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Another one

7797b No.7435

File: 1612844298048-0.jpeg (367.2 KB, 750x967, 750:967, 1A31A6D7-FC73-4A10-A6D1-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612844298048-1.jpeg (276.48 KB, 750x657, 250:219, 9D4A8DD0-4FDB-48EA-9DF4-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I don’t understand why Jenny thinks this is any different than her reading books and making reaction video.
She seems to take offense at a queer lady thinking these books are for Jenny.

Also Jenny responded to a guy joking about Jizz, starting to think Jenny’s a bit of a cumdumpter.

12e3a No.7436

>incredulous at the notion anyone could be against coomfodder.
well, she is from reddit.

12e3a No.7437

File: 1612847004968.jpg (81.5 KB, 596x470, 298:235, dope.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Does she think this is cute?

7797b No.7438


Sounds like she’s flexing a little with the headphones and post mates convenance, don’t they charge like $20 for a retail item delivery?

I had the same problem a few weeks ago and got new batteries, mine are also hard wired to the houses electrical system and there’s a button that’ll mute the beeping.

12e3a No.7441

File: 1612850629146-0.jpg (70.63 KB, 675x539, 675:539, youtuber1.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612850629146-1.jpg (16.76 KB, 299x400, 299:400, youtuber2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny says that she considers this doll of a child to have 'sex appeal'. Youtubers, I swear. Every time. If she actually imports this thing "for her video"…

12e3a No.7442

File: 1612850639642.jpg (41.59 KB, 852x477, 284:159, youtuber3.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

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File: 1612850859362-0.png (427.47 KB, 476x604, 119:151, OMKob9c.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612850859362-1.jpg (31.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Iewgu8N.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Some Skylark rarities. the time she made something awful posters so mad that two seperate people banned her from their saunas

df2b0 No.7444

File: 1612852334224-0.jpg (66.32 KB, 796x270, 398:135, lol4.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1612852334224-1.png (634.38 KB, 1115x582, 1115:582, qcsgap.png) ImgOps iqdb

on the left a goon loses their mind over FYAD (QCS is the mod feedback forum)
On the right is skylark's photoshop reaction
It got like, 20 replies to it.

df2b0 No.7445

File: 1612852461509.jpg (72.53 KB, 640x480, 4:3, skylark-smash.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Skylark's custom Smash character based on her old Kazooie avatar

df2b0 No.7446

File: 1612852539221.png (237.18 KB, 375x523, 375:523, j69JF78.png) ImgOps iqdb

fanart from FYAD

12e3a No.7447

File: 1612852738766.jpg (57.03 KB, 628x482, 314:241, mmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i thought people's pursuit of ephemera of lindsay was in the hopes of learning about jenny but i'm starting to think twice

f3936 No.7448

There's a theme for a horror movie in here.

c19a8 No.7449

>Orders 9v batteries
Why does she avoid shops so much. Is it covid?
>inb4 Jenny gets arrested for owning a child sex doll
fucking hollyweird, I swear.

2e91f No.7450

i used to think that jenny was smarter than the average breadtuber, that she was capable of introspection and wouldn't be caught out in a parodical twitter meltdown. but here we are.

opposite way around

d3b14 No.7451

just found this board on kiwifarms bc I found out skylark is tied into this universe and it was a blast from the SA past. so like, are you guys mostly waifu posters? lolcow trolls? general fans? chrischan style historians? I'd love to hear some perspectives from posters on what draws them in, I saw a lot of variation in posters from the last gen it seems like the communities here for diverse reasons.

>also I unironically enjoy jenny's videos idk if that's uncool to admit here the topics are light and long and I like her delivery

>breadtube stuff annoying tho, keep politics out of muh ponies

7797b No.7452

We’re a little of everything from constant defenders to critics of hers.

I think most of us are from an old /Jenny/ board on 8chan before it was burned down with the occasional new person who finds us.

41666 No.7453

I'm a waifu poster. I spent the early 2000s doing the idol thing on the Japanese side of the internet. I still follow a few idols, but I'm not that into the scene anymore. Jenny, perhaps not unsurprisingly, fits into this genre of fandom (the one that I'm used to) quite nicely. I watch her videos, follow any appearances, buy her merch and most importantly hoard her pictures and videos… which when I step back and look at this objectively makes no real sense. I don't look at or watch anything from those old idol days and haven't for probably more than a decade (or two). It was all, and still is, very much an "in the moment" type of deal.

I guess that wota/otaku part of the younger me never subsided and I'll be a fan of hers until one day (without realizing it) I'm not.

d0a7b No.7454

Do you have a Jenny shrine?

5d13e No.7455

might be a pot/drunk post. her thoughts seem a little disconnected
how old is it supposed to be? 12?
theyre being generous.
did sky ever say anything about Jenny? we only had a scant few references to a brother/sister from jenny before recently.

28905 No.7456

I genuinely enjoy Jenny's content. By extension, her pal Bailey's and I guess even Jenny's >sister. At the same time, I don't think she's beyond criticism.

7797b No.7457

File: 1612894448538-0.jpeg (355.75 KB, 750x722, 375:361, F17B5D5A-74FA-47B7-8147-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1612894448538-1.jpeg (243.75 KB, 750x585, 50:39, 6B2E40CE-2CD6-45B1-AD83-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Wondered why Jenny just started following James Gunn. Then saw Gunn started following her and wondered why he’d follow a random Youtuber and only thing I see is that Jenny liked his tweet, how does that even notice or care when thousands liked it.

Literally if Jenny shows up, she wins.

d04b4 No.7458

I couldnt remember who he was so i googled him
"Among the tweets that forced Disney and Marvel’s hand were: “I like when little boys touch me in my silly place.”

864c3 No.7459

That was her old avatar of Elsa. Her and Jenny have an Elsa/Anna relationship, Jenny talks about it in the Musicalsplaining podcast with Lindsay Ellis

7797b No.7460

> Jenny gives personal info

Oh yeah, anything else besides that making it a worthwhile listen? She brought Lindsay up a couple of times in some theme park podcasts with defunctland and again on podcast the ride guys.

5d13e No.7461

File: 1612902220392.jpg (36.19 KB, 598x238, 299:119, jenmeet.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

found this in my archives.
just think, you could have said yes.

28905 No.7462

>you will never speak to jenny
>you will never hang out with jenny
>you will never eat with jenny
>you will never flirt with jenny
>you will never hug jenny goodbye after giving her your phone number

7797b No.7463

She really threw those bronies under her monthly 30k bus.

41666 No.7464

No, Jenny doesn't offer anything of quality to put in one. Maybe if I had a few signed head shots, posters or something it would be a start. Just printing stuff though out is more of a serial killer move.

I'll catch the next invite.

>you will never flirt with jenny
>getting arrested for rape at Disneyland
That'll look great on the ol' police record.

ef76f No.7465

>Kiwi farms here guise just a few questions :D
Fuck off back to your edgy reddit lite. If you were really interested you'd lurk, what you crave is attention and the dopamine from (you)s. We don't award stickers here for le epic posts. Pack of fucking dickheads busily sucking the dick of some fat kid that stalked a bitch on the blocklands forums of all places.

7797b No.7466

Honestly, she’s not vague about conventions she goes to. If anybody here really wanted to meet her just go to the next Star Wars, D23, broneycon, or any others and you’ll probably get to meet her and take a pic with her.

7797b No.7467

> Pack of fucking dickheads busily sucking the dick of some fat kid that stalked a bitch on the blocklands forums of all places.


28905 No.7468

Except it's all on the other side of the country. The question then becomes, how many $100's is a Jenny interaction worth?

A reference to Josh, I'm assuming?

d04b4 No.7469

>take a pic with her.
and say "this will be a cool picture to show our grandkids"

28905 No.7470

And then Bailey springs up from behind a fern and tackles you with a taser.

7797b No.7471

File: 1612910787166.jpeg (397.56 KB, 750x876, 125:146, 0AE328EE-CD2E-41F0-B3F5-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> say "this will be a cool picture to show our grandkids"

Haha! I just imagined Jenny’s reaction to you saying that.

12e3a No.7472

enough chitchat. get back to your fucking jobs:
there's new creeping tools coming out every day, and her secret accounts are out there waiting to be cross referenced.
someone whos not permabanned from twitter use spoonbill to see if she had anything interesting in her twitter bio before she blew up

12e3a No.7473

found how to use that without an account. nothing interesting

12e3a No.7474

(i also found nothing interesting in her now-deleted reddit comments. damn it sucks to think there was a time when she responded poutingly to every guy rating her "a 6/10" though.
or at the same time
>I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless.
Come back, beginner jenny)

41666 No.7475

File: 1612927385874.png (1.84 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, [2017.12.14] The Last Jedi….png) ImgOps iqdb

Pretty slick!

>I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless
Yeah, there's no way she just effortlessly stumbles into being as fucking cute as she is. What is she, some kind of succubus?

41666 No.7476

File: 1612927730634.jpg (414.02 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Etv9O4ZVEAEoS78-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Oh, and did anyone watch Bailey's ramble? I was surprised to see her completely ape Jenny's content.

12e3a No.7477

>watch Bailey's ramble
no but
>completely ape Jenny's content.
i did see her doing that on twitter about some other new reboot

e16e3 No.7478

> ape Jenny's content.

I mean, I'm shocked ALL of her breadtube friends havent done the same, turns out turning your patreon into a paywall works pretty damn well.

> I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless.

So Jenny does her lashes, eyeliner and makeup for fun not for looking cute…sure.

> spoonbill

what's spoonbill?

d04b4 No.7479

fake news, compared to her highschool pictures she uses alot of makeup and shapes her eyebrows. she tries to look good now

12e3a No.7480

>eyebrows and makeup
that makes you look hot. i'm confident the poster she replied to was meaning cute like you know, a little bunny. Does she try to look cute, or is is just her big cheeks?
>puts giant fluffy animal hat to look smol
yeah im thinkin she does

12e3a No.7481

Someone always says how she was much more unguarded and unfiltered on her old tumblr. Okay so then well… what did she say?

d04b4 No.7482

feminist shit
some stuff about her personal life, like the catacombs video came from there.

7797b No.7483


Do you not have copy of her old tumblr, it didn’t delete properly so we saved the whole thing as a big upload.

12e3a No.7484

>as a big upload
yeah i can never read it because the text is packaged with garbage gifs to make the file bigger than my whole computer.
but from limitation comes invention. i will find my genuine jenny emotion. its out there

7797b No.7485

I used to think Jenny didn’t get high but with all the drinking on streams with Lindsey and the Goosedrunks with Bailey and that vodka bottle in her now empty place…it’s almost impossible Jenny doesn’t smoke if Bailey, Ellis (and breadtube) and Lindsey do it.

Has anyone been able to confirm the sister partakes?

2e91f No.7486

>Has anyone been able to confirm the sister partakes?
weed? no idea but literally anything else? yes.

12e3a No.7487

getting high is a completely different culture to drinking. i fuckin used to drink till blackout every week and when i went to california and some googler bitch at the party was like 'we're going to smoke a bit' i just fucking left immediately because i was disgusted i wanted them to die

d04b4 No.7488

>Has anyone been able to confirm the sister partakes?
she used to smoke a vape pen, but claims adamantly she doesn't vape
it isn't a contradiction if it was weed juice? in there like jenny's friends use.

7797b No.7489

File: 1613016930399-0.jpeg (433.33 KB, 750x1057, 750:1057, 6C85DC12-8FF2-4B46-BE59-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613016930399-1.jpeg (330.76 KB, 750x897, 250:299, A09DB0FD-1038-4A12-A11F-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

So was gonna post about how more people are getting smart to Jenny’s patron intake but then…

Jenny wins and gets what she wants again.

7797b No.7490

File: 1613017286701-0.jpeg (637.38 KB, 750x1187, 750:1187, 0B4A1C39-ED58-413C-A9FC-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613017286701-1.jpeg (555.61 KB, 750x1097, 750:1097, 113F933B-EB11-4FCF-B3B0-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Jenny went from liking fan dragging Gina to a bunch of weird branded jokes but this caught my eye. Doubt she’d spend that much on a non-mainstream branded Spider though.

6d56f No.7491

File: 1613017306992.jpg (226.85 KB, 1600x898, 800:449, b90fd55434a350bf1e33315483….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

7797b No.7492

Don’t know why but that shit grinds my gears. Does Jenny really have to get everything she wants? Let me guess, now she’ll watch season 3 of Mandalorian and her video about it gets 3 million views.

At this point I’m surprised she hasn’t accidentally stepped on a syringe with the Covid vaccine.

b45e3 No.7493

The only thing I remember about Jenny getting high was from tumblr. Bailey's sister Faith made some post about Jenny, someone responded asking if Jenny is a Reylo, and Faith's answer was something like "She said she is not, and I asked her when she was high so I think shes telling the truth", or at least thats the gist of what her response was. That along with the circumstantial evidence you bring up, plus where she lives, makes it seem very unlikely that she doesn't get high at least socially, if not on her own on a regular basis.

12e3a No.7494

at least one thing's amiss with that since she is a reylo

b45e3 No.7495

this was many years ago though, i think even between the force awakens and last jedi, and i dont think jenny was really that interested in reylo stuff back then.

