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A Bailey is fine, too.
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d6635 No.6926[Last 50 Posts]

Everyone's a Racist Edition

So Jenny's given her boytoy the boot because he wouldn't follow her up that path, right?

b6300 No.6927

File: 1611735998685.jpg (40.04 KB, 369x273, 123:91, spidervision.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>chchchhiits room

4bc9e No.6928

Was Jenny's vpd video interesting for anons who've never seen the show? I've watched a couple of seasons so I found it really easy to get involved in the video.

d6635 No.6929

I liked it and I would recommend it. It's not that long.

b6300 No.6930

Why did someone say that she "doesn't understand" that what she's saying is spicy? Bizarre. Did you read a transcript and not see the way she says it?

d6635 No.6931

File: 1611750473594-0.jpg (669.17 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EstANpEVoAE923B.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1611750473594-1.jpg (578.29 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EstANpDUUAAg3oS.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

81208 No.6932

It's fine, jenny's very cute in it but it's long, it's a slog and the funny bits are few and far between.

Also bit of a weird full circle thing at the end, Jenny mentions that the same author wrote the forbidden game. She fails to mention however that her, Grif and Bailey did a read through of that book though.

Weirdly enough she definitely remembers it because she only just recently made those videos private.

d6635 No.6933

>her, Grif and Bailey did a read through of that book though.
Are these backed up anywhere?

ade1e No.6934

I don't have them.

4bc9e No.6935

Bailey just retweeted this. Do you think it hurts her to know not a single human on the planet wants to know what colour Baileys thong is?

ff08f No.6936

oh fuck, seriously? why? was it the africa joke?
oof, im willing to bet her thong isn't white this week

94821 No.6937

Huh, Jenny has a tv hung on the wall? I thought she watched everything on her laptop.

Is most of the VD video just Jenny summarizing it?

> Forbidden Games made private

Oh, I’d have downloaded them if I knew she’d do that, they were pretty boring and most chapters/videos were read by Bailey and Griffin anyway.

In fairness to Bailey, I’d also get pretty annoyed at constantly being asking me what color thong Jenny wears.

94821 No.6938

File: 1611785167087-0.jpeg (474.42 KB, 750x1002, 125:167, C4C761C7-FF5F-446B-ABA6-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611785167087-1.jpeg (201.19 KB, 750x426, 125:71, FCC75886-00A1-4140-8EEC-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611785167087-2.jpeg (223.6 KB, 750x536, 375:268, FC1AC349-2482-4B2D-8BB3-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A. Who’s gonna build another shelf for Jenny’s expanded Nintendo collection? Sure as fuck won’t be Todd.

B. Jenny again reminding Bailey she no longer wants to live with a friend in her 3 bedroom condo. Stop asking!

C. I guess Jenny’s winning a Hugo award thanks to guy who fuck pony pillows.

b6300 No.6939

>using only the strength in my forearms throw myself high into the air
if any girl could

7665f No.6940

has jenny learned an algorythm exploit where youtube recommends your videos if you bring in people from outside websites like twitter?
theres alot of talk about exploits right now, it might explain alot.

94821 No.6941

Jenny’s taking long breaks between tweets…i-is Jenny working to make a video in only 1 month?

7665f No.6942

that was weird

94821 No.6943

She seems to know a lot about what boosts your videos in the algorithm so I’m sure she tries everything.

13070 No.6944

I enjoyed it even outside of Jenny's cuteness. It was a (seemingly) thorough rundown of the series and what it was about and I had/have no desire to watch it.

I know I've downloaded Jenny's parts, I could dig around for them tomorrow.

>i-is Jenny working to make a video in only 1 month?
Literally impossible. There must be another, more sinister reason.

b3120 No.6945

So is the vampire diaries video just a very long recap with some Jenny Jokes?

7665f No.6946

>There must be another, more sinister reason.
whatever happened to that emergency from last week

b6300 No.6947

>Jenny Jokes
Nah, animal/stuffed animal/child/family sex doesn't really come up

b3120 No.6948

File: 1611809194265-0.jpeg (362.46 KB, 750x786, 125:131, A3AB3E87-1360-4E25-9E65-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1611809194265-1.jpeg (422.55 KB, 750x919, 750:919, 100F647B-3C41-426D-998A-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I was wrong, Jenny’s just shooting the shit.

b3120 No.6949

Also I thought she was over Star Wars, is she back in cause of her friend getting a job in Lucas Film? Will she tweet nonstop if Johnson’s trilogy ever happens.

b6300 No.6950

yeah I don't mind or anything but
>"jenny's taking a long time between tweets"…
you say this every three days man. Should you not adjust your sensitivity so her normal pattern doesn't trigger these false alarms so often?

b3120 No.6951

Her normal pattern is randomly throughout the day like most unemployed people not 12 hour intervals.

b6300 No.6952

i won't harp on it but like i said if she has 16 hour tweet-free intervals twice a week (which she does) you need to factor that in

b6300 No.6953

File: 1611815693746.jpg (34.82 KB, 644x149, 644:149, ThePrincessAndTheWagie.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

when a person with in-person work (ew) tries to be friends with a jenny

da494 No.6954

id guess Alicia

44c29 No.6955

Doesn't she work at Disneyland? Are they open?

d6635 No.6956

That's some goofy shit, Jen. If only air born pathogens weren't already able to cover distance. rip u

da494 No.6957

I think she now works with the horses that used to be at disneyland and got moved to a retirement ranch now that disney doesnt need them. I think her husband might still work there.

b6300 No.6958

File: 1611820560226.jpg (137.46 KB, 468x1592, 117:398, dieSmallPerson.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

jeny booly

4c485 No.6959

Who knows what constitutes a family emergency with Lindsay.

>Covid Bubble
This is something people use as an excuse to pal around in large groups and not wear masks in public while still claiming they're following the rules. I'd respect Jenny more on this if she just said that she didn't care about these stupid rules and did whatever she wants… which is what she does anyway.

Interestingly, the only people I've seen act like Jenny (with regards to COVID) have been good ol' boy hillbilly types and entitled rich folks (who are somehow even worse). While I don't deal with customers, I do see the frontline staff dealing with these jackasses on a daily basis.

b6300 No.6960

>she doesn't care
why she did this ultra-cucked meetup with the cars windows up

d6635 No.6961

Who's to say it even happened?

4c485 No.6962

The other person likely suggested it because she knows Jenny isn't safe to be around.

b6300 No.6963

File: 1611824123015.jpg (28.92 KB, 526x256, 263:128, shewouldnever.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

this person is battling back with max stuff and jennys fans are like nnahahDontCarelalala

4bc9e No.6964

>sexually assault their cats

b6300 No.6965

i should have clipped that, out its a distraction. gay zoomer eceleb edgy-joked about that and i dunno, he's so degenerate people wondered if its real or something. it's not worth learning about

b3120 No.6966

Finally somebody tells Jenny to stop

Ooo, I like this Rebecca if only we had access to our shit on Jenny.

He made some edgy jokes about his cat like years ago and people found it so he had to publicly announce he never fucked his cat or do anything to it.

b3120 No.6967

If only she* had access to our shit.

38b1b No.6968

File: 1611857683302.jpeg (123.79 KB, 1080x869, 1080:869, F7D9BFA0-A63E-4696-99EE-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


44c29 No.6969

Alicia is gay, Jenny has described her as very gay.

44c29 No.6970

We don't have any shit on Jenny. There are people on twitter who are far more convinced Jenny is a massive racist than any of us are.

b6300 No.6971

>mostly hangs out irl with lesbians
not looking good.

b6300 No.6972

question for the anons who pretend not to like jenny - if you went to the mall tomorrow and suddenly you saw her next to you and she smiled at you, what would you think and what would you say? (she's wearing normal clothes but with an avatar tail)

44c29 No.6973

I think fat girls, lesbians and fat lesbians are just big Disney demographics. I don't think she deliberately chooses them, they are just her people.

That's what 30 year old Disney obsessives normally look like. Jenny is kind of an aberration in that regard I guess.

e3d2a No.6974

>pretend not to like Jenny
if Jenny was fat and ugly like Bailey would you "like" her?

9ff4e No.6975

Bailey isn't fat or ugly, guy.

ec18e No.6976

I’ve always believed she’s a political lesbian, be it for brownie points or just because she hates men so much. Beyond that, I’d bet she’s asexual.

b6300 No.6977

so you're saying you like her body, but not her as a person. and thinking up and posting 'criticisms' is to 'punish her' for having that body you want while not being an appealing person?

e3d2a No.6978

I can not think of a single nice thing to say about Jenny other than that she is attractive. The rest of that pseudo psychology you threw out there can go in the garbage.

b6300 No.6979

but like… why do you come here? scroll up the thread there aren't any pictures of her dude

6079d No.6980

oh yeah…i was confusing her for Lauren and her husband steve, who went with jenny to get giant porg and giant spider.

e3d2a No.6981

I'm interested in Jenny and her universe and I like talking about it. I unironically enjoy her videos as a form of entertainment, outside of her being cute, if that makes you feel any better.

7665f No.6982

"covid bubble" not a thing jenny
i can see jenny "playing covid" like its a game. quarantine to jenny is like planking or some other social media fad
>We don't have any shit on Jenny
op for starters.
kiss her cheek, no judge would convict on a cheek kiss

9ff4e No.6983

>i can see jenny "playing covid" like its a game.
>haha, tag you're it!
<jenny please, i'm very sick

13070 No.6984

>Hahaha! You're so bad at this!
>You're never going to beat me, Anon!
<*cough* *cough*

44c29 No.6985

What you mean this publicly available youtube video with 80,000 views. Yeah that's some real deep level secret shit we've got there.

The people who would see this and conclude that Jenny is a racist already think that Jenny is a racist.

Literally just search jenny nicholson racist on twitter, that storm has come and gone.

9ff4e No.6986

7665f No.6987

they'd be happy if they found it.

b6300 No.6988

(i myself thought i would say something like 'i like your tail… oh excuse me i forget myself' trying to intone it as if the tail were really part of her body and so realizing it was rude to just say i like it. i thought she could like that but then in the past there have been issues with her not acknowledging a costume she wears, and acting as if to do so is harassment)

3d7de No.6989

1% of the time i feed the trolls
lmao. women! you know you respond to even a single troll (and then fucking tweet about it are you retarded?) all you are doing is letting every single other troll out there know that what they are doing is working and if they keep working you over eventually it will pay off.
i thought she was smart?

4b889 No.6990

Vintage Skylark posts of her trolling the Kingdom Hearts thread in SomethingAwful over many years.


3d7de No.6991

seek help

9ff4e No.6992

Hi Sky :^)

b3120 No.6993


> Oh fuck, she found me and wants to see the fear in my eyes before doxxing me to a 190k white knights and SJWs

3d7de No.6994

i would ask if she brought her sister with her

b3120 No.6995


This is why I’m here, only place I can criticize Jenny without being blocked and maybe 20% of you agree, 40% defend her and the rest wonder if she’s eating an oriental pie every night or sending lewds to Kevin until she meets him in Tokyo for a summer cross country theme park vacation.

66c1c No.6996

File: 1611883250164.jpg (42.79 KB, 776x162, 388:81, impression.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

the fuck does she mean

9ff4e No.6997

File: 1611883873018.jpg (200.69 KB, 974x1392, 487:696, DLhJ8aAU8AIZ8pX.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Truly, we are the enlightened champions of a better standard of posting.

b6300 No.6998

>i go where i can criticize this girl
but if she upsets you why don't you just ignore her?
I mean I have a board where I follow and deride this other person, so i can get that as a hobby but the difference is this person sinks lower and lower every year from viral fame to only fans to psych ward. the haters can't stop winning. but Jenny's trajectory is accelerating successes and…. dude i've seen you crying. i've seen it hurting you
Wouldn't it be better to just let her go?

b6300 No.6999

it was only Bailey that retweeted it right, not Jenny? I had the same reaction - I had to close the vid quick from cringe. Showing once again that one effortless word goes straight under their skin and sloughs off their unaffected persona spectacularly.
Lol why is "women L posting" so pervasive?
It's been proposed the human mind might not ever be able to comprehend itself, by sort of definition.
And I guess (nu-women, single women) can't even conceptualise what it's like to not be the fucked-partner. The fuck-er. So they mime what they think a win looks like.
Of course, Jenny is different. Jenny's quirk whatever it is puts her outside this.
Alternate take is women secretly liked being trolled. Which jenny does so if she did retweet that it would be for that reason

3d7de No.7000

eddie murphy is black
an "eddie murphy impression" is the voice acting equivalent of blackface
and this is why women will never truly understand feminism (why actually everything that "men" "do" "to" them is actually 90% of the time, their fault)

99ca3 No.7001

>I had to close the vid quick from cringe
she had the right energy but 60% of what she said had nothing to do with him, its like she had a script prepared to burn a troll and couldn't really make it fit specifically with what he said.
awful. just awful.

