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A Bailey is fine, too.
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File: 1667369108560.png (83.26 KB, 588x639, 196:213, business sense.png) ImgOps iqdb

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Business Sense Edition

Just how does she do it?

This is mean-spirited. The issue here is how much time she put into public attention. Jenny had a very long period of time where she was putting things out there on Youtube, it established a presence that got people to doggedly follow her into smaller venues and millions of views when she ended up putting anything out. Bailey spent two years of basically doing the one single thing, ten videos of it a year with almost no variation. Goosedrunks is fine but it's all one-note. She didn't parade content like Jenny/Ellis/Contra/whoever else did over 10+years. It's a bit silly to thinking you can just be a heavy hitter in fraction of others' time. Even with all the work she does put into things, it's still a fraction. I'd recommend that she do more with her Youtube channel, putting out more variety like finish her Pokemon runs at the very least, do some collabs. Even when Jenny streamed, she needed her sister with her to keep things interesting. Bailey alone, I dunno, she's fine, and it's nice that she tries to play with her viewers as much as she does. Do more of that? Try playing with somebody else? Patreon is like a college degree, it's not like there was ever a guarantee you'd walk out of it with a shit ton of cash. Alternatively, maybe this is the point she should find a husband to settle down with and have some kids.
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73871 No.25551

File: 1669341039195.jpg (852.4 KB, 2160x3840, 9:16, y47bliq03z1a1.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny's been "no fun allowed" on Patreon for years now. It would never make it to voting.

Also acceptable!

a2c70 No.25552

For a split second before enlarging the picture, I actually thought you found Jenny pictures as a turkey.

10dae No.25553

>everything jenny says in this tweet string is factually wrong, which is why i wonder if maybe bella hadn't posted the tit pics when jenny made this tweet string, who knows.
When Jenny wrote it, this was true. I vaguely remember the drama, she was selling a nude which turned out to be technically true, she wasn't wearing any clothes in said pic but also revealed nothing and a lot of people who paid for it felt ripped off.

It is interesting that everyone with an OF who starts doing no nudity ends up doing some. I guess that's reason for the Skylarky fans to keep subbing out of hope

478fa No.25555

I wonder how much money skylarky is making from twitch anyway

84940 No.25556

Speaking of which, has sky confirmed if Jenny went to New York or San Ramon for thanksgiving?

5a113 No.25557

Even if Jenny dressed up like a turkey, she would never pose like this.

84940 No.25558

I don’t think she has the ass for that pose.

10dae No.25559

File: 1669367689690.mp4 (2.49 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1591870001329614848_c5qVVE….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Makes me think of this recent video of Taylor Swift in a sexy outfit being clearly uncomfortable and not knowing how to pose. I think that would very much be what Jenny would look like trying to strut her stuff

8ba39 No.25560

File: 1669382395970.jpg (424.1 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, D8mrIOjU8AIhILY-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I'd be worried, almost disturbed, if Jenny suddenly had that level of confidence. I'd prefer not to be aware of any adult shenanigans going on behind the scenes.

Heels and squats is all she needs!
Real talk; her hips and butt are going to be huge after a kid or two. She's got them fat, stubby legs that will make her look real bottom heavy.

3b72d No.25562

>if Jenny suddenly had that level of confidence.
I think i've had that nightmare before.

jennys twitter still cold. two tweets in 3 days both yesterday. hopefully staying out of trouble, not crying in her childhood bedroom over her lost youth and sad sexless adulthood.

78655 No.25564

I’m sure she’s having long intricate conversations with her stuffed animals. Ken was out riding, so I’m sure she’s getting some horse time in too.

d0efe No.25566

>stuffed animals.
I think someone once noticed she shuffles her stuffies when she goes home. like she deposits old ones in her old room and withdraws ones she thinks she'll need for her new room.
so we may see some new faces in her next video.

fde73 No.25568

>Ken was out riding

3c9fc No.25569

File: 1669454322799.webm (24.18 MB, 640x360, 16:9, baileylol1.webm) ImgOps iqdb

From the first time. She hasn't streamed in a few days now.

10dae No.25570

> She hasn't streamed in a few days now.
Cause she's with her family for thanksgiving, she didn't quit streaming because of the incident!

16a4b No.25571

Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, all because she can't help but be the eternal victim of bullying.

19988 No.25572

Just wanna hold her and tell her everything's gonna be OK.

a2c70 No.25573

His Instagram had a temporary story showing a trail.

73871 No.25574

File: 1669475004986.jpg (154.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, tumblr_n25pqx9GgH1qm6odzo2….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>I’m sure she’s getting some horse time in too.
When was the last time we got a pic of Jorn (the world's most neglected horse)? Feels like forever.

82f59 No.25575

I'll give jenny the benefit of the doubt and assume shes distancing herself from him so shes not heartbroken when he dies.
jenny might have a fragile heart, maybe why she doesnt let people in.

97ffe No.25576

97ffe No.25577

She really can't think for herself, the chat has to tell her what to do every step of the way… 70 iq. "Don't you have better things to do". You're 30 years old playing a video games with like 50 people on twitch, no kids and no good paying job or home. "Dont you have better things to do" You have lots of other things to do granny kek.

78655 No.25578

“Not cool. Not cool”

de2c8 No.25579

>the chat has to tell her what to do every step of the way
the kind of people her community are, one wrong step and you paint a target on your back. they are wolves. you must not think logically or critically about the narrative group think. i don't blame her even if your assertion is true which i'm sure it is not.