76afd No.7496

File: 1613024694400-0.png (504.38 KB, 569x828, 569:828, InchBot1.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613024694400-1.png (30.85 KB, 562x326, 281:163, InchBot2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

So Jenny really is partially retarded enough to follow a twitter account tracking pics of a McDonalds beanie baby from 1998 and super depressing that's lead her to do so much better financially.

76afd No.7497

None of the usual suspects in Jenny circle even tweeted about Gina, I'd have thought Bailey would've been all over it…damn, Jenny really was on top of that news.

7dd2d No.7498

File: 1613035420567.png (266.18 KB, 1080x753, 360:251, What a Surprise!.png) ImgOps iqdb

>inherently evil person doesn't believe in the spirit of free speech, but instead a strict technical definition
Bailey provided one of the biggest shocks of the night. /s

492d2 No.7499

File: 1613035883389.jpg (104.19 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 0289272625252.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>obeys the letter of the law but not the spirit
It's what (((they))) do

2e91f No.7500

how many times must we argue about this she said
>asked her while high
it wasn't clear which of them was high

f08f2 No.7501

File: 1613053654084.jpg (149 KB, 717x960, 239:320, bb69dfc3f582c8374208c04759….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>protects you from the government no the justin
Who's Justin and why is he after my freedom of speech?

00093 No.7502

File: 1613058154772-0.jpeg (468.53 KB, 750x1027, 750:1027, 4338A081-038D-49A2-B630-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613058154772-1.jpeg (270.19 KB, 750x694, 375:347, 4EF6F3CA-0A2C-464F-A2D9-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

When did Jenny switch from “nobody takes me seriously because I don’t have tons of toys in my background” to “lul, buy more stuff guys”?

Jenny pisses so loud she can’t hear steps on tile and doors opening confirmed.

46a35 No.7503

i thought destiny was a left wing grifter.
feminists hate it on principal.
when rlm stopped doing their parody show

04543 No.7504

Nice classic jenny pic!!

04543 No.7505

Real talk though, its really her body thats nice

41666 No.7506

>Jenny pisses so loud she can’t hear steps on tile and doors opening confirmed
Just when you think she can't possibly be any more perfect…


8a5ae No.7507

File: 1613071355370.jpg (105.14 KB, 651x512, 651:512, jhjjhjkjlkkljj.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

im a fan of her face, she has a country girl look to her, when she isn't covered in makeup and kitsch cartoon garbage.

00093 No.7508

Her face is permanently cute, she’ll never be hot face wise.

04543 No.7509

File: 1613083831297.jpg (449.77 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 1478386644977.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Her face is like a 4, shes cute, but most guys would go after her because of her body. Easy 9/10

00093 No.7510


That’s likely way too high but Jenny doesn’t show a lot of skin so she just looks slender. There’s a million girls in LA who have her body trying to get an agent.

12e3a No.7511

>her body
mmnah it's pretty unique. 'good bodies', sure but for this one - you have to be norwegian in the first place to get that bull-muscle, and then what are the chances of a norse powerlifter female having zero fat-cells on the whole waist area?

0334d No.7512

You can just imagine her squeaking excitedly as she bounces up and down on your cock.

12e3a No.7513

i really can't

04543 No.7514

File: 1613092050551.jpg (15.32 KB, 720x755, 144:151, EpQtRvKXMAAv7Kc.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I dont just want to imagine…

00093 No.7515

File: 1613092292285.jpeg (465.17 KB, 750x998, 375:499, A5C5E3E5-BABA-4B98-80CC-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Look at that dumbass giving it away for free when he could’ve gotten a nude or least a bikini pic from Jenny in return for the vid.

74d17 No.7516

File: 1613092427797-0.jpg (330.74 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, jenpretty.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613092427797-1.jpg (202.57 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, jenpretty2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Her face and body are both great. those legs though are out of this world

00093 No.7517

File: 1613092433228-0.jpeg (418.37 KB, 750x996, 125:166, 1FB86E53-285A-4595-ABEA-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613092433228-1.jpeg (452.2 KB, 750x985, 150:197, 88987BA0-BC52-49EE-9941-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Wondered why Jenny knows so much about a random murder in Indiana but her mom probably emails or texts her anytime white girls are murdered.

00093 No.7518

Think I have these but nice.

12e3a No.7519

>body: immaculant, transcendental, phwoaucK!!
>face: lovable with some ups and downs
>hair: imagine a cats hairball come out its ass

04543 No.7520

File: 1613092906060-0.jpg (137.07 KB, 640x1138, 320:569, 54445.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613092906060-1.jpg (118.34 KB, 572x800, 143:200, dressup.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny's body is top fuckable

74d17 No.7521

File: 1613093278111.jpg (1.53 MB, 2580x1935, 4:3, hotbod.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

true true

00093 No.7522

File: 1613093951485.jpeg (754.48 KB, 750x1058, 375:529, AF886D5F-98FA-41EB-94EF-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

What the fuck is going on with her arm.

12e3a No.7523

File: 1613094398402.jpg (651.3 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, dunno.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

surely you noticed everything at the edges of phone camera pics is fucked up by now

74d17 No.7524

File: 1613094430788.jpg (158.24 KB, 629x1023, 629:1023, beautybeast.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

shhh everything about jenny is beautiful and perfect. (pictured here with an uggo for reference)

5d13e No.7525

File: 1613096507738.jpg (36.15 KB, 383x269, 383:269, ratman.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

jennys the ratman killer

2e91f No.7526

>boston bomber fiasco

0f929 No.7527

man bailey is the butt/heel of jenny's world all the way back
>We wrote a musical! the parts are Bella who every boy will do anything to get to talk to, and Jessica who guys will do anything to get away from because she's so ugly haha.
>I'll play Bella. haha!
>Bailey you're perfect for Jess

00093 No.7529

File: 1613110613074-0.jpeg (435.55 KB, 750x1005, 50:67, 543763F0-8E09-4A88-AF0A-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613110613074-1.jpeg (328.96 KB, 750x839, 750:839, 5D62D55F-53CE-47A2-886C-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613110613074-2.jpeg (423.17 KB, 750x976, 375:488, 2A5E1B75-03E8-455B-951A-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Why does Jenny always talk like she’s got 5 kids and a job she can’t step away from? You make 30k and work when you feel like it.

Also this is video idea 4 or 5 she’s mentioned and at this point I don’t know if we’ll even get those this year once she gets the vaccine and goes to Japan.

0cb7d No.7530

The park opened in 2018… she easily could have gone then.

b0e6b No.7531

Fuck, I want those thick thighs straddling me so bad.

0f929 No.7532

File: 1613112854490.jpg (60.68 KB, 1366x230, 683:115, darren.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The you tube recommend algorithm is pretty friggin deep
(just watching ttm songs and crying about the cruely of life. precocious savant talents can make you a star, or, if you're not a ruthless enough psycho, send you crazy. damn. btw the fact that some of you don't even think that he lost his mind and just think he was just emotional during that breakdown, it makes me wonder if jenny maybe doesn't really know it either, maybe she too thinks he was of sound mind and actually thought that stuff in compos mentis - which means if she finds out one day that he's loonie and mabye by then he's got it sorted out, mabye there can be reconciliation and the balance of the universe restored. cos remember as famous as she is she still isn't you know that hot in the face as people were saying. your actual hollywood players aren't looking for jenny)

0cb7d No.7533

Also "anticipating it since years before opening" bullshit, you never talked about it jenny

7dd2d No.7534

<Jenny signal boosting a tweet trying to dox this guy
Will she feel anything if she helps get him assaulted or killed? It's always a little surprising how quickly these "progressives" on Twitter go from admonishing violence to advocating it. They're every bit as sadistic as "the other side", perhaps moreso because of their righteousness.

I can't believe she's actually gotten better looking with time, women typically don't work like that. Just more proof that she really can't lose.

Let's hope there's no secret family.

0f929 No.7535

i only watched a bit of that vid but the guy seems completely out of it. maybe its me whos crazy because i was about to repeat what i was just saying two minutes ago you can't take what a fucking tripping psychotic says at face value like it's thought through

0f929 No.7536

> women typically don't work like that
that's normal in my experience since the surface we see is a hand constructed mask and they get more skilled (when they put the thought in, some lazy ones dont).
Look at school pics of basically any celeb

0334d No.7537

File: 1613121095177.jpg (22.93 KB, 524x396, 131:99, 0986ffbc7e7101c322df6b4ab6….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Look at school pics of basically any celeb
<omg look at those glasses, what a fucking dog, somebody get a potato sack for that mug!
yeah, nah.

0f929 No.7538

I did overstate it, but this post is cringe.

00093 No.7539

Jenny is the classic swan case.

high school pics she still has her baby fat and is a nerdy silly girl.

early college pics the fats gone but makeups bad and she looks like she was homeschooled.

Towards the end of college she’s learned to use some toner, blush and eyeliner.

Move to LA, she’s switched to only girly outfits of skirts, dresses and tops that show off her legs and flat stomach.

00093 No.7541

No surprise Jenny posted that video, she has a lot of Asian friends from going to school near San Francisco and Kat.

5d13e No.7542

it sounds like she was leaning against his car and he wanted her to stop, jenny's feminism can cloud her judgement sometimes.
bulling disabled adults is an ugly habit jenny.

b0e6b No.7543

Is Jenny Mormon or was she raised Mormon? I've been around LDS women most of my life and I see a lot of their mannerisms in Jenny but she seems more looser and free willed.

46a35 No.7544

i think it was a joke, i don't remember why but there was a time in the 2000s when Mormonism was "funny"
i think jenny was just being "funny" on tumblr

f5b5e No.7545

It’s possible; her father seems to work with the Boy Scouts and they’ve been co-opted by the Mormons.

0f929 No.7546

I'm sure it's more of a feeling thing but is there anything specific you can point to.
That other movienerd youtuber just said he was from mormon or jehovas or whatever

00093 No.7547

> Jenny Mormon?

No, she’s definitely not Mormon she clarified on her old tumble what she was when someone asked her that. Griffin had been “lying” and saying she was cause he thought it was funny.

Also her college is a private catholic one but she’s not that either cause someone asked how it was and she said fine, she just skipped mass.

I think Jenny copied Defunctland and instead of film/book reviews she’s just gonna do little pop culture documentary videos moving forward.

8a5ae No.7548

>she just skipped mass.

41666 No.7549

File: 1613172945369.png (49.62 KB, 534x777, 178:259, Jenny's Not Catholic.png) ImgOps iqdb

I couldn't find the cap, but she said she was raised Episcopalian.

I blame Bailey for corrupting our sweet Jenny and turning her from the light.

08628 No.7550

god she's such a wasp

41666 No.7551

File: 1613175067330.png (733.62 KB, 1079x1441, 1079:1441, Drunk Guy.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Jenny deleted her witch hunt retweet
Good girl!

f08f2 No.7552

>you will never call jenny a good girl as she's kneeling in front of you in the quiet warmth of her bedroom

0f929 No.7553

i presume it's just gone because the #azn bitch deleted her account

8a5ae No.7554

because it was a bitchy mean girl thing to do, why did jenny retweet that, just to stir chaos?

2e91f No.7555

>, why did jenny retweet that
man bad woman good
hmm why did jenny retweet this i am so confused!!!

08628 No.7556

She's still trying to recover from the time she demanded that boyega be lynched like the common negro he is.

0f929 No.7557

>because it was a bitchy mean girl thing to do
lol are you comfy there, bedding down in your fantasy that this mob is contrite? they are hunting this guy actively now they got his name and just got him fired and they last few hours they're talking about finding where he lives

08628 No.7558

why did he lash out at the woman anyway, any reason beside being asian?

2e91f No.7559

why ask questions or investigate when you can take simply accept everything you read which fits your agenda at face value knowing that even if there is any comeback (there won't be) nobody else will care because they all do the same thing and anyway he probably deserved it after all he was a white male.

00093 No.7560

File: 1613182291294.jpeg (388.14 KB, 750x900, 5:6, C29E8CE7-E349-4917-A0AE-0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought Jenny doesn’t watch tv shows? Isnt that what she said when people asked why she’d make like 8 Star Wars videos but not watch a hugely popular SW tv show.

Wonder if she’ll watch out of spite now that Ginas been fired.

a4bea No.7561

Lindsay is an Eagle Scout. Her troop, where Ken was the scoutmaster, still has her listed as "Alex" on the eagle scouts page

0f929 No.7562

File: 1613200240632.jpg (64.93 KB, 659x509, 659:509, youtubekids.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

what did this at-the-time Youtube Kids youtuber with only pre-teen fans mean by this?

41666 No.7563

Is that what happened? Hmm… maybe Jenny isn't such a good girl after all. She's going to need to post a selfie of her being good to get her praise from this anonymous stranger back.

Twitter brings out the old Puritan righteousness in it's users, won't be long before lynch mobs are stringing up or burning "heretics" not following their strict rules. They already use Scarlet Tweets to shun people.

9fca9 No.7564

It's not just twitter it's everything. This place get's plenty puritan as well. Liberalism is dead. Authoritarianism is rife among the young.

41580 No.7565

from what he said it seems like she was loitering near his car and he was suspicious of her.
you ok bro
griffin onlyfans when?

27bed No.7566

> griffin onlyfans when?

He’d make a fortune off Jenny’s simps if he marketed it as $10 to see the dick that popped Jenny Nicholson’s cherry.