99ca3 No.7002

ok, i had to look it up but it was in fact a white guy.

3d7de No.7003

>she had the right energy
far too aggressive gives the troll the feeling of power, the stern teacher act doesn't work on most boys after age 7.
i didn't bother looking it up, i was confident in the assumption that all voice actors would be white and also used context clues in the post ("sensitive area, racially") to infer that it was an issue of a white va doing a black voice. hth.

4b889 No.7004

She is trolling. She does not think it was sensitive.

b3120 No.7005

> Wouldn't it be better to just let her go?

Why do you assume I make good choices in life?

3d7de No.7006

the line between this as a concern troll and just a sincere opinion of someone who one of the few times we have seen flustered on stream was banning a user over a vaguely pro police comment about the blm riots, is paper thin.

b6300 No.7007

File: 1611892347347.jpg (45.88 KB, 516x426, 86:71, ohriight.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

well, fair enough. If you could perhaps identify yourself as 'the retard'/'the bad decisions guy', something like that in future disagreements, that'd be convenient

78716 No.7009

this didnt happen and anyway shes a sam hyde fan, how bad could she be

6686f No.7010

> identify yourself as the retard/bad decisions guy

That’s not gonna help narrow down who you think you’re talking to here.

b6300 No.7011

File: 1611902471011.jpg (4.89 KB, 102x116, 51:58, sheesh.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

yeesh do we need "Jennyfags posting their L's" cos this is the same thing

2b458 No.7012

File: 1611903313704.png (13.11 KB, 1250x70, 125:7, inside scoop.png) ImgOps iqdb


2b458 No.7013

File: 1611904413775.png (32.52 KB, 599x235, 599:235, 2021-01-29 02.11.08 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

lol bailey tried to get in on the gamestop meme stock ride. sorry bailey, should've been quicker

e3d2a No.7014

why do you equate criticism with actual psychological upset. It's very childish.

e3d2a No.7015

>you don't belong here
>you must be upset
Could you identify yourself as the reddit lord from last thread that blindly defends Jenny and Bailey at every turn? It's fucking tiring. You even talk like Bailey. It's got me wondering.

2b458 No.7016

File: 1611913651452.jpg (24.31 KB, 512x512, 1:1, aiportraits_1563642469.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>You even talk like Bailey. It's got me wondering.
Friendly reminder to our favorite Jew that rule 6 asks you provide a timestamp if you're gonna hang out.

b6300 No.7017

File: 1611914029739.png (168.44 KB, 259x336, 37:48, princess.png) ImgOps iqdb

i don't, as i said i've seen him get upset on occasions. Did you not see the rest of the threads where (someone) is saying "I hate myself for coming here", etc. Nevertheless, obviously, returning your attention time and again to a person who you don't like and who is not someone you can change or who affects your own life - is either masochism or wishing-ill. and neither of those things is compatible with inner peace.

but im one of Bailey's bullys

>omg you talk like a girl

here on the forum where people are doing backflips to paste over their gossiping as "Criticism". we're like modern culture critics.

>from the last thread

nah i just watched that play out i think both those guys managed to end up in the wrong lol

This shit is getting too meta though. I'll try not to bring it up again

1f9b7 No.7018

>Wouldn't it be better to just let her go?
>but if she upsets you why don't you just ignore her?
> the haters can't stop winning. but Jenny's trajectory is accelerating successes and…. dude i've seen you crying. i've seen it hurting you
Yeah I don't trust anyone that doesn't try to refute what people say but just tries to shut down the conversation entirely with puerile arguments. Very Bailey-esque, and it's girlish in the sense that it's emasculating, which is exactly how women try to undermine men. Not to mention the over emphasis on styling your text as the spoken word. I smell a serbian jew double bluff.

b6300 No.7019

cool. cool! great! i'm being accused of being Bailey Meyers. like dude that's just what I need right now. *inhales weed vape* *grimaces twice as hard* This is PREFECT

2b458 No.7020

File: 1611915166896.png (104.43 KB, 285x295, 57:59, 12354325123652365425464265….png) ImgOps iqdb

le downvoted

1f9b7 No.7021

File: 1611915606436.jpg (48.62 KB, 789x396, 263:132, 7356353543434222.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Bailey, I know when you get down in the dumps you like to come here to wallow a little, but you must realise that this site isn't your personal self flagellation device. You will also not succeed in derailing it by shaming anons into silence. Dude…..like really? You know…we're here for you? Ok. I've seen you hurting…I've seen you crying. Maybe you just need to like, move on?

2b458 No.7022

File: 1611918046883.png (92.5 KB, 599x545, 599:545, 2021-01-29 05.59.44 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb


7665f No.7023


i think her sister brought it out of her.

09ceb No.7024

I wonder if it's something she owns? Keeping someone's former sex toy is beyond weird.

750ed No.7025

Obviously theyre talking about something with holes that look like plastic vaginas.

0322a No.7026

Why the fuck does “pure virgin” Jenny know what a flashlight is?

She’s a dirty girl confirmed

b9ad7 No.7027

Her sister is Lindsay.

2b458 No.7028


ec18e No.7029

Knee deep internet virgins have a vast array of unused knowledge.

b6300 No.7030

because like an anon said she is like a typical nerd virgin for who sex is porn, and talks all this crap about meme acts, but in her case meme attractions - fetishes, etc. because the porn was stories and art on tumblr, the 'girls pornhub'.

3d7de No.7031

>this didnt happen
What didnt happen?

3d7de No.7032

Every brony knows about lyra plush
>but im one of Bailey's bullys
Please post this at the start of every thread ty
The amount of antisemitism namecalling involved in the wsb shenanigans, no matter how noble you think the cause is (its not) I'm surprised bailey could stand to interact with this event at all.

ff08f No.7033

>could stand to interact with this event at all.
cortez is leeching onto it because memes are good for campaigns, and bailey is leeching onto cortez because she flirts with leftytube

2b458 No.7034

>tfw bailey will never flirt with you

a0dd4 No.7035

Whos Bailey?

b6300 No.7036

blessed post. this should always be the response

2b458 No.7037

File: 1611961701430.jpg (130.47 KB, 961x961, 1:1, dbb97e18413d489f406dac9d57….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



a0dd4 No.7038

Looks like the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Didn't she retire from the internet because she was old and burned out?

b6300 No.7039

She wants that vaccine pumped in her so bad

2b458 No.7041

>Overly Attached Girlfriend
I completely forgot about that broad. Maybe? It's like that big tittied goth weeb that made videos about learning Nipponese. Can't meme around on the internet forever.

yeah the baby-making vaccine, ayoooooooooo

0322a No.7042

You guys are trying too hard to pretend Jenny’s never finger blasted herself.

99ca3 No.7043

File: 1611964340806.jpg (290.05 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Cb3Qt31UsAAMNP7.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

always thought that about jenny
nice to think about

b6300 No.7044

i don't know how you could get so wrong an end a stick. i'm saying she grew up drenched in porn, with literal porn gifs and sex fiction and art and blogposts and shit washing into her like johnny mnemonic. imagine a 15 year old who's had a porn hub *account* for fucking 5 years and the downloaded archive of his comments is like 20gB. would you really think this implies he doesn't honk off?

0322a No.7045

> always thought that about jenny

That’s why she’s moving into Ellis field of videos for woman because videos of her acting 14 for guys isn’t cute in your 30s

> who's had a porn hub *account* for fucking 5 years

That kind of girl doesn’t save herself for shit.

b6300 No.7046

>save herself
>muh trad-slut one dimensional line can't conceive anything outside that line
here we go again

0322a No.7047

FFS, my guy, just tweet Jenny a picture of your severed ear so she’ll love you.

b6300 No.7048

I wasn't praising her. It doesn't seem to matter what I say you just want to have a problem with me

0322a No.7049

> doesn't seem to matter what I say you just want to have a problem with me


A. straight out of Jenny playbook of starting shit then feigning ignorance of why people are coming back at you

18511 No.7050

How's Goose's health btw?

b6300 No.7051

>Jenny is pornsick. She hasn't had a relationship because she her sexuality was twisted into an unrecognizable mess by the internet
<Hi Bailey!
i dont get it. whatever

f6609 No.7052

It's memes and bantz. Have fun with it, fren.

f6609 No.7053

File: 1611982109386.png (54.89 KB, 590x436, 295:218, 2021-01-29 23.47.56 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

Speaking of Bailey, what did she mean by this?

13070 No.7054

File: 1611991444269.png (2.88 MB, 1152x1536, 3:4, 20210130_005314.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally got my shirt… took long enough.

Jenny looks really cute here. Almost like something you'd see on a site introducing their staff.

I don't know, I thought the air actually got better in LA with all the lockdown stuff.

b6300 No.7055

File: 1611994827166.jpg (148.71 KB, 640x797, 640:797, maybeforthefirsttimetoomuc….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

you ever see this one

f6609 No.7056

How quality is the shirt?

No, actually. Thanks for the rare.

3d7de No.7057

jennys power move is to mimic the castmember, why didn't she soyface? his cringe was too powerful for her? a weakness exposed.

66c1c No.7058

i wonder how much she makes. bigger youtubers have said merch is more profitable than anything else. but jenny doesnt push the merch.

750ed No.7059

No one in that picture is a castmember. They guy in the middle is Steve Zaragoza.

99ca3 No.7060

is that how she makes friends? she shows too much leg

750ed No.7061

There's no such thing as too much leg. Also funnily enough, I'm 90% sure she probably met Steve through Max Landis.

43e58 No.7062

Maybe a few $100 a month, the new stuff is few and far between and they're all random one off jokes instead of brands.

Of course, the real rare is if you saved the instagram stories Steve posted when they went the morning it opened… ;-)

> Jenny shows too much leg

This was mentioned before, Jenny hide her boobs and likes showing off her legs per >>5576 and >>5577

43e58 No.7063

File: 1612032938677-0.jpg (184.78 KB, 754x1024, 377:512, CwDIgJLUEAEfhD_.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612032938677-1.jpg (71.25 KB, 680x510, 4:3, EC39g8pU8AAgVIX.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612032938677-2.jpg (79.5 KB, 680x551, 680:551, EBIZKTrX4AEk9X8.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612032938677-3.jpg (43.47 KB, 680x383, 680:383, EBIgY08WsAA4i-V.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

This isn't really a rare, I count rare as pre-going viral or from nonYoutuber accounts, like pics fans post with her.

d9fe8 No.7064

oh! nice rares

43e58 No.7065

File: 1612033212791.png (1.01 MB, 934x595, 934:595, ComicPic.PNG) ImgOps iqdb


You guys know the story of this pic? Steve and Jenny had brunch, met Neve Campbell and were followed by a crazy lady.

I shared years back on chan a few years back but if you're a new check it out. Jennys mentioned meeting Neve but not the lady.

Story starts at 6:40 - https://headgum.com/dynamic-banter/episode-67-dynamic-banter-live-that-other-time-steve-almost-died

b6300 No.7066

>is that how she makes friends? she shows too much leg
Is what how? btw the filename mentions too much leg meaning only that the camera angle and the way her skirt puffs out makes her look too wide for once

b6300 No.7067

Did any badcars notice Jenny before s squad blew up?

b6300 No.7068

File: 1612041413161.jpg (110.9 KB, 613x513, 613:513, ticks.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

jenny made flimsy pretext to tweet out what she wants to manifest

3d7de No.7069

>satire tweet
if everyone either believes it is real or actually wants one, is it really satire?
>i love seeing a
this is meant as sarcasm but she probably actually does like seeing it.
maybe she would be scornful about it and then there would be a halloween version or a train or something and she would be more open about wanting one sincerely, just for the inside of her house.

7665f No.7070

4chan has a youtuber board now.. but its just v-tubers. sucks.

f6609 No.7071

cuckchan just plain sucks altogether, tbh

324ec No.7072

last night someone came into Lindsay's stream saying You Will Never Be a Woman and Your Real Name will be on your Gravestone. First JFJ fan to call her a tranny, if it is a JFJ fan.

f6609 No.7073

lol how'd >she take it?

