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A Bailey is fine, too.
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File: 1595633987046.jpg (202.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, cheesecake.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

2eb32 No.9

▲‌ ▲

98212 No.14

File: 1595634976161.jpg (94.42 KB, 596x504, 149:126, fixedit.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

i hate her. is it well written? she strikes me as this type of person

aab2e No.15

I bet she had somebody ghostwrite it for her. Look at that face. You think that's the face of a writer?

2eb32 No.16

a person that edits someones tweet to make it succinct but leaves "like" as a conjunction?

98212 No.17

youre right, I forgot that Kat and someone else used to do the groundwork for her videos.
i did my best

2eb32 No.23

I, lindsay ellis, did my best writing my book so buy it
my lawyer will be in touch

a4eb7 No.30

I mean obviously, she has like 3 people help her with her videos anyway. I still remember when she was complaining about how hard her life is because of trolls and how much she has to pay for her company and bitch literally says there's a $400 annual filing fee while she's making $15,000 a video.

I HATE how youtubers pretend that nobody would watch their videos if they weren't on Twitter…seriously!? Twitter is hot garbage, Jenny and Lindsay have WAY more youtube subs than followers on twitter and so do most successful youtubers so why pretend you're not on twitter for yourself?

60955 No.35

would kat answer if I ask how much Lindsay paid her? Im guessing 1000 a video. I think her old assistants from her channel awesome days didn't get paid at all

2eb32 No.55

I pay her in partially eaten cheesecake, two per video.

aab2e No.59

inb4 she won't eat the cheesecake because lindsay told her it's for nazis

30879 No.61

implying lindsay would only partially eat a cheesecake

2eb32 No.66

i'm really trying to force the meme that lindsay eats only a little bit of cheesecake and wastes the rest for camera but severely resents doing so. so far it's simply not catching on but i'm not giving up i'm going to cpr this corpse for a few more years at least. based on her video about copyright where she films at a cheesecake factory and eats one bite of cheesecake and makes a face pretending she hates it. what a waste.

aab2e No.70

Step up your game, yo. Some oc.

2eb32 No.79

i'm all ears. maybe i'll write a book about it. but i won't eat a whole cheesecake. not in public anyway.

2736a No.80

File: 1595791442161.jpg (46.9 KB, 686x392, 7:4, lind.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

she puts on this act like shes a smart sarcastic girl who's above everything.
but when you watch the awful, embarrassing things she did for the TGWTG movies, remember.. participation was 100% optional, she wanted to be there.

2eb32 No.81

Despite doug, if asked, I would absolutely have been in one of his films for free. No question. I mean of course because I did. Me. Lindsay Ellis. It's not completely true though that he didnt pay us or offer craft services, he did buy me a cheesecake but I only could manage one fork full

aab2e No.94

File: 1595815006998.webm (2.16 MB, 216x306, 12:17, thirsty.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>the awful, embarrassing things she did for the TGWTG movies
I would've eaten her cheesecake back in the day, I'll tell ya h'wat.

2eb32 No.98

Well someone has to or it would be wasted

37f69 No.106

could someone get jenny to do that? we have to get her a camio on a nostalgia critic episode

aab2e No.121

>could someone get jenny to do that?
Oh lawd almighty.
>camio on a nostalgia critic episode
<check his channel
<dude still brings in hundreds of thousands of views
Boggles the mind. Ignoring how it would obviously never happen because of past allegations and Eliis, what would be her in? A mlp movie review? Do you think she'd be capable of taking the whole things seriously enough long enough to not inadvertently insult Doug? And if she did get in, what about sneaking in Sky or Bailey? I don't know if Doug would be able to deal with any of it, especially with all they've already said.

2736a No.122

maybe the winx club, or Aladdin. remember the crush she has on the evil young version of jeffar? maybe doug could get her to squeeze into an ill-fitting faerie costume that pushes her boobs together or make her belly dance as jasmine.
she's never done that kind of crossover though has she, the closest thing is the goosedrunks episode

2eb32 No.130

File: 1595939060527.mp4 (311.85 KB, 236x426, 118:213, cardance.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>could someone get jenny to do that?

aab2e No.143

>squeeze into an ill-fitting faerie costume that pushes her boobs together or make her belly dance as jasmine.
What dark god do I need to sacrifice to for this to happen.

ff7c9 No.150

max landis or maybe rian johnson could get it out of her

c4775 No.800

So recently I was bored and looking for videos to watch. By chance, I came across Ellis' Hobbit videos. Gotta say, they were really well done.

1ce49 No.15203

>You think that's the face of a writer?

a shitty writer, yes. The type that has English major degrees but can't write for shit.

237b6 No.18665

File: 1643835841733.mp4 (346.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, yt5s.com-Welcome to the Do….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

i've been trying to remember where i've seen this before. finally came to me.

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