> She's going to need to post a selfie

Huh, it has been months since she posted that Instagram picture. Has she gained wait and not comfortable sharing till he walks it off?

9fca9 No.7567

> Has she gained wait

God I hope so, let's get some more fat on those tits.

2a0b1 No.7568

File: 1613257685058.jpg (56.46 KB, 638x346, 319:173, condomlolliesjenny.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

itoldu itoldu itoldu

f08f2 No.7569

>jenny will never molest you during an after-school program

7dd2d No.7570

>$10 to see the dick that popped Jenny Nicholson’s cherry
Nobody's going to pay to see that… but if he wanted to sell his rares there, he just has to name his sub price.

>ywn have Jenny seduce you with a Fun Dip dipstick

27bed No.7571

File: 1613265287369-0.jpeg (438.5 KB, 750x981, 250:327, DA10D17C-B89D-429C-AF93-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613265287369-1.jpeg (197.81 KB, 750x596, 375:298, 34F342F3-B527-426A-9E73-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Jenny, you’re acting retarded and you’re gonna get pushback because clearly the guys joking which is why he mentions the kids 4 years old.

*Reading the replies 1000 RTs* ohhh shit, I JUST realized Jenny knows her fans are stupid and that why she does this stuff.

27bed No.7572

This is the same Jenny that defended her friends cannibal tweets as jokes so she knows this guys kidding but wants to attack him or better yet have her 200,000 fans do it.

40b6e No.7573

The same Jenny who still supports James Gunn.

2a0b1 No.7575

the guy is joking *within* a culture that they reject wholesale. 'protecting' your daughter from potential abusers is cringe to jenny
that's just not something they do in her family

d04b4 No.7576

she keeps causing trouble, is she on her period or just bored

27bed No.7577

Even after saying she regretted what her fans did to the fan fic writer Jenny still does this. Between her 200k followers and 100k who’ll see this from the RTs, more will have seen Jennys tweet saying he wants to kill a 4 year old than voted for the guy.

Sooner or later she’s gonna ruin someone’s life.

33b67 No.7578

Every year following jenny, we find out shes even more dumber then we thought before, Jesus.

2a0b1 No.7579

File: 1613282300181.jpeg (76.21 KB, 1182x699, 394:233, EuJ9EoyVkAA268y.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

she's sharing rares instead.
<save as .jfif?
>no, .jlegs … .jleg… .legfuck .hngfuckherlegs

2a0b1 No.7580

File: 1613282417371-0.jpeg (87.25 KB, 800x533, 800:533, EuJ8tF8VgAA5wsE.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1613282417371-1.jpeg (64 KB, 1080x670, 108:67, EuJ9FjBUYAYyYav.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

we already had some of this event. if it was these, oh well

f0999 No.7581

91256 No.7582

Yeah we had the pics from tumble and I found and posted the video years ago on /Jenny/ but never realized she was wearing the black stockings…that’s hot.

91256 No.7583

File: 1613288496820.jpeg (425.9 KB, 750x962, 375:481, 6FBB699A-06B2-4189-BD51-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

There’s pics of her trying out the costume on video before hand for a few seconds, pic in the bathroom with her friends and pics of her goodie bag she won.

She wore this costume again to comic con so it’s weird how she’s saying it’s a bad costume.

4e72c No.7585

File: 1613290160399.jpeg (410.99 KB, 750x989, 750:989, 17F180E3-3C79-4198-BBD4-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

1. Jenny is such an easy date with praise, she convinced people to see the biggest movie of the year, wow Jenny so amazing!

2. Why would Jenny not be creeped out by a random guy sharing something so personal with her much less like the tweet?

c8c38 No.7586

It's because Joss Whedon directed that movie and Jenny already hated his shows even before the news came out the other day.

8a5ae No.7588

jenny really leans into the femcel shtick. i wonder if it was a "brony culture" thing to joke about being forever alone and she just kept it.

41580 No.7589

File: 1613321548426.jpg (58.12 KB, 588x314, 294:157, addison.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

oh. fandom really does just hire people because theyre friends with other people

9fca9 No.7590

Welcome to the world mate. That's how everything works.

bf2ed No.7591

Jennys male fans won't give her as much attention and money if Jennys out there taking about the good D she's getting from her man on valentines.

2a0b1 No.7592

she didn't say she's single or alone

bf2ed No.7593


Not posting a pic with your guy or the flowers he bought you is her screaming I'm single simps you still have a chance!

bf2ed No.7595

How good was the Vampire Diaries video really?

Stats wise in about a month it got -

2k new donors on Patreon.
8k new twitter followers.
Jenny 40k+ new youtube subs.

Would it have gone viral if it was her first vid or is Jenny just scooping up all the female fans who didn't follow her theme park and fan fic videos.

2a0b1 No.7596

>Would it have gone viral if it was her first vid
how the fuck would that video ever go viral? it is exactly the opposite of what makes any video go viral, it's a slow, meandering, minimally funny lecture.

We know patrons was pre-release and
>Jenny 40k+ new youtube subs.
i assume is the new market effect of tvd fans

b1c16 No.7597

>she didn't say she's single or alone
pffft she just avoids the subject entirely, like all these chicks do.

41580 No.7598

i assumed there was an implication behind sonictines day. like its what lonely nerds celebrate because they cant get a man

2a0b1 No.7599

now that i look there's a reply to someone where she talks about 'your wife left you for sonic?' so she is kind of back at again with the he's my sexy prince

4e72c No.7600

I could be wrong but I have a feeling Jenny is terrible in bed.

196bf No.7601

File: 1613357224842.jpeg (247.55 KB, 750x557, 750:557, 63F24745-A905-41FC-9996-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Damn Jenny’s turning into a straight up bitch, maybe she is single after all or maybe the after sex equivalent of a cigarette for Jenny is canceling someone.

41580 No.7602

File: 1613359113629.jpg (38.08 KB, 604x188, 151:47, feel bad.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

does she mean herself?

but i was thinking of kimi sparkle, her parody series from around 2013
the entire point of it was to make fun of woman bronies who act like they're special because i guess it was known for being a male fandom
so she's always been a mocker.

196bf No.7603

File: 1613359436868.jpeg (276.84 KB, 750x778, 375:389, C37E2D16-1497-4F99-8D46-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

No Jenny doesn’t hold herself to her own standards.

Hi other Youtubers, take a hit on subs, channel growth and income and stop going to Disney for vlog content, please ignore the fact I made 2000 fans pay $5 on my Patreon to see my vampire diaries video unlisted and didn’t release it publicly until ads could be added on.

2a0b1 No.7604

File: 1613365201069.jpg (97.68 KB, 665x595, 19:17, awful.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

check out this awful interaction
>Why don't they just be smart, and think of a solution, like - well, idk - they should figure it out.
>If it was you, you would figure it out

20999 No.7605

Jesus, jenny really doesn't understand how much of her own success comes from her being cute as fuck. She just thinks anyone can make content about whatever they want and it will be successful, because that's what she does! This is the most condescending, entitled bs statement ive seen her make yet.

196bf No.7606

Yeah, I liked her first comment she pushing back against Jenny by saying hey they have to make content or they can’t make money.

But then she just agreed with Jenny that yeah, Disneyworld bloggers can just start making numbered lists or “crafting” videos even though that’s not what their audience follows them for.

It’s like so ridiculous how out of Jenny’s become, why don’t you make some videos about changing a flat tire, you know, use your head and pivot your content.

2a0b1 No.7607

she "was smart" but not in the way she thinks.
The difference between her and other viral video overnight blow-up youtubers - who end up taking a slow but predictable downward path to being literal mouth-sore encrusted in-person hookers - is that she was already rich. Which means that rather than being swept up and not having the mental or social framework to handle "wooah a hundred thousand dollars??", for Jenny it's like "click here to sync your iphone" and connect an income stream through
>the family attorney
>the family accountant
>the family financial adviser

a0733 No.7608

anyone know who this is talking about? in the comments they say it's a man who was on a "certain web series"

2e91f No.7609

As funny a comment as this is, I remember jenny if not expressing remorse then at least lamenting her own stupidity at going to the park and recounting all the people coughing on her.
Luckily driving a car full of people to Nevada for a plush spider doesnt involve going to a park. Well, ok, a derelict flintstones park but there was nobody else there right?

e0a7b No.7610

Sounds like Jenny went on a Valentines day date to a drive-in. who was it she had the yearly tradition of getting heart shaped pizza with again, Alicia?

2a0b1 No.7611

File: 1613375190415.jpg (169.6 KB, 817x665, 43:35, spazn.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Sounds like Jenny went to a drive-in.
What's this based on?

Anyway, she is spazzing off about sexystuff4kids again. She's seeing "sexy stuff in kids media" everywhere and getting really flustered for some reason. She is "protesting quite much" about that…

7dd2d No.7612

She seems to believe this on some level, but she has so many female fans now it's kinda odd she still thinks like that. I don't think she would lose much revealing a relationship, hell… she could even gain going the LGBTQ++ route.

I'm glad the film sounds fun. I downloaded it a few days ago and was planning to watch it on my days off.

196bf No.7613

Don’t forget she also had 3 trips to escape rooms with people from at least 2 other households than hers.

Jenny probably still does that stuff but stopped due to the pushback. Of course all those folks forget she did that and join her in bashing people going out.

> Jenny hiding relationship status when she’s getting so many new female fans

Jenny’s not going to give up a chunk of her 60% male YouTube subs or 80% - 85% male patrons.

0d83f No.7614

> Sounds like Jenny went on a Valentines day date to a drive-in. who was it she had the yearly tradition of getting heart shaped pizza with again, Alicia?

She didn't mention food or friends but I don't know if Jenny would go to a drive in by herself at 11pm.

Either she went alone so that's that.

She went with a friend but didn't want to sound like she's breaking Covid protocols about closed spaces within people in other households.

She had a real date and doesn't want to upset the simps.

0d83f No.7615

File: 1613415457718.png (353.27 KB, 553x735, 79:105, JennyLola.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Oh boy, Jennys gonna have some opinions about Lola.

41580 No.7616

jenny pivoted last year to not making content
that was her solution and it got her like 3000 patrons.
>What's this based on?
she said "go to a drive in and see this film" so i assume thats where she saw it

c19a8 No.7617

File: 1613418785643.jpeg (54.86 KB, 640x247, 640:247, Omar_woodley_threat.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Getting Chris Chan vibes from this post. Remember when he blew up over the change of Sonic's arm colour?

46a35 No.7618

jenny's toy collection is like 5 times bigger than his. thats what got me concerned about her

196bf No.7619

But did she see it alone us the real question and if so…is that sad to sell a drive in movie alone on valentines at 11 pm?

a894c No.7620

Pretty sure she saw it with one of her fellow pathetic single girlfriends in an anti valentines fashion. If it were a date I doubt she would have posted this.

d04b4 No.7621

found a rare jenny. not going to share it.

e0a7b No.7622

how long have you been coming around these threads? because i feel like what is rare to some of you is old news for a lot of us.

5d13e No.7623

4 years. its true though, i probably have it saved already myself and just forgot.

196bf No.7624

> she saw it with a friend

But she always says when she’s doing stuff with friends

196bf No.7625

The topless pic from 4chan?

2a0b1 No.7626

File: 1613444541064.jpg (18.73 KB, 509x301, 509:301, look.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Anon. Look at me please, anon. Anon: share the rare

46a35 No.7627

File: 1613447032625.jpg (330.66 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1613092427797-0.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

no, it was a picture from her fathers account but now that i look at it again i dont think its her
i did notice on this other pic, look at her nails, she bites them

2a0b1 No.7628

can you just post it and let anons judge for themselves? you're not going to lose any skin if it's not her

f0b23 No.7629

Her nails are gross in this pic.

f0b23 No.7630

Jenny got over 200 follows on Twitter today talking shit about those Disney vloggers and Willy movie.

I wonder if her breadtube friends will like her more or less once she passes contrapoints in popularity and patrons.

8f8a6 No.7631

literally who, amirite

2a0b1 No.7632

it was just months ago jenny was crying on the ramble and its seemed a real possibility of things going downhill. now it seems like things will just go along as they are - consistent reasonable growth and she'll just be the same as she is now for the next ten years. i dunno if i can take that sensibleness i need there to be some emotional engagement. i am fucking getting bored already after this kind of slow week. this site doesn't help because nobody wants to rock the boat or be a bad actor so it's just peak passivity and no ops no needling not even and help in digging up secrets.
i mean that's fine but if you get bored enough when like a year from now it's all been routine lecture-style videos, her standard character-loop on twitter, etc. - there's always that investigative diamond to shoot for.. the proof of her being a f*m*le pedophile

8f8a6 No.7633

File: 1613493951540-0.jpg (700.54 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Et6PCpsVEAUOSj7.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613493951540-1.jpg (590.37 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Et1FvSeVkAI9M55.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613493951540-2.jpg (534.84 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Et_ZTt0UUAIerRX.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613493951540-3.jpg (528.14 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Et_ZTt1UcAELSF_.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613493951540-4.jpg (470.82 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EuOA7AwVgAAdRLb.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Been slacking on the Bailey pics. Here's some recent Bailey's.

41666 No.7634

>her right ring & middle fingernails are noticeably dirtier than the rest
Ew… wash your hands when you're done doing that, Jenny.

Honestly, I doubt there's anything sinister lurking below the surface. She's just a lovable kid-brain.