43e58 No.7074

>before s squad


09ceb No.7075

The shirt itself feels fine, but the printing is typical print to order, i.e.; shitty.

>jenny doesnt push the merch
This us why I'm hoping the G FUEL thing works out, I want to see a logo for the Jenny Nicholson™ Brand.

If anyone deserves to be harassed, it's Lindsay.

b6300 No.7076

File: 1612051268771.jpg (46.04 KB, 851x479, 851:479, duh.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Wuht?? wuh???

324ec No.7077

No real acknowledgement. Maybe a muttered "Okay" or something, and deleting the chat messages.

99ca3 No.7078

lol. most likely is. I've seen jfj fans posting his face around the internet since then, so i think he's bigger than his sub count implies, sort of a famous guy.
used to hearing that from the SA users

f6609 No.7079

>haha, look what i said to this guy
<hey you can't say that to me, blocked

99ca3 No.7080

her suicide squad video, i guess hes asking if any of us are from her brony days. i've been talking about jenny on the various chans for almost 4 years and have only heard of two jenny posters like that.

3d7de No.7081

Wake me up when lindsay makes a Twitter thread whinging about it and all of her toxic viewers leave rude messages on his social media ~yawn~
I'm not surprised it took them so long to figure it out shes pretty convincing

b6300 No.7082

someone might have even seen her in Twilight the musical. or directed her etc

09ceb No.7083

File: 1612073783811.jpg (29.94 KB, 386x442, 193:221, Exsqueeze Me.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>shes pretty convincing

f6609 No.7084

Um, wow, bigoted much? Like just omg. I can't even.

f6609 No.7085

Bailey did a thing.
bailey cosplay as vampiress when

09ceb No.7086

Are you really fooled, Anon.

That demo looks fantastic on an OLED TV (as do most things) and sounds even better with headphones. Looking forward to it… also, Bailey's mic sounds like total ass. Her and Jenny need to learn how to filter their voices to cut down on the "unpleasantness".

95da1 No.7087

Very few people followed Jenny through her 3 year break between MLP to solo fame and a lot seem to became friends like that asian guy Sun. Most fan tweets I see are people who find her new channel then realizing she did Twilight musical or FiW.

You also had the MLP pages on 4chan that kinda hate her or the Facebook friends who shared personal photos so she purged them all.

b6300 No.7088

Jenny's tech problem of the day was so serious she actually followed the advice given by men and even said thank you to one

> Bailey's mic sounds like total ass
i wondered to myself if the reason the vo sounds so cheap and amateury is that i already know her voice so it will never sound like 'generic narrator' but.. is it just a cheapass mic

95da1 No.7089

> Jenny publicly accepting advice from rando men

Man I was enjoying staying away from Jenny’s Twitter this weekend but I had to see this.

Seems very trusting of Jenny to just download this and think the guys not gonna have access to her webcam now.

95da1 No.7090

File: 1612082287341-0.jpeg (431.25 KB, 750x1080, 25:36, 8E93B3C4-902E-4AA1-A625-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612082287341-1.jpeg (425.61 KB, 750x1066, 375:533, C82D02DD-698A-4F3F-8A3F-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

For fucks sake, yet another male leftist Youtubers transitioning? Is it Jenny?

So counting that MLP friend that went female to male (funded by the D&D stream Jenny did), Contra, Lindsey and this one and following the stats…within 5-8 years Jenny’s going to know a trans person who offed themselves.

ad94c No.7091

To say the least, this is gonna be a wacky decade.

750ed No.7092

Lol, this is hilarious. HBomberguy next.

Let's have all these youtube cunts ruin their lives for clout.

b6300 No.7093

In other news, Jenny needs to go out and about in her midriff shirt and show us her new Belly

750ed No.7094

No it's cold in LA now.

Be patient, post-pandemic Summer is coming. I know Jenny isn't gonna let us down.

ad94c No.7095

File: 1612086085738.png (88.1 KB, 806x1000, 403:500, 2021-01-31 04.39.30 www.pa….png) ImgOps iqdb

patreon vote is up

750ed No.7096

Buffy is an interesting one, because I think Todd has been watching/rewatching that lately and tweeting about it. So it could be quite telling.

ba5a9 No.7097

File: 1612086441704.png (14.56 KB, 550x517, 50:47, TM.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

> youtube cunts ruin their lives for clout

Don't forget money, 700 new patrons in one day, even beats Jennys real girl magic.

ba5a9 No.7098

Learning her music tastes would be interesting but it'd probably all be kids soundtracks. G-Fuel…pay her 30k to talk about her sponsor, come on man.

The fandom/Covid question is dumb cause Jenny didn't do fan events before Covid and does none now.

Buffy, Neopets will be a good chance for fresh Jenny content.

b6300 No.7099

pls vote for interacting with fans
the only one about her /her life

750ed No.7100

Also, this is probably not the right forum for this but can I just say, his "coming out" statement is one of the most misogynist things I've ever read.

It's pure "I'm a woman now, so I'm going to come in, shit on all the actual women and show them what feminism really is".

It's like beyond a joke, and they wonder why women hate them.

b6300 No.7101

the Real Pandemic

13070 No.7102

>followed the advice given by men and even said thank you to one
I bet that stung. Getting mansplained and then having to thank him for the help… oof! Poor Jenny.

>it's cold in LA now
>50 degrees overnight
Last week it was -25 here during the day, 50 is really nice, comfortable weather.

What happened to streaming Neopets anyway, or just streaming in general?

To be fair, his mind was all fucked up even before all the drugs attacking his chemistry.

3d7de No.7103

>just streaming in general?
same reason she needed a twitter boy to help her get beanie dvd working, lindsay went home.

83f71 No.7104

>What happened to streaming Neopets anyway
i forgot about that
i might have actually watched it for once
>To be fair, his mind was all fucked up even before
i peeked through his channel and you're right, hes a dumbass

f5fc6 No.7105

With how little Jenny invests on her channel, I'm still surprised Jenny paid a professional company to make the subtitles for her VD video, has she ever mentioned doing that before?

Most companies charge by the minute or word so this would've cost $1000s unless she paid an Indian on Fiverr like $300. In which case, I'm laughing at how dumbfounded they'd be watching that video and looking up Jenny to see how profitable her content is.

Speaking of not investing any of her Patreon money on her channel, think she's gonna go balls out with Lindsey and pay top dollar for the Tokyo and other theme park vacations this year? She sounded regretful putting off doing things she'd wanted before after her near death incident with Covid.

66c1c No.7106

>cost $1000s unless she paid an Indian on Fiverr like $300
might be a Kat job. or someone in a similar station. leftytube might have more gruntworkers than just her and they're just quieter about their involvement.
then again, it might be the sister too. maybe 300 a month from scamming jennys fans isnt enough for her

b6300 No.7107

File: 1612129752197.jpg (49.09 KB, 600x369, 200:123, wereme.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

seems like lazy misuse of the meme. god i wish i ? were the car? got work done? i don't see how it applies. maybe i didn't notice someone being crushed under the car

95da1 No.7108

Is that a meme? I’ve never seen that one before, who is that guy?

99ca3 No.7109

maybe its a joke about her weight/hygiene
she uses that joke alot anyway, i noticed she latches onto a word/idea and uses it for a while
like remember when she would use "parasocial" in bizarre random contexts?

ee21b No.7110

Imagine if the creature just launched its spiky quills into her face

ad94c No.7111

Good thing she's a living disney princess and has the power of eldritch gods on her side.

b6300 No.7112

come on guy. not into her face. into her butt maybe

09ceb No.7113

File: 1612133456417.jpg (104.22 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 21227501_357190398027833_2….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny wants to crawl around on all fours wearing nothing but lightning stickers and have a nozzle pushed deep inside her and be filled with premium (baby) fuel.

99ca3 No.7114

and not its quill but penis maybe
dont think i haven't thought of that too.

ee21b No.7115

why is that photo cut off so tantalisingly at her butt?

99ca3 No.7116

File: 1612133948281.jpg (157.29 KB, 1112x548, 278:137, butt.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

09ceb No.7117

File: 1612135977157.jpg (65.19 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 18645030_1831414777186780_….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>dont think i haven't thought of that too

66c1c No.7118

b6300 No.7119

File: 1612140013328.jpg (86.79 KB, 617x467, 617:467, sfsf.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i can't really unpack what you mean by the linked tweet but the thing ellis says is actually correct

b6300 No.7120

File: 1612147858422.jpg (18.14 KB, 695x102, 695:102, jennyno.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i never knew she wrote a second article for playboy besides the bert and ernie

ce325 No.7121

File: 1612150093275-0.jpg (552.27 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EtF7FPxUcAIjpAM.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612150093275-1.jpg (521.51 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EtF7FQyVEAAqfjl.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

b6300 No.7122

why didn't you include the text anon,
>A Sims 4/Crypt of the Necrodancer double feature? Because of my own incompetence?? It’s more likely than you think
was there a joke you worried someone might make?

ce325 No.7123

File: 1612150626456.jpg (63.55 KB, 1080x734, 540:367, 1609189099919.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>a joke you worried someone might make?
I don't know what you could possibly mean by this, fren.

95da1 No.7124

Yeah, it was pushing back against some actresses who didn’t like some of the Disney princesses movie messages.

Wonder if she’d push back and defend Disney as much now.

Still so curious how she got those writing gigs, I should’ve asked her on Twitch when I had the chance.

b6300 No.7125

just my theory but i figured for her writing major, she'd have written B&E and in her eceleb striver personality just looked up the direct phone numbers of editors and cold called with princess confidence: Please see your inbox. I'd like you to make an offer on my article.

09ceb No.7126

>made the mistake of reading her timeline
Goddamn, what an insufferable pig. Her kid(s?) dodged a bullet.

a7107 No.7127

File: 1612170703847.jpg (27.28 KB, 846x169, 846:169, Screenshot 2021-02-01 2008….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Spends precious money and time to bitch to her therapist about the government
Get out of your troll hole and into some fresh air and sun Bailey, that's the only therapy you need.

a7107 No.7128

In the VPD video, Jenny keeps making a big deal about Damon being in the confederate army. Does she literally think every man who joined the confederates did so expressly to oppress black people? How can she have such a simple minded view of the world, it's to the point of unironic retardation.

b6300 No.7129

File: 1612172418206.jpeg (227.54 KB, 1234x2048, 617:1024, mental2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

when i saw this i wondered if she was referencing this thing from the same day - but i don't see how it would have made it into her circles (it was circulating as "look how mentally ill shitlibs are"). my other thought was didn't their guy fuckin win? didn't the guy they hate get booted out already? and yet they're more crazy with rage and stress? what an approach to life

But I didn't post because i thought yknow who even is bailey, some literal nobody random that just happens to know jenny. analyzing her decisions is like posting about out if jenny's cousin seems constipated

a7107 No.7130

I would love to know what she's referencing myself. If I had to guess, I bet it's something reasonably petty like the time she was raging at the local council or whatever the fuck it is they have over there about parking fines.

750ed No.7131

I think it's more it's a weird thing to include if you're not actually going to do anything with it.

It's like saying, oh and by the way he was a Nazi. Only to never mention it again.

2179f No.7132

> my other thought was didn't their guy fuckin win?
bernie? no he lost
the deep state globalist war monger puppet got in. the most popular president of all time, more votes than obama, yet nobody seems to like him? odd isn't it.

