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File: 1595681132960.gif (1.09 MB, 828x828, 1:1, b49.gif) ImgOps iqdb

1dc83 No.2

>"Post looks automated. Post discarded."

4f3a7 No.4

I liked it better then the topsite just went to /jenny/ not some summary nobody can get anything out of

c70c6 No.5

Yeah, I'm not 100% sure why it does that. It's based off of what tvch uses. So either it's the same bug or, as I assume, it's a feature to help cut down on spam. I have to look into it.

Mostly, it's to keep /jenny/ from getting bogged down with off-topic posts. The idea is that people are aware that /meta/ exists. The homepage also allows embedding, so I have it in my head to embed any new videos that come out. Of course, at the moment, it doesn't seem to work. So that's something else to look into. It serves a purpose, I promise.

1dc83 No.7

have to disagree sorry in fact i like the splash page so much i'm going to request a link to it at the top
also i'm not complaining but threads created after /meta appeared on the top bar don't have it?
latest video is cool.

884f0 No.8

>i like the splash page so much i'm going to request a link to it at the top
Seconding this.

a49f5 No.9

File: 1595743939998-0.png (4.86 KB, 64x64, 1:1, favicon.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1595743939998-1.png (4.92 KB, 64x64, 1:1, favicon-new-posts.png) ImgOps iqdb

Press F5 and try to post again. The anti-spam filter on NPFchan gets buggy sometimes.

Just sent Lotso the instructions on how to do it (it's not as straightforward as regular board links but it's still just adding some text to a config file).

Additionally I made these two favicons to get a color change in the icon when there's new replies and sent them to Lotso in .ico format. Let me know what you think.

>All the appreciation to BW.
Thanks buddy, as always a pleasure to help.

1dc83 No.11

You a good car thankyou

4f3a7 No.13

googleing one of jennys friends handles today and as usual its 50 pages of image results from j*lay world. which reminded me hopefully you set this one not to be like that. unless that's what people want

c70c6 No.14

>hopefully you set this one not to be like that. unless that's what people want
How do you mean? As in having multiple boards? If that's your meaning, no, I don't have any designs to add random boards. We're a Jenny site, nothing but. At the most, if there's enough demand, maybe a board about Bailey or Sky, etc, but that's way down the road. If, of course, we ever get there. As is, there's maybe ten people posting here just as there was on Julay. I'd be perfectly fine just getting back up to twenty like we had on 8ch. /jenny/'s the only board we need. Everything else is nonessential or would be fluff.

c70c6 No.15

>add random boards
/meta/ doesn't count, btw. Need a /meta/.

1dc83 No.16

i guess anon is suggesting you put a robots.txt file in the root directory of badcars4.life that says google image search robot and all other robots please do not index this site or put me in search results so that when people search for jenny they don't find this site.
depends if you want to be an out there jenny fan site or if you want to be a seedy underground dirtbox filth hole. for the record i'm easy.

but wtf @ forced anon how can we have celebrity guests without trips? poor "andrewc" has already posted and nobody knows if its not him or not. because we don't really know if it is him in the first place

4f3a7 No.17

>mutiple boards etc
huh? no this >>16
Now, i do want to beg whatever anon makes webms from streams to dump them all on here whether they're relevant or not instead of just leaking them occasionally on 4
but of course that means server bills for admin so posting in meta to see what people think about that, filedumps etc

c70c6 No.18

>huh? no
Forgive me, I'm retarded. Also clueless as to why people finding this place would necessarily be an issue. I'm open to majority opinion. Maybe I can put up a vote? I don't know, I don't see how it matters at the moment.
>but wtf @ forced anon
I've always been of the opinion that name/tripfags are absolute cancer. Personalities popping up cause issues, or at least as far as I've experienced it for all the years I've wasted spent on le chans. If Andrew or anybody of note wants to come in here for some kinda Q&A or whatever, they are more than free to post with a timestamp. The ID's will take care of the rest.

1dc83 No.19

>i don't like trips
>enjoy your ids
is this brain worms?
i don't mind i still love you
wtf ouch come on. yeah ok your right. damn.

4f3a7 No.20

actually its not about people finding the site or not, what i mean is that since we are the people that talk about every minutia of jenny world, and we have long threads, currently if someone image searches jenny and one other obscure term, google images returns EVERY image ever posted in that thread. so if you search (have you not ever done this??) 'jenny nicholson arm' or 'wills*n jenny' you get one or two twitter results among hundreds and hundreds of images from j*lay world. which is just a bit MUCH

1dc83 No.21

Yeah I guess its rude? I doubt jenny appreciates it and what are we without her? But it was cool I guess, we are like what 3 people and DOMINATED some pretty specific search results heck yeah guys good job grab a Gatorade and hit the showers.

c70c6 No.22

Silly anon, ID's pertain to single threads and help to make conversation comprehensive. Trips are all-pervasive and make attention whores. Totally different. Totally.

>a bit MUCH
Maybe it's the brain worms talking, but I don't see the problem here.
>we are like what 3 people
Aw now that kinda hurts. We've got around ten. Is it really that shameful to have simple discourse? To me it feels like if we were to remove ourselves from searches, it would be akin to believing that we're doing something wrong. Which I don't think we are. Nobody's doxxing or planning to kidnap anyone. I dare say /jenny/ has always been a very laid-back and inoffensive group. We're not wikifeet. Or kiwifarms. If you look at some other fandoms, there's far worse out there.