>Dump Him
Bailey better ignore this advice and hang on to any man that can tolerate for more than 10 minutes. Clock's ticking Bailes!

b0e6b No.7635

Who the hell is Bailey?

5d13e No.7636

>digging up secrets
you could always google her deviantart. which comments of hers show up in search results change from time to time. and theres some neat stories there
im 20% sure i mistook a picture of her father for her, lol.
i like her look, i'd marry bailey.

5d13e No.7637

File: 1613503539861.jpg (13.35 KB, 592x108, 148:27, ane frank.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i just freaked myself out.
i looked up her deviantart to find new rare jennies and i found what at first seemed to be an edgy holocaust joke.
then i looked up what it was a reply to "combine your mother and fathers middle name"
I was confused because her fathers name doesnt have frank in it, then i realized.. frank.. her uncle is her real father..

but then i looked up kens full name and it is in fact Kennith frank Nicholson. so nevermind.

5d13e No.7638

File: 1613506619904.jpg (74.07 KB, 852x485, 852:485, badboy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

these are the only others i found, jenny shipping ponies and jenny wears a snuggy

8f8a6 No.7639

>what at first seemed to be an edgy holocaust joke.
I dunno, still seems like a holocaust joke to me. Based closeted trad natsoc Jenny.

77d61 No.7640

is that the dead uncle

41666 No.7641

>Jenny will never be you ultra-feminine doting girlfriend cramping your style
Less and less reasons to go on living everyday…

8f8a6 No.7643

>jenny, please let go of my arm, it's difficult to walk
<d-do you not love me?!
<did i do something wrong?!
>what, no, i just-
<please don't leave me ;-;

5d13e No.7644

yeah, i think the joke is that it would get her hunted by nazis like ann frank, which is the opposite of successful witness protection.
its clever but a bit off color
thats what i thought, but frank is Ken's middle name too

2a0b1 No.7645

File: 1613510374101.jpg (34.51 KB, 756x123, 252:41, rolep.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>you could always google her deviantart
course i do. last thing that caught my eye was mentioning a 'role play character'. what was the venue of this rping

5d13e No.7646

i looked for grapevine before, couldn't find it. it would be great to find one of her old sessions

5d13e No.7647

found it.

5d13e No.7648


this is all that remains of her old rp haunt
it seems really cool actually. i want to research this further

2a0b1 No.7649

>Total Members: 14
quite intimate

5d13e No.7650

i wonder if the old admin has a copy of the website.. i should ask, but im very lazy

196bf No.7651

> wants to rock the boat or be a bad actor

Who says we’re not trying but fucking nothing sticks to Jenny.

196bf No.7652

Man it is getting kinda scary how many people Jenny dragged previously are getting cancelled.

2a0b1 No.7653

>Who says we’re not trying
what? whether its a good idea or not, nobody has done anything

2a0b1 No.7654

File: 1613523694275.jpg (40.7 KB, 618x389, 618:389, saxy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

is there an expression "unconscionable content"? because that's all i can think on seeing this shit, in it's own right. however, i do note additionally that the choice of music she put starts with "get a little saxy for me" a play on sexy. So, be she reading here and hinting to us, or simply so immersed that she doesn't notice doing it, this is the third time in as many days she has juxtaposed kids/kids media/toys and sex/sexy.
Even if you don't believe she is a teacher-type, you can agree that her trafficking in very adult concepts simultaneous to her fixation on things that belong in 'children's world', and their increasing bleeding together in her stream of consciousness, should leads to concern about her being around a real child

d04b4 No.7655

this has a skylark vibe to it.
Jennys always played with her toys, they're a monumental part of her life
theres no way for me to relate to this behavior because its so different to what i know. so i cant even begin to speculate what shes doing with her toys.

2a0b1 No.7656

People in the replies are noting that this is the "Princess Diana Bear" which in full is the Princess Diana Memorial Bear. Sure it's that's crass commercial exploitation object to start with, but you still kind of hear the sharp intake of breath on the other end of these tweets since this is, you know an to commemorate the memory of someone tragically killed. They're all going with, like, 'wew that's bold innit' rather than being upset but i dunno it may yet play out differently

2a0b1 No.7657

I mean maybe it is bold and not as cringe as i thought, and maybe next with her bluescreen, jenny will get an ann frank doll and squirm it around erotically

196bf No.7658

Jenny liked 15 reply tweets complimenting that green screen, 15!!! Was Lindsey the favorite child growing up, is that why Jenny’s so desperate for praise from strangers?

196bf No.7659

File: 1613541228120.jpeg (396.28 KB, 750x1070, 75:107, 39EEC272-BED6-4FC7-8C9D-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Also Ha! That old lady got a stroke on Jenny’s Twitter which I didn’t think you could even do.

2a0b1 No.7660

> why Jenny’s so desperate for praise from strangers?
yeah this is confounding. because everyone goober's favourite goto, the distant dad, just obviously isn't the case. Maybe there's more innateness to it.

f08f2 No.7661

File: 1613542814733.png (4.16 MB, 2450x3642, 1225:1821, 2021 queen nominees.png) ImgOps iqdb

tvch is currently holding its annual Queen Election and Bailey Meyers is on the ballot. Give her a vote! Or be spiteful and vote against her, I guess.

2e91f No.7662

nobody under 25 knows or cares what a beanie baby is its absolutely ok to sexualize them which is not what this is

2a0b1 No.7663

it's a teddy bear…
nevertheless im not saying le cancel her for sexualizing a toy. i'm saying…. she is unconsciously doing that a lot

2e91f No.7664

you can't snuggle a beanie baby they are collectors items

c19a8 No.7665

File: 1613556084839.jpg (70.4 KB, 734x482, 367:241, Screenshot 2021-02-17 2100….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Bailey currently sitting curled up next to the toilet, crying in shame after forcing herself to vomit up her pasta

2a0b1 No.7666

member when her voice and accent were different?

bce42 No.7667

Sounds like the same dead monotone voice she always uses that everyone loses their minds about and play on repeat.

She occasionally sounds more kiddish when talking about a toy or topic she likes.

b4662 No.7668

>Lindsey the favorite child growing up
Yeah at least Ken's

8ec85 No.7669

I’d be curious of his opinion of his children now; his favored boy grew up to be the biggest female troll you can find, and his youngest is emulating her.

5d13e No.7670

hes a strange guy, it seems like hes very involved with the community, always engaged with clubs or community efforts.
but his kids are some of the most antisocial selfish people ive ever talked to
and it seems to me like alot of their behavior is his fault.

8ec85 No.7671

Typical California latchkey parenting. I am from around the same area myself and saw a great deal of this attitude.

b1b64 No.7672

His stuff with the kids' sailing club or whatever is definitely him making up for the sons he never had.

47593 No.7673

>sons he never had

2a0b1 No.7674

>sexy toy
>toy with sex appeal
>sexy kids toy
im headed out the door so this thought is unformed but since we know there's people who want to fuck the cartoon characters they saw growing up and people who want to fuck mascots are there people whose paRaphilia is they want to fuck actual toys like small sized dolls?

2a0b1 No.7675

oh noo it is a thing >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plushophilia
and now i think about this… i mean we joked about the pic of her crushing steve mcqueen/being crushed by her spider as pressure stim either from crush fetish or autism but
fuck could it just be that she's horning off on the plush toy aspect itself. i mean people joked about the porg too but…
Look little kids do practise making out with their plush toys - fuckin i did - i must have been like 8 or 10 or some shit and fucking up the beak of this cloth goose.
Now what if.. something got fucked up in you either innately or from an incident and you like imprinted or transferred your..erotic so that the toy wasn't a proxy of a person but you imbued it with its own charge.
I am not even memeing here what if the reason she "has to haha" touch every animatronic is that it gives her an excuse because touching forbidden plushes is like brushing a girls boob on the bus for her.

8a5ae No.7676

>are there people whose paRaphilia is they want to fuck actual toys like small sized dolls?
i saw this in porn the other day actually
and hasn't jenny referenced cum jars and ona-hole equipped mlp dolls?
toys have occupied so much of her life that it must have effected her sexual development

2a0b1 No.7677

File: 1613601028813.webm (2.94 MB, 544x572, 136:143, 1613344773259.webm) ImgOps iqdb


2a0b1 No.7678

File: 1613601487399.jpg (22.06 KB, 745x174, 745:174, AAAA.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>gummy rainbow
>jenny rainbow
>jelly wombat
eeeh!! ehh reeh!!

8a5ae No.7679

yeah, thats how you touch a lover
she definitely has an emotional attachment to toys given how she collects thousands of them

3ffc2 No.7680

File: 1613628734560.png (30.5 KB, 596x213, 596:213, 2021-02-18 00.50.55 twitte….png) ImgOps iqdb

c19a8 No.7681

This whole time we've been getting collectively cucked by a giant porg?

bce42 No.7682

Someone finally got Jenny to do a voiceover in an animated video or Jenny doing her own voiceover video?

bce42 No.7683

> British is “the one accent I’ve reiterated I can’t do”

That’s a weird way to phrase that, can Jenny do a spot on Indian accent?

bce42 No.7684

File: 1613663502186.jpeg (206.96 KB, 750x449, 750:449, C9C76F91-B7B6-4746-99EA-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

54756 No.7685

It’s for a Lindsay Ellis video. Her writer/editor Angelina just tweeted about it.

bce42 No.7686

I wonder if Jenny charges them since she’s so business oriented and defended not watching Mandalorian vs other shows as “well I made a video off those”.

5d13e No.7687

one of the things she said on deviantart was how she can voice dexter from dexters lab

75581 No.7688

It looks like the episode is going to be on JK rowling's detective book that caused the controversy

401ea No.7689

Didn't contrapoints just do a video on JK Rowling.

6490b No.7690

tbf, men shouldn't ever use emojis

I wonder what it would take for Jenny to do a voiceover in a visual novel.

bce42 No.7691

Breadtube (which Ellis said wasn’t a thing or group, they’re just friends) goes after people and topics very much like a synchronized groupthink.

I’m surprised Jenny hasn’t made a video bashing JK too but she bashed Fantastic Beasts.

Anyone have Jenny’s voice clips from the Lindsey videos?

6490b No.7692

File: 1613702512361.jpg (413.21 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EujbsgfUYAYO7me.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

897aa No.7693

File: 1613704158415.jpg (251.91 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, nosejob.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

6490b No.7694

Um, rude?

2a0b1 No.7695

but… but i .. but how can.. It's still…

bce42 No.7696

Knew it!

bce42 No.7697

File: 1613709387480.jpeg (381.7 KB, 750x965, 150:193, 1224FF87-E5B2-47F9-96FE-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> Extremely funny

I totally get why Jenny’s writing career didn’t go anywhere even with Max’s help.

2a0b1 No.7698

reading some grandparent stuff. seems scouts and collecting toys goes back on the moms side as well

2a0b1 No.7699

maybe posted before but:
a redditor noticed that jeny is cunt
and all the other people on her reddit are like 'yeah'.
the fuckin discussion is no different to here you better not be redditors for gods sake

8246b No.7700

>you better not be redditors for gods sake
OH SHIT THEY FOUND US, RUN no shame in calling a spade a spade. jenny is cute, love her to bits, but sometimes..

2a0b1 No.7701

File: 1613717723263.jpg (242.7 KB, 1362x656, 681:328, jenismegg.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Think how horny she got imagining having this thing. I need to read up how this plushie attraction works, whether the plush is more erotic when its humanoid or not, etc.

2a0b1 No.7702

File: 1613718049200.jpg (81.54 KB, 612x610, 306:305, botsch.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>when you're so botched the twitter crop algorithm can't detect your face

8246b No.7703

>you will never nibble on jenny's peep


7dd2d No.7704

What I wouldn't give for Jenny to gently stroke my uhhh… bear arm.

How big was it before?

I've said it before, but I love a mean, bitchy Jenny. It really cements that rich-girl personality of hers.

2a0b1 No.7705

File: 1613722588191.jpg (69.73 KB, 703x429, 703:429, nosed.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>How big was it before?
like not even bigger, just a more natural shape and not the weird skull shit it is now

8246b No.7706

She should've kept it. Still looks cute now, but eh. No reason.

2a0b1 No.7707

If Jenny had some kind of morally or socially unacceptable sexuality, that's another possible explanation of her flirtation with Max (and other sketchy fucks). Looking for someone who also needs a 'cover relationship'

c19a8 No.7708

File: 1613727459892.jpeg (164.6 KB, 1467x1073, 1467:1073, 1613533833467.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Look at the size of that honker. That is definitely larger in my eyes.

2e91f No.7709

I don't care about her nose but this dress down low effort style is cute as heck. Why do women torture themselves?

2a0b1 No.7710

yeah but. size isn't the be all end all. i don't want to go into it but i feel they made some wrong decisions in how they proceeded. never mind. now since i don't care about bailey i'm surprised this falls to me but ok: >>7693 'anon, how did you find this?'

7dd2d No.7711

>i'm surprised this falls to me but ok
It shouldn't be surprising, you can count the people who like or have any interest in Bailey on one finger.

c19a8 No.7712

>I don't use filters guys :(
If she's willing to get her schnoz carved up she's willing to use filters.