97ffe No.25580

I dont think so, every 60 seconds she says "I dont know what to do" then reads the chat.

2e124 No.25581

File: 1669504246080.jpg (397.24 KB, 1675x1307, 1675:1307, FFLIYEaVQAQBsC_-orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Jenny owes me sex tweets! Where you at, Jen!?

This. Those kind of people are literal psychopaths. They have zero problems doxxing and trying to harm people for wrongthink in real life. The only people that can truly dehumanize someone like that is a psycho. It wouldn't surprise me to learn they call small animals Nazis before savagely mutilating them.

de2c8 No.25582

about the jackbox?
you can add a mod in to precheck everything before it gets shown bailey as funny as i think these childish pranks are you should look into mod settings off air

8311d No.25583

File: 1669515071549.jpg (87.08 KB, 695x463, 695:463, crin.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

since we're sh*tting on this b*tch today
did anyone see this sad piece of narcissism?
nobody in her replies understood why she thinks it rocks. "yeah… good to see real actors in games.."

16a4b No.25584

I happened to get this in my recommendations. I don't know if anybody here knows who Ben Saint is or the Procrastinator's Podcast and all the related drama but this dude made an 8 hour video on Mega Man. The relevant part is that he cited Jenny Nicholson as a partial inspiration and also a previous collaborator with his videos back during the brony heyday. He mentions it at about the 11 min mark. I thought that was interesting.

e0790 No.25585

Hardly anything

e0790 No.25586

File: 1669531184647.png (99.46 KB, 720x995, 144:199, Screenshot_20221127-013349….png) ImgOps iqdb

Whoops (?)

657fb No.25587

File: 1669538806872.png (569.09 KB, 1014x562, 507:281, caricanread.png) ImgOps iqdb

Is this about him being Jewish?

And a well deserved shoutout to cute and wholesome CariCanRead.

d666e No.25588

I mean Jenny didn’t exactly invent the full recap genre but I guess she made it cute for a wider audience.

No tweet for two days means she’s definitely in San Ramon since if she was in New York she would’ve posted pics from the thanksgiving parade or something touristy.

10dae No.25589

Guys, consider that not everything needs 10 layers of analysis. Instead play Ragnarok, or even better, watch Bailey stream it. Ragnarok did something completely different by making Odin's character more of a mob boss than a wise old man. It's a fun take on the character, which is all she's saying, jeez!

10b8c No.25591

If there's something to analyze then gosh diddly darn it it's gonna happen.

19988 No.25592

B-B-But…he's a J-J-Jew!

10b8c No.25593

You're right, it is insulting. I don't know why they thought it was okay to appropriate Norse culture like that.

de2c8 No.25594

>lightsaber pointer
Kinda Desperate

bbc92 No.25595

10b8c No.25596

There's Saint's weird fascination with Chrischan, sure, but I meant more generally with the Procrastinator's Podcast group. Digibro, Nate, Mumkey, Munchy, the whole shebang. Things fell apart hard over the last year or three. Nothing badcars-related, it was just something to note that Ben and Jenny have the slightest association. No idea if I can find the video or channel he mentioned.

de2c8 No.25597

657fb No.25598

I am a snowflake, throw up a content warning if you drop links to non-Jenny content.

10b8c No.25599

I told you, bro. Thinks fell apart HARD. Thank your lucky stars that Skylarky didn't convince Jenny to gut her genitals and saw off her tits to pretend she's a dude. I still believe that half of why Digibro did this was to give himself cover for being a pedo back then, but I suppose that doesn't make much sense given that most trannies are obviously pro-pedo now anyway.

bbc92 No.25600

trans jenny would be cute
imagine jenny as she is except with a black mamba strap-on under her skirt. (she still wears skirts because theyre cute) so she just walks around with this massive erection lifting her skirt as if thats normal for men.

73871 No.25601

File: 1669576880423.gif (988.84 KB, 390x219, 130:73, tumblr_n5byp0Eyg51r5iwxwo1….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Who even clicks on an 8hr video, honestly? If it were "Jenny nude for 8hrs" I'd still (briefly!) hesitate to click because that's just too much video… ain't nobody got time for that.

>she’s definitely in San Ramon
I wonder how our poor big city girl is coping out in the boonies? Maybe that's why she hasn't posted, she's simply too depressed without the hustle and bustle.

What an awful day to be able to read English…

bbc92 No.25602

>she hasn't posted,
she liked a tweet trashing tesla. shes not wrong, I just wish every opinion she has didnt HAVE to align with whatever messaging the tribalists are pushing today.

657fb No.25603

> Who even clicks on an 8hr video, honestly?
I admit, I watched a few. Recordings of two guys playing point-and-click adventure games, about 8hrs at a time, getting progressively more drunk and driven crazy by the game and their fanatic twitch and discord followers.
Not in one go, but it was a comfy background noise while doing chores around the house.

> What an awful day to be able to read English

Indeed. I was expecting a reference to her Evan Hansen outfit. I was not ready for THAT degeneracy.

bbc92 No.25604

Jenny said something that led me to believe she was super hyped for the new Willow show with warwick. It starts airing today so we might get a tweet thread about it from her.. maybe
weird, the article i read says today but the internet says the 30th. either way its something to look forward to.

10b8c No.25605

One more post for the thread. Who gets to make the next one, I wonder.

8311d No.25606

are you guy making fun of me or her? I don't care who they cast I'm only acknowledging the obvious intention of her post. If you don't see it I wonder if you've seen any of her other posts or are familiar with her at all. make an account and ask her if that's what she meant, she won't be shy about it

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