny.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

yeah, i think jenny just felt a little embarrassed

ea201 No.3139

Maybe a legal thing, Disney is done letting her shit on them. Or she wants to avoid another mini viral news story about star wars land like she did with the Younglings/Jedi Robes thing. I remember every Star Wars channel and some big newspapers quoted her about it.

Jenny taping a video for VD that fast? I don’t know, is this the same Jenny ‘they pay me for nothing!’ Nicholson were talking about?


So it was a joke and people taking her seriously?

ea201 No.3140

Anybody watch that Ellis video? Can you edit together Jenny’s parts?

3041a No.3141

>Jenny taping a video for VD that fast?

I could barely tolerate her ego-stroking in the last one. I've never seen someone so full of themselves and get praise for it.

ea201 No.3142

> I've never seen someone so full of themselves and get praise for it.

Jenny or Ellis…or all of their breadtube friends?

ea201 No.3143

Jenny’s talking enough about VD that she’s definitely gonna have to make it her next video even thought it looks like she just started working on it last week after 2 months of nothing.

Let me guess, it’ll hit a million views because of a bunch of simps who always say the same thing “I never watched, cared or knew [insert subject] even existed but I’m so fascinated now thanks to you!”

But I guess it’s that or Jenny just retweets complaints about theme parks or her own more popular tweets from months or years ago.

> Remember when I was funny

3041a No.3144

Ellis. You couldn't pay me to watch the others and Jenny deserves all the praise she can get.

2397c No.3145

I watched vampire diaries before Jenny made it cool, just letting you know ahead of time.

84fec No.3146

Yeah it seems she put a lot of work into the Knott’s berry farm video, then got bored and asked her patrons what to do next so she put weeks worth of work into the scary reality show vid, and now has changed yet again to Vampire diaries. I remember when she used to talk about how important it was to keep videos coming out at a regular pace so the algorithm is good to you, guess she’s learned it doesn’t matter any more because she literally can’t lose.

84fec No.3147

Also her new video is about VD… just after she became sexually active with Todd…makes you think.

3041a No.3148

Is the show worth talking about?

2397c No.3149

Is anything Jenny does worth talking about? It's just CW show from the noughties about sexy teens who are clearly in their mid twenties having supernatural love affairs.

927d7 No.3150

>So it was a joke and people taking her seriously?
maybe, given how much jenny hates men in her comments explaining things to her i can see her doing it out of frustration.
do her tits flop around again? honestly she could make 50,000 off onlyfans just by flopping down on a chair repeatedly and letting her puppies flow with gravity.

3041a No.3151

>Is anything Jenny does worth talking about?
Sometimes. She gave us the tools to create convincing Star Wars names.

>CW show

'Nuff said. I think Star Trek: Voyager was the last watchable show they had (back when they were UPN).

2397c No.3152

hol' up, how can Jenny do a VD video if she's never sat down and watched series before.

81b29 No.3153

Marathon, baby.

3a2f9 No.3155

File: 1603585644106.jpg (81.25 KB, 1300x956, 325:239, woman-using-a-laptop-while….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

jenny positioning the camera so you feel like you're sitting next to her while she streams herself watching a marathon would be great

81b29 No.3156

>occasionally she'll get close to the mic to make a comment and it'll be just like she's whispering in your ear

ea201 No.3157

She’s averaging 30,000 views a day with no new content since…August 2nd. At this point I’m surprised she even cares, the system is self sustaining, any patron she loses will be replaced by a new one.

I totally forgot about the Knottsberry farm video!

84fec No.3158

Yeah it was 3 planned videos ago now. I wanna say she will get at least 1 video out this month but she might legit go 3 months without a new video on her main channel.

3a2f9 No.3159

a youtube channel is like a stock portfolio, you can coast off the dividends for years

2a152 No.3160

Has bailey always had pronouns on twitter? Since when?

2397c No.3161

Since it got bought up on here no doubt, sneaky bitch. Hey Bailey, stop throwing up your dinner, it just makes you look haggard and withdrawn.

3041a No.3162

That's definitely new. Maybe Bailey is getting ready to go after that chick in the Mandalorian next week and dropped those in place because a dude here likes to get on Jenny about not having her pronouns on display when she attacks her.

2397c No.3163

File: 1603605104292.jpg (353.76 KB, 981x1240, 981:1240, Screenshot_2020-10-25 Jenn….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Identifying the traits of certain groups by demographics
huh, dangerous territory Jenny.