2a0b1 No.7713

I think in the end -as the person who insisted it - that she doesn't use them for much - just the inbuilt default ones that come in her phone that she may not even know are doing anything. or may not 'count' in her mind as filters. The main reason I insisted was I assumed that an app was adding the fucking freckles because I didn't realize it was a case of 2020s bitches just stooping so low as to draw them on themselves

2a0b1 No.7714

and even that.. its hard to blame women for doing tricks if most dipshits like it. they're trying to get by

bce42 No.7715

Can someone explain why this fact got 275 retweets?

Jenny: here’s something that happens in this 20 year old music video
Fans: Jeneeeee youre soooo funny!!!”

Its like the universe put bowling gutter guards in place for Jenny, no matter how unfunny her jokes are she always gets a spare or strike.

bce42 No.7716

File: 1613745833807.jpeg (338.35 KB, 750x845, 150:169, 3C969FCB-8E81-4DCF-AD21-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

bce42 No.7717

So Jenny acknowledged she’s so big her attacks on lesser Youtubers actually boosts their profiles but still does it whenever she smells blood in the water when someone’s getting dragged.

c19a8 No.7718

>I think in the end -as the person who insisted it
lol you pushed Bailey to the edge with that comment and you're not even going to stand by it? Do you have any idea how much ice cream she ate and vomited right back up that because of that?

46a35 No.7719

people used to write it off as an act, but given how she is on twitter i dont think you can do that any more without looking gullible.
>ywn be pressured to wear a peep costume and sit absolutely still so jenny can have her man sized toy

401ea No.7720

File: 1613766312776-0.jpg (303.79 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Eo_QfFfVEAETLxj.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613766312776-1.jpg (408.64 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, Eo_Oo-uUUAAyRGh.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Yeah she 100% doesn't touch up her photos. Completely unrelated, here's two separate photos of herself she tweeted.

8246b No.7721

<okay, now chirp for me, anon

fake news

b0dc1 No.7722

File: 1613773683482.jpeg (185.74 KB, 750x477, 250:159, D039CCCD-3814-4C7C-B0FC-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

This caught my attention and its just 1 of 100s of tweets while she’s watching the Hercules tv show. Very similar Jenny tone to the tweets.

Is this what Jenny’s spent her entire day on, reading tv show reaction tweets?

d04b4 No.7723

interesting. we know two of the CA members who silenced justins rape victim, one of them is pregler. I always figured jenny was a real feminist but maybe not?

b0dc1 No.7724

File: 1613781628698.jpeg (467.01 KB, 750x1159, 750:1159, A8513782-B7D6-4A94-9B1A-F….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

For how often Jenny gets sick she sure skimps on her insurance, gotta get that platinum tier insurance you got the money or just pay out of pocket.

Are OBGYNs considered specialists these days?

b0dc1 No.7725

Wait what, what’s the background on this?

2a0b1 No.7726

well she is a woman turning 30 this year

41666 No.7727

Maybe Jenny is still trying to get vaccinated. In a lot of heavily populated areas you basically need a prescription from your doctor in order to get one. She definitely has the money to bypass any lines or restrictions though, she should try not being a cheapskate for once.

Me? I just strolled into the hospital, filled out some paperwork (literally just my name, DOB any allergies and a brief questionnaire) and got my first shot this week… after having passed on the opportunity multiple times earlier this month.

Diagnosis: You need and a (1) man and some babies, stat.

456d0 No.7728

>got my first shot this week
nice, is the chip they inserted in your brain functioning properly? Think an improper thought about coloured people and see if you feel a sharp zap to your frontal lobe.

41666 No.7729

I think that comes with the second shot, my Windows 10 installation updated right after I got home though…

456d0 No.7730

fc5b4 No.7731

Did somebody post this month's ramble? I can't remember. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PSaC8RXFIU&feature=emb_logo

5d13e No.7732

File: 1613850124434-0.jpg (30.21 KB, 572x180, 143:45, venom1.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613850124434-1.jpg (82.41 KB, 592x526, 296:263, venom2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

the rape stuff?
jewario's victim brad jones's ex wife released a statement after she was doxxed, it said essentially that she doesn't blame the nostalgia critic and it was, in fact, some of the organizers of 'change the channel' who had been keeping her quiet about it.
she didn't say who specifically but two of them revealed themselves by constantly attacking brad for defending her. pregler (obscurus lupa) and marzgurl
its suspected that Lindsay ellis might have been involved as she was the main organizer, but theres no real evidence of that

618b3 No.7733

File: 1613865917413.png (3.93 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 7E5C35B7-2F88-4394-8C5B-6D….png) ImgOps iqdb

It’s ironic that one of the reasons she doesn’t like Whedons work is all the characters are equally witty and quippy since Jenny and all her YouTube friends are the exact same, they’re all equally sarcastic and ironic about everything with the same interests.

Also gotta hand it to Jenny, makes 30k a month but took a page from Logan Paul’s book to look like she works at GAP.

Admittedly, she’s still very engaging talking about shows and movies I lost interest in decades ago.

c364c No.7734

what do you want her to wear, a brooks brothers suit for her percy jackson ramble?

618b3 No.7735

File: 1613870528073.jpeg (106.22 KB, 750x239, 750:239, 461DCCE7-365B-4FF8-8874-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

She ironically spends more on one time outfits than designer tops and dresses would cost. Wonder how much the different eyeshadow she talked about ordering cost.

Also, I think if she tweeted she took a huge shit she’d still get 250 retweets.

c364c No.7736

sure she freely buys indulgent crap but you keep complaining specifically about one-time outfits that are used as costume for her vids that create the revenue in the first place. that doesn't stand up.

41580 No.7737

cute. her lighting is shit.

f08f2 No.7738

>finally watch the ramble
<omg why didn't buffy have more non-white lgbt characters
<i so totally didn't like that u guis
Oh my god Jenny stop trying so hard. Nobody cares. You're not getting cancelled over hating Finn and ooga boogas. Calm down.

I feel like her review of Buffy was a cop-out. She needs to go back and rewatch the series. It's not like she has anything better to do.

Seriously, why doesn't one of her friends help her get her lighting right? She said in a recent video that she "doesn't know" how to cut down on the brightness unless she tries to distract the camera with something whiter than herself. Are her friends trying to make her look foolish? Is this Bailey's attempt to finally one-up her goy friend?

c364c No.7739

Do you think Ba*ley talks about jenny to her tHeRaPiSt

f08f2 No.7740

>and then she made another couple ten grand over nothing
>here i am, slaving away, and get squat
<try thinking on the positive side
<the pills?
>oh yeah.. btw, i have some more cute goose pics, wanna see?

f21a5 No.7741

File: 1613876546992.jpg (94.95 KB, 859x673, 859:673, Screenshot 2021-02-21 1400….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I can only imagine the spastic shit Bailey tells her therapist. Guaranteed Bailey has had to prep the therapist by spending hours explaining things only internet autists would understand.

f08f2 No.7742

>show that goes out of the way to make jews the protagonists is somehow fascist
She didn't even watch it. but then who actually did, amirite?

c364c No.7743

<can you tell me more about your friend who loves ze toys
>no.. as I was saying, the Biden administration is a complete disappointment
<she makes love to ze plüsches
>no. yes. look, the Mayor didn't acknowledge my..
<how is it done?
<ze sex viz ze toy - its not too zofft? vone needs some..Steiff-ness, no?

5d13e No.7744

File: 1613879464596.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.32 KB, 618x428, 309:214, beginner.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>how to cut down on the brightness
you point the light at a white paper sheet on the wall and it refracts back on you, this is beginner stuff jenny

f08f2 No.7745

>that oc

d0feb No.7746

Literally 0% the costumes do anything to drive up revenue or user engagement. Jenny uses that as an excuse to continue her consumerism but why are you falling for it? Half her comments are people saying they play her in the background or love her narrative style nothing to do with what she wears.

f08f2 No.7747

She's just trying to have fun with it. You might be looking too deeply into the whole thing. It's okay to enjoy things.

d0feb No.7748

> Does the Jewish girl talk to her therapist about her attractive, successful, popular Christian friend?


> Buffy, a show from 1997 made for 90s white girls, broke the norms by supporting LGBT characters and was ahead of its time but what about the blacks?

She’s got us there, Buffy was racist

Watched first season, very slow moving.

> You might be looking too deeply into the whole thing.

You brought up and defended her wasteful spending and when it’s pointed out none of it actually effects or improves her content you resort to bro chill logic.

c364c No.7749

that's a different anon trying to help you out man.
and uh sure, like, movies would still make profit if the actors would wear their own clothes so really they're just wasting money on costumes irrationally, right? insight like that is why you should be in charge and not slaving at that job

f08f2 No.7751

File: 1613889152921.mp4 (11.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, the worst harry potter sce….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>that last fraction of a second
lol let me try that again

f08f2 No.7752

>You brought up and defended her wasteful spending and when it’s pointed out none of it actually effects or improves her content you resort to bro chill logic.
Check ID's, fren :3

f08f2 No.7753

File: 1613894318139.mp4 (21.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, beany babies and beyond.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Also this.

2e91f No.7754

>jewario's victim
does anyone want to explain the guy on /tv/ that pops up occasionally saying that jewario did nothing wrong? is there a non pozzed version of the whole story available?

f08f2 No.7755

File: 1613896604603.png (405.29 KB, 617x519, 617:519, dollywood video eventually.png) ImgOps iqdb

f21a5 No.7756

File: 1613896822569.webm (3.67 MB, 320x568, 40:71, 1516396699375.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>this is the kind of shit max was texting to Jenny
no wonder she cut ties with him. I actually believe him when he said it was non sexual stuff.

c364c No.7757

File: 1613905025601.jpg (22.85 KB, 639x125, 639:125, water.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Man, just last year I stopped telling people who get into rages that they just need to drink more water, because i thought ok maybe some people have a brain injury or something and they won't appreciate that. I should have stuck to my guns

8a5ae No.7758

atfirst i thought she was saying bollywood. thefuck is dollywood
i thought dehydration was a gaming meme because of that guy who died. is it a fad outside of gaming?

4b62f No.7759

> movies would still make profit if the actors would wear their own clothes

Wait, lol, do you think Jennys videos are comparable to movies and you'd like movies more if Harry Potter wore a shirt that said "wizard" cause that's the level of effort Jenny puts in.

Jenny could spend that money on better lighting or improved editing software so it doesn't take her 3 weeks to edit one of her "movies".

That was a lot of jump cuts for a 3.5 minute clip, was the other 54 minutes that edit heavy? At 57 minutes this seems like her longest "quick monthly ramble with minimal edits" yet but when you pay Jenny $30k to bash something she really goes for it.

> She acknowledge the surge in new patrons during VD copyright complaints.

> This tweet would get that much interaction

It really didn't Jenny, 1k of your boibots RTed it but only 53 people actually replied.

f08f2 No.7760


Just wait another ten years. Bailey's going to be a real mess then. ffs she and Jenny really need to marry already, Bailey especially. The future is looking grave.

Dolly Parton is a Murrican "country singer". She's been performing for decades and is popular enough to have her own amusement park. I guess you could say she use to be pretty but now she's like 80 and 90% plastic. Also, country music is a meme, but whatever.

4b62f No.7761

File: 1613926107631.png (55.64 KB, 551x453, 551:453, Water.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

> Jenny making a trending topic about her example 126

Goddamn Jenny, buy a RO system you cheap fuck, it's less than what you spent most weeks at Disneyland.

4b62f No.7762


If he hadn't been cancelled, 100% Max would've gotten his chance to fuck Jenny as she got older.

41580 No.7763

>Dolly Parton is a Murrican "country singer"
must be from Jenny's cowgirl phase.
well thats what he chooses to upload. you dont see the ones where he offers his young fresh female friends 10,000 and a writer's credit to jerk him off

d2d55 No.7764

What third world shit hole do you come from that you've never heard of Dolly Parton

c364c No.7766

he didn't ask who dolly parton is he said what is dollyworld. but he could have taken one second to google that so it's like retard weekend on here, along with people believing the blown out lighting isn't "ooops! you can't clearly see my face details"

d2d55 No.7767

DollyWOOD anon, DollyWOOD. I swear I'm the only anon here who is actually interested in the kind of stuff Jenny likes. Everyone else is just a coomer.

c364c No.7768

>Despite liking Star Wars as a kid i always liked to have some cuddly thing to cling to from whatever franchises I liked, and for me no star wars character really filled that void. (The closest was Max Rebo, who I found really cute.)
cling to, filling a fucking void. is this flowery language for just a mundane sentiment or..

15e3e No.7769

File: 1613951333760.jpeg (281.3 KB, 1124x1830, 562:915, A66C3065-9342-4123-82D4-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

…When you can clearly see the face details….

fc7e8 No.7770

What video is this from?

15e3e No.7771

It’s one of the Millennial Falcon thumbnails.

f08f2 No.7772

Oh man, year 30 is getting close. Can she hear the clicking clock in her sleep?

f08f2 No.7773

File: 1613956963505-0.jpg (378.9 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EuyDfUPVkAIBUK2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1613956963505-1.jpg (276.48 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EuyDfUQUUAYZryW.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

c364c No.7774

maybe you're saying this looks bad but remember screen junkies had a professional makeup artist do frankly impressive work on smoothing her out. so if it was still bad to you and the fact this is like 5 years ago, you might wonder what the real jenny under they layers of myth currently looks like

c364c No.7775

you can say 'makeup has been around forever' all you want but to me drawing on freckles is at the same level as if I got a marker and drew a six-pack on my skinnyfat abdomen and took some blurry shots.