1dc83 No.23

c70c6 No.24

Link added to the list. Good lad.

c26b2 No.25

>its a different site
>the spoilers are still bigger than normal thumbnails

1dc83 No.26

idk anon they look ok from here much smaller than jw for sure
but if we are complaining anyway the catalog seems to have stopped updating a long time ago, i have to refresh threads after opening also >>2 happens if the thread is left open too long before posting maybe thats intentional. idk maybe its just me.

5f351 No.27

is that something that people can control?

c70c6 No.28

You're right. It'll get fixed.

>the catalogue
Works fine for me. The only oddity I notice is that not every single image gets posted on the homepage. The automated post pop-up is an anti-spam feature, apparently.

9d83a No.29

doesn't matter too much but i use
to read the thread instead of opening all 1900 posts long thread, but i notice just now it is 'out of date' i.e. the last two or three posts aren't on there. dunno just a bit of a bug

9d83a No.30

actually the issue is that any page i am looking at after a router reset was showing as my cached version until i hard-refresh the page.
maybe it's meant to do that, eh i dunno

468c8 No.32

>opening all 1900 posts
The threads are suppose to lock at 500, sorry about that.
>bit of a bug
>meant to do that
These are mysteries.

1dc83 No.33

which one of you mad lads did this lol.
>371 subscribers

33279 No.35

>10 streams in total
I have 18. I wonder why they're missing so many?

85add No.36

whats going to be the point of the board if people can't post freely for being self-conscious about B**ley and shit reading it? I mean you have to take the ethos of 'fuck it what can they do - too bad for them' or the whole thing will surely just become such a stupid deferential dance that us cungts might as well just devolve to being normal fuckin followers on twitter

6e602 No.37


52e0a No.38

one guy was like 'i have a pic of jenny which illustrates..' (some funny thing) 'but there's too many eyes on us to post it'

52e0a No.39

why did you taked my treasured 'show last 50 posts' thing away….

63bde No.40

yep agreed shut it down
get bogdanoff on the phone
griffin please dm me bad photoshops of imaginary scenarios.

f7e81 No.41

She always lurked, even in the julay days.

f7e81 No.42

You need a thread to hit 51 posts for that to appear

9be72 No.43

it only just appeared now at 103 so i think it's 100 but hey, i'm happy

1dc83 No.44

Is it just me or has the general high brow discourse we are all used to taken a dive since baileys discord invaded? 30 UIDs is that a record? Is this the start of summer?

93951 No.45

dunno if you take this into account but if someone were to be posting jenny threads on 4 they would be having to reset their router every day

1dc83 No.46

Thanks I'll try to account for that in the model good point

7ffc3 No.47

its kiwifarms and jennys fans and everyone, anything that gets posted will be saved by people we dont know who lurk here
>griffin please dm me bad photoshops of imaginary scenarios.
i already posted it once, during quieter times
thats me, cheap vpn.

359bc No.48

spoiler didn't work.. maybbe because linebreak

359bc No.49

[spoiler] this?? [/spoiler]

359bc No.50

w-wot rong wiv me

b7840 No.52

359bc No.54

thank you
i press control s though and it puts the s and if you go to options> formatting it's all s and i and stuff rather than those chars. doesn't matter just fyi

c2354 No.55

<jennifer elizabeth nicholson
jenny is my girlfriend

c70c6 No.56


c70c6 No.58

You should be able to delete your own posts, but sure. Also, to tag a post from another board, you want >>>/jenny/1884

c70c6 No.59

Wait, I think I might be misunderstanding your issue. What's your problem with 1884 exactly? If that poster wants me to delete their post because they are no longer able to, I will. But that's their decision. I currently see no problem.

c70c6 No.63

You silly billy.

0c03b No.66

How do you do image order? I tried naming the files name1 name2 which i thought i've seen work. but it didn't work

9a2ea No.67

The absolute state of technology in 2021, amirite?

06f1b No.85

this is most likely because i use the most common free vpn
but i noticed posts that aren't mine under my post id (on the main board)
these two arent me
these 4 are
just thought i should note it

9a2ea No.87

To tag your post on another board, you have to include it. So

1dc83 No.158

i hit the posting limit :(
does it apply everywhere?

9a2ea No.159

Just gotta give it a few seconds.

e18f1 No.165

File: 1650047688370.jpg (40.76 KB, 660x374, 30:17, jhgyu.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

you guys want screencaps or something

e18f1 No.166

i think it had a problem with the link

d856b No.167

It's because you double-spaced.

f0b92 No.170

When I click in the floating reply box to get a capcha, I often get one at the pagetop reply box, and get snapped up to there. this causes various problems so, if its an easy fix, something to think about

5a285 No.171

I completely forgot about people talking about this a general or two ago. I'll see if /ourwizard/ can do something about it.

f0b92 No.172

thanks, also, i know there are multiple spam measures but is "unoriginal content" blocking images doing much good? It means i can't use jenny reactions because i used one 2 years before

a8a12 No.173

Okidoke, so, as it would be, he has no idea how to fix the reply box situation. As for the unoriginal content thing, you should be able to reuse pics to your heart's content. If it's that you're trying to solely post an image, that'd be a preventative measure thanks to our friend. I feel like if we reverted that we'd just have a return to previous practices and have to reinstate it anyway.

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