750ed No.7133

Here we go. Jesus christ.

a0dd4 No.7134

Me god. Any more Jenny butt stuff out there?

a7107 No.7135

Being a confederate soldier is not being a nazi though. It's like being in the german army in world war 2 is not being a nazi either. It feels like a real warping of history, like this is the new way we are interpreting things now.

ce325 No.7136

File: 1612206890809.png (492.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 07de27bc7575e479aa9605f9bf….png) ImgOps iqdb

<don't even get me started on 9/11
<and don't tell bailey, but the holocaust?
<i mean, come on
<six million?

a7107 No.7137

File: 1612207591245.jpg (61.63 KB, 782x303, 782:303, Screenshot 2021-02-02 0624….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

> I don’t know many poor, or working class, or female, or struggling-to-be-taken-seriously folk who would show up at the inauguration of our 46th president dressed like Bernie. Unless those same folk had privilege. Which they don’t.
mittens be racist

83f71 No.7138

the next replies down were
"why would anyone be proud of being blocked by jenny"
"because shes awful"
theyre idiots. theyre mad because the democrats stole 1,400$ from every american to fund Dem pet projects. its stupid because this took place over the course of 8 months and people like bailey never said anything about it until it was too late and the 600$ relief bill was passed.

ce325 No.7139

>check up on the patreon vote
>buffy the vampire slayer winning at 718 votes

a7107 No.7140

File: 1612212386491-0.jpg (149.93 KB, 1840x268, 460:67, Max1.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612212386491-1.jpg (87.6 KB, 1845x220, 369:44, Max2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

750ed No.7141

Is there an underlying point here?

a7107 No.7142

Sorry, I should have subtitled that "More evidence that Max Landis is a fucking idiot"

fda8b No.7144

Can't Jenny talk about something she likes for once in her life instead of another video shitting on something? Even if it is just a patreon ramble.

ce325 No.7145

Beanie Babies video is suppose to be coming out at some point.

7665f No.7146

File: 1612216033241.jpg (114.5 KB, 600x552, 25:23, ross landis.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

750ed No.7147

File: 1612219137602.jpg (290.85 KB, 1544x2048, 193:256, EtLMC-EUUAEnIxH.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Looks like Jenny has been hitting the vod during lockdown.

99ca3 No.7148

File: 1612223068188.jpg (281.77 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, beb20dd87c2c4d9e3bda586e48….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

oof. its one of those things you forget about her, shes a pretty bad alcoholic.

b6300 No.7149

the bottle's not open though. its just conveniently there for next time she invites a guy around "hey look, lets get blotto?" in her hope that she'll make herself loosey goosey enough to not start karate chopping when he instigates

750ed No.7150

No Jenny doesn't karate chop. That's what the shark is for.

83f71 No.7151

is this a phallic symbol?

70fff No.7152

Jenny and Lindsey were drinking just about every time they streamed together, and it seems like every time Jenny has shown a picture of her living room table there is alcohol there. Maybe her newfound alcoholism is why she isnt as productive these days.

83f71 No.7153

thats sad, maybe that's what jenny needs psychological help for, not depression like i assumed.

13070 No.7154

I don't know when and where it happened, but alcoholism has been normalized amongst women for quite some time now. Even drinking alone isn't stigmatized like it typically is for men. Jenny says that bottle is decorative, but who the fuck likes to see alcohol bottles just laying around your house?

95da1 No.7155

File: 1612231727276.jpeg (333.68 KB, 750x941, 750:941, 4D2FF3B5-A4FB-4975-A777-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

So is this was she was referring to about flashlight holes or those pig chew toys?

Also someone already called out the booze and she’s trying to play it off.

95da1 No.7157

File: 1612232384161.jpeg (684.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, C9049BD5-C2D2-449A-94DB-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What exactly is that in the Porg cup, thought it was a pencil but there’s something sticking out

ce325 No.7158

Looks like a tv remote.

13070 No.7159

File: 1612233155512.jpg (419.47 KB, 2048x1845, 2048:1845, DpNJacfU8AIg2aT-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

It's a TCL remote. She has a cheapo TV, remember?

dc147 No.7160

>It's ornamental
lol ok pisspot

dc2bf No.7161

>bottle is decorative
This is a joke reference to her Hallmark video, she's not actually trying to convince anyone that she doesn't get shitfaced every night.

13070 No.7162

File: 1612240366960.png (1.85 MB, 960x1280, 3:4, tumblr_nbe63dXa9b1qf0drro3….png) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, I figured. Even ourlittlerummy and her poor decorating skills should know that empties aren't aesthetically pleasing (it just looks like garbage).

dc2bf No.7163

With the way Bailey describes Jenny not knowing how to say no when guys are touching her and how much she likes to get plastered I feel like drunk jenny would be easy to fuck. No way in hell Landis didn't get in there, especially since one of their dates was just the two of them together at a bar with fancy drinks.

b6300 No.7164

bottle was full

98f58 No.7165

Landis smear campaign!

13070 No.7166

>I feel like drunk jenny would be easy to fuck
Not to self: If ever in LA, keep a funnel, tubing and a box of wine on hand at all times in case of Jenny encounter.

Easy, Max… nobody here is smearing you.

dc2bf No.7167

>Not to self
This is of course assuming the shark or "sister" isnt around.

98f58 No.7168

File: 1612241617747.png (332.83 KB, 400x704, 25:44, bailey the shark meyers.png) ImgOps iqdb

>hey jenny, i'm your biggest fan!
<um, ew, i mean, haha great.. great.. i gotta go, nice meeti-
>i have some schnappes

>the shark

13070 No.7169

The trick is to never let on that you know her before you lure her into your van that says "Free Alcohol" on the side.

b6300 No.7170

> this was she was referring to
i was zooming in on the pic and thought yeah it was definitely these.

Why does she think of that though, that's disgusting. She shouldn't even have ever seen such a thing. The sight of one of those things even in some meme, makes me want to throw up then kill myself

b6300 No.7171

remember i said a month ago that bailey is really swimming with sharks by being a straight woman with a simmering tranny audience? like this was a large unaddressed risk to her wellbeing and livelihood? well if you look at her tweets she's started pretending to be bi

98f58 No.7172

>pretending to be bi

b6300 No.7173

(started on it, i should say. its implicit/vague so far)

13070 No.7174

I support Bailey transitioning into a woman.

98f58 No.7175

File: 1612246354566-0.png (221.94 KB, 597x696, 199:232, 2021-02-02 01.08.33 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612246354566-1.jpg (548.96 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EtL3_sNVgAABrTO.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

b6300 No.7176

File: 1612246703987.jpg (24 KB, 633x147, 211:49, alluding.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

jenny is NOT into women but maybe we learned the real reason b*ley lurks this jenny worshipping site.

675f5 No.7177

Yeah, sounds about right. You'd think being jewish would be more than enough oppression points; it really is a hard game these people play, always got to be one step ahead. At least she doesn't have to go full philosophytube and get a frankendick.
can someone explain this memetic dankery to me please?

b6300 No.7178

File: 1612259390602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.68 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1482209241963.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

trans rights loonies don't care who's jewish because they're not real sjws they are just about press ganging people into their movement to suppress biological women. wait, that sounds good though.. eh moving on,

I tried to find the first thread on jenny on 4 and can't find the first but amazed to see the early threads where fully half or more of the posters, scores of them, were ogling her or impressed with her in some way or fantasizing about 'imagine if she', instead of just pure dismay

one comment though
>Anonymous Thu 05 Jan 2017 13:38:02 No.78030075
>this thread is about to die so ima tell you a secret, she was know to be a prude cock tease and she was so ugly in high school all she did was giggle and act super girly and would make videos and plays and shit, yellow teeth flat chest the works, anyway the thing i'm telling you is, she goes on a lot of dates but from what i heard, it never gets to far. she hangs out with her family a lot too

now presumable larp but from ttm you can see she did have yellow teeth, so.. maybe..?

I also found this bizarre looking selfie that just doesn't look like her i mean it is but ..what went wrong?

675f5 No.7179

That post rings pretty true in my opinion. The weirdest part about that photo is that it couldn't be more than five years old?

b6300 No.7180

his follow up comment was
>also she never used to dress and or flaunt this much, i think shes just starting to fill sexy for like the 1st time, whoever gets to her in these next months is lucky
seemingly in reference to some socks pics

b6300 No.7181

I can't believe that her legs are out there somewhere, that wonderful muscle now covered in the perfect smoothing layer of fat, and this Aphrodite, still in her 20s for a few months, is not gonna let anybody fuckin see 'em

b6300 No.7182

(until, i mean, the cute fat is gone, by which time she'll be 30 and her skin collagen shattered)

98f58 No.7183

>skin collagen shattered)
Two words: snail cream.

39f7c No.7184

File: 1612278578739.jpeg (684.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, B59A5DBB-9325-4020-89FF-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

No, the thing in front of the tv remote.

39f7c No.7185

Queens Gambit series about the drunken life of famous Youtuber Jenny when?

39f7c No.7186

> two of them together at a bar with fancy drinks.

Which one was this? I noticed for a long time towards the end Jenny only hung out with Max alongside Bailey or other friends.

13070 No.7187

The design language screams beauty product; pen-shaped, white and pink text with an identifiable ring at the top to help find it in a sea of other products, but I couldn't tell you exactly what it is (liner, concealer, mascara, etc).

675f5 No.7188

It's clearly Sky's dilator

39f7c No.7189

File: 1612295089880-0.jpeg (116.26 KB, 750x237, 250:79, 2F681437-2EAF-4351-B556-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612295089880-1.jpeg (469.69 KB, 750x999, 250:333, EDC8CF45-849D-4F95-BA86-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


> high school ugly duckling Jenny would be nice enough to go on a bunch of dates with nerds and MLP boys but ego to not touch them

Yeah…Jenny’s had 0% growth in 15 years.

She’s not even defending herself from her own Twitter base but telling her fans somewhere else, OTHERS offended your Queen. Is she such a child that she needs a bunch of Andrews to find that discord and attack them on her behalf?

a0dd4 No.7190

has the ramble video been posted?

cc512 No.7191

It was one of the first stories he posted with her in it after his first round of getting cancelled (it may have been the second one, with the first being their date night going to see Solo and laughing at people in a VR place, and ending with Jenny "silly walking" while wearing his hoodie.) It was just the 2 of them at a fancy bar where they lit her drink on fire and you could hear her excited screaming about it. He was doing little characters of like a guy in a 1930s speak easy and she was recording.

750ed No.7192

Is that the one where the only visible sign of her is that her rucksack was there.

56f44 No.7193

I dont think so, i think that was much later. i dont remember seeing any visual sign of her at all in the ones im talking about, just hearing her voice off camera.

750ed No.7194

Yeah the heady days of following Max's instagram stories to keep track of Jenny's movements. They all kind of blend into one.

I remember religiously following Steve Zaragoza's stories as well because she occasionally popped up there.

Truly halcyon days.

750ed No.7195

Is it not a vape pen.

b6300 No.7196

so.. are people really maintaining that she went on like 30 dates with a notorious pushy, tricky sex fiend and .. they didn't do it

98f58 No.7197

Pure until marriage.

6c65a No.7198

Jenny didn't read Joe Rohde's tweet, he explicitly says it wasn't an oil rig at all.

4b0a8 No.7199

As stupid as she can be at times, I don’t think she was that dumb to sleep with him. Also, I don’t think Landis would’ve told that Ambien story if he had slept with her. There would be no reason for offense at sexual come on‘s or remarks if they had bedded down. I don’t believe she’s a virgin, but the prude cock tease stories do make the most sense. I also don’t think Landis would still be bleating on that he missed her; a person like that doesn’t bemoan a conquest. This was an unrequited bang.

7665f No.7200

griffin if anyone, but tbh any fan could come up with at least that much as she was already doing patreon rambles at the time.
what are the odds she means the can. like " you cant pour liquid into it its ornamental"

750ed No.7201

They weren't dates. Landis has an incredibly particular type, skinny waifish blonde girls.

Landis 100% didn't use Jenny for sex, he didn't need to. I think he just found her funny and liked spending time with her.

ff08f No.7202

> I think he just found her funny and liked spending time with her
his little black book suggests any hot woman who would let him was fair game.

b6300 No.7203

can you cap it for us

b6300 No.7204

>a type
a full-time sex fiend and ironist not ever going far-against your type for fun is inconceivable

39f7c No.7205

I think that was from her coming back from Disneyworld.

750ed No.7206

>hot woman
Landis has a whole other standard of hot woman than plebs like us, he's emotionally manipulating wannabe actresses not wannabe writers.

He's living on another plane of existence.

39f7c No.7207

But Max’s girlfriends aren’t hot, they’re just blonde Jenny’s with flatter ends.

56f44 No.7208

he went after Fiona Dourif and Hannah Marks who have dark hair.
He tweeted jenny to get a better camera and she responded by asking him to hang out with her, he knew it would be no challenge to get it in her from literally their first ever interaction. they banged 100%.

66c1c No.7209

holy shit. I just looked it up and this never happened. two people asked it this was true and never once insulted jenny or suggested shes a liar.

750ed No.7210

"went after", according to whom? He's a weird guy who acts weirdly around everyone.