41666 No.7776

Very generous proportions!

4b62f No.7777

How much is Jenny paying in taxes this year? Im gonna say Bailey got hr a great accountant so maybe just $100k

c364c No.7778

so if i lived in Amriki the simps would be paying jenni who pays to the government who'd pay neet bux to me? sounds very nice

f6cbf No.7779

did Jenny make an apperance in the new Lindsay vid on her Patreon at the start? Sounds like her trying hard to do a bri'ish accent for JK.

d207a No.7780

yeah jenny was saying on twitter the other day should would be doing an accent voice over for someones new video. do you have a link to the vid?

4b62f No.7782

Does anyone have excerpts of Jennys parts in the last two Ellis videos playing that same fan fic author? I feel like I remember someone clipping it or time stamping it.

Ellis is very lazy and goes back to the same well for material, like when she made 6 videos about sexism in Transformers till people get sick of them, that's probably why Jenny surpassed her in Patrons.

4b62f No.7783

File: 1613976052172.png (204.4 KB, 547x352, 547:352, MoodMeme.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Why did Jenny pick 9pm on a Sunday as the best time to make this meme tweet go viral?

4b62f No.7784

Any of you long timers here? Remember when Jenny would appear on literally any 3rd rate nobodies podcast or convention panel? I still remember this one from 2016 and Jennys far surpassed him now.


5326a No.7785


c364c No.7786

File: 1613998990202.jpg (27.13 KB, 619x115, 619:115, food.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

so you've got two 30 year old cunts, one can't drink enough water by themselves and one can't prepare food and has to… i'm not sure what this is - wait up a whole night until the next day when pizza hut opens for lunch?
there is so much patheticness in this that this should override any begrudging respect for her business acumen etc so far

f08f2 No.7787

File: 1614009302020.png (77.94 KB, 830x1192, 415:596, new ramble vote.png) ImgOps iqdb

March ramble vote is up.

They need bf's.

f08f2 No.7788

File: 1614009609059.png (85.57 KB, 830x1170, 83:117, new ramble vote with numbe….png) ImgOps iqdb

Probably should've posted that with the current tally. I don't know why the Powerpuff Girls one has so many votes. Who cares. The horse breeding and Australian topics are a lot more interesting. I didn't even know she went to Australia.

fc7e8 No.7789

I don’t think she’s gone to Australia or she’d have mentioned it. Only foreign country she’s been to is Japan. Maybe this is another fan fic she’s supposed to write.

The fact she can’t even microwave something or eat some cereal is pretty pathetic but she is making over $30,000 a month so who’s the real retards here.

fc7e8 No.7790

File: 1614011401835.jpeg (193.91 KB, 750x1191, 250:397, 1A0456C6-790E-4FD6-A9C2-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Huh, what’re the odds.

f08f2 No.7791

File: 1614011522257.jpg (79.69 KB, 350x525, 2:3, 1604194283937.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

What is this, a poem? Erotica?

41666 No.7792

Jenny knows you can store more than alcohol in the fridge, right? I always envision Jenny's house looking/smelling like a party house ~90% of the time; the smell of stale beer and cigarettes, a hint of weed with bottles and cans everywhere.

>this is wrong
I want to see Jenny angrily proclaim that Friesians a best.


cd941 No.7793

>I want to see Jenny angrily proclaim that Friesians a best.
Clearly one of the best options on the list. It better be around for next vote.

fc7e8 No.7794


> Jenny Nicholson book

Did a quick search but didn’t see a summary, looks very old.

fc7e8 No.7795

So Jenny stays awake all night for what, a grubhub order for a veggie breakfast burrito or a waffle or is she ordering dinner at 7 am?

5d13e No.7796

File: 1614023156284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.07 KB, 642x560, 321:280, hmmmmm.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

theres alot of pics of her carrying toys around, even recently. that doesn't make sense as an excuse though because she has far more toys then she could ever carry.
if youre somewhere in between the rich and the bums its not so sweet
she was in something last year i believe. I try to watch all the brony podcasts with "fim" in the title in case one of them actually has her on (none have)

fun fact, the real my little pony show included a friendship is witchcraft reference in it. so jennys show was a pretty big deal back in the day.
is it the jenny nicholson who's a writer? remember googling jenny and this writers webpage would be the first result for the longest time.
theres alot of false flags out there as jenny isn't very creative with her usernames (except jellywombat)
>who’s the real retards here
jenny, she could order something the day before and keep it in the fridge.

401ea No.7797

See Bailey is pleading poverty again because her car has to be fixed and she'd rather ask her twitter followers for money than ask her Dad.

5326a No.7798

File: 1614024201313.jpg (17.23 KB, 739x180, 739:180, Screenshot 2021-02-23 0702….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

breakdown in 3,2,1…

c364c No.7799

She did mention it. It was when she was a kid with her dad

c364c No.7800

now we're getting somewhere. this is the approach. i dunno about this specific result because who would name their romance rogue after their brother? …unlesss…

c364c No.7801

I don't even want to click her timeline, it makes me angry to see that shit, and i'm not even 'out there working'. Imagine an actual poor person who'd believed and felt solidarity with this nose-jobbed hobby-job-having blob.

46a35 No.7802

im going to assume its not her, misty moonlight is the name of a popular love ballad, as well as the my little pony toy jenny named herself after.
there were a number of coincidences that made me suspicious though. jenny had an obsession with harry potter and vampires back then, and this user only writes about harry potter and vampires

58497 No.7803

too bad she cant blame trump for her horrible life.

58497 No.7804

>oral, anal, bdsm,slave,toys

Fuck this is making me want to fuck Jenny even more. I want a kinky Jenny!!

401ea No.7805

No she's just going for sympathy paypal donations again. She even invoked her dead cat again.

It's the one thing about her that truly bothers me, just pretending to be poor. All while living by herself in an apartment in LA with her own car.

It's like bloody common people. If she called her dad he could stop it all.

fc7e8 No.7806

> the real my little pony show included a friendship is witchcraft reference in it

You sure it’s not the MLP popular documentary narrated by John De Lancie you’re thinking of?

Or her rich best friend

Huh, I’m surprised I missed that. Was it in a video?

Ellis producer is having a rage fit about the author they’re attacking for the 3rd time writing about a slut walk in her book. Anyone have Jenny’s audio clips?

I like how Jenny uses reverse psychology on her fans to say guys my British accent is so bad but what was gonna do tell Ellis to pick one of her actual British Youtuber friends to do the voice instead?

Followed by tons of fans saying how amazing her accent is and they can’t even tell it’s not real. Will Jenny ever use her powers for something besides self wealth and praise?

c364c No.7807

that's Ellis producer? lmao. I was just looking at the thread of them mocking awful prose. I thought "They should read Axiom's End"!

i think its between the two dudes though. That's the only thing i've been surprised not to see yet from her - fujoshism - maybe she knows to keep that quiet

5d13e No.7808

>You sure it’s not the MLP popular documentary narrated by John De Lancie you’re thinking of?
I think so, according to the bronies it was a picture in the background of an episode, i think it had to do with a robot version of a character they made, idk.
de lancie referenced jenny?

65f08 No.7809

>Anyone have Jenny’s audio clips?
Yeah this is all i want i aint watching that video

7acb2 No.7810

so close, but no.

c364c No.7811

File: 1614032686126.jpg (18.47 KB, 332x130, 166:65, simpathy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>based Carney her a loser to her face
I used to know a 'Bailey'. group walking in a cold park the sprinklers pop up - everyone already knew the one person who was going to get sprayed.
I don't believe that a sad outlook can actually attract a sprinkler but …

fc7e8 No.7812

> picture in the background of an episode, i think it had to do with a robot version

Maybe the Griffin created character, I forget it’s name but Jenny mentioned the last or second to last phonycon she went to a booth was selling posters of its mechanical blueprints so it’s definitely a well known aspect of their show.

> de lancie referenced jenny?

In a song in the doc he references gypsies brew I think

Jenny was very flattered by it in her old tumblr.

It was also mentioned in an article of Playboy and Jenny posted she can check being in Playboy off her list.

d4798 No.7813

c364c No.7814

>It was also mentioned in an article of Playboy and Jenny posted she can check being in Playboy off her list.
…does he not know?

fc7e8 No.7815

Clicked the first one link and boyyyy, that’s a terrible British accent.

fc7e8 No.7816

This was before her articles.

fc7e8 No.7817

File: 1614040917540-0.jpeg (93.77 KB, 750x400, 15:8, C930C796-C1C7-4DF7-B141-1….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1614040917540-1.jpeg (53.18 KB, 750x295, 150:59, 2919769F-1983-46F0-A122-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought this was about the werewolf lady.

So Contrapoints makes a long rebuttal to JK Rowling’s trans views as a trans woman and what Ellis just thinks I’m a liberal white woman, people need to hear my hostile views while regurgitating the same exact examples and have a friend mock her accent?

Give it 2-3 years months and Jenny will follow them with her take on this same shit.

Kinda disgusted how easy it is for them to milk people out of time and money with this repetitive shit. It’s not even well written, it’s just telling people what they want to hear like the right wing anti-SJW Youtubers.

c364c No.7818

>jennys best friends are ben shapiro with the other debate position

65f08 No.7819

Sarah Z also got a JKR video done, although Jenny hates sarah so that shouldn't matter.

fc7e8 No.7820

File: 1614043487448.jpeg (347.05 KB, 750x829, 750:829, 84AFB2DF-EB05-4529-9142-2….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

> Jenny hates sarah

That reminds me, I saw this why reading people’s tweets about her accent. I think if Jenny would burst a blood vessel if she saw it.

fc7e8 No.7821

A. Going by her tweets I don’t think Jenny slept today

B. which might explain why she’s not taking a lap around Twitter liking and replying to compliments about her terrible and snobby JK accent.

41580 No.7822

yeah thats painful. half the words are just her regular voice the other half sound like a cartoon queen

c364c No.7823

you guys are too used to her voice pitch. it sounds, ridiculously, like a 9 year old american girl

8ec85 No.7824

Is it me or has Ellis started to use Jenny‘s make up and lighting techniques for this video.

c364c No.7825

File: 1614050724893.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.3 KB, 997x372, 997:372, yuck.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

No you're right lmao i just saw her for the first time in it and its dead on. additionally, the camera shooting down 45 degrees

c364c No.7826

File: 1614051034400.jpg (67.37 KB, 584x470, 292:235, yuck2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

And I think anyone who's attracted to *current* Jenny would do well to watch this shit and reflect on just how much of jenny's in-video allure is entirely technical artefacts.
Like sure this looks like a fat disgusting hog nosed 40 yera old trussed up as a little girl. But on the other hand in a glance, it also looks a lot like Jenny. no spoiler for you

cd941 No.7827

Oh man, the age is really showing. Look at all that make-up. Shouldn't have had that abortion, Linds.

41666 No.7828

>it also looks a lot like Jenny
Yeah, no. Jenny has a very feminine presence, she looks and acts soft and kind. Lindsay's the type of chick you'll get startled awake at night to her stabbing you because of something you said four months ago. There's no humanity behind her eyes.

c364c No.7829

dont open the pic just look at the thumbnail. look at the hand. anyway you're joking but…
>jenny is kind
this is something for shitposting on 4. we know jenny so unfamiliar with kindness that she would be more likely to recognize what knotting feels like from the inside than being kind

58497 No.7830

Fuck… This bitch is down bad.

58497 No.7831

Should have aborted herself while she was at it.

cd941 No.7833

With Ellis in particular, her whole schtick is that she's trying to be taken serious, right? Why even bother with trying to fool people with looks?

lol jesus christ dude

fc7e8 No.7834

File: 1614057287361.jpeg (403.03 KB, 750x1079, 750:1079, AA029AC2-8634-4F92-BBF7-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Huh, those tweets felt poignant.

Jenny in 5 years shoving politics into pop culture and charging you for it.

> Ellis trying to be taken seriously

Yup, the Green brothers are serious normal adults, Lindsey is a 36 year old who wears wacky outfits and talks like she’s 19 (Jenny does too) with new dumb Twitter lingo but calls you sexist for saying she’s a joke of a political, social or literature commentator.

c364c No.7835


>to death
are you…
look never mind

cd941 No.7836

File: 1614072365581.png (51.15 KB, 618x500, 309:250, bailey can't afford $700.png) ImgOps iqdb

7acb2 No.7837

i was gearing up to call bailey a retard and mansplain to her about fixing cars, but getting a lock replaced, yeah ok, that really sucks. i love you bailey, sending my energy to help you move to a nicer area.
completely unrelated: did she post about that bail project fund thing?

6bcb1 No.7838

>did she post about that bail project fund thing?
I must've missed that, is that some kind of fundraiser for raising bail money? For the poors?
On another note, I just noticed Bailey doesn't have a blue checkmark. Do you think it's yet another reason she hates Jenny so much?

7acb2 No.7839

>For the poors?
when people were rioting and looting jenny posted saying she would thank everyone personally who donated to bail them or something.

