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5ba85 No.91

Not to dig up old news, but I hope nobody here took it upon themselves to go about getting Gahoole's Youtube shut down.

83091 No.92

>ibs 8chan BO loses youtube account
im surprised he kept one this long.
if you see this gahoole heres some advice. https://likee.video
its the russian version of tiktok, used mostly by russians and middle easterns
nobody in the USA knows about it but its one of the larger foreign social medias. the video limit i believe is 1:00

5ba85 No.98

His Youtube and his Discord, although he already has new ones up. It was just odd that of all his videos, for some reason it was his "War on Jennyposters" that got reported before everything was deleted.

5ba85 No.100

Gahoole's discord god banned again and this time they took out my account. Awesome. Fucking love it.

2836d No.101

BW here, I assume it was you who called me. In that case, I too got my account banned and I'm looking at making a new one.

5ba85 No.102

That it was, sir. By other board I meant the hidden one but just as well. Delightful stuff, right? The new one probably won't be up much longer, either. Who knows about the Youtube. Not that it needs to be all hush hush but I'll post more elsewhere.

b9da4 No.103

whats going on, some kind of attack, or just a temporary inconvenience

5ba85 No.104

Inconvenience, yes. Temporary, probably not. Does it effect badcars? It shouldn't. All that's happening right now for sure is that the Discord bunker is now officially lawless because I have no means to moderate it. Not that I did much moderating to begin with. Highly doubtful that Discord will reinstate my account but who knows. Worse comes to worse, could always make another bunker, but then is the effort worth it? Meh? Things should be fine. Nothing to worry about.

5ba85 No.106

Friend, I saw your messages. Why'd you delete them? That's some very interesting information if it's accurate.

652db No.107

false lead, i explained on the main board

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