A woman interpreting him acting weird as him making a pass at you is just proof that you have basic self esteem. If everyone is saying this guy is a rapist/sex pest, you're gonna revaluate every weird/off-colour thing he's ever said to you.

You can believe Max fucked Jenny if you want but you might as well think he fucked Bailey. At least she actively defended him on twitter for a while.

Basically you're down a path where you think he fucked every girl he ever interacted with, this is ridiculous.

Whitney Moore, Ani Baker, his current one Noelle. These are objectively attractive women. They're skinny but that's clearly how he likes it.

Max is a weird one, I've followed him for a long, long time, ironically it was him who put me on to Jenn, and tbh I think Jenny was a much, much smaller part of his life than a lot of people here would like to think.

66c1c No.7211

>Jenny was a much, much smaller part of his life
so are most of his lays.
i dont think it happened, but i think he wanted it to, and i wouldnt be surprised if his drug induced text was some sort of invitation.

b6300 No.7212

File: 1612310401268-0.jpg (76.21 KB, 340x622, 170:311, ruong.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612310401268-1.jpeg (79.96 KB, 827x881, 827:881, EtPrxTlVEAAVT62.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612310401268-2.jpeg (166.79 KB, 1080x887, 1080:887, EtPrxTmVoAAfhaY.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

(never mind i dun it)
you can see for yourself I think Jenny and bailey are wrong. they're just reading a thing the way they want it to be readable(?) which its not

b6300 No.7213

pic 2 is the black one btw

b6300 No.7214

I don't buy into any of this ambien sexual shit. as if he's not extremely lewd in his jokes and everything in real life. he's "sex positive" etc. it doesn't make any sense for jenny to be offended by sexual texts, or a sexual come on, given that's what she wanted.
to me it must have been something that insulted her or, you know, if you image search 'ambien texts' it's all stuff like "i bljgg iiff ddor skf/?" which to me suggests that he made the whole thing up as a way to act like he did something 'embarrassing' but which actually isn't anything bad compared to his well documented real actions

750ed No.7215

What I think has been lost in all of this is that Jenny kicked that whole thing off by quote tweeting SarahZ and essentially calling her out for being simplistic and wrong.

I've always thought Jenny doesn't like her, even as she was trying to weedle her way into the Lindsay Ellis breadtube social group. I can't even remember why but I remember thinking that there's a tension there. Obviously it all got interrupted by the pandemic before it could unfold any further.

47b46 No.7216

he asked Fiona Dourif into his office, showed him his list of sexual conquests, and asked what she looks like naked while she worked for him, sorry for interpreting that as him going after her.

b6300 No.7217

File: 1612311601032.jpeg (47.21 KB, 970x546, 485:273, elmer_fudd_jpg.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>defunctland: disneycult is so unhinged that I hide my face for my safety

b6300 No.7218

not part of this argument but remember aiming to fuck someone and aiming to just degrade/humiliate them are sometimes separate ambitions

750ed No.7219

Yeah if you imagine it all happening at once. It would come across like that.

You have to remember Max has a personality disorder, he's on the anti-social spectrum. He had to go to a special school when he was a kid. He's the type of guy who wouldn't think anything of asking someone what they looked like naked or who wouldn't realise showing people your list of sexual conquests is a weird thing to do.

99ca3 No.7220

>I've always thought Jenny doesn't like her,
me too, there must have been some minor incident that was discussed here and we just forgot.

72be4 No.7221


Lindsay despises Sarah Z, she's said multiple times on stream that her analyses are overlong and simplistic. Particular scorn is reserved for the recent Supernatural video, where Sarah found out a foreign dub was actually fake but kept it in the video for no reason

3d7de No.7222

i'm confident that it was mentioned that jenny hated her onceler video

72be4 No.7223

To me sarah is whatever, i'm not like a huge fan of her to be honest but I liked the onceler video

99ca3 No.7224

b6300 No.7225

oh… i thought jenny had a policy of acting strictly as if the seuss ip does not exist.. for strategic reasons

3d7de No.7226

you are one bad car anon
it was just sky, i can't honestly remember what was said but she hated it, she would of said if jenny liked it.

83f71 No.7227

didnt she admit to looking whoish

b6300 No.7228

File: 1612316944694.png (128.06 KB, 360x450, 4:5, Audrey_Dr._Seuss_Lorax.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh wait yeah but it was cindy lou who doesn't even have the seuss face

39f7c No.7229

> this never happened. two people asked it this was true and never once insulted jenny or suggested shes a liar.

Jenny does that all the time, she tweets and out of 80 replies 1-5 people say they disagree she’ll post about how she’s being attacked by a bunch of people and defend herself.

She’s turned into a hugely defensive drama Queen who needs CONSTANT reassurance that she’s amazing and right.

39f7c No.7230


Been reading Jenny tweets for 4 years, don’t think she’s ever, ever admitted to being wrong, I think her brain would probably short circuit.

Tells ya everything you need to know about her.

b6300 No.7231

>Tells ya everything you need to know about her.
that she doesn't make mistakes. damn what a top babe

47b46 No.7232

will jenny comment on the adam driver drama or will her boner for him prevent her from acknowledging it.

72be4 No.7233

What's happening???

4b0a8 No.7234

Apparently he’s beating down some 80-year-old Portuguese lady while filming the death of Don Quixote.

72be4 No.7235

Must have said Kylo Ren is a bad character

47b46 No.7236

He also apparently had a clause in his contract that none of the crew members are allowed to look at him and some got fired for doing so. lol what a chad.

b6300 No.7237

that's not what a chad is like, rather:
>Hey so you're the 'coffee boy'? ha, that's awesome dude. I'm one of the actors

b6300 No.7238

File: 1612330496674-0.jpg (14.81 KB, 495x60, 33:4, howdid.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612330496674-1.jpg (59.26 KB, 520x700, 26:35, 1471307726516.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

how did… its from the day of her viral video. also an art from the thread.

reading these old threads make me feel bad because she was actually relevant to tv and film and now she isn't. i only found her from you guys posts around TROS time but since then she became legitimately nothing do with movies and i can only agree i deserve to get banned for posting her. brorn too late

but then i remember yes, she was /mlp/'s before she was tv/'s so fuckin… is there a toys board? probably but .. i dont want to become some legit p*do

98f58 No.7239

File: 1612330621021.png (232.11 KB, 360x730, 36:73, 12365436576547654376354763….png) ImgOps iqdb

>i dont want to become some legit p*do
Don't worry, it's not pedo if it's ageplay.

13070 No.7240

File: 1612334795423.mp4 (1.14 MB, 480x852, 40:71, 46348304_331616630972394_3….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

No. I think that was just before he went to his little cult getaway. Max spent the days leading up to it with close friends (which I guess included Jenny).

>now she isn't
Honestly, it's mostly just fun-posting for me these days. I was actually upset that one of my Jenny threads turned into an on-topic thread not too long ago… I didn't really care about that show Clarice.

2d5de No.7241

this is like one of the worst clips you'd ever see on musically
i hate him so bad

98f58 No.7242

>i hate him so bad
Calm down with the virtue signalling, Bailey.

9cf40 No.7243

File: 1612337336667-0.jpg (41.36 KB, 448x604, 112:151, 22636_1328883894707_128417….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612337336667-1.png (19.73 KB, 558x236, 279:118, TreeofLife.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Jenny really glowed up after high school.

On insta when asked if he was still cool with Jenny he said she turned out to be a Hollywood type friend". It's posted on the earlier threads.

> I always thought Jenny didn't like SarahZ

Jenny doesn't hangout with girls unless they're fat, ultra plain or have/had a dick, this is a verified FACT. Jenny doesn't like friends who'd outshine her and Sarahs massive tits would make Jenny feel insecure in comparison to her twitter audience.

Kevin swooping in trying to get that Jenny Puss by mocking what is basically his entire channel and both their passions of exacting details of theme parks to make her feel better.

I thought all Jenny threads were banned on 4chan?

98f58 No.7244

File: 1612337612183.jpg (68.41 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 443f0586ffc3ac9ed1cb2eebd8….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>first pic
<elf maiden facing two orcs, second age, colorized

9cf40 No.7246

File: 1612338323272-0.png (316.91 KB, 547x676, 547:676, Baileystheworst1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612338323272-1.png (15.13 KB, 559x192, 559:192, Baileystheworst2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612338323272-2.png (331.44 KB, 542x587, 542:587, Baileystheworst3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612338323272-3.png (554.62 KB, 840x827, 840:827, Baileystheworst4.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

By the way, Baileys the fucking worst.

She went on a birthright trip to Israel and anytime someone says something about Bernie she implies they picked him because they're anti-Semitic BUT when Bernie came out against Israeli policy on Palestinians.

2d5de No.7247

File: 1612338493914.jpg (21.02 KB, 328x239, 328:239, whoisthatguy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>I thought all Jenny threads were banned on 4chan?
every fucking week the same posturing comment. "ehuhu, i thought…"

>Landis spent three years there, where the faculty doled out punishments and restriction of privileges for any behavior that could be "associated with not having empathy "
holy shit lmao this guy is really like some dexter shit.
>max landis: [has Antisocial Personality Disorder, conditioned with electric shocks not to hurt people so that he's allowed out of an institute]
>jenny: It's like I've known him all my life. Who *is* that guy?

98f58 No.7248

Yo, seriously, I noticed that earlier. It's pretty wacky how quick any Jew will turn on their own the moment they step out of line.

9cf40 No.7249

> same posturing comment

The fuck are you talking about?

A. Go ahead and get fucked 180 degrees my guy.

B. Get fucked the other 180 you cunt.

C. The entire reason badcars exists is because Jenny became a banned topic on 4chan then general 8chan boards so we started /jenny/ until that was nuked and we came here. Why the fuck are you retards here if Jenny topics aren't instantly banned anymore?

9cf40 No.7250

File: 1612339338900-0.jpg (186.06 KB, 725x662, 725:662, cd73c5ebeb5aa028e4bdf1253f….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612339338900-1.jpg (55.39 KB, 572x800, 143:200, CEeIVXKUsAAB8HZ.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612339338900-2.jpg (179.47 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, D4PvQqeW4AA6kNt.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612339338900-3.jpg (138.68 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DP8nR8mV4AAhcEY.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I don't know what this is, are you trying to start a rare off or cute off?

98f58 No.7251

File: 1612339457915.jpg (88.75 KB, 330x629, 330:629, 6acab3c4ac03fdf960f05d4668….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

You seem upset.
>The entire reason badcars exists is because Jenny became a banned topic on 4chan
Uh, people from 4chan are plainly welcomed to be here but the existence of badcars has absolutely nothing to do with whatever happens with that site beyond welcome refugees.

I'm just trying to meme and getting bullied for it ;-;

2d5de No.7252

>the first pic
how can her face look the best it ever has and the worst it ever has, in the same scene ? by taking off a hat?
i guess, but… woah

9cf40 No.7253


This place was made for true Jenny fans who lost their /jenny/ home on 8chan.

The refugees, or filth behind closed doors, are without rares or the insights we collected, without honeysuckle level knowhow you ain't a Jennyfag.

2d5de No.7254

well, the 8 era fans did have that one massive oversight in investigating but lets not talk about it

98f58 No.7255

A spell called "glamour", must have had it attached to her hat on one of the days before her snail cream arrived.

>The refugees, or filth behind closed doors, are without rares or the insights we collected, without honeysuckle level knowhow you ain't a Jennyfag.
[applauds in corrupt elitist]

13070 No.7256

File: 1612341156277.mp4 (579.5 KB, 480x852, 40:71, 48175274_2222647734657343_….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>i hate him so bad
Women love him though.

>more infighting

You guys have been so rambunctious lately. I blame Jenny for blue-balling everyone on several different fronts (would it kill her to post a selfie?).

98f58 No.7257

>(would it kill her to post a selfie?).
<not knowing that we keep the selfies on the secret board that jenny's on 24/7

2d5de No.7258

he finally found jenny who found this charming
>[sprays silly string over her]
>haha! more!! put it on my lips!

13070 No.7259

File: 1612342184943-0.png (48.73 KB, 930x462, 155:77, EtSS10OUYAM6OHY-orig.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612342184943-1.png (35.62 KB, 878x409, 878:409, EtSd_qIUYAIY-iI-orig.png) ImgOps iqdb

How about sharing one… just one!? I'm starving over here.
<Jenny resorting to Vimeo
Can't blame her, that constant copyright bullshit must be irritating.