6bcb1 No.7840

Don't remember that at all. I would say it seems a little provocative but then again companies like Sony were supporting the looting and pillaging too. Those riots are getting memory holed anyway.

c364c No.7841

if these bread tubers (?) really believe in leftism, isn't that like 'rich people bad'? cos they are rich people. isn't each additional $30 cocktail foregoing redistribution which could have fed an African lesbian for a year?

f6cbf No.7842

that's kinda complicated considering how broad leftism is tbh.
Generally just means you are anti capitalist which again is super broad. Main problem with mega rich people like Elon Musk and jeff Bezos is that they benefit from other people's surplus labour, breadtubers a lot of the time (altho not always) commit all the labour themselves and therefore are not exploitative as they are earning their own money rather than benefiting from others.

f08f2 No.7844

If anything, I was reminded of that one scene from Always Sunny when Dee berates the boys in not being able to afford a few hundred bucks in for one of their schemes. Bailey has a job, she streams, how is she not able to afford $700 at almost 30 years of age? Is Cali really that expensive that she can't find somewhere cheaper to rent out to her?

fc7e8 No.7845

Also her job is remote, Jenny and her leftube friends can afford to throw money by living in LA (weird for Jenny as she’s so cheap on most thing) but Bailey can probably do her job remotely for at least another 6 months.

41580 No.7846

shes too old.. its creepy
jennys puffy cheeks give her a perpetual youthful look, not everyone can do it
> did she post about that bail project fund thing?
i assume so, the rioters broke her windshield wiper too.
why do the girls live there. move literally anywhere else.
alot of youtubers are moving down to texas, maybe the girls can move there

8ec85 No.7847

Why do the girls still live there?

Because muh Disney! - which you shouldn’t go there anymore you evil Covid super spreader. Jenny will report.

Because the trendy overnight startups! - which always sell out within moments before poor Jenny can even get tickets to any of them.

Because the Hollywood celebrities and writers! - which all of them seem to be patriarchal rapists that don’t even think poor Jenny’s writing is worth a shit. It’s OK though, she’s not impressed with them anyways. Pouts*

a604c No.7848

>Why do they live there?
Besides the (generally) nicer weather, I kind of wonder if they realize that they live in one of the most expensive areas of the country. One of the beauties of jobs like that is you can live anywhere that has good internet access and pay a fraction of the living costs than what they currently spend. I know part of living in LA/Hollywood (and other very large cities) is the mentality that everywhere else is just like the big cities, which is definitely not true. You can see that just from the last election when you look at vote tallies by county.

41666 No.7849

>why do the girls live there
Maybe they've grown to love living in fear of getting raped everyday, spending hours to drive 35 miles and the smell of the homeless' piss baking on the sidewalk.

California was literally on fire most of last year.

fc7e8 No.7850

File: 1614112730111.jpeg (283.4 KB, 750x667, 750:667, 88BA3461-4EB5-4EF9-8715-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh so when Jenny tracks people online it’s ok.

fc7e8 No.7851

> down to texas, maybe the girls can move there

The amount of complaining Jenny would’ve done on Twitter if she was in Texas with the storm and power out.

401ea No.7852

You can sit there and pretend that LA is a shithole all you want, but the fact is it wouldn't be so expensive if it wasn't a good place to live.

8ec85 No.7853

7c7ad No.7854

File: 1614120115570.mp4 (14.2 MB, 540x360, 3:2, Rape Rap by Nostalgia Chic….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

lol good lord ellis. not sure what's worse, this or the superhero shuffle

41580 No.7855

the hospital situation there alone would be enough to make me move

8ec85 No.7856

It’s getting to the point where all these bread tubers are collaborating so much that I’m beginning to expect their version of Kickassia soon.

7c7ad No.7857

File: 1614121629106.png (44.13 KB, 592x251, 592:251, image_2021-02-23_180648.png) ImgOps iqdb

>live in a commie shit hole
>be surprised when there's nothing in the stores

7c7ad No.7858

File: 1614121782840.jpg (508.75 KB, 1528x2048, 191:256, Eu7lPGfVgAApMYL.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Also, baby Bailey.

41580 No.7859

she orders food, is there a reason she cant order goods?
cute, looks like yeed

8ec85 No.7860

The expression hasn't changed much, has it.

c364c No.7861

she then says she 'wanted it today'
in other words:
>having a printer is stupid in 2021
>but i want to buy one for a one-off job
instead of using a fucking printshop and paying $1

41666 No.7863

Hmm, is she using her little cork board again? I never use my printer, Jen… come on over and get it, it's yours.

Oh, and here;s Jenny TSD Bookclub videos: >>7862

0dc46 No.7864

Jenny can’t swim and is afraid of water.

Jenny isn’t trying to be an actress, or writer anymore.

Jenny doesn’t try exotic foods.

Jenny hates Disneyland now.

What exactly does LA provide that every other major metro doesn’t?

0dc46 No.7865

File: 1614135440653.jpeg (450.98 KB, 1136x750, 568:375, 343FFB17-60C1-4BBE-8D99-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Lindsey also used to look 14 in her 20s…shiittttt, not a good sign for Jennys looks in 5 years.

She better pivot to a majority female and trans Patreon fan base ASAP!

24f5f No.7866

>look 14
mate, El Heehee looks more like a 14 year old than that thing in your pic

24f5f No.7867

shall we not conflate Bailey living beyond her pretend-limited means with Jenny. Jenny is so rich she can live wherever she wants which obviously in a pAnDeMic is wherever she is currently holed up. Like who the fuck is going to attempt a move this year?

41666 No.7868

I don't know what age she is there, but she looks to be about 26-27. Nothing suggests younger.

0dc46 No.7869

I’ve seen those videos but right above your post is a copy of Jenny on big Joel’s charity stream for 3:30:00 and she talks a lot more than I thought she would.


If anyone wants to see it there’s a time stamp but it was out of sync for me, wish someone could edit other the other conversations she’s not involved in during the stream time.

41666 No.7870

>wish someone could edit other the other conversations she’s not involved in during the stream time
I have the entire stream (totaling: 25h21m30s and ~22.7GB) because I planned to clip out Jenny's appearance but had no idea when she was on… and I just never bothered to get around to it and then forgot (as usual).

0dc46 No.7871

Well this person did time stamp the 3 and a half hours Jenny does but it was out of sync on my end and still seemed to include other people starting conversations but Jenny doesn’t seem to stay quiet for very long before chiming in.

0dc46 No.7872

File: 1614143313229-0.jpeg (191.46 KB, 750x449, 750:449, F31EFE2C-EFBF-42DD-92CF-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1614143313229-1.jpeg (326.98 KB, 750x762, 125:127, 5AA6901C-9C13-4F32-B146-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I don’t want to say Jenny’s lying but it feels like she’s lying because those tweets got almost RTs and everyone replied “yeah I can’t find them either” or “just order it online”

0dc46 No.7873

Almost no RTs*

7c7ad No.7874

Is it possible that she's just really high right now?

24f5f No.7875

File: 1614144669892.jpg (30.18 KB, 606x205, 606:205, print.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

she must be embarrased because three or so people mentioned she could just print for like .30c at the a fed ex, kinkos, library etc.
This was the "harshest" one.

>A wEiRd amount of haTe

man she is a fucking cunt

>a..and it wAS for CHARITY actually!! so YEAH, YOU messed up!! not me

what's worse than 'cunt'? i dunno but I am not wishing her well today i can say that

24f5f No.7876

File: 1614144822144.jpg (98.44 KB, 591x541, 591:541, print2.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

actually, seems to have been friendly fire from her own type of loonies that she enables and endorses

60e66 No.7877

File: 1614145893446.png (49.71 KB, 626x532, 313:266, printer.png) ImgOps iqdb

holy fuck man, i looked through and this guy is literally the only one who mentioned anything about amazon workers. this one guy, named butttrouble, is what jenny is referring to as "a weird amount of hate." she literally created this drama so she could mention she is giving to charity. and of course no one will call her bluff so she'll just get lots of praise and admiration out of this whole situation, and probably a bunch of new patreon subs somehow.

24f5f No.7878

eh i changed my mind, its pretty funny actually
>bailey: my caaaar. noo im ruined ill never get $700
>jenny: hm this would look cuter printed out. now where's my printer? hm, i don't see it, i'll just get another one. and maybe a ps5 would come in handy one day too. haha!

41666 No.7879

File: 1614148075076.png (1.47 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [2019.02.04] buzzy preview….png) ImgOps iqdb

People on Twitter are so obnoxious, Jesus Christ…

As I guy with a printer and a PS5 I feel attacked.

0dc46 No.7880

File: 1614149079638.jpeg (294.88 KB, 750x681, 250:227, 0E9DB48F-76C4-44C3-B90C-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

A. What time are you in that it’s 9 am by you?

B. I’m starting to think she created fake drama to get some sympathy RTs, her new tweet already has more RTs than the original jokes

C. Jenny gave a very reasonable answer for wanting to buy at Best Buy, it’s same reason I buy bulky items in retail stores.

0dc46 No.7882

Jenny should’ve never left her $12 an hour Disneyland job, somehow becoming a Youtuber made her ultra thin skinned.

After hitting 100k or 120k Twitter followers she said half her replies are people being mean or attacking her but turns out she just assumes not agreeing with her is an attack.

Jenny’s the well off Cali liberal white girl who’ll one day kill a homeless guy in a hit and run and wash her guilty conscious by donating $50k to a trans charity run by one of her hack friends.

6bcb1 No.7883

Crack is expensive is it a good drug to take?

24f5f No.7884

File: 1614159919876.jpg (46.04 KB, 353x341, 353:341, nurrr.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>tfw this is a serious question posted by bailey

41666 No.7885

Bailey would be the one person in LA to think that crack is expensive.

534f9 No.7886

I knew this was coming. You don't think that crack isn't ninety nine percent laundry powder and boric acic?

41666 No.7887

Nice try Mr. FBI, but you'll never get my crack recipe!

d04b4 No.7888

>not a good sign for Jennys looks in 5 years.
will you still love her?
jennys both thin skin and a liar, so the question is, was she bothered by the comments, or is she pretending?

d04b4 No.7889

i was recommended this by youtube
can she even sing anymore?

24f5f No.7890

i think as an anon said, it was one goofy tweet from a zero-follower account

7dba0 No.7891

What was this picture from?

0dc46 No.7892

> Can Jenny still sing

Yes, she did a song video in the voices of the MLP characters a few years ago on Patreon and it was surprisingly good.

0dc46 No.7893

Ninjago cast interview when she worked at SJ. She did her usual unimpressed but quirky thing and it worked pretty well.


0dc46 No.7894

> will you still love her?

I’m just here to be the first to report when she’s cancelled and ask for high fives.

Imagine having 200,000 followers and being so shook by one person saying “but what about warehouse workers” that you delete tweets then immediately tweet about the subject defensively so fans can agree you did nothing wrong.

It doesn’t make sense unless Jenny did it preemptively because she thought it be a big thing orrrr she just wanted to manipulate a tweet into getting 4x as many RTs as her original printer jokes while getting fan sympathy for nothing.

I wonder if Jenny will be better or worse on Twitter once she’s in a relationship.

8a5ae No.7895

thats surprising, i got the impression from her english accent that she gave up on honing her VA skills.
this is why i still view sj as her career highpoint, she got frequent access to a-list celebs
and jackie chan is very good in this interview "no, it will scare the children"
>not hate-loving jenny
are you a straight woman
> that you delete tweets
griffin does this too but alot more frequently, so maybe its a habit they learned from doing FIW?

0dc46 No.7896

> Straight white woman

If I was I’d love Jenny.

I still get over the fact she didn’t like Buffy (1997 WB show) because all the characters were quirky and it wasn’t progressive towards black people like it was towards the gays.

Jenny is definitely the girl who gets mad at you for being mean to her in a dream. No wonder she’s single, she knows she’s nothing more than a pump and dump for 99% of guys.

7c7ad No.7897

File: 1614193326359.png (637.82 KB, 595x817, 595:817, jenny the junk rat.png) ImgOps iqdb

7c7ad No.7898

File: 1614194005729.jpg (157.03 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Eu7IaCOVkAM4KlQ.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

8a5ae No.7899

i knew that like 500 locations closed. i never considered where all the games/robots/rides went.
im surprised jenny didn't win one at auction. Given how many must have been available they must have been cheap

2e91f No.7900

Possibly the wrong file was uploaded, the audio was ripped out roughly from the stream before being cleaned up, must have uploaded the wrong mp4 reposting it here sorry. you can hear jenny come in with hello at about 3m37s, which should correspond to 0.00 hello timestamp.
It's a long audio I know but jenny is pretty much involved in the whole conversation, unless you literally want just her talking with no context of what she is talking about then there is not really anything that can be cut iirc.

24f5f No.7901

this is her fucking pose

0dc46 No.7902

File: 1614201857307.jpeg (209.83 KB, 750x460, 75:46, 3AC380E9-77FE-42B9-A8DB-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It’s scary how good Jenny is at playing the right cords to always be a victim.

0dc46 No.7903

File: 1614202013266.jpeg (357.72 KB, 750x617, 750:617, 5865AD12-46C8-4FF5-B2EC-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Cute girl invites you back to her place for G-Fuel but when you go inside her walls are covered with kids toys from the 90s and 00s.

aed20 No.7904

Would give it one glance and feign an interest if it was needed, then I would get to the business of lovemaking. Anyone who says otherwise is a gay man or a soylent pretending he's not a dick on legs like all the other toxic males.