321fb No.3164

File: 1603606776646.jpg (51.22 KB, 740x436, 185:109, vampbaily.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

maybe they are hanging out? careful jenny if you're already starting to spaz. spending time with a self-defeating despair-indulging person - it always rubs off.

3041a No.3165

File: 1603610007725.jpg (39.22 KB, 824x786, 412:393, ElDzK7VVkAARxyo-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I wish Jenny would put this on a shirt and sell it. It's fucking great. I also think it's cute that she can't see that she helps perpetuate this brand of "toxic" masculinity. Women instantly lose respect for a man that shows any semblance of emotion and as an "emotionally unavailable" girl, you know she's dunked on guys about their feelings.

They probably watched it years ago. Seems right up their alley when they used to do everything together.

0f729 No.3166

Have you gotten help for your gambling problem yet, Griffin?

321fb No.3167

could the reason jenny's tweets are always so smug and obnoxious be that she makes them at 4am when you get that gleeful giggling cheekiness because you're finally falling asleep and stop giving a fuck about whatever standards you were holding on to

67acb No.3168

File: 1603627099382.jpg (178.95 KB, 1200x895, 240:179, ESkfSLQUMAAOEpT.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

thats her though.. why, why does she do this

f6066 No.3169

Maybe she's just self aware. She's the kind of person who went to a theme park during a global pandemic, she's also the kind of person who goes to escape rooms with her friends during a pandemic and go on a cross country trip to pick up a giant plush, staying in hotels along the way.

Coincidentally she's also the exact kind of person who caught coronavirus.

Maybe deep down, she's calling on theme parks to protect us from the Jennys of the world.

64787 No.3170

that might be true, shes made cheeky comments about Disney needing to close because its too tempting to go
but it seems to me like lip service to politics, something she has been doing as a cancellation shield

6b15e No.3171

Jenny 100% thinks less of emotional men, her dad seems like a no no sense guy and her emotional brother turned into her sister and Casey is emotional and gay.

I think Jenny knows if Disneyland reopens she’ll break and go because A. Jenny is and has always been a total hypocrite and B. She’s too weak to resist so she’d rather Disney just give not open.

I mean, Jenny has become everything she used to mock, lazy Youtuber, Patreon thot, self serious twitch gamer and in a few years when her looks fade and she needs the self esteem boost a Instagram model with branded merch.

321fb No.3172

unless its rage, that's allowed. the characters she most arguably had full crushes on are kylo ren and goose the driver.
she wants a man to be cold and unmoved by her but occasionally shout CUNT in her face

321fb No.3173

>emotional brother
is it evidenced the bro was emotional. mincing sure but seems more like sociopathic

c6e57 No.3174

she said Dev Patel has always been a big crush of hers and he seems like a softy.

95b48 No.3175

File: 1603669200969.jpg (50.92 KB, 608x360, 76:45, jenny look alike.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Dev Patel
mfw i kinda look like him

321fb No.3176

>a stinking poo
>a stinking BRITISH numale poo
with that i literally drop her. i will kill you if you made this up. with all the todd meming i backed it up because i know anxious girls do look to frail more effeminate asian males but now you're telling me there's actually evidence of this with her.

95b48 No.3177

>frail more effeminate
fuck you

321fb No.3178

>the coomer cumbrain is non white
i fucking knew it. i was shouted down for saying it and it's fucking true

80d7c No.3179

just how jenny likes it

3041a No.3180

>branded merch
Jenny does have a logo in mind for her shaker, so branded merch probably won't be too far behind that. I hope her ironic merch is understated (or gaudy) enough to wear (I've never worth her Redbubble shirts out).

c6e57 No.3181

shes done 2 streams since she got her promo code…i doubt she sells that much when she doesn't stream so i kind of doubt she will get her own flavor and cup. although she might be able to whine enough to them to get one even if on the merits they dont think shes worth it.

4822e No.3182

i think she can pull it of if they give her a concrete number to achieve. some guys (like andrew) could easily place bulk orders

c6e57 No.3183

yeah i thought it was a good idea to have a running tally working towards a goal but i honestly doubt she ever brought it up to them, i dont think its gonna happen.

3041a No.3184

>i kind of doubt she will get her own flavor and cup
I can't imagine Jenny not getting what she wants. She still has a couple months to hawk her promo code, so she's got plenty of time to step it up on the streaming front.