4b3e1 No.7260

I still blame the pandemic. We’ve had very little to talk about for almost a year now. Tensions are running high.

11dcc No.7261

>haha! more!! put it on my lips!
Good. Lord.

2d5de No.7262

>percy jackson
i dunno if i want to watch this. its literally for 8 year olds. i know one kid now nine who is OVER percy jackson.
The fact is i feel icky at the thought of learning about that shit because of imagining this interaction
>i'm reading percy
>oh i know him..
>aren't you a grown up? … are you one of those a weirdos?
and i'm thinking about jenny and those playgrounds that they put at parks "no adult not accompanied by a child" because .. after a certain age, a person interested in childrens activities can be a bad thing. as in, not just because they're a nerd, but..

4edc0 No.7263

Have to agree with Bailey on this point, Landis is an absolute fuckstick of the highest order. I don't even care that he choked those bitches, anyone that can spend more than fifteen minutes in the company of Landis without stabbing themselves or him in the eye with a fork must only be there for career advancement. It really shows Jenny true character actually, that she could abide this dude, especially as he'd already had his first round of #metoo.
I think you're overthinking this lad. Just because you sit down and read Harry Potter doesn't mean you're going to abduct a child off the street. Just read the shit and don't tell anyone. Young adult fiction is nice sometimes, like having Mcdonalds for dinner.

2d5de No.7264

>young adult
>Common Sense Media rates the Percy Jackson books as for kids aged 9–10

2d5de No.7265

>jenny abide
is it a moral failing because advancement over everything, or is it that she's got the same disorder and she really is right on his wavelength?
the my rich dad taught me nothing i do is ever wrong wavelength

4edc0 No.7266

>is it a moral failing because advancement over everything, or is it that she's got the same disorder and she really is right on his wavelength?
Now that's the million dollar question right there. That question should somehow be crafted into the mission statement of the entire website.

f84b4 No.7267

File: 1612344627265.png (131.63 KB, 598x451, 598:451, 2021-02-03 04.29.09 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

Would you let Bailey step on you?

303a5 No.7268

File: 1612366888364-0.jpeg (504.04 KB, 750x1013, 750:1013, FFC8004B-DAD0-4271-89F6-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612366888364-1.jpeg (254.18 KB, 750x595, 150:119, 669D86FF-6218-48FA-9F21-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612366888364-2.jpeg (412.17 KB, 750x1093, 750:1093, EE37AF6F-C398-444E-83C7-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

1. 1,700 new patrons last month changed Jenny’s mind about actively promoting her Patreon every month now.

2. YouTube has just started responding to her public complaints without being tagged.

3. Jenny’s can’t do wrong attitude is gonna bite her in the ass one day like constantly threatening to sue.

3d7de No.7269

>don't want to be a pedo
>posts on /tv/
you aint foolin noone kid

64a5b No.7270

anyone have a link to the ramble

f84b4 No.7271

File: 1612379123192.mp4 (7.82 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, zlAeLttsmo95Q_l5.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Jenny tells Youtube to go fuck itself and has her new ramble up on vimeo, which, because she's the queen of diplomacy, she also decides to shit talk? Whatever: https://vimeo.com/507871797/f91ace1118

7665f No.7272

bj joke?

4b0a8 No.7273

Unpack is the new Parasocial.

f84b4 No.7274

>jenny will never yell your name while opening her mouth really wide

2d5de No.7275

File: 1612391922255.jpg (65.76 KB, 602x368, 301:184, cunt.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>cunt voice: erm, it was trending
being a twitter user already makes you a certain level of what used to be called a bug person -soulless being that doesn't exist outside of their participation in culture - but actually looking at the fucking 'trending topics' and engaging with that? dismal

f84b4 No.7276

She needs a hobby. Or a bf.

633a0 No.7277

This is the chrissy teagan tweet right? It's not like you have to go to trending topics to see it. Twitter literally shows you the tweets that lots of people are replying to and engaging with regardless.

You understand that twitter is literally part of Jenny's job right. She needs engagement. Twitter likes leads to youtube views leads to patreon subscriptions.

Every twitter trend she doesn't engage with is an opportunity missed.

2d5de No.7278

>Twitter literally shows you
anyone with a functioning mind turns that algo shit off at the start of course

83f71 No.7279

teigens a cunt too to be fair.

303a5 No.7280

> umm it was trending

Yeah, what’s Jenny gonna do not shit on her? Remember how Jenny whined about her sonic gameplay being shared on Twitter and a bunch of Sonic players mocked her and how mean that was for strangers to attack her…

It’s like Jenny has no sense of how big a hypocrite she is.

303a5 No.7281

File: 1612398387088-0.jpeg (742.57 KB, 750x1266, 125:211, 96DE1A24-6B71-4344-A6D3-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612398387088-1.jpeg (375.03 KB, 750x738, 125:123, 3B837E97-81F9-494A-8E27-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

So Alexandra is basically what Jenny’s hot older sister would look like if she had one.

Like Jenny is perpetually stuck in cute mode and Alexandra would’ve balanced that out.

fc4d8 No.7283

File: 1612405313508.jpeg (312.73 KB, 750x776, 375:388, F1D7AC00-1A34-4604-BDC1-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>>7280 (You)
Also Jenny saying Chrissy accidentally spending 13k on wine is disrespectful to people who’ve lost their jobs is insane! She paid for a 4 person multi day cross state road trip to buy a $2000 plush spider and turned it into a monetized vlog!

Where are the diehard Jenny defenders here to justify Jenny’s hypocrisy tweet of the day

f84b4 No.7284


2d5de No.7285

>and turned it into a monetized vlog
well you have to account for - whether its true, i can't be bothered to think - that jenny says this means it's her work. entertaining people by that video required that expenditure.

99ca3 No.7286

thats a good point
theres not much difference between teigens disappointing wine experience and jenny's disappointing copyright experience.
jenny even made thousands off it, didnt stop her from whining about it constantly.

64a5b No.7287

The buffy dissing here is so dumb, she doesn't even mention that BUFFY HAD JOKES IN IT and TVD IS JOYLESS

4b0a8 No.7288

But people of color! Joss bad! Unpack!!!

f84b4 No.7289

File: 1612413447399-0.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, EtWLMVHUYAEqPK3.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612413447399-1.jpg (514.56 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, EtWLMVDUcAAUIAP.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612413447399-2.png (204.94 KB, 598x646, 299:323, 2021-02-03 23.35.53 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

5909d No.7290

I always think back to Bailey saying that we pick on Jenny and her here but most of us think Jenny is hot and follow jenny, what is she projecting / thinking?

2d5de No.7291

>day 1 mention being bi and ogle a female character
>day 2 post pics from when hanging out with that lesbian (just me and her in pics)
fortifications coming along nicely

2d5de No.7292

File: 1612415902224.jpg (6.63 KB, 400x405, 80:81, muh.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>most of us think Jenny is hot
now that's an understatement. I'm at grimmie-fan levels in that department. lucky she's too spoiled to actually love

09ceb No.7293

Update on this shirt: the printing did not survive the first wash. It almost completely came off in the washing machine leaving little flakes of the print everywhere.

Thanks a lot Jenny… now I have to run a lint roller over everything that was in with your shitty shirt. Choose a better brand next time, Jen.

>I'm at grimmie-fan levels

2d5de No.7294

…why does she like the show Hannibal so much..? of all shows

2d5de No.7295

neither of my statements are true, i just wanted to do my joke. she's not too spoiled - i don't even remember what i don't like about her. I think maybe she's just boring, at least since anything that's not brand got packed away forever

705a4 No.7296

Did we ever find out what colour that chicks thong was?

2d5de No.7297

Actually enjoying the ramblr video. Sory Jeny for saying your contents shit 140 times on here. Also now that i think about it my percy is for 8 year olds complaint doesn't hold up because so is star wars

fc4d8 No.7298

> Enjoying the Percy ramble

Like more than usual or do you enjoy all the rambles?

Also it’s still valid to call Percy a kids series even if Star Wars also was, sometimes art transcends but most times it doesn’t.

ff08f No.7299

> It almost completely came off in the washing machine
jenny's haters should buy the shitty shirts just to publicly shame her
well she certainly wasn't wearing white that week! i made that joke before but nobody cared and its really good so i just want to put it out there again

18a9d No.7300

Jenny has officially passed Lindsay Ellis in number of patrons. I was wondering how many of last months new patrons would stick around vs how many just wanted to see the VPD video early. Seems most have stuck around. Of all the breadtubers, Jenny is the only one who has never had even a single regressive month on her patreon, she has finished every month with more patrons then the previous month. It seems like there has to be a point when that stops being true and I thought it might be this month but nope. Im not usually one to cheer on jenny's success but it is fun to see her doing better by herself then the ring leader is doing with a full team.

2d5de No.7301

webmanon might like to cap her impression at 39:50 in ramble

ff08f No.7302

"powerful jenny" scares me. she has the means, influence, and drive to do whatever she wants. this is how pizzagate shit starts.

3d7de No.7303

red bubble are just a middleman, they outsource the tshirt to a print shop who sends it directly to you there is no quality control and they don't care. also this method of heat press transfer is real amateur level stuff, it's too boring to explain why you can't screen print high color depths and too expensive to offer dyesub to people who want a one off tshirt for a family trip to disneyland where they all wear matching shirts with their names on.

fc4d8 No.7304

> Jenny has officially passed Lindsay Ellis in number of patrons

She was like 400 patrons behind 2 days ago…ohhh, Lindsey had a 300 patron drop so far this month.

Yeah, it’s incredibly Jennys numbers never fall and without an editor or researchers it’s all going into her pocket, typically she’d have some tweet zinger for passing Ellis but Jenny never acknowledges how many thousands pay her probably so people do t realize she makes 30k a month but complains about copyright issues.

18a9d No.7305

30k is a conservative estimate at this point, especially since nearly all the the new sign ups are for $5 and up tiers. Every patreon account loses followers on the first of the month through a combo of people cancelling and credit cards failing. But its only the 4th and Jenny has already regained all she lost on the 1st and then some. Lindsay losing that many followers isnt out of the ordinary and she'll remake a lot of those throughout the month, but Jenny just has an obscene retention rate. I think its because she actually makes content specific to her patreon which i dont think any of the others do. hard to find a reason to support ellis when she goes several months without new videos, while the ramble is guaranteed new content every month. plus as someone mentioned jenny is actually promoting the patreon more now. Its insane that she'll pass Hbomb and red letter media pretty soon.

2d5de No.7306

you think about her complaints wrong. she's the boss now. if putin tells some administrator to fix his shit, the guy doesn't say "but he has a bigger house than me why is he whining?". he fucking sweats while he tries to fix his shit. you tube vinmeo and patron all learning how things are gonna be done around here now

fc4d8 No.7307

> Jenny promoting her Patreon

Yup, she got the equivalent of 3-4 months patrons in 2 weeks complaining about copyrights and promoting the channel so I think she’ll keep doing it. She probably thought it was beneath her to talk about the patron but man if she said you can catch 50 extra videos on my patron on that BD video she’d probably have 10k subs now.

> you tube vinmeo and patron all learning how things are gonna be done around here now

I doubt YouTube is scared of Jenny “6 vids a year” Nicholson.

fc4d8 No.7308

File: 1612489504368-0.jpeg (544.26 KB, 750x1093, 750:1093, AFBE4099-7EF2-4CAE-B71A-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612489504369-1.jpeg (584.99 KB, 750x1073, 750:1073, 942FBCD6-97F2-46B6-BF75-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Annndddd Jenny started following him. Telling you fellas, you wanna bang Jenny you gotta buy some dumb weird shit and invite Jenny to come by and check it out over drinks.

13070 No.7309

>Jenny has officially passed Lindsay Ellis in number of patrons
Literally unstoppable. She's going to be making OnlyFans money real soon ($100k+/mo).

I'm planning to build a dark ride in my "Free Alcohol" van.

dc147 No.7310

These affluent people with creative jobs and childlike obsessions all come across as pedophiles,Jenny included. They're all like low tier Michael Jacksons and Willie Wonkas, you would NOT leave your children alone with them.

2d5de No.7311

nooo you can't say that, that's the elephant… shut up!!

