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A Bailey is fine, too.
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154ae No.23162

Jenny would be ideal guest on Red Letter Media's Re:View section to discuss a beloved movie she is fond of from her childhood.

08331 No.23172

Would they even be aware of Jenny? I know Max wanted to take her, but it'd be a little strange if he were talking about Jenny with RLM while he was there.

c2038 No.23192

rlm adressed a rumor about "lost episodes" i assumed it was about the lost jenny/max/rlm lost episode rumor. they said "no lost episodes, except the ones too boring to air" for what its worth

3fa3d No.23219

are the max episodes still unlisted?
two? three? women have been bullied off of the show by chauvinistic pig men fans including mike's actual wife.
jenny has at most one? video where she has anything resembling critic level congizantions about television or film (and to be fair she absolutely blew it out of the park great job, but its not representative of the majority of her work)
however if she did go on the show, and mike did end up fucking her, then at least i would know that me personally as a normal person could potentially have a shot at having sex with a normal level person woman at some point, which is cool.

98f55 No.23223

I have been advocating for Red Jenny Media for a while. She could bring Bailey if it makes her feel better. Macauley Culkin brought a lackey as well.
For a HITB skit, Jenny and Mike get to do a Palpatine-off, to see who can chew more scenery.
Jenny and Mike or Jay could do a re:View on a whimsical sci-fi adventure movie.
I am sure Jenny would enjoy some Plinketto or Black Spine Junka, though she would hate watching black spine tapes. Maybe a cover bingo hunt thing.
But my highlight would be Mike and Jenny in the void talking about and comparing ghost hunting shows.

8b72b No.23236

>But my highlight would be Mike and Jenny in the void talking about and comparing ghost hunting shows.
this is a good idea and should be made
mike and rich could talk to sky about star trek

55d3c No.23262

Red Jenny Media is the total antithesis of Jenny and her content. They are the mouth-breathing man babies she often rails against, same with Bailey. If you think they would ever cross over you haven't been paying attention.

db255 No.23263

she used to like them. maybe if they ever do a podcast she'll go on.

8b72b No.23274

>she often rails against
> you haven't been paying attention.
obviously not
im sure i remember her gushing over mike at some time

daff0 No.23275

I know some of Skylark's friends like RedLetterMedia

2903e No.23276

she used to jump on anyone who mentioned them in the comments and be like "i love them too!"
then very cool happened. then they hated star wars, then they hated ghostbusters. now she doesnt talk about them anymore

8b72b No.23277

did she talk about ghostbusters after it released or did she just have an sjw feminazi rant about mean old boys bashing women and glass ceilings beforehand and then shut up completely having seen it?
i think she would be overly sensitive to take very cool personally lol. sure shes a big kid and loves merch but her soul isn't for sale. is it?

e038b No.23278

she said "so many people disliked it for the wrong reasons" which i guess means she didnt like it either

8b72b No.23279

i think it also means she listened to twitter noise holes talking shit instead of peoples actual opinions

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