Well, I'm in for $100, how about the rest of you guys?

4822e No.3185

if she had an actual goal to reach id get something. jenny g-fuel would change things alot, it would be nice to set something like that in motion.

321fb No.3186

>jenny g-fuel would change things alot, it would be nice to set something like that in motion.
what did he mean by this?

2a152 No.3187

Was she ever confirmed covid positive?
If shes had it shes immune?
Just go to the park then who cares.

950b5 No.3188

She said she couldn't get a Covid test but came back negative for the flu.

950b5 No.3189

File: 1603683021165-0.jpg (282.64 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ElM2J95UwAAahH6.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603683021165-1.jpg (137.92 KB, 1080x880, 27:22, ElM2JWfUcAUtKux.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603683021165-2.jpg (90.35 KB, 993x630, 331:210, ElM2JLLXIAE_HfG.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Hmm, Jenny sure is desperate to show 180,000 exactly what her car looks like but then hide what her license plate and…the walls of her garage look like for some reason.

Hi Bailey, tell Jenny she's dumb for missing the reflection of the garage door opener from the hood of her car and everyone knows to surprising detail what her car looks like. I was curious what color she went with for her new Prius.

Anyway, she tweeted about bloopers and a costume for the VD video so she might actually post it before the month ends.

3041a No.3190

>jenny g-fuel
I wonder if she'll have them make it taste like wine or some other alcohol?

Jenny probably has embarrassing, non-plush household items in her garage. She would never live down Twitter seeing a garden hose or a paint can in her house… how domestic!

eeb50 No.3191

File: 1603694219202.jpg (206.95 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, 1d2b7be0c121b4abeff6d70512….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Um, sir, Jenny is Trad NatSoc.

eeb50 No.3192

File: 1603696724176-0.jpg (100.05 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, ElPFDulVcAAwItx.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603696724176-1.jpg (140.98 KB, 1080x1620, 2:3, ElPFDk3UcAAPxmK.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603696724176-2.jpg (67.6 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, ElPFDYaVcAAVBRF.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603696724176-3.jpg (110.23 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, ElPFDOYVcAAoMsN.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

eeb50 No.3193

File: 1603696766774-0.jpg (292.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, ElNzUOnUcAEuIbD.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1603696766774-1.jpg (365.78 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, ElO-5YpUUAAg-YH.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

321fb No.3194


eeb50 No.3195

Jesus Christ, anon.

fb13e No.3196

>barely known English pooh is her crush
She probably just said that to be "not like the other girls". It's like picking George as your favourite beatle, because John is the obvious choice, Paul is too daggy and no one ever chooses Ringo.
Bros, she's not wearing any pants! That's what it's like to have a Bailey gf, she just casually slips on your shirt in the morning and wears nothing else. That'd be incredible if she wasn't so unfortunate looking.

eeb50 No.3197

Stahp. Bailey a cute.

321fb No.3198

>She probably just said that to be "not like the other girls".
It's certainly this but moreso this thing i don't know the name of but I've seen first hand. A girl is sexually quite irked out by men that aren't white but feels bad because that's racism which they denounce, so if they see one that they are surprised to find themselves *less repelled by* (still not attracted to) they're so relieved that they shout it to the whole town "Oh I Like [email protected]"

fb13e No.3199

oh absolutely, I agree with that

95b48 No.3200

it would expose alot of new people to her, mostly gamers, as well as solidify her as a game-related personality
wine and cheese flavor.
i dont know why she doesnt take more side photos, her profile is cute and mousy.
that picture behind her has a vag exposed

91cdc No.3201

Good to see that she’s just posting classic Jennys now. Hopefully she’ll start posting some rares.

6b15e No.3202

Only 11 RTs, Jenny doesn’t get out of bed for less than 250. No rates will happen now.


> Jenny will be exposed to a gaming audience with her own Gfuel flavor

All that’ll do is piss off actual twitch streamers and viewers seeing this girl barely playing and streaming be rewarded like that.

Though, if Jenny said I need to sell 1,000 units by midnight I have no doubt Andrew and others would max out their cards to make it happen. And Jenny would pretend that’s not a weird or unhealthy behavior because it financially benefits her.