2ad4f No.7312

>you will never be a little boy cornered by jenny in a dark corner of some convention

2d5de No.7313

Ellis has been held up as the illustration that donors don't jump ship when the woman gets old but… maybe signs of hope

2d5de No.7314

her impression of snoke talking to young ben solo, is actually her real voice slipping out

18a9d No.7315

nah i dont think so, as I said every patreon account including jenny lose patrons on the first of the month. ellis has even had negative months over the years but the general trend is still upwards, and in months where she releases a new video she gets a ton of new patrons.

2ad4f No.7316

<i sense a powerful force within you
<let me help you release it

dc147 No.7317

I feel like if patreons were available to be floated on the share market a lot of anons here would make some money.

09ceb No.7318

Are Beanie Babies an appropriate subject for a video during Black History Month?

2d5de No.7319

she should rush out a McDonalds video

79923 No.7320

How about rating 40 ounce bottles?

610a2 No.7321

File: 1612517175534.jpg (70.51 KB, 728x521, 728:521, Screenshot 2021-02-05 2024….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

No wonder Bailey is such a mess, she doesn't even have the presence of mind to be able to watch a television show without having one eye on twitter. Live in the moment, BaiBai.

09ceb No.7322

I would love to see Jenny pound some malt liquor and give a drunken review of it immediately after.

I like the intro and "Previously On" bits of D+ shows, gives it time for the 4K stream to really settle in.

79923 No.7323

>I would love to see Jenny pound some malt liquor and give a drunken review of it immediately after.
Special guests Bailey and Ellis?

09ceb No.7324

I wouldn't mind seeing one of Jenny's lesser known friends, time to push Bailey off her coattails… and Ellis is disgusting.

ff08f No.7325

Jenny claimed that it was misogyny that there was no equivalent to the "childless adult/childless weirdo" name given to women like her. but thats because men who go to kids events are just called pedophiles
the return of griffin.

610a2 No.7326

File: 1612553906181.jpg (94.91 KB, 850x567, 850:567, jdhd7d6736235353.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>asks for advice
>gets angry when given advice
Why are they like this? Maybe it's a side effect of the drug. Anyone familiar with effexor? Is it a notorious anti depressant or is it pretty run of the mill?

83f71 No.7327

"manic episodes" is common among anti depressants, i think its just run of the mill.

79923 No.7328

She shouldn't be taking pills in the first place. I'm sure drinking and smoking as much as she does doesn't do much help mixing in with that stuff in her system, either. She needs emotional support and somebody to keep her in her place.

9076e No.7329

She asked for advice about the nausea and the guy said to stop taking the pills - nothing to do with the nausea.

Do you not get it?

2d5de No.7330

>"manic episodes" is common among anti depressants
….uh oh

3d7de No.7331

his advice, while off topic, did address her point; stopping the meds would probably have stopped the nausia.
here is my advice bailey, move out of LA, get off twitter, find a normal job and a normal man to marry and you probably won't need the pills.

also, if you are so keen to listen to your doctor why the fuck are you soliciting advice from random strangers in the first place? ask a stupid question…

2d5de No.7332

so why did jenny say (pre-pandemic) that she can't film in any public place without a camera MAN to accompany her? In one ramble she sputteringly trailed off about there was an emphatic reason but, er, "if you can't understand.. you just never will" or some shit like that

3d7de No.7333

because when she is out with a man non of you basement creeps have the nerve to bother her

2d5de No.7334

but there's never been any inkling of a suggestion that any fan or hater ever wanted to do that

2d5de No.7335

or do you just mean the ambient, environmental creeps that litter the towns.. waiting for a specifically socially anxious girl with a big hat to hide her vulnerability, capering in front of a camera with snarky soundbites

2d5de No.7336

wait i forgot about s*ber, n/m

3d7de No.7337

its warranted based on some previous 'fan' interactions. as queen of /tv/ she has reason to be concerned about the kind of people who are interested in her.
exactly lol

2d5de No.7338

he was not a 'fan' though, last i heard he went to her school

3d7de No.7339

well why don't you tweet her and explain that she is being overly precautious about nothing then, she will surely appreciate it.

2d5de No.7340

i said n/m, i was just saying /tv/ is off the hook

dd82e No.7341

File: 1612572588130.jpeg (319.38 KB, 750x735, 50:49, 804E14AD-03EB-41CE-9ED3-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

So is Jenny over Star Wars and Disney or…?

dd82e No.7342


Except the camera man she found fir star wars convention was Kat.

7665f No.7343

File: 1612574062512.jpg (41.25 KB, 573x380, 573:380, griffinriseup.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

as far as i know he wasn't. she claimed an "old friend" was stalking her but we dont know who she meant. my moneys on griffin
doesnt want to be molested, griffin did nothing as that guy asked to slap her ass so idk what she thinks a mans going to do.

7c4ad No.7344

what will it say about how jenny thinks of her "sister" if Lindsay is the cameraman for the Nintendo Land video she's gonna make this year.

2d5de No.7345

File: 1612575460392.jpg (12.7 KB, 610x85, 122:17, gay.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>on groof
nah he's homo now

66c1c No.7346

one like. oof.

82562 No.7347

I'm not on Patreon. Is there a difference between the two Percy Jackson posts on there?

dd82e No.7348

File: 1612583162519.jpeg (607.49 KB, 750x1055, 150:211, 01B95602-EA89-4B68-82A4-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Her jokes remind me of a slightly more adult Jenny.

2d5de No.7349

i watched that vid and yeah quite uncanny. didn't get the jokes though.
its jew so on the real tv haha

2d5de No.7350

oh by uncanny i mean she looks like jenny and sounds a bit like her and is using comedy as a pretext for exhibitionism

dd82e No.7351

Yeah no I got ya, and her whole joke is about how nobody wants to get on a cruise ship.

Gave me a big, isn’t my “China Beach voiceover is funny? cause it’s an old show” vibe.

338bb No.7352

She was good friends with Max until he was cancelled. he really does have a type.

2d5de No.7353

oh wow lmao. There you go Jenny, eat fucking shit haha - he just thought you were this bitch.

(I wish Jenny the best except when it comes to do with anything to do with liking max. I hope she suffers for that. People who aren't averse to obvious ""charmers"" anger me more than the psychos themselves, probably because it would be very easy for me to do what he does and reap the returns, but I refrain out of, you know respect for human beings. Someone like Jenny is humanity saying 'um, like ok loser?')

2d5de No.7354

Jesus christ i watched it again - this is a professional comedian. People are treating her as funny because her schtick is speaking in the cadence of a toddler, and they're getting turned on.
>m-make more videos. yeah oh these are funny, yeah

2d5de No.7355

(oh the first thing you see on her twitter is her friend describing her cooingly, adoringly as having "the gait of a toddler" so i'm not exaggerating, even though i'd thought i was).
all the comments on her shit like
>ohh you're Little Esther, oh yes you are
>ooh-waa baby said a sex word, oh naughty

This shit is fucking me up is this how people see jenny fans?

610a2 No.7356

File: 1612592980488.gif (836.39 KB, 512x512, 1:1, fdbc5878033e48396a638b1859….gif) ImgOps iqdb

>anons discovering their first "I'm a sexy baby" chick.
Calm down virgins, it doesn't make you a molester.

2d5de No.7357

betty boop was a vamp though people didn't pretend she's good at comedy.
But yeah i dunno why im goin so nuts. ok its cos looking up this bitch and seeing that whole scene with her and max landis and other cunts, making youtube pieces of shit and lame podcasts but getting into the real industry from that because it's all connections.

338bb No.7358

File: 1612595817981.png (46.78 KB, 600x370, 60:37, Baileyesther.png) ImgOps iqdb

Also Bailey was a big fan of Esther's show. Guess she has a type as well.

2d5de No.7359

(I fee like I should clarify, I don't think anything he did to the women is actually bad. I just dislike his fake/affected "passionate" manner. Asking a woman to be crying for sex and grabbing their necks and shit, that's just… like everyone would agree that's fun and games until there's some profit to be had from saying otherwise. Choking/crying/hard slap etc - come on its just spice. Now, maybe THIS is jenny's point of view on the whole thing, being very familiar with that dynamic from all her tumblr/romance book non-con material?)

f46d3 No.7360

File: 1612601632458-0.png (315.89 KB, 655x787, 655:787, choppychoppy.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612601632458-1.png (133.05 KB, 1518x1329, 506:443, Jendonation.png) ImgOps iqdb

In case anyone was wondering how much Jenny is willing to give for causes she apparently cares about, its $100. If we conservatively estimate she had $30,000 put into her bank account on the first, thats 0.333% of her patreon income she's willing to part with to help someone else. Like its a shit cause to begin with, but if you are going to pretend to care at least do better then $100 jenny.

610a2 No.7361

She is one tight fisted little chick, that's for sure.

2d5de No.7362

when i was assaulted with the left pic on her tl i thought "what would make her mess up her cute tl with [what she knows deep down is a disgusting shock image] complete with the trashy slob's ugly sweary words"? and i thought probably she was put under some social expectation to pay but sacrificed her tl in lieu.
The hundred is like 'and technically i gave something'

4e15a No.7363

File: 1612603018152.webm (3.75 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, maxuncancelled.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Dont worry, Max declared himself uncancelled today because its just too exhausting to be cancelled so hes just not going to be anymore. Its a bold strategy cotton lets see if it pays off for him

2d5de No.7364

>i'm a teacher now
i uh… not sure why that got slipped in there

610a2 No.7365

Yeah Max, you are well and truly done. What is he teaching I wonder? Must be something to do with scriptwriting, but it couldn't be for any institution, who would hire him?

4e15a No.7366

Glass Planet Consulting, his consulting business where he is supposed to be trying to help young writers improve their scripts. he even offered to do it for free for people that cant afford it. cant think of any possible ulterior motive he might have…

2d5de No.7367

File: 1612606729159.jpg (94.56 KB, 645x647, 645:647, underrated.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

isn't this imageboard comment style? is she been lyin about not reading chans?

dd82e No.7368

> This shit is fucking me up is this how people see jenny fans?

Yes. It’s actually super obvious how overblown praise for Jenny is. I saw it when people started tweeting they play her videos on repeat in the background like its their Spotify playlist.

They don’t not even care about her content they just like hearing her in their apartment, she can literally talk about anything hence beanie babies videos.

dd82e No.7369

> Trans asks for $5,000 and Jenny gives $100

That’s hilarious! Jenny makes that much in 5 days.
She even put her real name on the donation so she thinks $100 is a lot of money!

>> 7361

> Jenny’s tight fisted

That’s the IMPRESSION Jenny gives off to seem normal but she’s quite the spender and orders GH almost daily.

She spent 20x that $100 on the spider not including travel costs, at least 3x that on a Disneyland hotel room to get priority first day access to Star Wars land AFTER seeing it in a preview showing and what, 15x-20x on her gaming PC she doesn’t even use anymore.

His last gf was a teacher.

2d5de No.7370

look i dont want to rain on your parade but if you can't understand that the spider and the hotel actually were expenses that she invested that produced profitable return, since this has already been then pointed out to you, i can only say "this is why you will always be poor"

2d5de No.7371

She retweeted something about armie hammer
>chelsea cannibal good
>landis kinks good
>someone she isn't friends with same things: bad

2d5de No.7372

File: 1612642249107.jpg (144.97 KB, 1241x429, 1241:429, sowhite.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

also will bailey chew out jenny for perpetuating jewish identity erasure

99ca3 No.7373

is she for rent? we could get her to do a sexual jenny parody
is jenny doing this to fuck with this kid? "bottom surgery"? welcome to hell on earth kiddo.
hes not ok is he.

dd82e No.7374

> Spider video paid for itself

Maybe if she had only paid the 1k but unlikely spider video posted in August during lockdown with 570k views total repaid at least 3k in expenses. Jenny bought it because she could and add to her brand of “I’m fuckable but also quirky”.

> This is why you’ll always be poor

Didn’t think this is what we’re about but I can tell you with 100% certainty I’ve got more cash than you.

2d5de No.7375

you contradict yourself though
>Jenny bought it because she could and add to her brand of “I’m fuckable but also quirky”.
yeah now amortise that

2d5de No.7376

i think i use the wrong term, i mean calculate the return on that investment

6da8a No.7377

You have to take Lindsay leeching for most of the year into account with Jenny's financial situation

13070 No.7378

>paying $100 to help someone horribly mutilate themselves
The MtF reassignment surgery is so gruesome that it borders on medieval torture. I can't believe so many people (Jenny included) would pay to torture and kill this person.