38dab No.7905

she models her cruelty on her detached sociopath big brother but she's just a real girl after all so she gets panics about people reading her

d04b4 No.7906

File: 1614210763046.jpg (7.88 KB, 250x219, 250:219, jml.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

hmmm… not a word jenny usually uses.

also, this is what mlp look like now, how will jenny react

f08f2 No.7907

I'm not a brony and even I think that looks like ass.

38dab No.7908

they look like belle Delphine haha.

9ed65 No.7909

They look even less like horses than before! They just have human heads now

d04b4 No.7910

jennys not saying anything, she might not care. /mlp/ seems to be melting down though

f08f2 No.7911

>we want the 80's crowd
>but we also still want the i-want-to-fuck-the-horses crowd

0dc46 No.7912

> She might not care

She 10,000% cares, maybe she’s trying to not ruffle any MLP feathers after the documentary

24f5f No.7913

its not really my concern but isnt it just fake?

24f5f No.7914

File: 1614229203880.jpg (19.86 KB, 636x122, 318:61, memer.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Doing this 'joke' (literally just using a meme) twice in like three days should grate on people

0dc46 No.7915


It’s still a great grab and upload, I listened to some of it and she mentioned interesting stuff. I’ll probably listen to more of it later.

Thought it wasfunny how Jenny talked about Covid because she “catches everything that goes around” not because she went to a packed Disneyland right before they closed it due to a pandemic. Especially ironic since she was in a charity stream for people Disneyland fired.

Her daily Disneyland trips is probably why she was sick all the time.

0dc46 No.7916

File: 1614270589917.jpeg (444.68 KB, 750x1013, 750:1013, 8CC527E9-6C21-470E-8301-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Took her 12 hours.

f08f2 No.7917

Pot is a hell of a drug.

0dc46 No.7918

Wait, was the charity stream before or after Jenny raged at Disney because she’s talking about going back the first day they reopen to avoid anxious crowds they’ll go later.

41580 No.7919

i get what shes saying but there's alot of reasons why they might use these terminologies instead of saying "a window, a throne"
hyped? im surprised

08249 No.7920

there she goes with her love of the crappy old ones again

8a5ae No.7922

File: 1614300383186.jpg (39.36 KB, 912x142, 456:71, nice.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i was searching the pony archives for her saying she didn't collect g1 found it but i found this on Australia while I was looking, it relates to this
also, i choose to imagine that Jenny was doling out blowjobs in exchange for ponies, even if it can be interpreted innocently

24f5f No.7923

just want to post this interaction which many people may have already seen, but shows that everything we say about here she already knows and disingenuously denies:

4 years ago
What bugs me about her is how smug and contrived her videos are. She was predisposed to hating Rogue One because 'hating' on films is what her channel is all about. She made a video called 'Rogue 101' that was already blasting the film months before it even came out. So she has a reason (channel content) and desire (show how right her predictions are) to be biased.

None of her "insights" about the film were unique. Lack of character development is obvious; when your film series is expected to try to sell millions of action figures, some extraneous characters can be expected. This is true for all Star Wars films (Boba Fett has like 3 minutes total in the original trilogy).

She also scolds fans for "loving things unconditionally / sadly", but has she looked in the mirror? I don't spend all my disposable income on Stars Wars dolls and clothes and ripoff collectors soda cups as an adult as she proudly wants credit for doing in all her videos. Her contemporary films were the George Lucas Phantom trilogy which were the worst of the bunch, and now she pre-hates and hates on the new films. So why is she even pretending to be a fan? Oh that's right, because the Star Wars fandom is easy to mock, which is her whole schtick. Go back in her history, all she has ever done is mock the fan bases of things she supposedly loves (My Little Pony, now Star Wars).

The one series that was actually original content and not just smug criticism / mocking fans is her " Con Artists" videos, which is an unfiltered demonstration of her creativity. It is also the unfuniest, most annoying "mockumentary" you'll ever see. Yet here she is bashing films that are rated 80%+ on RT as if she has any creative standing to do so.

And if you have any doubts she is an attention whore, she dresses as Slave Leia in a small, bikini like outfit at a fucking SW Con, and film people ogling her. I'm pretty sure she's willing to do anything for attention at that point, and she doesn't even hide her contempt for the base in "Con Artists".

Also, remember that she films and edits her own videos, so all those " spontaneous" and "random" cutesy moments she puts in them to give you a GFE-lite feeling are all intentional and completely her choice to leave in. Gotta get that Patreon money. I'll give her credit for finding a PG-13 way to webcam while keeping her clothes on, yet still find lonely sugar daddies. Shows how far big blue eyes can take you on YouTube these days.

Finally, she is a fucking Disney employee, and "Cast Members" as they like to call themselves at Disney are expected to maintain the magic of Disney films. Yet she delights at pointing out how dumb we all are for loving them unconditionally. She deserves to be fired for how much she has discouraged people from seeing Rogue One, either once or less multiple times than a fan might if not for her constant highlights of flaws. Star Wars has never been a perfect series, in fact near half the films are poor. Why does she follow them more hardcore than 99% if she is such a film snob? It's all for attention, which she predictably gets because she's an 8/10 by Con standards. It makes me ashamed to be a male fan.

24f5f No.7924

05/03/2017, 06:52:09
I just found this comment now, and debated with myself on whether or not to respond because this is a dead thread and only you'll see it, but there are honestly so many things here that are so self-contradictory and so out of line.

So, to clarify: am I a fake star wars fan because I didn't like Rogue One, or a stupid fan for owning too much BB-8 stuff?

I'm flattered you went out of your way to watch Con Artists, which is on a separate and unlinked youtube account, and which actually is not my only original work, just the most recent. Unfortunately my friend and I chose to discontinue it indefinitely, because filming at cons was expensive and the constraints of filming there and not knowing enough actors in the area meant we couldn't make exactly what we had in mind. I wasn't fully satisfied with the end result either.

I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to dress as Slave Leia, but find your comment a little ironic when I sewed the costume myself specifically to be less revealing than the real outfit because I was uncomfortable with the design, and got a lot of comments complaining about that. It's comments like yours that have led to me - in case you missed it - literally covering myself up past my collarbones in the last 9 consecutive videos, because apparently wearing a tank top and a sports bra with more coverage than most actual shirts in my Rey video was too much for people to handle.

Of course I edit my videos myself. How is that a point against me? I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless.

And finally, I don't know how you know I work at disney - it's something I've deliberately never mentioned in any of my videos for the sake of professionalism, so I guess you must have researched me via my other social media. But it's completely ludicrous that you would say I should be fired from my real-life job for posting a review of Rogue One on youtube. Contrary to what you believe, disney employees are fully permitted to express their opinions of disney products online. I could be meaner than this if I wanted to, and have seen many coworkers who do, but I don't out of courtesy and because I genuinely like most of the company's products.

Thank you for considering me an 8/10, and for evidently, bafflingly, deciding to watch all of my videos and thoroughly research me online despite being deeply and personally offended by everything I have ever made.

24f5f No.7925

specifically for example, her response to
>remember that she films and edits her own videos, so all those " spontaneous" and "random" cutesy moments she puts in them to give you a GFE-lite feeling are all intentional and completely her choice to leave in. Gotta get that Patreon money. I'll give her credit for finding a PG-13 way to webcam while keeping her clothes on, yet still find lonely sugar daddies. Shows how far big blue eyes can take you on YouTube these days.
>Of course I edit my videos myself. How is that a point against me? I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless.

imagine her face
<How is that a point against me?

24f5f No.7926

and whichever one of you that was, you're a goober for undermining yourself completely with the 'fire her for knocking rogue one' sperg

e64d4 No.7927

Also according to wikipedia
> The new generation will be set some time after events of Generation Four, where "Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust" and the various pony species have segregated into their own tribes.
What the hell?

0dc46 No.7928


I remember this was around when I was still a fan but turning into a critic. I had trouble disagreeing with most of what this guy said.

Her response was a bad red herring which she literally just used again yesterday about the printer.

> She’s showing off her body to entice men

< umm, actually people got mad at me for changing the costume

I looked into it and the only difference was the leg slits in her outfit covered more but chest wise she’s showing as much as Leia.

I remember also someone criticizing her video and her entire rebuttal was about how the person had a picture of a muppet as his profile pic.

> I never try to be cute, I'm glad to hear that I am regardless.

This was when I realized Jenny buys her own bullshit. I’d bet money she HAS NEVER admitted to being wrong about anything.

0dc46 No.7929

Wonder what her breadtube friends and fans would say about her objectification of herself in that outfit for plebs.

7dd2d No.7930

I had always hoped we (us 8ch guys) would get a fun dressing down from Jenny, just to hear some unfiltered thoughts about what she thinks, but nothing so far.

All we got was Bailey's meltdown… like some cruel joke prize.

f08f2 No.7931

File: 1614321307483.mp4 (4.92 MB, 284x160, 71:40, bailey's not happy with ba….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


24f5f No.7932

>I had always hoped we (us 8ch guys) would get a fun dressing down from Jenny
One innocuous tweet spazzed her out completely yesterday but you guys have your passivity policy so you just have to watch from behind the glass

24f5f No.7933

>they've recently been on this whole thing where
so.. did she lurk like.. the whole time? like she read *every post*?

f08f2 No.7934

File: 1614322064112.jpg (38.87 KB, 575x1024, 575:1024, 1601910895692.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Enough to where she came to her own conclusions.

401ea No.7935

Yeah that whole comment is completely undermined by the guy coming from a position of liking and defending Rogue One, so you know he's an idiot.

Did you see Bailey had another full on cry on stream yesterday, it wasn't about us though.

f08f2 No.7936

>Did you see Bailey had another full on cry on stream yesterday, it wasn't about us though.
I haven't watched one of her streams in a few weeks. What happened this time? Did she legit cry?

24f5f No.7937


7dd2d No.7938

That almost hits the spot, but it's just crabby ol' Bailey. I want to hear from Jen.

Jenny would just block you there, it's not the same. Pointless almost.

It's surprising she found us here, or even on julay. We're not a particularly large group.

f6cbf No.7939

just seen it, kinda depressing ngl.
Seems like just a bunch of weird small shit built up and triggered her anxiety or some shit.
Also apparently one dude said in Lindsay's chat that he bases his sleep schedule around Bailey's stream and only watches her and Lindsay but would watch Jen when she came back.
Which one of u guys is that lmao

24f5f No.7941

>Seems like just a bunch of weird small shit built up
Loool why did you say this dude. its because she got done for tax evasion like a Proper E-Thot hahaha

f6cbf No.7942

File: 1614325691881.png (14.24 KB, 323x135, 323:135, unknown (1).png) ImgOps iqdb

Oh shit I didn't get that far in to it and don't follow her at all.
Pay ya fuckin taxes Bailey.

Also skipped ahead in the VOD and found the dude talking about it in Bailey's stream. What a fuckin guy his icon is of himself wearing a Jenny shirt too.

24f5f No.7943

tax is before she starts crying. you have to be real careful with these sluzzas man the reason they got triggered is never the reason given, so you have to watch all before and after to rbtl. but in this case she wasn't trying to hide it

5ee3c No.7944


this is a bit before the meltdown to give full context for it. the crying proper starts around the 18 min mark. it seems the main catalyst was all this stressful stuff (like not being able to take the garbage out because she was burning a candle…) happened during the week of the 1 year anniversary of her cat dying.

24f5f No.7945

sorry that was me asking but i've listened. and i don't agree - those are just things she decided to indulge feeling bad about because she is ashamed of herself because she fucked up by owing tax. this is very important. it's not a bunch of stuff "happening to" her, that framing is what's she's hoping to dilute it with. it's actually the this-time-unavoidable realization that she fucked up.

7dd2d No.7946

File: 1614353906503.png (156.32 KB, 376x327, 376:327, tumblr_lzh6wuxpAQ1qm6odzo1….png) ImgOps iqdb

>not being able to take the garbage out because she was burning a candle
I'm just going to take this in isolation and assume Bailey is insane.

0dc46 No.7947

Jenny’s been pretty clear of what she thought of us during the 8chan days. We’re all maladjusted social rejects which felt like Jenny was projecting a bit.

2e91f No.7948

> What a fuckin guy his icon is of himself wearing a Jenny shirt too.
any guess on age? 45? 50? not weird at all.

f08f2 No.7949

That is kinda rough. Her job refusing to give her full wages, is that even legal?

Basing on past tweets, it seems like she grew up with an abusive mother. An unhealthy childhood, her inability to find a bf to settle down with, living in Cali surrounded by homeless and "demographics", financial struggles, her dependence on cats to replace children she desperately needs. People meme on Bailey but she's had it rough. Even rougher that she doesn't have the kind of personal support to help her keep her head cool, keep her from taking pills, or drinking while on pills, to keep things in perspective and how to escape from trapping herself. That's not easy.

f08f2 No.7950

File: 1614356793964.jpg (12.14 KB, 200x300, 2:3, 1389690713114.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I want to give Bailey a hug.

f2945 No.7951

>is that even legal?

In the US, yes. If you're negligent with paying back your debt, your wages can be "garnished" until you're paid off. You see it a lot with dead-beat dads who refuse to pay child support to their ex's. I'm not quite sure who initiates it, if it's the banks or the IRS or both.

2e91f No.7952

exactly. is it her job or the government? happens everywhere

maybe baileys recent exposure to diversification will redpill her and she will come chill out with us. that would be cool.

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