179cd No.3203

Does anyone remember where Jenny said that someone suggested she audition to be a park Merida because she had the right face shape? I think it was a podcast she did, maybe Podcast The Ride, but can't find it. It's either that or one of the old Disneyland Xbox streams she did earlier this year.

d898b No.3204

File: 1603739245038.jpg (126.64 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, BoZ8k6HIAAAxvo4.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i was looking for any references to this and i got stuck in a rabbit hole
does anyone know where this clip is from, jenny says "what do black people like, Africa"

81b29 No.3205

File: 1603741873911.mp4 (19.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Serch 4 Trooth.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


666f3 No.3206

This is so supposed to be ironic but it's actually an accurate read of Jenny's personality.

f6066 No.3207

I can't remember what it was called but that "what do black people like, Africa" clip is from when her, Bailey and Griffin went chapter by chapter on a book.

I can't for the life of me remember what it was called though. I want to say "the Hidden Game" or the Shadow Game but I can't remember.

2a152 No.3208

this guy must have known that jenny never put out for griffin, so why did he waste his time making this video?

2fc9e No.3209

f6066 No.3210

The forbidden game that's it. I was dying over here trying to remember it. Thanks.

8dbf9 No.3211

The same reason people make art about Jenny. Or why this place exists. Fandom.

321fb No.3212

who was this channel for? i mean who was meant to watch it - it's not for bronies but it's too crappy and scrappy to be an attempt at what i guess goosedrunks is. Did they just do this because this is how their friendship group worked?

f6066 No.3213

She's always just made content. I think reading bad books together is just something that Bailey and Jenny have always done.

In many ways this kind of is a proto-Goosedrunks and a proto-Jenny video where she does the bad book readings.

This is probably just something they did to "keep in touch" while they were all at college. And they stuck it on youtube because thats just who they are.

2fc9e No.3214

I mean they've all been trying to be internet famous since high school, i think it was just like, keep throwing different projects out there until one stuck. Worked out for amazing for Jenny and Griffin at least, and even Bailey is making over $500 a month on patreon plus whatever she brings in on twitch these days.

321fb No.3215

> to "keep in touch" while they were all at college
well that's what i just realised it isn't because the channel was made in 2014 and jenny at least graduated the year before that. unless i'm mixed up

179cd No.3216

I'm pretty sure now it was the old stream, probably in the context of her visiting the ranch area of the game and reminiscing about her Cast Member years

6b15e No.3218

This is great.

Jenny, Griffin and Bailey had always been trying to make something happen. I’m pretty sure that’s their entire career plan from high school to adulthood. Jenny just got lucky or she’d be getting a pink slip at Disneyland now.

I mean what else is Jenny going to do, she wakes up at 2 pm and has no professional skills, if not for Suicide Squad her life would’ve been retail worker, housewife for an engineer her dad introduced her too or …whatever Lindsey does.

321fb No.3219

>a stem guy lost his Disney wife because fucking redditors ate up a narcissists self-post because 'dork cute'

8dbf9 No.3220

Dude should've bought her a horse.

d898b No.3221

thanks! i should clip that before fear makes her delete it
kimi sparkle reviews, this book thing, and snakedog are jenny's three failures. she seemed like she was throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, and when her suicide squad video boomed thats what she went with.

2fc9e No.3222

i dont beleive that. jenny wins at everything, so even if the suicide squad video didnt take off, something would have. her life is way too charmed for her to have ended up in retail or a housewife. Also im 99% sure before quarantine Lindsay just lived at her parents house without a job.

c4be1 No.3223

File: 1603763655988.jpeg (165.35 KB, 1467x1073, 1467:1073, 2DD2646A-79E6-4C56-B83D-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Nose job or bad lighting?

662fd No.3224

bad lighting does alot
i cant find the cursed jenny im thinking of, you know the one, the yellow one

c4be1 No.3225

The demon face?

321fb No.3226

>nose job
haha sure man
>surgeon: what type of nose you want
>her: give me a 'before'

7fe04 No.3227

Could jenny be struggling with her videos because of post-covid "brain fog"?

9994c No.3228

Wow, looking at Jenny’s videos and I had no idea so many were getting over a million views. Her rise of Skywalker video has 1.8 million views.

2fc9e No.3229

Bailey did say she doesn't like looking at videos and pictures of herself from 10 years ago maybe you just figured out why.

1e689 No.3230

Doesn’t everyone hate looking at pictures of themselves from 10 years ago. Or pictures of themselves in general, I still hate going to my parents house because they have pictures of my graduation on the wall and I literally just can’t look at them.

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