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70b6d No.1

Everything's more or less in place. A few negligible loose ends such as spoiler images and a proper main page. That aside, we have our new home with our images and webm's and nifty texts. The whole shebang. Let's see how far we can stay on Jenny's wild ride. I will keep the board up on Julay for maybe a week, or until Rob kicks us off, just to make sure everyone's capable of finding their way here.

All the appreciation to BW.

533ab No.34

I don't know why I deleted that, but: the threads should absolutely lock at 500 posts now. And of course by this point Julay's been left behind by a few weeks. Just as I thanked BW, I should just as much thank Gahoole for our time on /tv/ and tvch, and Rob for giving us some leeway during our time on Julay World. Your generosity is forever sincerely appreciated.

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Here, take this. It may help you.

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