Sounds like advice his dad gave him; "Max, you can't let mistakes cut your career short. No matter how bad it gets, you can't lose your head over it… there comes a time to just say "Fuck it!" and move on with your life."

Oh, Jenny…

dd82e No.7379

Jenny situation is incalculable because she keeps fucking with the formula

She assumes a 6 foot tall spider will help distinguish her from a million generic cute white girls in LA trying to make something happen but now she’s becoming a more generically woke Youtuber like Ellis or SarahZ on Twitter and it’ll spread to her videos…which takes away her neutral brand.

And I don’t know if it’ll end well trying to mix together older fans off Star Wars, Theme parks, movie reviews and with potentially future Ellis/Contrapoints social commentary videos.

It may work out and be an even bigger lucrative money train or she might annoy off 1/3 of her fans or get more cancel attempts on her from right or left.

But she got 1700 patrons in 2 weeks complaining about YouTube copyright issues which had fuckall to do with a plush spider.

dd82e No.7380


This is the hypocritical bitch side of Jenny nobody likes to talk about.

She wants to attack him so bad for his cannibal kink but she can’t because of Chelsea so she posts a 3 YEAR old article complaining why a handsome white guy is in movies.

ff08f No.7381

Lindsay did seem to obtain alot of goods around that time. what do you think, 1000 a week allowance?
>would pay to torture and kill this person.
the sister seems to advocate against it which leads me to believe jenny is of the same opinion. it might actually be a cruel troll.

3d7de No.7382

>the sister seems to advocate against it which leads me to believe jenny is of the same opinion. it might actually be a cruel troll.
some here clearly think the tight fistedness of her donation is her cruelty, rather it shows as only a token of goodwill to her friend, jenny really wants no part of this.

727df No.7383

Jenny confirmed for miser, screencap this post. I don't care if she buys herself giant spiders or fancy disneyland hotels on occasion, most of the year she's bitching about paying three dollars for a vpd retrospective.

30d38 No.7384

jenny already has over 100 patrons more then Lindsay even though she just passed her on the rankings like 2 days ago. Shes in the top 55 in the world and still buzzing past these other huge creators. i kept hoping that her racist Finn clip would pick up steam and go viral, but I somehow know that would end up with even more people signing up to support her. She's just absolutely undefeated in life.

99ca3 No.7385

>more people signing up to support her.
it would result in her losing maybe 200 donors, which she'd regain with the release of her next video.
unless she ties a noose to a black mans front door there's no way shes losing enough donors to knock her down to middle class.

c31f9 No.7386

File: 1612672826188.jpg (138.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1612667979752.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

2d5de No.7387

>collects barbie dolls
>be's a better one than any in the collection

2d5de No.7388

How can we convince jenny to record a song about her own porn addiction, like amazz*nkane's?

83f71 No.7389

shes a bit of a California stereotype, would she be different if ken raised her elsewhere?

2ebe7 No.7390

> would she be different if ken raised her elsewhere?

She wouldn’t have two black friends and pretend she knows were 20 if he’d raised her in Texas

c31f9 No.7391

I can just about guarantee you that she doesn't think a single thought about them.

e9230 No.7392

>porn addiction
How you know this?

e9230 No.7393

Wait where is it she had a porn hub account?

2d5de No.7394

…no, a tumblr account is a 'pornhub account' for women.

19901 No.7395

This actually wasn't a bad article, with minimal "FUCKING WHITE MALE". I couldn't help but notice myself that they were trying to make Hammer happen for the longest time. It's interesting to hear a little backstory on him. I wonder why they're jumping all over him now just because he likes a little cannibal play.

66c1c No.7396

just how she is with sex. its the type of thing youd expect from a virgin who knows sex through porn.
like that kid in highschool who "brags" about having sex by going
"yeah, i took my foot long cock out and thrust it into her cunt and she screamed "YOURE FUCKING MY BRAINS OUT HARDER HARDER"

you know hes only seen porn and never a real naked woman.

2d5de No.7397

also another thing is women coom off to books more than pics they like to use their imagination and she's not even the slightest bit coy about reading copious amounts of those coombooks

2d5de No.7398

File: 1612740376821.jpg (14.24 KB, 609x90, 203:30, sofunny.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

top comedian. the freshest humor

e9230 No.7399

so hes still the same guy and he is still retarded. cool…

e9230 No.7400

Have we seen her liking 18+ things on tumblr??

09ceb No.7401

Surprised she even remembered the game was today, I thought she'd be gorging herself on Super Nintendo World footage since the opening a few days ago.

2d5de No.7402

you're not gonna get open proofs any more than there are records of you under your real name watching what you watch. but if you know that scene, you know

0caab No.7403

File: 1612751905173.png (67.76 KB, 794x691, 794:691, HBsNext.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Insane gains last month, Hbombs getting it next.

2d5de No.7404

wait.. in an old old ramble jenny talks
>but Something i've always wanted to do is write a book. even if it's not a good book. because that's something you can always just do and I used to do that all the time
>i think the longest story i wrote was 75 000 words
>i wrote it all out of order just scenes but most of it
>I'll probably finish it soon and just put it on amazon marketplace under a different name you know heh
[hmm like, Jeneesha Nickelson?]
>that's realistically what i'd do because my irl friend is [starts beaming] literally right now writing an erotic werewolf romance novel and she's gonna publish it under a fake name
>and i've been like backseat driving and telling her what to put in
>and i was like oh man wouldn't it be funny if i wrote one that's like the exact same premise and we could motivate each other
She literally planned to write a dog sex porn book but screen junkies hiring her took over her attention.

So.. where the fuck was all this writing being put out. You know she didn't not publish the chapters because "uhidunnoitsnotgoodenoughyet", she doesn't have thoughts like that

I remember someone once alluding to finding her account on some site but there wasn't shit on there

d1329 No.7405

Id ride her to the moon if you catch my meaning.

850b0 No.7406

> So.. where the fuck was all this writing being put out.

A few years back there was a theory Jenny was using youtube/Patreon to pay the bills while her main attention was writing scripts for tv and movies and she was using Maxs connections to get them in front of studio execs.

Before that, when she first went viral, on a tweet or in an early ramble she mentioned showing her tv show idea or script to someone but hadn't heard back and wondered if she should out to them.

Long story short, looks like Jenny got rich and lazy and now she makes more than most writers anyway. Maybe she'll do it again if/when her channel fades.

850b0 No.7407

Question about her Percy Jackson ramble, does she only talk about the movie or did she mention the Broadway show she went to see with Ellis during their weekend seeing like 5 shows?

d1329 No.7408

she mentions the musical throughout as an example of how to do certain things well as opposed to the aweful films. she said she still make make a main channel video just about the musical.

850b0 No.7409


A 3rd option is that Jenny might've gotten some scripts finished and given them to execs who weren't interested. Jennys humor isn't very funny without her, I think her writing wouldn't translate very well by itself.

d1329 No.7410

>Jennys humor isn't very funny without her
Im pretty sure I remember one of the things Max talked about in the past is that you cant really sell a script, you have to sell your self. Like he was self aware enough to know his scripts weren't good enough to sell on their own merits, but its his passion for the project while hes face to face with these execs that really sells the ideas. Im sure he would have given this talk to Jenny at one point, and i bet she'd be pretty good at selling her stuff in person. I tend to doubt she's ever gotten a face to face with a real exec before. er except maybe the dinner at club 33 where i think she met someone from disney, but i dont know what that persons job title was.

df838 No.7411

yes but per what I just watched she was writing prose stories for many years some of them book length. I don't mean where is it like why isn't she putting them out there now - I mean I fucking guarantee they were put up on the web somewhere as they were being written and have we seriously not found that

df838 No.7412

>its his passion for the project while he's face to face with these execs that really sells the ideas
ah ok it's literally cynicism is why he does his persona. Like obviously the exuberant (repellent) passion is very contrived and twee but i didn't realize it was as simple as literally a pua-tier "strat" specifically for selling. I can't believe that fucking elementary school kid level patter actually worked like 3 times. Maybe when he gets charged with something eventually he should put peanut butter on his hand and pretend its shit and lick it and plead insanity, and it'll probably fucking work

09ceb No.7413

File: 1612768075547.jpg (69.81 KB, 423x545, 423:545, b1316045_2289022337568_212….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Start making a list of her interests (these haven't changed) and start searching books that might fit into her wheelhouse during the pre-fame era of her life. Jenny's very unlikely to have published smut, so that cuts a lot of YA/Fanfiction fat. We have samples of her writing style, we know her humor and we know how desperate she was for validation back then. Of course this is assuming she hasn't already nuked them like her Jelly Wombat works.

Studio execs are literally just retards with millions of dollars. Look to Solo or Sony Pictures for proof or how child-like and deficient their minds are.

d12fc No.7414

> Jelly wombats

Is this the MLP comic she did? Also don’t waste your time looking at random fanfics to see which is Jenny’s, she probably wouldn’t post anything online cause she kept saying how her tv show idea was so interesting and obvious that someone would steal it if she mentioned it.

Is Tom Brady the Jenny of football? Like no matter what the fucker can’t lose.

df838 No.7415

>Jenny's very unlikely to have published smut
I would normally agree but I just listened to her say specifically that her friend is writing "an erotic novel under a fake name and I thought I'd do the same thing".
She fucking said it loud and proud. So unless we are overriding that by saying, eh nah she'd not go through with it - I think we need to understand her relationship with sex-fantasy based content is more matter of fact than our site's dIsCouRsE assumes

c7dcb No.7417

She did an MLP comic other than the Saw one from when she was a kid?

d1329 No.7418

>Tom Brady the Jenny of football
except he only has a 70% win rate in super bowls, whereas jenny is undefeated in life.

df838 No.7419

>she probably wouldn’t post anything online because donutsteal
That holds up for a script. Fanfics are different. They go out chapter by chapter and when they go out they're just out, it's made, there's nothing to scoop.

df838 No.7420

wait wait
>what's jelly
oh - why did I try to construct an argument that she would publish fanfics. Jelly was fanfics !
(kiddy ones)

df838 No.7421

The person who linked skylark kingdom hearts sofunni trolling linked kiwifarms to here for some reason

c99c5 No.7422

Max is full of shit, I wouldn't buy Max for 50 cents. He got his foot in the door because he's John Landis's son. He's got such a delusional view of himself that he actually believes it was his charisma that got his garbage movies made.

c7dcb No.7423

Lol I just looked that up since you said so, they just copied the list in the sticky

c7dcb No.7424

And I don't think that's the same guy who was linking the Kingdom Hearts stuff here, he just copied the link from here

df838 No.7425

yeah, i thought why cos he highlighted that out of everything but now i remember kiwi is enamoured with all things troon

df838 No.7426

I just realized since Jenny is very well-written how unpleasant it must have been for her to read Ellis' schoolchild slop. That sad feeling like your parent asking you to read their thing and it's all garble like
>a stick shift its previous owner had wrapped in duct tape years ago, a time bomb the color of expired baby food that should have gone off sooner than it did

df838 No.7427

actually, worse - cliche after cliche. Every para has something i think would make jenny cringe

c99c5 No.7428

>“Well, I know that,” said Cora, unconsciously bopping along to “Fergalicious,” her movements restrained by her too-small business casual button-up shirt. She had bought it for an interview a year ago, but she had gained a size since then
>On the driver’s side was a younger-looking man of East Asian descent, seeming to curse whatever cosmic force had made him be awake this early.
holy fucking shit, that's only a couple of excerpts. And this was on the New York Times bestsellers list?

df838 No.7429

>New York Times bestsellers
that list isn't too legit

c99c5 No.7430

>that list isn't too legit
clearly. Going to have to look into this.

13070 No.7431

>Super Nintendo World
Having watched the footage of both rides I can see Jenny getting crazy competitive on the Mario Kart attraction, but that slow Yoshi's Adventure ride looks to only be good for getting a sly hand job from her. The park itself looked to be very foreigner-friendly, lots of English, Katakana and basic Kanji in use everywhere. You could probably do everything in just a couple of hours though.

I've never seen anyone into Science Fiction (who wasn't an acquaintance of hers) say one good thing about the book.

66c1c No.7432

harry potter and mlp fanfics, i dont have them saved but someone here does

df838 No.7433

File: 1612838154708.jpg (37.96 KB, 615x225, 41:15, defensive.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>And you stupid boys wouldn't und… It's not for you to.. just. you don't need to look. Don't look at our books! Get OUT!

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