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Here for all your shitposting and general needs.
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Welcome to /meta/. The point of the board is to contact the administration, discuss/shitpost about the state of the site, and place advertisements for other imageboards.

Be aware that Badcars' administration has no intention to attentionwhore and as such you should never see a one of us running around jerking ourselves off or causing drama. The only role the administration has is to kill spam and excessive shock images such as CP and gore. As it says on the homepage, we're all here to observe and discuss the Jennyverse. Naysaying Jenny, Bailey, Sky, etc. is not going to get anybody banned so long as it isn't in the vein of obnoxious spamming. Smut pertaining to the talent is fine if it's spoilered. All of the rules are already posted on /jenny/. If you see anything that you feel violates those rules, then report it, hide it, pay it no mind and it'll be handled as quickly as somebody can get to it. Being an imageboard user, you should be use to all of the baggage that comes with the territory anyway.

If you have any banners or oc you'd like to contribute for the site and its homepage, feel free to post them on this board if you don't feel they'd get due attention on /jenny/.

All of our appreciation goes to our tech benefactor, BW, and our Wiki Maester, Page. Further thanks goes to, of course, Gahoole for tolerating our incubation on 8ch's /tv/ and presence on tvch, as well as to Rob for letting us spend the time we did on JulayWorld after 8ch's death.


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Here, take this. It may help you.

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