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A Bailey is fine, too.
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19994 No.17401

Click the gear on the top right then look at the bottom right to find the puzzle number. New puzzle every day you cannot see old puzzles on the official site, use an archive:
I'm going to post Bailey's scores from twitter, if you want to play along then reply to a post with your score for that game. namepost if you wish.
This thread is just for fun absolutely no bullying please.

19994 No.17402



January 7th - Puzzle #202

19994 No.17403



January 10th - Puzzle 205

19994 No.17404



January 13th - Puzzle #208

19994 No.17405



January 14th - Puzzle #209

19994 No.17406



January 16th - Puzzle #211

19994 No.17407



January 17th - Puzzle #212

19994 No.17408



January 18th - Puzzle #213

51468 No.17412

File: 1642599183898.png (21.59 KB, 361x283, 361:283, image_2022-01-19_083256.png) ImgOps iqdb


51468 No.17413

File: 1642599233361.png (26.68 KB, 591x291, 197:97, image_2022-01-19_083352.png) ImgOps iqdb

Followed by yet another challenger.

19994 No.17415

posted 30 mins after the thread was created. jenny, you don't have to wait for a reasonable hour to post we know you are a night owl.
Seems to be a lot of tweets about this one where people are getting 2s, all i can say is that there is of course a huge amount of luck involved. Understanding letter and bigram frequencies is a critical part of maintaining a good score distribution which is much more important than a one off lucky guess.
Unfortunately posting actual guesses would spoil it for others so we only have the results to judge by.

We can tell that Jennys starter word didn't contain the third most common letter "I" while Faith used a starter word beginning with "P", the 14th most common letter however also the 3rd most common starting letter.

19994 No.17441

nobody? Come on bailey where are you.
I got a 5 today, 3 yesterday fuck you jenny

8973e No.17461

>bailey spends days on wordle
>make thread here
>goes silent
Bailey 100% confirmed for still lurking.

8973e No.17463

File: 1642710856985.png (11.03 KB, 302x156, 151:78, image_2022-01-20_153402.png) ImgOps iqdb

lol spoke too soon

10423 No.17517

The game is kinda dull, but I improved my usual 4/6 to 3/6 today.

19994 No.17571

hey good job! remember to show your puzzle number to play along!

ooowweee i found today's puzzle #219 particularly fiendish, i was struggling to make a word at all by the end! finally, a 5 was my score.

19994 No.17572



January 21st - Puzzle #216

19994 No.17573



January 22nd - Puzzle #217

19994 No.17574



January 23rd - Puzzle #218

19994 No.17575



January 24th - Puzzle #219

19994 No.17641



January 25th - Puzzle #220

19994 No.17642

File: 1643190130049.jpg (13.54 KB, 582x259, 582:259, FJ7wqlaUUAAw8I0.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Some statistics
Bailey has posted 13 games to twitter
Her current streak is 21, meaning 21 games played (and won) daily with no breaks.
Her first game of this streak was game #200 (January 5th)
Her guess distribution over 13 posted games:

1 - 0
2 - 0
3 - 3
4 - 7
5 - 1
6 - 2

7090a No.17662

>I just played Wordle Archive Day 217. (3/6)
that was unusual for me

19994 No.17719



January 26th - Puzzle #221

19994 No.17720



January 27th - Puzzle #222

19994 No.17721

hey good job! thats a great score! how absout another game to see if it wasn't just luck?

f84a2 No.17849


oh no, I loved this game because you could only play it once a day lol

fe35c No.17855

File: 1643332012185.png (736 B, 112x136, 14:17, image_2022-01-27_200642.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yay, I hate it. lol not really but gee whiz.

fe35c No.17963

>tfw the anti-spam is interfering with posting results

646b4 No.18542

Lost today's puzzle because there was a zillion choices for the word minus the first letter.

I now hate this game!

3998e No.18556

a close shave but you did well my friend, a win is a win.
my friend please bear in mind the commonality of each letter when deciding your guess!

remember to post the puzzle # with your scores so others can play with you!

In other news due to twitters increasingly aggressive forcefulness in requiring the registration of an account to view tweets i will unfortunately no longer personally be updating this thread with scores from baileys twitter.
bailey if you want to play with us then consider making a discord channel about it, i won't re-post any other bailiens scores here (although of course they are free to do so anonymously); we have no real interest in playing with them. come on you have a costar channel!?

31548 No.18614

>unfortunately no longer personally be updating this thread with scores from baileys twitter.
its all moot anyway, wordle was bought and is going to be pay-to-play

3998e No.18622

i read about the backlash but i noticed a tweet that she is going to play until they wall it off. i suppose we shall see what happens.

c2ff1 No.18623


It would be so easy for someone to make a free clone. People have already been cloning it while it's free.

The name can be trademarked but they can't stop someone from making the same game, since it's not even original.

fe35c No.18624

badcars wordle edition when

10423 No.18729

Every answer: JENNY

7c51f No.18731

File: 1644007193654.jpg (4.43 KB, 147x125, 147:125, ytd.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i tried jenny for yesterdays, no match

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